3/31/11 TNA Impact Recap (R-V-Damned)

Apr 1, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Impact opens with a recap of last week’s main event between Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam with Sting as the special enforcer. Anderson and Sting came to blows around the ring and again in the parking lot with Sting after it was assumed that Anderson was disqualified from the match. Sting, however, claimed that he never called for the bell.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits as he comes to the ring and is dragging referee Earl Hebner with him. Anderson grabs a microphone for himself and for Hebner and wants to know why Hebner disqualified him last week. Anderson pushes Hebner around and Hebner threatens to suspend him for 90 days and says he did it since he put his hands on Sting. Anderson demands that he reverses the decision but Hebner says his decision stands.

Anderson then sets up for a Mic Check but Brian Hebner runs down to the ring and saves his dad. Anderson begins to taunt Earl Hebner and telling him to throw a punch until Sting’s music interrupts as the TNA World Champion comes to the ring. Sting tells both referees to leave the ring and gets in Anderson’s face. Sting and Anderson then come to blows until security fills the ring to separate the two.

RVD’s music then hits as he makes his way towards the ring. RVD says he doesn’t want the victory and tells Earl Hebner to make the match at Lockdown a three-way match. Hebner says he doesn’t have the power to reverse the decision as Immortal’s music hits. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out as Hogan compliments RVD for raising the bar. Hogan says it’s a done deal and agrees to the match.

Bischoff then says that since the network wants ratings, he books RVD, Anderson and Sting against Abyss, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray in a steel cage match later on tonight. After the announcement, Sting and Anderson begin to go at it once again until security pulls Sting out of the ring as the announce team hypes the main event and we head into a commercial break.

Anderson is seen pacing around the backstage area and tells the docu-cam that he has no comment about what just happened before punching a hole in the wall. RVD is also backstage and says he gets to take care of all of his opponents and some of his partners in the ring tonight. Sting is in the locker room and tells the docu-cam that he will get an apology out of Anderson tonight.

Shannon Moore is backstage with Jesse Neal and says he disrespected Scott Steiner last week because he had no respect for him in the first place. Scott Steiner is also backstage with Crimson and says that wasn’t disrespect. Steiner gives his definition of disrespect and says he will give Moore a beat down tonight.

Bully Ray is seen walking around the parking lot with the docu-cam and says AJ Styles is in the hospital so he could prove himself to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Ray says he has a chip on his shoulder and tells people to bring their best at all times because he will beat there ass wherever and whenever he wants.

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are seen walking backstage and they are on their way to the ring as we head into another commercial break.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are in the office and Jarrett tells Hulk Hogan to stop the match between him and Kurt Angle at Lockdown. Jarrett says no member of Immortal should be locked in a cage with Angle. Hogan mentions that “the Rob Terry thing” can fix it as Jarrett agrees and leaves the office.

Match 1: Shannon Moore vs. Scott Steiner
Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are sitting with the announce team and Mike Tenay says EY has a big announcement to make. Young says his team is going to be a part of a four-way tag match at Lockdown. He says it is going to be EY & Jordan against Ink Inc. against Scott Steiner & Crimson against a mystery tag team.

The bell rings as Moore runs around the ring and flexes his muscles until Crimson finally rolls him in to Steiner. Steiner begins to work him over with chops and power moves before picking up a near fall after hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Moore finally gets in some offense by focusing on Steiner’s legs and mocks Steiner by doing some push ups in the ring. Moore then puts Steiner’s head gear on and misses with a moonsault from the top rope. Steiner then connects with a clothesline before sending more crashing to the mat with a Frankensteiner to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, EY and Orlando Jordan go to congratulate Steiner & Crimson but they just blow them off. EY and Jordan are then attacked by Magnus and Douglas Williams as the announce team wonders if they will be the fourth tag team in the 4-way match at Lockdown.

Mr. Anderson is backstage talking to a poster of himself and says Sting wants an apology from him. Anderson says he won’t get an apology and tells the docu-cam that he still has no comment.

The Jarrett’s are backstage and Jeff tells his wife that their plan will work and that she should leave it to the professionals. Jarrett then tells her that he has a plan B and that he has handled this types of situations before.

Jeremy and Max Buck share their thoughts on each other and how each of them should have been X Division Champion. Max says that what Jeremy did at Victory Road made their mom sick to her stomach. Jeremy says he will prove tonight that he is the better wrestler, while Max says he will give him a wrestling lesson.

Match 2: Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck
The brothers go back and forth in the opening moments in a great series of rapid fire moves and reversals. Max finally slides out to the floor and Jeremy holds the ropes open for his brother and holds out his hand in a sign of respect but Max responds by putting Jeremy in a headlock. Jeremy turns the match in his favor as Max shows some signs of frustration and catapults Jeremy out to the floor. Max then holds the ropes open for Jeremy but kicks him as he comes back in to the ring. Max then powerbombs Jeremy into the turnbuckle before hitting a neckbreaker from the top rope to pick up the pin fall.

Beer Money and Kazarian are seen walking in and Robert Roode looks at his phone and tells his partners that he got a message saying that the plane has landed and he is on his way as we head into a commercial break.

