Detailed 2/1/11 NXT Recap

Feb 2, 2011 - by staff

The WWE Intro merges into the NXT Intro as Todd Grisham welcomes us to the show and says that next week, one of the remaining Rookies will be eliminated. He sends it to Matt Striker who is in the ring. Striker says that the polls will open tomorrow on and then brings out the Rookies and their Pros. Byron Saxton and Dolph Ziggler are out first, followed by Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan, Johnny Curtis and R-Truth and Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez. The rookies and Pros all stop in front of the ring. Striker asks Clay where his Pro, Alberto Del Rio is. Rodriguez takes a microphone out of his jacket and says that Del Rio regrets not being on NXT but is overwhelmed after winning the Royal Rumble. Rodriguez announces that he will fill in for Del Rio tonight. Striker reminds the rookies that they can avoid elimination by earning the most immunity points after winning challenges. Striker says that nobody picked up any points last week but they will start the show with an Arm Wrestling Challenge, worth three immunity points. Striker calls in the rookies as Johnny Curtis will face Byron Saxton first. Curtis immediately beats Saxton as he throws a small fit before Derrick Bateman and Brodus Clay are next. “Daniel Bryan” chant starts as Bateman asks Bryan to slap him, to fire him up. Bateman hangs in there for a few seconds but Clay beats him. Johnny Curtis comes back in for the Finals. Curtis immediately takes advantage and nearly wins until Clay leans in and headbutts Curtis. The referee disqualifies Clay so Johnny Curtis gets the win and earns three immunity points.

Chris Masters vs. Byron Saxton is advertised for the first match of the night next.

We’re back and both Masters and Saxton are in the ring. They lock up and Masters forces Saxton to a corner and gives a clean break. Saxton takes a cheap shot at Masters and goes on the offensive. The ref tries to seperate Saxton and Masters throws Saxton into the corner and fires off a few chops. Masters whips Saxton off the ropes and misses a clothesline but catches Saxton and hits a fallaway slam for a two. Masters lifts up Saxton and applies an armbar but Saxton breaks free and hits a few shots. Saxton tries to whip Masters into the corner but Masters reveres and hits Saxton with a double underhook suplex. Saxton takes control, kicking Masters in the face and leaping off the second rope, diving off and hitting Masters in the arm. Saxton hits a few more punches and covers Masters for a one. Saxton applies an armbar but Matsers quickly gets up. Masters breaks free of the armbar by hitting a Samoan Drop. Matsers takes control, favoring one arm but hitting a clothesline and a spinebuster. Masters calls for the Masterlock and applies the submission as the ref calls for the bell a few moments later. Masters celebrates the win as Ziggler is less than impressed.

We see a vignette from earlier in the day. Daniel Bryan is trying to teach Derrick Bateman a guillotine and Bateman can’t do it. Bateman says he’s not strong enough and Bryan tells him submissions are about technique, not strength. Gail Kim walks in and Bryan tells Bateman that Gail can do a great guillotine. Bateman says Bryan would tap out to Gail to make him feel better but Gail says she will use it on him. Bateman says he doesn’t think chicks know anything about submissions and Gail applies a guillotine that knocks him out. Bryan thinks Gail’s guillotine is hot and makes out with her as Bateman smiles on the floor, looking back at the two.

Ted DiBiase vs. Brodus Clay is next after a quick break.

Brodus Clay is in the ring, talking with Ricardo Rodriguez as we see how Clay swapped Pros after his big win in the Fatal Four Way Match last week and what Clay did after the match to DiBiase. DiBiase hits the ring next by himself. Maryse walks down the ramp after DiBiase gets in and distracts him a bit. The bell rings and the two circle each other as Clay forces DiBiase into a corner and gives the break. DiBiase ties up with Clay again to the same result. This time, DiBiase kicks Clay in the knee and applies a sleeper as Clay struggles to get out of it. DiBiase breaks the hold and drops three elbows on Clay before kicking him in the face. Clay rolls out of the ring and DiBiase steps through the ropes and runs off the apron tackling Clay into the barricade. DiBiase hits Clay with a dropkick while still sitting against the wall as Maryse is flirting with Todd Grisham. Clay shoves DiBiase back first into the post but DiBiase comes back with a shot and rolls into the ring. Clay rolls back in but DiBiase pounces on him. DiBiase gets Clay up but runs into a modified Tazplex. Clay takes contol, hitting an elbow drop on DiBiase for a two, followed by a nerve hold. Clay is in complete control as Maryse is taking pictures of the beating from outside. Clay hits a scoop slam and goes for a splash but DiBiase puts his knees up. DiBiase catches Clay with a chop block that takes down the big man. DiBiase then slalks Clay as he catches Maryse, who almost kisses Todd Grisham. She slaps him instead and takes off as DiBiase screams at her. Clay follows up and hits a big powerslam for the three. After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez announces Clay as the winner.

