Road Warrior Animal: “(Hawk and I) faced each other one time”

Mar 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Sent in by Arda Ocal:

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Right After Wrestling were joined by Road Warrior Animal. Highlights:

Jimmy Korderas tells the story of taking the Doomsday Device from the LOD (25:40)

Animal speaks of why he wrote this book (The Road Warriors: Danger, Death and the Rush of Wrestling) (26:50)

What the biggest match was in Animal’s career and why (28:10)

On the LOD having a very physical style and then the need to alter their style when entering the WWE (29:45)
Whether or not the Road Warriors would be just as successful today as they were back in the 1980’s & his perspective on fixing the current tag-team scene in the present wrestling landscape (30:55)

On why Hawk never feuded with Animal in professional wrestling (34:50)
On theories behind why Animal is not working in the WWE currently – considering his younger brother is a very high ranking official in the WWE (36:50)

EXCERPT #1: “I think (WWE) would take (tag teams) more serious instead of just trying to throw 2 guys together and call them a ‘team’. Our (The Road Warriors) thing was different – our history. We got to bounce for 4 or 5 years together before – we knew each other. We knew what each other was thinking. I knew when Hawk gave me a certain look, that he ready to his somebody here. We just knew each other so well that we could take care of each other’s back. I don’t think you have that today. That natural instinct.”

EXCERPT #2: “(Hawk and I) faced each other 1 time and we never touch each other. I was over working for Giant Baba and I got Baba to bring my brothers (Mark & John) over. They wanted to do a brothers-tag-team match because the Japanese are very big in the family. I said ‘yeah sure’ and I asked Hawk and he said ‘yeah sure’. Then they said we need opponents who can match Animal & his brothers. (Great) Kabuki was one of the guys. Then it was Hawk and (I think) Muta were the other 2 guys. Hawk and I never touched each other (in he match)!”

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