Winter is backstage with Angelina Love and tells her that everything will be alright and tells her to continue drinking from her cup. Winter says she couldn’t let Velvet Sky control her and that she is trying to protect Angelina before walking away. We are then treated to footage of the strange relationship between Winter and Angelina before heading into the next match.

Match 3: Velvet Sky vs. Winter
The bell rings and Velvet charges at Winter and hits her with a series of shoulder blocks in the corner of the ring. Velvet continues on the attack and picks up a near fall in the process until Winter is finally able to send Velvet crashing to the mat. Winter then slams Velvet to the canvas but Velvet is soon able to counter and hits a couple of clotheslines as Angelina Love begins to make her way slowly to the ring. Velvet becomes distracted as Winter takes control of the match and makes Velvet tap out to a submission hold as Angelina looks on with a blank stare.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits as he again comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Anderson calls out Sting as Sting complies with the request. Anderson asks Sting if he wants an apology but instead clocks Sting with a right fist. The two then begin to go at it once again and fight around the ringside area and in the crowd. Sting then sends Anderson into the steel steps a couple of times as Abyss, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray come down to join in on the attack against the opponents. RVD finally runs out to help Sting but leaves Anderson to get beat down by Abyss and Hardy. Sting finally chases Abyss, Hardy and Ray away but nails Anderson one last time for good measure.

The Jarrett’s are in the locker room as Karen is screaming into her phone and Jeff is making loud noises. Karen tells the person on the phone to send someone right away as Kurt Angle is coming after them right now. The two then hug each other after she hangs up the phone and the announce team says Angle will be in action next.

Ric Flair is in the locker room and gloating about what just went down. Flair says there is no way they can lose the match tonight. The rest give their thoughts and say they are going to finish what they started tonight in the steel cage.

Velvet Sky is backstage and calls Winter a crazy bitch before warning her that she will cleanse TNA of Winter. As for Angelina, Velvet thinks that she has been drugged and promises to get her partner and BFF back from Winter’s trance.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and says he is sick of Jeff Jarrett’s crap. Angle then calls out Jarrett so they can settle things once and for all. Jarrett’s music hits as he comes out with Rob Terry.

Match 4: Kurt Angle vs. Rob Terry
Jarrett distracts Angle as Terry attacks Angle from behind. Angle is wrestling in jeans and a t-shirt as Terry continues to work over Angle and slams him down hard to the mat. Terry tries for another slam but Angle is able to counter into an ankle lock. Jarrett pleads with Terry not to tap out but he does shortly after.

Angle then begins to chase after Jarrett and catches him on the entrance ramp and begins to choke Jarrett with his own shirt. Angle then tries for an Angle Slam on the stage but Jarrett is able to escape and run to the back. Angle chases Jarrett into the parking lot where Karen Jarrett is waiting with police officers. The cops put handcuffs on Angle as he tells Karen that he is going to whip her husband’s ass at Lockdown.

Fortune is backstage and are talking about what is going on between Sting, RVD and Mr. Anderson. James Storm says it’s not their problem but they need to back Sting as they walk away to go and talk to him and we head into a commercial break.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are backstage discussing their main event plan and how their chaos and carnage between Sting, Anderson and RVD will take care of itself and leave Immortal standing.

Match 5: Abyss/Bully Ray/Matt Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam/Mr. Anderson/Sting (Steel Cage Match)
Sting attacks Mr. Anderson on the entrance ramp as Ric Flair nails RVD with a low blow and rolls him into the ring. The match officially begins after Sting enters the cage and he hits his opponents with a series of Stinger Splashes and Anderson is seen biding his time to enter the cage. Immortal begins to turn the match into their favor as Anderson is seen sitting in a chair in the ringside area as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Immortal pick apart Sting and RVD as Anderson still sitting ringside. Hulk Hogan’s music then hits as he walks out wearing a back brace. Hogan walks up to Anderson and orders him to get inside the cage as Anderson gets up from his chair. Hogan then rakes Anderson’s eyes and tosses him into the cage where Immortal is waiting for him. Sting goes after him first, though, and sends Anderson into the cage wall.

Immortal again begins to dominate the match and focus on beating down Sting as this match finally turns into an actual tag team match. Hardy works over Sting for a bit before tagging Abyss into the match. Abyss continues beating on Sting as he gets words of encouragement from Ray. Abyss tags in Ray but Sting is finally able to mount some offense and takes both Abyss and Ray down. Sting finally makes the hot tag to RVD.

RVD comes in and cleans house and sets up for a Five Star Frog Splash but Anderson pushes him off the ring ropes. Bully Ray then hits RVD with a Bully Bomb to pick up the pin fall for Immortal. Anderson immediately leaves the cage as Immortal continues beating down Sting and RVD in the ring.

