Al Snow talks negative opinions of TNA, Paul Heyman, and more

Mar 10, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Al Snow was a guest on Hit the Ropes Radio last night. Snow gives his thoughts on the revival of the Tough Enough series, his insight on TNA today, his movie career, the UFC, Paul Heyman in TNA, and took a couple questions from the callers.

Below are a answers to two questions on the show. Snow comes on at the 90 minute mark.

On whether negative opinions of TNA affects those backstage:

“I’m sure it affects them in some direction but you have to make a decision to choose a direction and then you’ve got to have what it takes to stick with it. It’s like a steering a really, really big ship.You can’t make turns on a dime and you can’t just make decisions based on just one or two people’s opinions. Or even one or two thousand people’s opinions when you’re trying to appeal to millions of people. And you’ve got to kind of pick that direction and stick with it because ultimately you’ve got the vision; you know where you’re going. And what may not make sense, or what somebody else outside of it may not like at this moment, six months from now it might all fall in place. All the pieces of the puzzle might fit together and you might go ‘Ahh, that’s fantastic. Now I get it. I completely understand.’ Where if they just go on the whim of what everybody, ‘Well, I don’t like that,’ and then they change the vision then you may never get to see the picture that they were shooting for.”

Could Paul Heyman Save TNA?:

Who knows? I don’t know and I don’t know if TNA…what do they need to be saved from? Is it from a shark? From drowning? A fire? I didn’t know they were in jeopardy.

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