1/13/11 TNA Impact Recap (The One That Got Away)

Jan 13, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Footage of the Genesis pay-per-view is aired where Kurt Angle talks about being set up in his MMA exhibition against Jeff Jarrett. The video package also focuses on Mr. Anderson defeating Matt Morgan and going on to defeat Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship in a impromptu match. Morgan talks about giving Anderson an assist and thinks he should get a shot at the championship while Anderson talks down on the custom title belt saying he could stick a crayon up his ass and come up with something better than that.

We then see footage of Jeff Jarrett arriving to the Impact Zone and is with his new wife, Karen Jarrett, who is the former Karen Angle. We then head into the Impact Zone where Mr. Anderson’s music is playing and the new TNA World Champion is coming down to the ring with the title slung over his shoulder. Anderson says he has busted his ass for years and talks about his time over in WWE where he was told not to be himself after Triple H got into Vince McMahon’s ear. He goes on to say that Eric Bischoff called him up and allowed him to be himself, which is where he is today, where he is the TNA World Champion.

Anderson then thanks all of his fans for their support and calls out Matt Morgan so he can thank him as well. Morgan’s music hits as he makes his way towards the ring where Anderson gives him a sincere thanks for what he did for him. Morgan isn’t too receptive and says the only reason he has the title is because Morgan let himself down. Morgan says he has lost sleep over the thought when he will get his next title shot and says he is not taking his eyes of the prize. Morgan says he has busted his ass for nine years and wants to be the best big man of all time, but needs the title to solidify that claim and says he will be gunning for him. Morgan then congratulates Anderson and says he earned it before leaving the ring.

Eric Bischoff’s music then hits as he comes down to the ring and says nobody cares about his history and says he is only in TNA because of himself and Hulk Hogan. He says they won’t put up with him as the World Champion and says that on February 3rd Jeff Hardy will get his rematch on Impact and Hulk Hogan will finally have his legal issues with Dixie Carter solved and he will be in full control of TNA. Anderson then gets in Bischoff’s face for a moment before Jeff Hardy appears on the big screen. Hardy says in three weeks the belt will be back where it belongs but Hardy is hit from behind by Rob Van Dam. Matt Hardy comes in to help his brother as the team up on RVD but Anderson runs back and evens the score. Members from Immortal then swarm the scene to give them the numbers advantage and beat down the champion and RVD.

We join the announce team and they tell us that the Hardy Boys will have a reunion tonight as they go up against Mr. Anderson and RVD in tonight’s main event. We then head to the back where Jeff Jarrett is talking to Karen who says she is ready for what is in store tonight as they head into Immortal’s dressing room.

Match 1: Beer Money vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Prior to the match, the docu-cam catches up with the Machine Guns and they tell the camera to expect them to regain the Tag Team Titles tonight. They then run down to the ring and go toe-to-toe with the champions with a flurry of speedy offense. The Guns then dump them out to the floor a dive out on top of them before the match returns to the ring where Beer Money is finally able to take control of the match. Beer Money works over Chris Sabin with quick tags in and out and pick up a few near falls in the process.

James Storm and Sabin take each other out with cross body blocks before they both tag in their partners. Alex Shelley comes in and takes out both members of Beer Money before heading to the top rope and nearly puts Roode away with a double foot stomp. The Guns then do some quick double team moves on Beer Money before hitting the Skull and Crossbones but Storm is able to break up the pin attempt. Shelley then tries for a superplex on Roode but Storm pulls him off and Roode connects with a splash from the top rope but Shelley is able to kick out.

The Guns then retake control of the match as they connect with a series of kicks to Roode, however, Shelley tries to take out Storm with a superkick but he accidentally nails Sabin in the face as Storm ducks out of the way. Beer Money then hit the DWI to pick up the pin fall and retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.

We then see Kurt Angle arriving to the Impact Zone and is walking in the parking lot as we head into a commercial break.

Mr. Anderson and RVD are backstage and are talking about stopping Immortal. Anderson says they need to take them all out one by one. The two then start looking for weapons to bring with them as RVD grabs a chair and Anderson grabs a 2×4.

D’Angelo Dinero’s music hits as he comes down to the ring. The Pope says he was out doing good and says that people should still continue to follow him. He then sets an example by forgiving Samoa Joe and wants to know if he would be as forgiving if the Pope followed him around. He says he got footage of Joe and his wife and puts it on the big screen, which is video of two pigs going at it. Pope continues by having more pigs put on the screen until Joe’s music finally cuts him off.

Joe runs down to the ring and chases him out of the ring. The Pope yells up at him and says he has forgiven Joe and wants to know if he will do the same. Joe gets on a microphone and calls the Pope a fraud and promises to get his hands on him when he least expects it and will kill him.

RVD and Mr. Anderson are walking in the back towards the Immortal dressing room and meet up with Beer Money. The door closes in front of the camera as we can just hear items breaking and the door shaking from the impact. Anderson and RVD then walk out and say that there is now two down and set their sights on finding the Hardy Boys.

Eric Bischoff is talking with Ric Flair and AJ Styles and he says Hulk Hogan is pissed about Mr. Anderson having the championship and wants to take the title off of him by any means necessary. AJ Styles says he can soften him up but Flair says he needs to get well. They then walk into the Immortal dressing room and find it a wreck. Beer Money tells them that Anderson and RVD did this to them as Bischoff says its on between them.

