1/6/11 TNA Impact Recap (Genesis… the Beginning… or the End?)

Jan 7, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Impact opens with a review of last week’s tag team match that put Mr. Anderson & Brother Ray against Matt Morgan & Brother Devon. We then head into the Impact Zone where Immortal are making their way towards the ring. Eric Bischoff talks about how Genesis is the beginning of everything for everyone in TNA and for all of the fans. Bischoff continues by saying that they will continue on their quest to gather all of the gold and promises to do it the right way.

Bischoff then introduces TNA’s champions to the ring starting with Jay Lethal, the Motorcity Machine Guns, and Douglas Williams. All of the champions are reluctant to get into the ring with Immortal but slowly do so. Bischoff puts over the champions by saying that they all earned what they have and he respects them for that. Bischoff says he expects five-star matches from all of them at Genesis and wants to put on one of the best pay-per-views ever by having great matches with no tricks or gimmicks.

Bischoff goes on to say he wants to make sure they are all fine tuned for Genesis and books them in matches tonight. Bischoff puts Lethal up against Abyss, Williams against Rob Terry and the Motorcity Machine Guns against AJ Styles and Kazarian. Bischoff then makes them all shake hands in the spirit of sportsmanship. Instead of shaking hands the two sides go at it as Bischoff says he will fine them if they don’t stop brawling. RVD’s music then hits as he helps clear the ring for the champions and chase Immortal out of the ring.

RVD grabs a microphone says he is sick of Bischoff delaying the inevitable and says he wants to get his hands on Jeff Hardy. RVD then demands to know who his opponent is at Genesis and says he will beat it out of him if he has to. Bischoff doesn’t say who it is but says that he will kill RVD on Sunday.

Brother Ray is in the back and says he has been using Brother Devon for 15 years and tells him to meet him in the parking lot so they can settle things once and for all if he is man enough to do so.

A video package highlights Jeff Jarrett’s Double J Double M A Challenge, which includes his last challenge against Amazing Red’s little brother. Jeff Jarrett then makes his way out to the ring with his training team for another contest. Jarrett gets on the microphone and says he has had to make a few tweaks to the challenge with them being that they can not be taller than Jarrett and that it is now just an exhibition, since he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Jarrett then asks for any takers and points over to Boo Boo Stewart from the Twilight movies but says he is disqualified since his father is taller than Jarrett and Stewart will eventually be taller than him. Jarrett then points out to a fan in the crowd and has him hop over the guard railing and come into the ring. Jarrett makes the fan sign the contract and the fans says his name is Jonathan Cruz and gives a shot out to his home country of Puerto Rico.

Match 1: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jonathan Cruz (Double J Double M A Challenge)
Jarrett quickly takes the fan down to the ground and quickly locks him in the ankle lock as Cruz taps out. Jarrett, however, won’t let the fan go as Kurt Angle hops over the guard railing and chases Jarrett out of the ring. Jarrett’s team surrounds Jarrett as they head up the ramp and Jarrett says he has no business being there. Angle says he is about the same height as Jarrett and wants to challenge him. Angle says he made a promise to never wrestle again, but this isn’t a wrestling match as it is an exhibition and signs the contract for a match at Genesis.

The announce recap what just went down and say that Kurt Angle closed the loophole and the match is official for Genesis.

Match 2: AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns
Both teams go at it in the ring as the bell rings with the Guns dumping Styles and Kazarian out to the floor before hitting a double suicide dive out to the floor. The Guns then double team Styles in the ring and pick up a quick near fall. Styles then rakes Sabin’s eyes to slow their momentum as they take control of the match and slow the pace down. Kazarian is tagged into the match and continues to wear Sabin down until Sabin finally slows Kazarian down with a hard clothesline.

Alex Shelley and AJ Styles are tagged into the match as the two meet in the ring and Shelley takes out both of his opponents and Shelley picks up a near fall after countering a move and hitting a brainbuster. Shelley then dumps Kazarian out to the floor as Styles tries to use the tag team title belt but misses and ends up being kicked with an enziguri by Sabin. Shelley then hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Styles for the pin fall to win the match.

Eric Bischoff then walks out to the top of the ramp with a disgusted look on his face as Beer Money sneak out and attack the Motorcity Machine Guns from behind. Beer Money then grab the titles and hold them high over their opponents at Genesis.

The Pope is backstage and says the cameras has been watching his every move and he will demand an apology tonight from whomever it is that has been following him as we head into a commercial break.

Eric Bischoff is in the office with AJ Styles and is yelling at him for failing to do the job by softening up the Machine Guns. Styles says they are the tag team champions for a reason and Ric Flair steps in and tries to calm Styles down but Bischoff chimes in and tells him to get the job done at Genesis or else.

The Pope comes out to the ring and says someone has been prying in to his personal business and calls out whoever has been following him around. Samoa Joe’s music hits as the Pope is seen with a shocked look on his face. Joe comes down to the ring and says that he preaches about being a saint but what he sees is a scumbag. The Pope says he has been judged all of his life and says he has been giving people hope and says the next time Joe comes out and falsely accuses him they will have a problem. The Pope then leaves the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Brother Devon is out in the parking lot and says that waiting for the opportunity to get his revenge and that he will kick his ass tonight.

