Triple H on relationship with Lemmy of Motorhead

Mar 2, 2011 - by Adam Martin is featuring an interview with WWE star Triple H discussing his relationship with Lemmy of the legendary rock group Motorhead.

“Years ago I was making a transition to becoming this bad guy, and they wanted me to change my music. We had our music guy Jim Johnston working on it, and it wasn’t the sound I wanted. I kept saying, ‘I want it more raw, more gritty,’ and I kept saying, ‘Think Motörhead, think Motörhead.’ So finally Jim was like, ‘Why don’t we just get Motörhead to do it?’ They were into it, and they did the song for me, and they came to one of the shows, and Lem and I just hit it off. They’ve played me to the ring a few times.”

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Triple H Recalls The Beginning Of His Friendship With Motorhead’s Lemmy

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