A video package that highlights the feud between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle is aired. Jeff Jarrett and Karen are then seen walking in the back where Jarrett says Angle took it too far at Genesis and says he will hang up his MMA boots tonight with an undefeated record. Jarrett then makes Karen promise that she won’t lose her temper tonight and she says she is as cool as a cucumber. We then see Angle walking in the back and says he heard his ex-wife is in the building and they have some catching up to do as we head into a commercial break.

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring with his MMA team and says that it is a night of celebration as they look back on the career of an undefeated MMA fighter. He then introduces his wife, Karen Jarrett, but Kurt Angle’s music hits instead as he walks down to the ring. Team Jarrett then run out after them but Angle quickly takes them all out until it’s just him and Jarrett in the ring. Karen Jarrett then runs out and yells at him to stop. Karen says she has dealt with him for the past two years and says that he will not be a factor in the lives for one more day. Karen then says that people will hear her side of the story next week and it will be a night that he will never forget as we head into a commercial break.

We return to Impact to see Angle trashing the backstage area in a fit of rage as he says he doesn’t need this stuff in his career between all of the censor bleeps.

Velvet Sky is backstage with Angelina Love and wants her to explain what is going on with her and Winter. Angelina says she doesn’t know as she always just appears as Winter comes in from behind and drags her out to the ring for the next match.

Match 2: Madison Rayne & Tara vs. Angelina Love & Winter (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)
Angelina starts out strong against Madison until Tara gets involved and is tagged into the match. Madison then puts on her loaded glove as the referee is distracted with Winter but Mickie James runs out and pulls Madison from the ring. She then connects with a right on Tara as she then chases Madison around the ring and into the stands. Angelina then tags Winter in as she connects with a clothesline before putting Tara in a chokehold and taking her out for the submission victory.

The Hardy’s are backstage and Matt Hardy says he finally understands what the wrestling business is all about and that is making money and stepping on people to get it. They talk about how they are brothers and how their bloodline is immortal.

Match 3: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan
The match starts and these two big men go at it with Morgan getting the quick upper hand. Ric Flair distracts Morgan from the ring apron, which gives Abyss an opening to take over control of the match. Abyss methodically works Morgan over for a moment until Morgan connects with a discus clothesline. Morgan then connects with a Carbon Footprint as Flair tries to grab referee Earl Hebner but he is still able to make the three count for the pin fall.

After the match, Flair shoves a thumb in Morgan’s eye as Rob Terry runs down to the ring and beats down Morgan. Abyss and Flair also join in as they continue to beat Morgan down. Abyss then holds the Television Title high in the air as we head into a commercial break.

We see footage of what went down during the break where Abyss is being choked out by Amazing Red’s little brother, Crimson. He tells to tell everyone that they’re coming on February 3rd for each and every member of Immortal. The announce team then break down what just happened as Taz says we will be awaiting the arrival of another “they.”

Abyss is with Immortal and wants to talk to Eric Bischoff but he stops him and says that on February 3rd that they will get back in control. Tonight, though, Bischoff tells the Hardy’s to get the job done with Mr. Anderson and RVD. After everyone leaves, Abyss tells Bischoff of the warning that he just got and Bischoff tells him he is just having a flashback and tells him to calm down.

Match 4: Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson vs. the Hardy Boys
Anderson’s forehead is already bleeding from the attack earlier in the night. The brawl starts on the entrance ramp during the Hardy’s entrance and eventually makes its way towards the ring. Order is finally restored as RVD and Matt Hardy face off with RVD being able to take Matt down before sending Anderson into the ring. Matt is able to gain control of the match over Anderson before tagging in his brother to continue on the attack. RVD makes a blind tag to Anderson, which makes Jeff retreat to his corner and tags Matt into the match.

Hardy is able to take RVD down but he misses with a moonsault from the top rope. RVD then heads to the top rope and connects with a split leg moonsault as Jeff pulls his brother out to the floor. RVD, though, takes them both out on the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see RVD still working over Matt Hardy but is sidetracked as he falls down to the canvas when Matt pulls him off the middle rope. Jeff is tagged in and continues working over RVD and drives him down to the mat with a front face suplex for a near fall. Matt is tagged back in and hits RVD with a side effect but RVD is able to kick out of the pin attempt. RVD then connects with a kick to Matt’s face and tags in Anderson as Jeff is also tagged in.

Anderson takes Hardy down with a neckbreaker but Jeff is able to kick out. Anderson then connects with a Mic Check but Matt breaks up the pin fall. Matt then goes for a Twist of Hate on Anderson but Anderson is able to counter it and is pushed into the referee who falls out to the floor. The match then begins to break down as Beer Money run out and begin to beat down Anderson and RVD. They take Anderson out with a catapult DDT and Storm takes out RVD with a superkick as the referee is rolled into the ring. Matt then hits Anderson with a Twist of Hate as Jeff connects with a Swanton Bomb and they pick up the pin fall victory.

After the match, the Hardy’s and Beer Money continue on the attack as Immortal comes down to the ring to join in. Eric Bischoff is seen smiling and clapping from the top of the entrance ramp as Jeff Hardy grabs his custom title belt. Hardy holds it high in the air and the rest of Immortal pose in the ring as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Beer Money defeated the Motorcity Machine Guns by pin fall to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.
– Angelina Love & Winter defeated Madison Rayne & Tara by submission to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
– Matt Morgan defeated Abyss by pin fall.
– The Hardy Boys defeated Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson by pin fall.

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