Apr 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Lockdown PPV
April 17 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Photos courtesy of Michael Hirn

A video package runs highlighting matches set for Lockdown tonight including Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett and the main event triple threat match with Sting defending the TNA Championship against Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson.

A graphic opening his welcoming us to Lockdown. We go live to the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike Tenay is the first to welcome us to the show. No pyro tonight. It is the same stage used for last year’s Bound for Glory PPV in Daytona Beach, FL and at the Impact tapings in Fayetteville, NC.

Chris Sabin is out first to kick off the show.

X Division Xscape Match
Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E vs. Chris Sabin vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Max Buck vs. Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red

Suicide and Robbie E start first. Suicide with big forearms to Robbie in the corner and followed up with a big dropkick. Max Buck is now in and Suicide sends him to the corner. Max gets the legal tag now and he double teams Suicide with Robbie. Max with a dropkick to Suicide and Jeremy Buck tags himself in. Max tags in Lethal. Arm drag and head scissors by Jeremy. Lethal fires back with a Lethal Combination. Max and Suicide are now in. Robbie is now back in and drives his foot into the shoulder of Suicide and gets the pinfall.

Suicide is eliminated.

Lethal and Sabin take turns hitting Robbie with jabs. Both toss Robbie into the side of the cage. Lethal and Sabin are now the legal guys. Lots of flips off the ropes. Amazing Red tags himself in and dropkicks Sabin off the top rope. Lethal catches Red with a big chop. Red counters Lethal’s handspring by hitting a baseball slide. Red with his flipping pin driver on Lethal and gets the pinfall.

Jay Lethal is eliminated.

Sabin then catches Red with a Cradle Shock and then levels him with a huge clothesline. Sabin pins Red.

The Amazing Red is eliminated.

Sabin is now in with Max. Sabin puts him in the tree of woe and connects with his hang-time dropkick. Max with a flipping blockbuster from the corner on Sabin. Max gets the pinfall.

Chris Sabin is eliminated.

Brian Kendrick gets a close pinfall attempt on Max. Robbie jumps in and Kendrick splashes him against the side of the cage. Max has a moonsault attempt countered when Kendrick got his knees up. Max and Jeremy, the brothers, start going at it. The two exchange forearms and elbows. Jeremy sends Max into the side of the cage face first two times. Jeremy drops Max with a big kick to the head. Max gets a small package on Jeremy and gets the three count.

Jeremy Buck is eliminated.

We are down to Robbie E, Brian Kendrick and Max Buck. Max and Robbie launch Kendrick face first into the cage. Kendrick fights back sending both into the cage. Kendrick catches Max with a kick to the face. Kendrick with kicks to Robbie on the mat. Kendrick catches Max with a superkick and Robbie with a dropkick. Kendrick covers Robbie and gets the pinfall.

Robbie E. is eliminated.

We are now under escape rules here to win the match. Max powerbombs Kendrick to the corner, but shorts it a bit and Kendrick almost snaps his head off the bottom turnbuckle. Max launches Kendrick into the cage. Max jumps up on the top rope and Kendrick is already back up within seconds going after him. Kendrick knocks Max off the top, climbs over and Max pushes the referee into the cage to trip up Kendrick. Kendrick falls off and Max climbs out to get the win.

Winner and new #1 contender for the TNA X Division Championship: Max Buck

We go to Mike Tenay and Taz who discuss the rest of the card tonight.

Eric Bischoff is on his way out. He thanks everyone for the warm reception and for coming out tonight. Bischoff said it is a special night and will explain why. He said he is often asked what he enjoyed the most about his career in wrestling. Bischoff said he accomplished so much that it is hard to pick just one. Loud “YOU SUCK” chant. Bischoff said he might suck, but he has way more money. He said tonight Immortal will take care of the “distraction that Fortune has become.” Bischoff said Fortune made the mistake of getting involved in Immortal’s business. He said he will be part of Hulk Hogan’s vision to get his hands back on the TNA Championship. We see Hogan’s wife and kids in the front row cheering on the mention of Hogan.

