Kurt Angle: “I’ve done it all in wrestling”

Apr 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Roger Lockridge interviewed Kurt Angle for bodybuilding.com and the TNA star was asked about training on the road, Kurt Angle Foods, TNA, and more.

Angle is asked “You’ve been with TNA since 2006. Do you have anything else you want to do in TNA or in wrestling in general?” Angle replies, “[Smiles and laughs] Not really. I’ve done it all in wrestling so it is a job at this point. It is a job I enjoy, but I have done all there is to do, and I always try to lay the foundation for the next thing I want to do. When I won the gold in ’96, I was already thinking about what is next … I love the fans of TNA, as well as my past fans in WWE. I’ll probably wrestle a couple more years before moving on. I also have my kids, too, and also have a great woman in my life now. We have a new daughter so life is good right now.”

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