5/9/11 WWE Raw Recap

May 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kyle Robinson

Live from Knoxville, TN:

Alberto Del Rio opens the show by making his way to the ring. Del Rio, The Miz (with Alex Riley), Rey Mysterio and R-Truth come out to plead their cases as too whom should get the WWE title shot at John Cena at the 5/22 PPV. R-Truth did note that John Morrison underwent surgery today due to an injury he caused. The RAW GM chimed in and said three were deserving – The Miz, Del Rio, and Mysterio. Yep, R-Truth screwed again. Threat match to determine who faces Cena for the WWE Title at Over the Limit – Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Del Rio.

Raw comes back from commercial the Divas are in action in a tag team match, Kelly Kelly and Eve against the Bella, the Match is really back and forth ending with Kelly Kelly getting the Roll up for the victory. The bell rings and Kharma comes out onto the ramp. The Bellas make a run for the back. Kelly Kelly runs and Eve tries to get an attack off but gets leveled. Karma chases off Kelly Kelly and gets back in the ring and hits Eve with a modified piledriver (if anyone has a name for this move please let me know) Karma goes to the back and we see a scene of Big show and Kane going to the ring as Raw goes to commercial.

Out next as Raw comes back from commercial is Mason Ryan. We see video of the nexus attack of Big Show and Kane and they show how Ryan speared show last week. Out next is Kane accompanied by Big Show.

Kane w/ Show vs. Mason Ryan w/ CM Punk.

Both men hook up in the center of the ring and Mason Ryan gets the upper hand before a brief exchange that Ryan gets the better of out of the corner. Mason hit a shoulder block and a corner slam before getting a two count. Kane nails some punches before a kick levels Ryan for a two count. CM punk goes for the distraction before Show catches him with a knockout punch. Nexus is out for the DQ and the match was thrown out. Show and Kane clean house and catch Mason Ryan with a double Chokeslam. They show Punk on the floor knocked out cold. Show and Kane head to the back and they plug Cena being on Raw as Champ as Raw goes to commercial.

Santino is out at the start of the next Segment next out is the “New and Improved” Dolph Ziggler Dolph is pretty much dominating the match before Santino catches Ziggler with a push and arm drag. He sets up for the Cobra and Ziggler catches a drop kick and follows it up with a Zig Zag for the 1..2…3 Next they plug the Triple Threat #1 contenders match for later tonight as Raw goes to commercial.

Next they show the Smackdown Rebound. How Christan won the title and defended (and lost) the title to Randy Orton. (If I must say so myself, unless something changes Smackdown was way better then Raw, and I haven’t said that in god knows how long) Josh Matthews says how it’s not fair Christan had to defend his title and they plug Friday’s show. R-Truth is walking through the back mad as hell, R-Truth is saying how he’s getting letters from parents to go back face. He says fans all over the world take him serious and that it is all a conspiracy. R truth makes Scott Stafford say What’s up as he walks out. John Cena is shown with Zack Ryder before walking toward the ring as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw comes back showing last week’s Title match, how the Miz won, and how the Ref reversed the call once he found out Miz Cheated. Back Live, It shows Alex and Miz in the back, Alex explains his plan about how he set it all up to help Miz use the title last week. Miz says he’s stupid and scolds Alex for hugging him and raising the wrong hand. Alex says sorry. Miz says Alex doesn’t have brains, no no, that he has muscles but the brain of a monkey. Alex says he’ll make it up to the Miz, tells him to Watch this. Alex is shown walking through the hallway, Alex Riley comes out live he slides into the ring. King and Cole Exchange some words.

Alex starts to address the crowd telling them he doesn’t care what they think and the only person he cares about is the Miz. Alex challenges John Cena to a match. Alex baits Cena out by downplaying his own strength. Alex throws the mic after calling out Cena, who answers the challenge. We’re going to have a actual match between John Cena and Alex Riley.

Alex Riley vs. John Cena.

They start the match by plugging John Cena’s decision later tonight for the stipulation at over the limit. The crowd starts to chant Cena as the bell rings. Cena catches A-Ri with a drop toe hold. Cena gets a decent set of wrestling moves to start. Alex goes for a kick that Cena reverse , Alex gets up and begins to build a little momentum with a few closelines and a pounding. A Ri gets the back drop and the near fall. Riley isn’t letting up locking in a sleeper hold on Cena. Cena is trying to get up and does reversing it into two shoulder blocks followed by a back drop and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Miz walks out onto the ramp as Cena nails the AA on Riley. Cena picks up Riley again and hits a second AA while staring at Miz then locks in the STF as Riley Taps and Miz looks on. Cena never takes his eyes off Cena as Cole plugs the Triple Threat Match later tonight as Raw goes to commercial.