Backstage, we see Christy Hemme with Scott Steiner and Crimson warming up. Hemme asked if Steiner has prepared for the teams he will face tonight. Steiner says prepare? “Prepare for punkasses?”

Four Way Tag Team Match
The British Invasion vs. Ink Inc vs. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young vs. Scott Steiner and Crimson

Big reaction in Cincinnati for Scott Steiner. Eric Young starts climbing up the cage when the bell rings. Orlando Jordan yells at him to get down. We start with Young and Jessie Neal. Arm drag exchanges by both early on. Shannon Moore tags himself in. Moore with a big tilt-a-whirl takedown. Orlando Jordan and Douglas Williams are now in. Williams backs Jordan to the corner and Magnus gets the tag. Jordan fights off both with a big boot and dropkick. Neal tags himself in going after Magnus. Magnus with a big clothesline and tag to Williams. Quick tag back to Magnus. Magnus with a few punches and another tag to Williams. Loud “WE WANT STEINER” chant starts up. Another quick tag to Magnus who works on Neal in the corner. Neal tags in Crimson who hits knees to Magnus along with a swinging neckbreaker. Double clothesline spot by Magnus and Crimson. Tag to Steiner who gets a big reaction. Steiner drops an elbow on Magnus along with some push-ups. Steiner with a high back body drop on Williams and another on Magnus. Steiner with a release belly-to-belly on Eric Young who jumps in. Moore tags himself in when he overhead tosses Magnus back into the ring. He attempts the same on Williams and Moore distracts him some more tagging himself in again with the referee seeing it this time. Young pulls his shorts off to reveal smaller tights that match Jordan’s. Neal with a spear on Jordan. Crimson with facebuster on Neal. Magnus with a sitdown slam on Crimson. Steiner with a T-Bone on Magnus. Young with a dropkick to Steiner. Young then scales up the top of the cage and climbs over. In the ring, Moore hits the Moore-gasm on Williams to get the win.

Winners: Ink Inc

After the match, Eric Young thinks he won the match for his team climbing out of the cage.

Backstage, Christy Hemme hypes Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James. Hemme doesn’t see Rayne and Tara walking behind her and says she is pulling for James. Rayne says she will cut off James’ hair tonight and tells Tara to stay in the back because of her attitude.

A video package runs hyping Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James

Before the match, referee Earl Hebner tried taking off Madison’s crown and started pulling her hair out. She slapped Hebner away yelling, “Are you stupid!?” Mickie kicks Madison right away and tosses her with force into the side of the cage. Mickie is selling her shoulder while doing it. Mickie with a big DDT and gets the pinfall right away.

Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

After the match, Madison Rayne walks out of the cage holding her head as James celebrates her win.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Matt Morgan. Morgan said tonight he will take care of Hernandez and move on to refocusing on the TNA Championship.

A video package runs hyping Samoa Joe vs. The Pope.

Samoa Joe vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Pope starts climbing up the cage, Joe pulls him down and Pope rakes the eyes. Joe responds with big jabs. Pope with a big scoop slam. Joe immediately responds with a clothesline. Joe with more stiff jabs to Pope in the corner. Joe with a big kick to the head of Pope in the corner. Joe with a few chops as well. Pope starts climbing the cage again. Joe follows sending Pope into the cage head first. Pope then falls down crotching himself on the top rope. Joe hits the ropes and then kicks Pope right in the face. Joe rakes the face of Pope in the corner with his boot. Pope pulled the referee in Joe’s path to prevent a kick to the face. Pope starts working over the head of Joe and hits a big kick to the chest. Pope with a big uppercut. Pope starts applying a sleeper on Joe. Pope with a clothesline and back sweep combo. Joe with a quick powerslam on Pope. Both men start exchanges slaps. Joe’s are crazy stiff. Joe with an inverted atomic drop, big boot and senton back splash combo. Joe with a diving leg lariat off the second turnbuckle. Joe has Pope up and connects with the Muscle Buster. Pope puts his boot on the bottom rope during the pinfall. Pope starts climbing up the cage. Joe pulls his shorts down. Taz adds, “It looks like we have a full moon in Cincinnati.” Taz and Tenay start laughing. Pope fights off Joe sending him back to the mat, pulls up his shorts and drops a flying elbow. Joe counters the DDE attempt by Pope sending him back first into the side of the cage. Joe with a second Muscle Buster. Joe applies the rear naked choke. Pope taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Hernandez and his crew. Hernandez talks about Mexican America.

