Smackdown 02/04/11

Feb 4, 2011 - by staff

We start the show with none other than Booker T making his way out to the ring. He gets a huge pop from the crowd. It’s as if he never left. I’m sure Dixie Carter is sitting at home and enjoying all of this with a good spirit. All is fair in love and wrestling. Either way Booker is back on Smackdown. He tells the crowd he loves being back and he feels like he is home. He will be handling some announcing duties here on Friday nights, which I think will be great. Hopefully he will take the mic from Cole, but I don’t think we are that lucky.
As Booker exits the ring we are greeted by Vicki Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Vicki introduces Dolph as the Uncrowned Heavyweight Champion. She says that Kelly Kelly cost Dolph the title. And tonight Kelly Kelly will be teaming with Edge to Face Dolph and LayCool. Tonight’s Handicap Match with be for the World Heavyweight Title. If Edge loses, Dolph is the champ. She then demands Kelly Kelly make her way out to Vicki’s ring. Kelly comes out and Vicki tells her that she was way out of line getting involved with the World Title Match at the Royal Rumble. She tells her she is going to pay for her sins. Kelly tells Vicki she doesn’t care and pushes her. Out comes LayCool to attack Kelly, but here comes The World Champ for the save. Looks like a good match tonight.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kozlov and Santino Marela v. New NEXUS

Non-Title Match

Everyone knows who wins Non-Title Matches. And this match is no different. About a 5 minute squash of the champions. Justin Gabriel hits the 540 splash for the win.

Winners-The New NEXUS
I’m not sure why they even have tag team titles anymore.

In Ring Action….

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Drew McIntyre v. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Now this match is wrestling. I’m sure it is surprising, but Smackdown always has the best wrestling between the two brands. Drew is still hanging out in the mid carders hell, but maybe tonight he gets a much deserved push. Great work together between the two. At one point Kofi hits a front flip DDT on Drew. But in the end it was a distraction from the big screen with Alberto Del Rio winking at Kofi that gave Drew the edge he needed. Double armed DDT for the win.

Winner-Drew McIntyre
Drew qualifies for the Elimination Chamber Match

More In Ring Action….
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Rey Mysterio v. Jack Swagger
Rey is so over with the crowd it’s sick. I really wasn’t sure who was going to come out on top here. Swagger is a former World Champion. But Rey is still Rey. In classic Rey match style he is beat down for most of the match and chasing. Swagger at one point stands on Rey and points to the WrestleMania Sign. In the end though it is Rey who steals the victory.
Winner-Rey Mysterio
Rey qualifies for the Elimination Chamber
As of now the wrestlers in the Chamber match are World Champion Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Rey Mysterio.

Back in the Ring we see a celebration set up for Alberto Del Rio’s Royal Rumble victory. In the Ring is Hornswoggle. Del Rio makes his way out with his 15 minute into. I think it would be funny if they went to commercial during his entrance and came back to him climbing the stairs. Anyway Del Rio tells the crowd it was his destiny to win the Rumble and to go on the win the World Title. He then tells Hornswoggle that he has a piñata above the ring full of candy for him. He then blindfolds Horny and gives him a stick to hit it. Hornswoggle swings and misses the piñata, but hits Del Rio. Del Rio attacks Hornswoggle to the crowd’s horror. Out comes Kofi to save him and attack Del Rio. I guess they will wrestle at Elimination Chamber to fill up some space.
Next we see a promo for the new Tough Enough which will be hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Booker T announces that he will be a coach on Tough Enough. Should be a good season. You have to believe that Austin will make some appearances before Mania.

In Ring Action….
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Chavo Guerrero v. Kane
These two had the quickest match in WrestleMania history when Kane beat Chavo for the ECW Title in just a few seconds. Well this match went only a few seconds longer with Kane winning via Choke slam.
Kane advances to the Elimination Chamber Match

More In Ring Action….
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Big Show v. Wade Barrett
Barrett comes out to the ring accompanied by The Corre. This is not good news for Show. This is a pay-per-view quality match we are given for free. When the ref is distracted Ezekiel Jackson comes in the ring and clotheslines Big Show. Barrett goes for the cover but only gets a two count. He stands Show up and hits a DDT. It’s just too much for Show. Barrett gets the win.

Winner-Wade Barrett
Barrett qualifies for the Elimination Chamber Match
After the match Jackson gets in the ring and Body Slams Big Show. I mean really hits a full slam on Show. Incredible. Simply Incredible.

Main Event
World Heavyweight Championship Match

World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Kelly Kelly v. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool
In this match if Kelly Kelly or Edge loses, the Edge loses the World Title to Dolph Ziggler. Vicki Guerrero comes out and tells Edge and the crowd that the Spear is illegal. If he hits it, he loses the title to Dolph. In all reality Kelly Kelly is defending the World Heavyweight Title Tonight. I know, I know. Really a lot of ladies wrestling in this match. I think to really tease us that Kelly could lose the belt for Edge tonight. Best moment of the match was Layla getting Kelly in a head scissors, for obvious reasons. The finish of the match involved the spear. But it was Kelly hitting Layla with it for the win.

Winners-World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Kelly Kelly
After the match Vicki gets in the ring and tells Kelly she is fired. Kelly cries. She cries hard. Because she is a girl. Vicki tells Edge he will wrestle Dolph for the title next week. But the referee will be her. Dolph then attacks Edge from behind.


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