Micheal Cole is about to make his Major announcement. He says he publicly announcing that he is retiring as in an in ring competitor (Too bad it wasn’t from the booth) King interrupts him. Cole lays down the rules about how if King touches him he will be fired. King talks about how last week the Rock laid down the Smackdown on Cole’s Candy ass, They show the video of the Rock laying out Cole. Back live, King says if Cole is inducted into the Hall of Fame life would cease to exists. King says if Cole beats him in another match, King would induct Cole into the Hall of Fame and give Cole his ring. Cole refuses and locks himself in the glass box. He bashes Tennessee saying they’re sore losers. WHAT… Cole says GORGE BUSH WAS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! Alright… this makes me sad. Cole goes on about how King lost and Cole said his mind was made up yesterday and how he spent mother’s day with his mom and how they watched the Wrestlemania tape over and over Cole makes another Mom comment to Jerry and asks him what he did for Mothers Day. He then apologizes and says it’s insensitive about how Jerry’s mom died in February. King goes after Cole and Swagger attacks him from behind and bounces him off the ring post. Both Cole and Swagger stand there and call as Raw goes to commercial.

Next is the United States Championship match between Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston. Swagger goes for the Ankle lock and Kingston rolls through goes for Trouble in Paradise and misses. There is a good mat based exchanged, Cole made the comment that Swagger made the Ankle Lock famous. Kingston knocks Swagger out of the ring and when he goes to jump over Jack slides in, Kofi catches himself on the apron and Jack catches him with a boot as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw comes back and Swagger still is in control. Swagger puts Kingston in the corner and then tries slapping him before going for the big splash and Kingston blocks it goes for T.I.P but misses, he follows it up with a HUGE crossbody and gets the two count. Kingston goes over the top and skins the cat where Swagger catches hm with the Ankle lock. Swagger goes back to work on the leg and Kingston gets the separation where Swagger catches him in the corner and throws him out where Kingston lands but falls. Jerry comes back out and causes the distraction for Kingston to pick up the win with the Trouble in Paradise, King throws swagger over the barricade then King gets Cole tie through the mini hole in the glass box and bounces his head off it repeatedly. Technically King never “touched” Cole so it was all legal, then Swagger accepts Kings Challenge for earlier. Cole is shown freaking out as the crowd starts chanting Jerry and he is shown on the Table as Raw goes . Next, they plug the “That’s what I am” Movie staring Randy Orton. They then Plug the triple threat Number One contenders match that’s up next as Raw then goes to commercial.

Next is the triple threat number one contenders match out is Alberto first, then Rey Mysterio two of the three men in tonight’s Main event. Alberto bails as Rey hits the ring. Out last is the Miz, without Alex Riley shockingly. The three men in three separate corners Rey is getting the upper hand, Rey knocks both of them into the ropes and goes for the 619 and is blocked by Alberto. Rey gets thrown out of the ring, Miz and Alberto have an exchange before Rey slides in, catches Alberto with a senton and gets the nearfall. Alberto ends up in the corner with Alberto and the Miz follows up with a Big Clothesline and boot combination to both Rey and Alberto. The Miz starts grounding Rey but Rey gets the reversal and starts to develop some offense as Miz is in position for the 619 and Del Rio caught him again. Rey goes off the opposite rope and goes for a slingshot but it’s blocked. Rio and Miz have an exchange in the middle of the ring. All three men are shown on the ground as Raw goes to commercial.

We come back and Miz is trying to get back in the Ring while Del Rio has the better of Rey. Del Rio goes for the whip into the corner, Rey reverses shoots out and goes for some speed and Rio gets the backbreaker, then he drives Miz into the post before resuming his assault on Rey. Rey starts to get some space by throwing elbows which Rio awnswers with a kick, he goes for a shot off the rope and Miz pulls down the top rope following it up with roll up on Rey who rolls through and catches a huge kick and a near fall. Miz baits Rey into the corner and throws him into the corner. Miz goes for another clothesline that Rey counters, Rio pulls Miz out of the ring and Rey comes over the top with a flip. All three men are down outside. Rio gets back in the ring and Rey hits a sliding dropkick on Miz. Rio gets up and Rey gets a senton followed up by a big springboard splash for a loud two count. Rio goes for the reversal that Rey ducks under and catches him with a Huracanranna. Miz climbs to the top turnbuckle to a huge pop, Rey throws Rio into Miz then catches him with a Huracanranna. Rio spins out of nowhere and locks Rey in the Cross Armbreaker. Miz comes back from nowhere and goes for a kick that Rio avoids, grabs Miz with the Roll up and gets the Nearfall. Miz ends up outside the ring and Riley reappears trying to wake up the Miz, Rey catches Rio with a 619 and a splash. Riley pulls out Rio and Miz slides in out of nowhere to get the roll up win.

This match was definitely the match of the night and was amazing by all standards. While I’m glad Miz got the win, I wish he would have done it on his own for once. The two make it back up the ramp and Cena comes out and congratulates Miz, He says that there will be no excuses in his match with Miz, Cena announces that his WWE Championship match with Miz will be an “I Quit” Match. The camera pans back to the ring as R Truth comes from nowhere to lay out Rey as Raw goes off Air.

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