A video package runs hyping Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez.

Hernandez w/ Mexican America vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan and Hernandez go at with exchanging right hands. Morgan with his corner elbows. Morgan with a quick side slam. Anarquia pulls Morgan’s leg through the hole in the cage used for the cameras. Morgan with a quick crossbody and Hernandez responds with a quick clothesline. Hernandez with a big shoulder block on Morgan. Hernandez chokes Morgan with his boot in the corner. Hernandez taunts Morgan and gets cheered on by his crew. Morgan then drops Hernandez with a quick clothesline. Morgan with a series of clotheslines. Hernandez is then sent face first into the cage. Hernandez is sent into the cage for a second time. Morgan with a back suplex. Hernandez with a headbutt to the midsection that sends Morgan flying back. Anarquia starts climbing the cage on the outside and Morgan slaps him off. Hernandez comes off the top and Morgan catches him with his Carbon Footprint. Morgan gets the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Morgan

After the match, Anarquia carries Hernandez to the back. Sarita grabs a mic and says, “This is typical of TNA. This is typical of USA. The only way the keep Mexican America down is by screwing us over. You all saw what happened in this match.” She asks why she isn’t the Knockouts champion. Sarita said it is because they are better then everyone. She said they are going to plow through the roster whenever they want because they can. Velvet Sky’s music hits and she hits the ring. Sky with a drop toe hold on Rosita and takes out Sarita with a big jumping Lou Thesz Press. Sky kicks her out of the ring.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Karen Jarrett. She says there is nothing to worry about tonight.

A video package runs hyping Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle.

“Ultra Male” Rules
First fall: Submission rules – Second fall: Pinfall rules – Third fall (if necessary): Escape rules
Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

Fall #1: Submission rules

Before the match started, the referee sent Karen Jarrett to the back. The referee then chains the door shut. Angle with a quick hip toss and snap suplex early on. Jarrett goes for the Figure Four early. The referee is counting pinfall attempts with Angle’s shoulders on the mat despite the “submissions rules” first fall. Tenay tries to cover the mistake by the referee counting the pinfall when Angle’s shoulders were on the mat. Jarrett applies a rear naked choke. Angle misses a shoulder charge and Jarrett hits a kick to the shoulder. Jarrett locks on an armbar. Angle counters that into an Ankle Lock. Jarrett taps.

Winner of Fall #1: Kurt Angle

Fall #2: Pinfall rules

Jarrett quickly sends Angle into the cage and hits The Stroke. Jarrett hooks the leg and gets a close two count. Jarrett with a crossbody, but Angle rolls through for a two count of his own. Double clothesline spot. Jarrett sends Angle into the side of the cage, but Angle bounes off and hits a german suplex. Angle holds on hitting a second german suplex. Angle attempts a third, but Jarrett holds on to the ropes and low blows Angle. Angle sends Jarrett into the cage and goes right into an Angle Slam for another close two count. Angle puts Jarrett on the top turnbuckle. Jarrett pushes him off. Angle sprints back at the corner, trips up, maintains his balance and then tosses Jarrett off with a high back body drop. Angle starts “stalking” Jarrett just like Randy Orton. Angle with an RKO on Jarrett. Jarrett counters an Angle Slam attempt and rolls up Angle holding the tights to get the pinfall.