Fortune’s music then hits as Beer Money and Kazarian come out to help and Ric Flair locks the cage door behind them. Immortal and Fortune go at it with Immortal getting the upper hand once Bully Ray brings a chain into play. Kazarian is busted open and Immortal starts hitting their signature moves on Fortune. Ray then holds up his chain as Christopher Daniels emerges from the crowd and climbs up the side of the cage. Daniels then dives off the top of the cage and onto Immortal and poses for the crowd as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see a quick recap of what went down during the steel cage match. Ric Flair is backstage with Immortal and says he doesn’t know who that was or what just happened. Flair says forget about Daniels as they finished the job by beating down Sting, RVD and Fortune. Flair then goes on to say that none of them will make it to Lockdown. Ray then sends a message to Daniels and says returning to TNA was a good idea, but it was a bad idea to go up against Immortal.

Daniels is seen in the locker room and says that he came back since Bully Ray put his friend, AJ Styles, in the hospital. Daniels says Ray’s time for bragging is done and the next time he has blood on his hands, it will be from Ray. Kazarian talks about being busted open and says that he can count on Daniels since he always has their backs. Beer Money says their backs are against the wall and now they are the dangerous ones.

Sting is backstage and says we will find out who the true veteran is as it will be showtime at Lockdown. The docu-cam catches up with Mr. Anderson who says he has been getting screwed over every single week before RVD enters and attacks Anderson. RVD leaves Anderson lying on the ground as Anderson vows to get his revenge on RVD as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Scott Steiner defeated Shannon Moore by pin fall.
– Max Buck defeated Jeremy Buck by pin fall.
– Winter defeated Velvet Sky by submission.
– Kurt Angle defeated Rob Terry by submission.
– Abyss/Bully Ray/Matt Hardy defeated Rob Van Dam/Mr. Anderson/Sting by pin fall in a steel cage match.

Starman’s Thoughts
The return of Christopher Daniels was the big story coming out of this week’s edition of Impact. Overall, the show was decent with a few hit and miss here and there and featured a good portion of actual wrestling for a change, at least considering how little wrestling has been on Impact as of late.

Daniels return was a surprise to see, especially due to the fact that he is currently under contract with ROH and is their World Television Champion. It doesn’t bother me that Daniels wrestles in both promotions and hope that his time in TNA is used wisely. And to think, a little over a year ago this same guy was released because creative couldn’t find anything for him to do. The time off seemed to work wonders, though, as Daniels appeared to be rejuvenated in the short amount of screen time he had tonight.

Tonight’s show also featured a ton of ReAction style promos from wrestlers throughout the show, and I am digging it. This style of promos where short and to the point and helped set up the show, not only just for the main storylines, but for the secondary ones as well, such as the Beautiful People/Winter saga and the Steiner/Moore feud. This type of delivery makes better use of the television time TNA has instead of constantly wasting time with wrestlers coming to the ring to deliver them. It does take away from some of the fan interaction, but considering that almost all of the shows are taped in front of the same Orlando fans, that can be a good thing.

I really wish I knew what TNA’s fascination with splitting up their tag teams is all about. I have to admit that the match between Max and Jeremy Buck was a lot of fun to watch, and should be a blueprint of the type of matches that TNA showcases on Impact, but why are these two already fighting with each other. Hell, they haven’t even had a chance to hold the tag titles yet and they are already at odds with each other.

The Motorcity Machine Guns were showing signs of dissension before Alex Shelley was injured and event Ink Inc. seemed to be heading that direction last week. In my opinion, TNA has the best tag team division in all of wrestling, but just think where they could be if they kept their good tag teams together instead of the ones like Eric Young & Orlando Jordan and Scott Steiner & Crimson. On a good note, though, I am looking forward to seeing the British Invasion back together (without Rob Terry). I just wish I knew what the hell happened to Desmond Wolfe and London Brawling.

It seems that Winter is controlling Angelina Love by drugging her or something along those lines. I was skeptical about what went down last week when Angelina came out looking like a zombie as I wasn’t sure where they were going with it, but I’m glad there seems to be some sort of half-logical reasoning behind it and that Winter doesn’t have some sort of magical powers that put Angelina in a trance. At the very least, this gives the Knockout Division a secondary angle aside from title picture.

I enjoyed the fire that Earl Hebner showed at the top of the program in his exchange with Mr. Anderson. Should referees get that much attention? Probably not, but it was a logical progression from the end of last week’s show. What didn’t make much sense, though, was the fact that Hebner seemed to have the power to suspend a wrestler for 90 days, but lacked the power to reverse a decision. Not to mention, referees seem to reverse decisions all of the time.

What also defied reasoning was the TNA security situation. If you ever want to start a drinking game during Impact, just drink every time you see security appear onscreen. It didn’t take them long tonight to break up the melee between Sting and Mr. Anderson, however, during their second brawl of the night, they were nowhere to be found. Were they all on a smoke break in the parking lot or are they union employees or something? Consistency is all I ask for.

I have to say, though, that the good outweighed the bad tonight as it continued down the path to Lockdown. Fans can only hope that the momentum isn’t derailed any time soon.

For those who may have missed it earlier, I did attend a TNA house show last Thursday in Fargo, ND. If you haven’t already, go check out some of the photos from the event on my website: http://www.thehexagoncircle.com/tnaphotos-fargo/

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