Byron Saxton approaches Johnny Curtis backstage and talks with him. Both trade jabs about Curtis taking a headbutt and Saxton losing his match to the Masterlock. Saxton tells Curtis that he’s worried about him, saying R-Truth is talking about Curtis having a big head. Curtis tells Saxton that he and Truth are friends and that Saxton isn’t his. Saxton stops Curtis from leaving and tells him that they both know the truth.

Johnny Curtis and R-Truth vs. Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman is the main event of the night and hyped before a break.

We’re back and Matt Striker is in the ring with the Rookies. He reminds them that next week there will be an elimination and the only way to avoid elimination is to have the most immunity points. We’re reminded that Johnny Curtis has the most right now with three and this competition is the Talk The Talk challenge worth two immunity points. Striker tells the Rookies that they will have 30 seconds to talk about a topic and to be creative, as the fans will be the judges. Byron Saxton is up first and his topic is “WWE Pros” and more specifically R-Truth. Saxton says he has a tribute for him and says “You can get with this or you can get with that. But Byron Saxton’s so cool, that’s a fact.” The fans boo as Truth smiles and it appears Dolph Ziggler bursts out in laughter. Striker takes the microphone back and gives it to Derrick Bateman, who has to speak about Dolph Ziggler. Bateman says Ziggler is the fastest rising star and has the body of a Greek god and the face or a worn out catcher’s mit. Bateman says that Ziggler actually changed his name to Dolph from his first real name, Turd Ferguson. The Pros start calling him “Turd” as Ziggler throws a fit as the fans start that chant. Johnny Curtis is next and must speak about Chris Masters. Curtis doesn’t want to talk about him and instead wants to say something else as he slaps Brodus Clay and runs away. The “Turd” chants start again as Ziggler tells the crowd he will leave if they don’t stop. Brodus Clay is last and must talk about Daniel Bryan. Clay talks about Bryan being boring, the same as falling asleep to a really boring movie but that he has a cute girlfriend. Clay says that she must wonder what it’s like to be with a real man and tells Bryan to tell her to go to his apartment if she wants to find out. Bryan says “Just so everyone knows, real men do not equal fat men” as the crowd pops while Clay has a smirk on his face as well. Bateman easily gets the best reaction and wins the competition and two immunity points heading into the
elimination next week.

Break for The Chaperone Trailer to air.

R-Truth and Johnny Curtis are out now for the main event of the night. They are followed by their opponents, Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman. Bateman and Truth start things off and Bateman applies a headlock and hits a shoulder block on Truth as he runs off the ropes. Truth nails Bateman with an arm drag and a hip toss before applying a wristlock. Truth tags in Curtis who puts Bateman in a headlock and takes him over. Bateman escapes and hits a headlock takeover as well and the two are at a stalemate. The two lock up and fall out of the ring. Curtis shoves Bateman and Bateman tackles him as Truth and Bryan go over to break it up as we head to the last break of the night.

We’re back and Curtis has a headlock on Bryan and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. He repeats the move again, knocking Bryan back down and applies a headlock again. Bryan immediately breaks free, hitting Curtis with a belly to back suplex. Bryan hits a snapmare and Bateman tags in, hitting a slingshot splash for a two. Bateman hits a snap suplex but doesn’t even get a one as he puts Curtis in a chinlock. Curtis breaks free of the hold but takes a back elbow from Bateman for a two. Bateman throws Curtis face first into the top turnbuckle and tags in Bryan. Bryan and Curtis start to exchange uppercuts but Bryan snapmares him and kicks him in the back. Bryan drops a knee and gets a two as then looks to apply a surfboard. He rocks Curtis back and forth before stopping and stomping both knees of Curtis into the mat. Bateman tags in and goes to work on the knees of Curtis until Curtis gets back up and hits a spin kick. Curtis tags in Truth as Bateman tags in Bryan. Truth unloads with a clothesline and a heel kick to Bryan. Curtis makes the tag and two hit a double suplex on Bryan. Truth goes for the civer but Curtis shoves him off and covers Bryan. Bateman breaks the count as goes at it with Truth. Bateman tries to throw Truth over but he goes instead. Truth hits a plancha over the top, taking out Bateman as Curtis heads up to the top. Curtis goes for the guillotine legdrop but Bryan moves out of the way. Curtis still manages to go for a backslide but Bryan flips over him and takes him down, applying the Lebell Lock. Curtis taps right away as Bryan and Bateman pick up the win. Highlights of the match are shown as Bryan and Bateman celebrate in the ring and we’re reminded that someone will be eliminated next week as the show comes to a close.

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