Winner of Fall #2: Jeff Jarrett

Fall #3: Escape rules

Jarrett quickly tosses Angle into the side of the cage. Angle responds hitting a german suplex. Angle holds on and hits a second. Angle with a third. Angle with a fourth and still holds on to Jarrett’s waist. Angle with a fifth german with a release. Angle drops the straps and opens up the cage door. Angle can walk out, but stops and gets back in. Angle shuts the door and chains up the door. Angle grabs Jarrett and sends him into the cage twice. Jarrett is busted open as Angle drags his face across the side of the cage. Jarrett then climbs up the cage. Angle is in pursuit. Angle is up on Jarrett’s shoulders. Jarrett with a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle, but Angle flips back down and lands with a thud. That looked nasty. Jarrett recovers and goes to the opposite corner. Angle jumps up with Jarrett and executes a huge Angle Slam. Angle starts climbing up the cage when Gunner of Immortal runs out. He slaps the side of the cage with a steel chair. Angle moves to the corner of the cage and gets on his knees staring down at Gunner. Angle then stands up and attempts a moonsault. Angle misses Jarrett by a lot and lands with another thud. Steiner runs out and chases off Gunner. Angle finds the key to the cage door, unlocks the padlock and opens it. Karen sprints down and sprays something in Angle’s eyes. A blinded Angle ends up giving the referee a clothesline. Jarrett crawls to the door. Angle grabs his leg and applies the ankle lock. Karen slides a guitar in the ring. Jarrett grabs it, turns over and smashes it over Angle’s head. Jarrett poses to celebrate when Angle pulls him back in the ring as he was trying to escape the cage. Karen is trying to pull Jarrett out. Angle has the ankle lock applied. Karen then slams the cage door into Angle’s face and Jarrett falls out.

Winner of Fall #3 and the match: Jeff Jarrett

Tenay and Taz discuss Sting defending the TNA Championship against Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson.

A video package runs hyping Sting vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson.

TNA Championship – Triple Threat
Sting (c) vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson got in RVD and Sting’s faces right away. Sting and RVD took turns getting in shots on Anderson soon after that. Sting with a Stinger Splash early on Anderson. Sting attempts a Scorpion Deathlock, but RVD breaks it up. RVD with a series of kicks to Sting and a quick moonsault. Sting with another Scorpion Deathlock attempt on Anderson. Sting then drops RVD and gets a double Scorpion Deathlock applied. That gets broken up and Anderson levels Sting and RVD with a series of clotheslines. Anderson drops RVD with a neckbreaker. Anderson with a double Mic Check on both RVD and Sting. Both RVD and Sting kick out during pinfall attempts. RVD catches Anderson with a kick to the head and follows that up with a Five Star Frog Spalsh. Sting breaks up the cover and goes after RVD with right hands. Sting attempts a Scorpion Deathdrop, but Anderson hits the ropes and drops him with a clothesline as Sting drops the Scorpion Deathdrop on RVD. All three men are down. Hulk Hogan’s music hits. Hogan walks out with a steel pipe in hand. Hogan hands the pipe through the cage to RVD. RVD takes the pipe. RVD then throws the pipe at the cage. Anderson then grabs it and hits RVD in the back with it. Anderson screams out at Hogan, “That wasn’t for you! That was for me!” Sting then grabs Anderson and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. Sting gets the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Sting

After the match, Sting and Hulk Hogan have a staredown as Hogan looked on from the top of the ramp. Hogan told Sting he would mess with him on his time. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Tenay and Taz discuss what just happened and hype we still have a main event to go – Immortal vs. Fortune under Lethal Lockdown rules.

Lethal Lockdown
Immortal (Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Abyss and Ric Flair) vs. Fortune (TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money, TNA X Division Champion Kazarian and Christopher Daniels)

We start with Kazarian (Fortune) and Abyss (Immortal). Kazarian unloads on Abyss with right hands. Abyss levels Kazarian with a big boot. Abyss starts choking Kazarian with his boot. Abyss then pushes Kazarian’s face into the side of the cage. Kazarian with a big snap huricanrana on Abyss. Under a minute left with another member of Immortal joining the match. Kazarian dropkicks Abyss face first into the steel cage.

