12/30/10 TNA Impact Recap (The Con Game?)

Dec 31, 2010 - by Jason Graening

TMick Foley’s confrontation last week with Ric Flair and Immortal is highlighted during Impact’s opening. Foley’s music then hits as he enters the Impact Zone and comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Foley says he wants to talk to Mr. Anderson and calls him out as Anderson comes out and joins Foley in the ring. Foley brings up a story of how the two of them were with an injured service member and Miss America and how the two of them have shared a bond since then.

Foley talks about his past and warns Anderson not to go down the same path as he did by overlooking his injuries. Anderson talks about respecting Foley and his opinion, but finds it offensive that Foley is doubting him. Anderson says he has been cleared to wrestle but Foley warns him that once his brain is messed up, it is messed up for good. Matt Morgan’s music then hits as he makes his way towards the ring to join Foley and Anderson.

Morgan says that he has learned in the sport that nobody can be trusted. Morgan promises that if he steps in the ring with Anderson and the bell rings, he will go after Anderson and go through him to get another shot at the TNA World Championship. Anderson says he has had enough from everyone and says that they don’t have to wait until Genesis as Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts them. Hardy stirs the pot by suggesting the two fight on opposite sides tonight in a tag team match. Hardy says he has wisely selected their partners and tells the two to tear the house down.

Eric Young is seen in the back wearing a costume and says he is Moses. Orlando Jordan comes out dressed as a New Years baby and says that it is their first New Years together as a couple. We then get a preview of tonight’s show that will feature a strap match between Sarita and Velvet Sky, another Double J Double M A contest and the main event featuring a tag team match with Anderson and Morgan being on opposite sides.

Match 1: Robert Roode vs. Chris Sabin
James Storm and Alex Shelley join their tag team partners and stand ringside for this match. The bell rings as Roode and Sabin go back and forth in the opening moments with a series of arm bars and take downs. Sabin then sends Roode out to the floor before jumping off the top turnbuckle with a high cross body block and taking out Roode. The match returns to the ring where Roode counters a springboard and sends Sabin crashing down to the mat.

Roode continues to wear Sabin down and turns him inside out with a clothesline, but Sabin is able to kick out of a pin attempt. Sabin begins to mount a comeback with a series of forearms and connects with an enziguri, which nearly puts Roode away. Sabin the tries for a tornado DDT but Roode counters and hits a spinebuster to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Shelley checks on his partner as Beer Money looks on.

Rob Van Dam is walking in the back and talks about being in a match tonight against a mystery opponent. RVD says it doesn’t matter who it is as all he wants is to get his hands on Jeff Hardy.

Orlando Jordan and Eric Young are hanging out in the back for their New Years Eve party. They then hear a crash as Shark Boy comes out and says he wants to be back on Impact more often and tells EY to pull some strings or call up Super Eric or something. Shark Boy says he will do almost anything to get back on television.

Match 2: Rob Van Dam vs. Robbie E.
Prior to the match, RVD gets on the microphone and says Eric Bischoff can put anyone in the ring and he will go through them until he finally gets his hands on Jeff Hardy. The match starts and RVD takes down Robbie with a few well placed kicks but Cookie trips up RVD to give Robbie an opening to take control of the match. Robbie begins to ground RVD for a moment but RVD easily retakes control and puts the match away with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Jeff Hardy appears on the big screen and tells RVD that he will get his match against him in due time. Hardy says RVD will have to pass a test at Genesis and if he defeats that opponent, then he will get his match against him, but only if RVD can survive.

Sarita is backstage and says that Velvet Sky has no idea what is in store for her tonight. Sarita then snaps her strap and says she is going to whip that ass.

Kazarian then comes down to the ring with a couple of women around his arms. Kazarian grabs a microphone and says he defeated three men last week to become the #1 contender to the X Division Title and intends to get said title at Genesis. Kazarian begins to talk about Jay Lethal and his poor upbringing and blames it all on Lethal’s mother. Lethal’s music then hits as he runs down to the ring but Kazarian nails him with a baton. Kazarian then takes off his watch and puts it on Lethal’s chest and says his time is almost up before leaving the ring.

Mick Foley walks into Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair’s office and says they are playing around with Mr. Anderson’s and Matt Morgan’s minds by not telling them who their partners are. Foley says they need to know so they can properly prepare but Flair wants none of it and tells him to leave. Foley says he will be watching the match from the ringside area and has his eyes on them.

Match 3: Velvet Sky vs. Sarita (Strap Match)
The two put the strap on as Sarita then heads out to the floor as Velvet soon follows. Sarita begins whipping Velvet with the strap before rolling her back into the ring. Sarita then ties up Velvet’s hands and begins hitting the turnbuckles but Velvet puts a stop to it after Sarita hit two of them. Velvet then begins whipping and choking Sarita with the strap before she starts carrying her on her back and begins hitting the turnbuckles. Sarita also hits the turnbuckles as well and is able to toss Velvet down and hits the fourth turnbuckle to win the match. Sarita continues to whip Velvet after the match is finished until Angelina Love runs down to save her partner.

The New Year’s Eve party is still going on where Eric Young is trying to get Brian Kendrick to make some resolutions. Orlando Jordan and Shark Boy then wonder where all of the girls are at and EY promises that they are on their way.

After a commercial break, we see that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky had a falling out in the ring. We then head to the back where Angelina is beating down Sarita. Sarita ends up turning the tables but she is stopped by Winter, who tosses her aside and checks on Angelina.

