12/27/10 Raw Recap

Dec 27, 2010 - by staff

– We kick things off with John Cena coming to the ring. He talks about last week’s show and how good things were going until CM Punk jumped him from behind which they show footage of. A CM Punk chant breaks out. Cena says he brought this on himself because he accidentally spilled Punk’s diet soda. Cena says he fills so bad and he sent Punk $1.25 to his locker room. Footage is shown from Smackdown of Punk attacking Cena again when he was about to give Vicky Guerrero the AA. Cena calls out Punk to tell his side of the story. Punk runs down Cena calling him heartless and dishonest. He says it’s not about a spilled soda. Punk said Cena was supposed to be fired but he continued to show up week after week and it made him sick. He says Cena had Wade Barrett beat but he couldn’t just take the victory and walk off into the sunset instead he had to drop 15 chairs on him. Cena says it was 23 not 15. Punk says Cena is a hypocrite because he talks about NEXUS and Barrett causing him to get fired while Cena ended the career of his good friend Batista. Punk then talks about how Cena has been treating Vickie Guerrero. Cena says he picks on everyone and says Michael Cole has a Justin Bieber fetish and has The Miz’s name land scaped into his private areas. Punk says he knows the real Cena and this is all going to stop and he will make sure it does. Cena challenges Punk to a match right now. Punk says this is his show and he has a surprise for Cena later tonight and it is something he will never forget. Punk wishes everyone a happy new year and leaves.

(1) Ted Dibiase vs Santino Marella. Santino wins quickly with a roll up. Ted and Maryse attack Santino and Tamina after the match but they turn things around give them double cobras.

– Backstage Miz tells Alex Riley he better take out Morrison tonight. Morrison shows up and says how about tonight if he beats Riley he gets to choose the stipulation of their title match but if he loses he will forfeit his title shot. Miz accepts and Morrison says this is going to be awesome.

(2) John Morrison vs Alex Riley. Morrison wins and tells Lawler that his title match will be next week on Raw in a falls count anywhere match.

– Backstage Miz is angry and Riley for losing and says he better make up for it later tonight when he takes on Lawler.

– Daniel Bryan is with the Bella Twins backstage and Tyson Kidd walks in. He says he will win the US Title in 2011.

– Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton backstage. Orton says he has nothing against Morrison but he would like to see Miz win next week so he can take the title from him.

(3) Mark Henry vs Tyson Kidd. Henry wins in pretty easy fashion with the World’s Strongest Slam. Jackson Andrews attacks Henry after the match but gets the World’s Strongest Slam for his troubles.

– Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Kane & Alberto Del Rio is announced for Smackdown on Friday.

(4) The Miz vs Jerry Lawler. Miz is wrestling in his regular clothes. Cole says the airline lost his luggage. Morrison is out to distract Miz. Riley trys to get involved but the referee sees him and while he is tending to him Morrison knees Miz in the face on the floor. Lawler wins via count out.

– Backstage CM Punk tells Sheamus to watch what he has for Cena later tonight.

(5) Alicia Fox & Melina vs Eve & Gail Kim. Melina pins Gail with the Sunset Split.

– CM Punk tells the medical trainers backstage that he needs them to be alert later tonight.

(6) Zach Ryder vs Daniel Bryan. The match is already taking place when we return from commercial break. Bryan wins via submission with the Lebell Lock.

– The Miz attacks Jerry Lawler at the announce table and rams him into the barricade several times. He then gives Lawler the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor.

(7) Randy Orton vs Sheamus. Pretty slow and boring match. It has picked up a bit but is still quite average. Orton wins with the RKO.

– John Cena comes out to the ring but before Punk can come out Nexus shows up minus Wade Barrett. David Otunga says he is sorry and wants to shake hands with Cena. Cena says no and tells Otunga to leave. Nexus runs in the ring and beat Cena down giving him their finishers one by one. Nexus leaves and Punk comes out. Punk gives Cena the GTS. Punk sees a Nexus arm band on the mat and picks it up. He stares at it and then puts it on. Punk raises his fist in the air and the rest of Nexus follow as if to signal that Punk is their new leader.

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