Match 3: Madison Rayne & Sarita vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky
The match starts and Velvet starts out strong against Sarita and picks up a couple of near falls in the process. Madison assists her partner from the apron and gives Sarita an opening to take control of the match. Madison and Sarita then work over Velvet with quick tags in and out of the ring until Velvet connects with a DDT on Sarita. Mickie James then comes into the ring and goes after Madison as this match is breaking down. While the referee has his hands full, Tara nails Velvet with her elbow brace and Sarita picks up the pin fall.

Rob Van Dam is in Eric Bischoff’s office and demands a match against Jeff Hardy at Genesis. Bischoff says he has a match tonight and needs to focus on that instead of Jeff Hardy. RVD wants to know who it is but Bischoff says he is still in the process of putting the match together as RVD walks out of the office.

Match 4: Rob Terry vs. Douglas Williams
The match begins as Terry and Williams go back and forth for a moment before Williams is dumped out to the floor. AJ Styles then runs out and attacks Williams from behind and begins to slam his arm into the steel steps as the referee tosses this match out. Styles and Terry then continue to work over Williams’ arm to weaken him up for Genesis.

We then see Brother Ray heading out to the parking lot and is surrounded by security as we head into a commercial break. We return to Impact to see security separating Ray and Devon in the parking lot. Devon has to be held back as Ray continues to taunt him and tells him to go home as he is a nobody. Devon calls Ray a coward and begins to walk away but Ray taunts him some more as Devon charges but is again held back. Ray gets in one cheap kick that takes him out and Ray warns Devon not to show up at Genesis.

Jeff Jarrett is talking with Eric Bischoff and he says he has a game plan for this Sunday and has an insurance policy. Bischoff then tells him that he wants Jarrett to take care of RVD tonight and tells him that he can do it. Jarrett doesn’t want to do it as Kurt Angle is still in the building but Bischoff convinces him by making it a no disqualification match.

Match 5: Abyss vs. Jay Lethal
The bell rings as Lethal tries to use his quickness to his advantage but Abyss just tosses him around. Lethal is able to connect with a few moves but Abyss is still able to stand on his feet. Lethal finally takes Abyss down with a missile dropkick but Abyss is able to come back with a huge body slam. Abyss then connects with a Black Hole Slam but refuses to pin Lethal so he can dish out more punishment. Abyss then begins to choke Lethal in the corner as the referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Abyss.

After the match, Kazarian comes down to the ring and tells Abyss to stop and tells him to leave some for him to have at Genesis. Kazarian then tells Lethal to stand up but Lethal is laid out in the ring. Abyss then picks him up as Kazarian shakes Lethal’s hand and says he will see him at Genesis.

The announce team talk about Genesis as we are treated to a video package that shows the feuds and what has led up to all of the matches. This brings us to a sit down interview that Mike Tenay conducted between Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson says he appreciates what Matt Morgan did for him but he is sick of always hearing about it. Anderson says if he was Morgan he would mind his own business and wrestle. Morgan and Tenay question Anderson’s medical clearance and Tenay wonders if Anderson is working everyone. Anderson says everyone will know once he steps foot in the ring at Genesis. Morgan and Anderson then stare each other down as Morgan tells him to look forward to a Carbon Footprint and the hospital.

Match 6: Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam (No Disqualification Match)
Jarrett floats around the ring in the opening moments of the match until he is finally taken down by a kick from RVD. RVD continues on the attack and keeps knocking Jarrett around with his kicks. RVD then sets Jarrett up for Rolling Thunder but Jarrett rolls out of the ring to regroup. Gunner and Murphy then distract RVD which gives Jarrett an opening to gain control of the match. Jarrett puts RVD in a chokehold, which brings him down to the mat but RVD refuses to submit.

RVD breaks out of the hold and takes Jarrett down with a series of clotheslines before heading out to grab a chair. Jarrett’s team then enters the ring and the numbers game catches up with RVD. Gunner and Murphy then hold RVD down but he breaks free and takes them out but is caught by a Twist of Hate from Jeff Hardy who ran into the ring. Jarrett then covers RVD to pick up the pin fall and win the match.

Jarrett and Hardy continue to beat down RVD in the ring until Matt Morgan runs down to the ring to help out. While Morgan is working over Jarrett in the corner, Hardy is sizing up Morgan with the steel chair as Mr. Anderson runs in and takes the chair away from Hardy. Anderson then swings it at Hardy as he ducks out of the way and nails Morgan in the back. Mike Tenay and Taz wonder if it was intentional as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Jonathan Cruz by submission in the Double J Double M A Challenge.
– The Motorcity Machine Guns defeated AJ Styles & Kazarian by pin fall.
– Madison Rayne & Sarita defeated Mickie James & Velvet Sky by pin fall.
– Douglas Williams and Rob Terry fought to a no contest.
– Jay Lethal defeated Abyss by disqualification.
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Rob Van Dam by pin fall in a no disqualification match.

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