We are then treated to a video that recaps what happened in TNA in 2010. The wrestlers then say that 2011 will be extraordinary and take TNA to new heights. The voiceover guy says that nothing can prepare you for whats coming next.

Douglas Williams is in the locker room and says he doesn’t know what he is going to do since he is booked in a tag team match but doesn’t have a partner. Magnus walks in and says he has done a lot for him in this industry and says he has his back. The two then shake hands as Magnus walks away.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits as he comes down to the ring with his team for the Double J Double M A challenge. Jarrett talks about making Amazing Red tap out easily last week and how Red said he had a baby brother last week. Jarrett wants Red to bring him out so he can take him on. Red comes out by himself as Jarrett asks where his brother is at. Jarrett says if his brother comes out he will give his brother the first shot before getting on his knees. Red’s brother comes out and is easily twice the size of him. Jarrett backs up as the referee motions for the bell to get this challenge started.

Match 4: Jeff Jarrett vs. Amazing Red’s brother (Double J Double M A Challenge)
The two lock up and Red’s brother pushes Jarrett back. Jarrett stands back and regroups but is easily taken down and put into an arm bar, but Jarrett makes it to the ropes. Red’s brother then takes Jarrett down again and locks on a leg lock but Jarrett again makes it to the ropes. Jarrett gets in some offense and tries to put him in an ankle lock but Red’s brother reverses it and puts Jarrett in an ankle lock. Jarrett’s team helps Jarrett get out of the ring as Red begins to brawl in the ringside area. Jarrett then grabs his guitar and is about to hit Red’s brother from behind but Red grabs it away from him and smashes it on the canvas. Jarrett’s team then hold Jarrett back as they walk away from the ring.

Jeff Jarrett is seen talking with Eric Bischoff and is making changes to his MMA challenge. Jarrett says everyone has to be the same height or shorter than he is. Jarrett also wants to make sure it is labeled as an exhibition and that the participants have to sign a legal waiver. Bischoff agrees to the changes and Jarrett says his streak will still stay in tact.

Match 5: AJ Styles & Rob Terry vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus
The match starts as Magnus takes control of the match until AJ Styles rakes his eyes and demands that he tags in Douglas Williams. Williams is tagged in but Styles turns around and tags in Rob Terry, who comes in and powers Williams around and methodically picks him apart. Styles is finally tagged in and he picks up the pieces but Williams is able to counter his offense with a suplex. Magnus is tagged back into the match and explodes on Styles and picks up a near fall after hitting a running powerslam. The match then breaks down as Styles uses a sloppy version of the Rolling Chaos on Magnus to pick up the pin fall.

Generation Me and Tara arrive to the New Year’s Eve party as Orlando Jordan begins to dance with Tara. This gets under Genration Me’s skin and the two sides begin to brawl as Brian Kendrick stops everything and says he is getting a message. After a short pause he says it was just gas as the two sides begin to brawl once again.

Madison Rayne comes down to the ring and she is wearing an evening gown and is accompanied by four men in tuxedos. Madison gets on the microphone and talks about being beautiful, fully of class and all things perfect, and not some backwoods slut like Mickie James. Mickie’s music hits as she comes down to the ring and lays Madison out with a right hand before ripping the dress off of Madison.

The Pope is seen standing a dog kennel and is talking to a man about getting some unfortunate kids some puppies. Pope says he has pit bulls in mind and says that the kids he wants to please are rough and tough and likes the same style of dogs.

Match 6: Mr. Anderson & Brother Ray vs. Matt Morgan & Brother Devon
Mick Foley’ comes out to join the announce table for tonight’s main event. Devon and Anderson start this match out and Devon tells Anderson that he wants to get his hands on Ray. Anderson tries to tag Ray but he walks away and hops down to the floor. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff appears on the stage as Mick Foley is being taken away from the announce table by Gunner and Murphy, however, Foley begins to strike them and pulls out Mr. Socko as Impact comes to a close. We pick it up on ReAction where Foley has been laid out by a nightstick and is being dragged away by Gunner and Murphy.

Back in the ring, Ray has Devon laid out on the mat and is working him over. Ray hits Devon with a neckbreaker before Anderson tags in to the match. Devon is able to turn the tide by hitting Anderson with a jawbreaker and tags in Morgan, as Anderson tags in Ray. Ray takes a good brunt of Morgan’s offense before finally tagging Anderson back into the match and tossing him into the ring. Anderson and Morgan square off as Morgan hits a chokeslam but Ray breaks up the pin attempt. Devon then chases Ray around the ring as Morgan appears to go after Ray but instead hits a discus clothesline on Anderson to the back of his head to pick up the pin fall.

Morgan tends to Anderson after the match as the announce team wonder if it was an accidental clothesline. Anderson, though, pushes Morgan away and gets in his face but is looking dazed and woozy in the ring as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Robert Roode defeated Chris Sabin by pin fall.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Robbie E. by pin fall.
– Sarita defeated Velvet Sky in a Strap Match.
– Jeff Jarrett and Amazing Red’s brother fought to a no contest in the Double J Double M A Challenge.
– AJ Styles & Rob Terry defeated Douglas Williams & Magnus by pin fall.
– Matt Morgan & Brother Devon defeated Mr. Anderson & Brother Ray by pin fall.

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