Kurt Angle claims his Twitter account was hacked

Apr 4, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

To follow up Kurt Angle talks WWE using his moves, Angle is now claiming his Twitter account was hacked:

I just found out somebody hacked into my Twitter account.Most of those tweets weren’t from me.I just found out today. I will find out Who would do this? I don’t know why somebody would pretend to be me. I apologize for the remarks. I’m not a twitter guy so I rarely use it .. On a side note, Randy and I discussed the Angle Slam.I am happy Orton used my Finish.As he put it,imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … To those who Don’t believe my Twitter was hacked into, I could care less. I went to bed at 9pm.I tweewted about Orton only.I didn’t watch WM … Randy Orton and I discssed it and we are on good terms.I’m glad He used Angle Slam. Randy is the best in the World. Let’s not exagerate this … It’s over and done. I don’t listen to dirt sheets and I never will. I apologize if I upset anyone with my “1” tweet. WM was reat, I heard.

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