Live Raw coverage (2010 Slammy Awards)

Dec 13, 2010 - by staff

– A special entrance is being used for the Slammy Awards show. CM Punk is now sitting between Cole and Lawler at ringside.

– David Arquette is introduced as an actor, producer, designer, director and former WCW Champion. He is here to present the first award. Arquette comes out and heels it up. He said he is one of the greatest WCW Champions of all time and said he should have won an Oscar for his role in Ready 2 Rumble. Cole is talking about how awesome he is while Punk and Lawler trash him. He is trying a little to hard here and it seems very forced. The first award is for “Shocker of the Year” and the award goes to the debut of NEXUS. Wade Barrett is out to accept the award. Wade says he accepts this on the behalf of the rest of NEXUS. He says without him winning NXT Season 1 there would be no NEXUS. He says he is the one man with the power to rehire John Cena and if he doesn’t he has been told he will be forced out of NEXUS. He said he will decide what he is going to do here tonight. The GM chimes in and Punk wants to read it but Cole won’t let him. The GM announces that Barrett will wrestle right now and out comes his opponent the Big Show.

(1) Wade Barrett vs Big Show. Barrett doesn’t want this match and keeps stalling and waiting out on the floor. Barrett walks out and Big Show wins on a DQ.

– Kelly Kelly and Tyson Kidd are out to present the next award. Tyson introduces us to his bodyguard Jackson Andrews. He then makes fun of Kelly for being stupid. Kelly makes fun of his haircut. The nominees are shown for the Despicable Me award. CM Punk wins for ruining Rey Mysterio’s daughter’s birthday. Punk leaves the announce booth to accept his award. He shakes hands with both Tyson and Andrews and hugs Kelly. Punk says someone backstage has wronged him and he will get revenge but doesn’t tell us who it is.

(2) Kofi Kingston & Daniel Bryan with the Bella Twins vs Dolph Ziggler & Ted Dibiase. Kingston and Bryan get the win after Kofi pins Dolph with the Trouble in Paradise.

– Sheamus vs John Morrison is announced for later tonight.

– Santino and Kozlov are out to present the award for Guest Host Moment of the Year. Pee Wee Herman is the winner and a prerecorded message from him is shown.

– Backstage NEXUS want to know what Wade Barrett’s decision is. Otunga gets in his face and says what he did earlier with Big Show didn’t seem to promising for his singles career. Wade thanks Otunga and says he now knows what he must do and leaves.

(3) Mark Henry vs Cody Rhodes. Cody picks up the win with a top rope knee drop.

– The Holy %&@$ Move of the Year award is next.

– Jerry Lawler and Vickie Guerrero are out to present the award. Vickie makes fun of Lawler for Cole costing him the WWE Title. Lawler makes fun of Vickie’s looks and her weight. John Cena wins for giving Batista the AA off a car and through the stage. Wade Barrett comes out and accepts the award on behalf of the fired Cena. Wade says he is about to let us know if he is going to rehire Cena or not. Barrett says his decision is…..not being made right now unless Cena comes out and faces him man to man. Cena comes out from the crowd and makes his way into the ring. The rest of NEXUS is out to surround the ring. Barrett announces that Cena is rehired on two conditions. 1. Cena agrees to face him at TLC in a chairs match and 2. Cena takes on David Otunga tonight. Cena agrees to both so he is rehired. Otunga is angry at ringside. The rest of NEXUS jump in the ring and attack Cena 6 on 1. Barrett brings a chair in the ring and uses it across the back of Cena.

– WWE week is announced for next week on USA. Raw will air live on Monday in it’s normal times while Smackdown will air live on Tuesday on USA not Sy Fy and then on Wednesday Tribute to the Troops will air on USA.

– David Arquette is back out for the WWE Universe Reaction of the year award. Angry Miz girl gets the award and she is actually there to accept the award. She thanks her dad and starts getting booed. The Miz is out to cut her off. Miz steals her Slammy and she runs off crying. Miz talks about all the titles he has won this year. The GM chimes in an announces that Miz will have a match right now vs Rey Mysterio.

(4) The Miz vs Rey Mysterio. Rey goes for the 619 but Alberto Del Rio is out to distract with allows for Miz to take over. Mysterio knocks Miz into Del Rio for a near fall. Riley distracts the referee and Alberto nails Rey from behind giving Miz the win.

– The GM chimes in an announces Randy Orton vs Alex Riley & David Arquette for the later in the show.

– Edge comes to present the Meltdown of the Year award. Edge says Kane was supposed to be his co-presenter but he’s at home having a meltdown of his own. Edge calls out Christian to help him present the award. Christian comes out in a sling and vows revenge on Alberto Del Rio. Edge wins the award for destroying the Raw GM’s computer. Edge says things change in WWE but one thing has always stayed the same and that’s the fact that Michael Cole is a Tool.

(5) Sheamus vs John Morrison. The match ends just as it starts and is ruled a double DQ. The Raw GM chimes in yet again and announces a match between Morrison and Sheamus on Sunday for a shot at the WWE Title in a ladder match. Sheamus grabs a ladder and uses it on Morrison.

– William Regal and JTG are out to present the award for Knuckle Head Moment of the Year. The award goes to Lay-Cool for getting beat up by Mae Young.

(6) Divas Battle Royal to determine Diva of the Year. Michelle McCool wins.

– Once again the GM chimes in and announces another match for Sunday as Lay-Cool will take on Beth Phoenix & Natalya in a tables match.

– A Triple Threat Ladder Match for the IC Title is announced for TLC featuring Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston.

(7) Edge vs Jack Swagger. Edge picks up the win following the Spear.

– Backstage Alex Riley is complaining to Miz that he has to team with Arquette tonight. David walks in and says he and Miz have a lot in common but they main thing they share is both of them being awesome.

– Big Show is out to present the award for Moment of the Year. The award goes to Undertaker retiring HBK. A prerecorded video with HBK is shown accepting his award.

(8) Randy Orton vs Alex Riley & David Arquette. Orton wins following an RKO. Miz and Arquette jump Orton after the match and are setting up a table. They try to do double suplex Orton through it but he blocks. Miz runs off and Orton puts Arquette through the table with a powerbomb.

– Michael Cole is introduced to present the Line of the Year award. Cole announces himself as the winner but Lawler says he doesn’t buy that. He starts reading a speech but get’s cut off by the Raw theme.

– Superstar of the Year is up next.

– Teddy Long is out to present the award for Superstar of the Year. This award was voted on by the fans at And the award goes to……John Cena.

(9) John Cena vs David Otunga. Otunga taps out to the STF giving Cena the win. Barrett grabs a steel chair and beats down Otunga with it while NEXUS looks on and does nothing to stop it.

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