Time expires and in next is Matt Hardy (Immortal). Kazarian levels with him a flying forearm, clothesline and spinning kick. Kazarian with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian with a big boot, but Abyss hits him with an overhand right and Hardy applies his “icepick” full body submission. Abyss is putting the boots to Kazarian with Hardy keeping it applied. Hardy breaks it up, hits Kazarian with a right hand and Side Effect.

Time expires and in next is Christopher Daniels (Fortune). Daniels hits the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) on Abyss. Daniels plants Hardy down on the mat in the corner. Daniels and Kazarian double team Hardy. They do the same to Abyss.

Time expires and in next is Ric Flair (Immortal). Big reaction for Flair. Flair with big chops to Daniels and a low blow. Flair taunts Beer Money and then starts chopping Kazarian. Hardy works over Daniels with right hands.

Time expires and in next is James Storm (Fortune). Storm spits beer in the face of Abyss. Storm with a backcracker on Hardy. Storm takes a drink of his beer. Flair drops to his knees screaming no. Storm cracks the beer bottle over his head. Some bad camera work here as you can see Flair dive down to start blading himself. Flair is now busted open as Storm uses parts of the broken bottle to open him up more. Storm pulls down Flair’s pants and starts spanking him.

Time expires and in next is Brother Ray (Immortal). Ray goes on a tear dropping an elbow on Daniels and chopping Kazarian with force in the corner. A bloody Flair rakes the eyes of Storm in the corner. Flair starts chopping Storm in the corner as he wipes blood out of his eyes in the process. Robert Roode is standing near the door with 45 seconds to wait until he can get involved in this match that will officially start under the Lethal Lockdown rules with weapons hanging.

Time expires. In last is Robert Roode (Fortune). Roode takes out Abyss with a blockbuster and a flying forearm to Hardy. Flair starts chopping Roode. Roode with a back body drop on Flair. Beer Money with a double suplex on Brother Ray. The lights go dark and a spotlight focuses on the structure full of weapons starting to lower above the steel cage. Fortune gets a majority of the weapons as the ceiling lowers down. They do a split-screen shot of the action in the ring. Abyss is knocked to the arena floor and Daniels hits him in the head with a trash can lid. Hardy walks out of the cage and starts climbing up to the top. Daniels sees this and is in pursuit. Daniels and Hardy are now up top. We can hear Flair screaming out in pain inside the ring. Hardy almost back body drops Daneils off the top of the cage to the floor below. Hardy with a Twist of Hate on Daniels at the top of the cage. Storm cracks a trash can lid over Flair who is covered in blood. Hardy tries to climb down, but Daniels pushes him off and he crashes on the floor. In the ring, Flair hits Storm with a kendo stick. Roode with a spinebuster on a bloody Flair. Daniels is standing up top and dives from the top to the entrance ramp below taking out Hardy and Abyss. Back in the ring, Roode applies the Figure Four on Flair. Bully Ray cracks a trash can over the head of Roode to break it up and then does the same to Storm. He hits Daniels with a metal sheet. Ray hits Roode, Daniels and Storm with a kendo stick. Ray grabs a second stick and he hands it to Flair. Ray and Flair tee off on Roode, Daniels and Storm. Daniels is busted open and Ray slaps him in the face. AJ Styles’ music hits. Styles hits the ring and goes after Ray with right hands. Styles sends Ray into the side of the cage three times. Styles with the Pele Kick to Ray. Roode sends a bloody Flair into the cage. Roode applies a reverse armbar on Flair yelling that he will break his arm. Flair quickly taps out.

Winners: Fortune

After the match, all the members of Fortune hug in a circle and celebrate the win. We then see highlights of the match leading to the return of AJ Styles and the finish. Back live, the PPV goes off the air with Fortune posing and celebrating.

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