12/9 TNA Impact Recap (Immortal Ups the Ante)

Dec 10, 2010 - by Jason Graening

Footage of the Final Resolution pay-per-view is aired where Matt Morgan was once again screwed over in the main event for the TNA World Championship. Morgan says he was screwed out of the title once again while Mr. Anderson says he is going to go on a rampage for what Eric Bischoff did to him.

We then see footage from earlier in the day where Bischoff is talking with Immortal and says that because of what Dixie Carter has done, everything they have done since Bound for Glory is in limbo. Bischoff says anything can happen now since lawyers are involved and goes on to say they need to get all of the gold so they can get all of the leverage they can get.

Bischoff then calls out AJ Styles for losing the Television Championship and says that he doesn’t want to see any more losers. Rhino then walks in and asks about the contract he was promised but Bischoff tells him no and says he is no good to him anymore. Rhino lunges at Bischoff but the rest of Immortal holds him back as we head into the Impact Zone.

Immortal comes down to the ring as Bischoff formally introduces Jeff Hardy to the ring. Bischoff says Hardy defended his championship with skill and determination against a worthy opponent before calling Matt Morgan down to the ring. Morgan comes down to the ring with a steel pipe in his hand as Bischoff tells him since there are lawyers involved, TNA is now all about fair play. Bischoff says he came close to beating Hardy and blames it on Mr. Anderson being the referee. Bischoff says he deserves another shot and says that he will face off against Mr. Anderson to earn a shot at the TNA World Championship.

Morgan says he was talking with Anderson last night and knows that he is not medically cleared to wrestle yet. Bischoff says if Anderson doesn’t face Morgan then he will be fired since he will then be damaged goods to him. Bischoff says the match will go down at Genesis. Mr. Anderson is seen watching a monitor in the back as Mike Tenay wonders if he will take advantage of the shot at becoming the #1 contender and says we hope to know the answer tonight on Impact.

The Impact intro kicks off as we are welcomed to this week’s show that will feature a musical performance from Tara and Douglas Williams will defend the TNA Television Championship against Abyss.

Brother Ray is backstage and says he was the focal point of Team 3D and will prove it tonight. Ray then turns to look at a smaller black man and says that anyone can be Devon as the new Devon shouts out a “testify.”

Mike Tenay tells us that due to passport issues with Hamada, her and Taylor Wilde have been stripped of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship. We are told that a tournament will take place starting tonight with a match between the Beautiful People against Sarita & Daffney.

Match 1: Team 3D vs. Ink Inc.
The bell rings as Team 3D go on the offensive as Taz explains that Brother Ray’s partner is one of his students from his wrestling school. Fake Devon then goes to work on Shannon Moore and hits one of Devon’s patented spinning elbows. He then misses with a flying headbutt as Moore crawls to his corner and tags in Jesse Neal, who comes is with a series of clotheslines before slamming him down to the mat for a near fall.

The match then breaks down with all four in the ring as Ray slams Neal down to the mat and Fake Devon hits a flying headbutt in the crotch. Ray then calls out for a table as Fake Devon slides it into the ring but Ink Inc is able to take down Team 3D as Moore hits the Mooregasm on Fake Devon as they pick up the pin fall victory. After the match, Ray nails Fake Devon in the back of the head and is about to send him through the table before the real Devon runs out and chases Ray out of the ring. Mike Tenay tells us that we will see both of them face off at Genesis.

Tara is seen warming up her vocal chords as she is telling Generation Me what to wear as she takes off their jackets and head towards the ring.

Matt Morgan is seen walking around in the back as he is looking for Mr. Anderson. Christy Hemme says she hasn’t seen him backstage at all today.

Tara’s comes out to perform her theme music and is obviously lip synching as Generation Me does a little dance number on the stage. Mickie James finally comes out and hits Tara from behind but GenMe grab her and allows Tara to slap her. Eric Young comes out to help Mickie as the music continues go on. Mickie and Tara battle all the way towards the ring until security comes out to separate the two. Mickie then rolls into the ring and says they can’t stand each other and says the only way the can settle things is inside a steel cage and says she wants to do it tonight.

Beer Money is seen talking to Gunner and Murphy and tells them to rough up the Motorcity Machine Guns tonight and send them a message that the tag team titles will go back to Beer Money at Genesis. James Storm then asks Robert Roode for $20 so he can go make a quick beer run.

Jeff Jarrett is in the locker room and says he is getting a lot of support with his MMA career. Jarrett says that he is going to start a new tradition tonight with a Double J MMA where a lucky fan will get a shot to earn some of his own money.

Match 2: Gunner & Murphy vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns
Beer Money joins the announce team for this match and distracts the Guns long enough for Gunner and Murphy to gain the early advantage. They start off by working over Alex Shelley with quick tags in and out until Shelley is able to roll into his corner and tag in Chris Sabin. Sabin comes in like a ball of fire and until a billy club is brought into play and the referee calls for the bell. The Guns are able to take the clubs away and use it against Gunner and Murphy and smack them around a bit as the Guns then stare down Beer Money.

The Beautiful People are talking about winning the tag team titles as Winter comes into the room and wishes them luck and says she will be watching tonight. Velvet Sky wonders who that was as Angelina Love says it is the girl she has been talking about and says she will tell her all about it as they leave the room.

Matt Morgan confronts Mr. Anderson in the locker room and wants to know his thoughts on what Eric Bischoff said earlier. Anderson says he is going to wrestle and says he doesn’t have a choice. Morgan says he stepped up for everyone in TNA and turned his back on Immortal to which Anderson says he is appreciative of that fact. Anderson says they are wrestlers and they will get injured in the ring from time to time and says he has a doctor that will clear him to wrestle. Morgan says he is only going to get himself hurt again and Anderson asks if he is going to hurt him as Morgan turns around and walks away.

Match 3: Sarita & Daffney vs. the Beautiful People (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Tournament)
Prior to the match, Sarita says that Velvet is becoming a joke and whenever she finds herself in trouble she goes running back to Angelina. Sarita wonders when Velvet is going to grow up as Velvet charges at Sarita to get this match started. Velvet keeps up on offense and picks up a near fall before licking her in an arm bar. Daffney comes in to break it up as Sarita a chance to get back into the match as she tags Daffney into the match.

Daffney slams Velvet down to the mat and picks up another near fall before Sarita is tagged back into the match. Both Velvet and Sarita then clothesline each other before they roll to their corner and tag in their partners. Angelina comes in and quickly takes Daffney out and picks up the pin fall to advance to the next round of the tag team tournament. After the match, Sarita gets back on the microphone and says it doesn’t matter as Velvet still hasn’t beat her and never will as she walks away.

Tara and Mickie James talk about their history with each other as we are treated to video of their brawls. We then see footage of their falls count anywhere match at Final Resolution where Madison Rayne assisted her friend in winning the match. These two will square off against each other in a steel cage in tonight’s main event.

We then see footage of Abyss and D’Angelo Dinero’s feud and of their casket match at Final Resolution. A casket is then seen being brought down towards the ring and is followed by a gospel choir. The Pope’s voice is then heard and says that it is time for a new beginning and had a spirital awakening while locked in the casket. The Pope says he will bring his congregation to new heights that will start tonight and says where there is Pope there is hope, because the Pope is pimpin’.

AJ Styles is seen yelling at Abyss in the back and orders him to get the Television Championship from Douglas Williams. Abyss tells him not to worry as he takes care of his own business in the ring.

Mickie James talks about wanting to make history in TNA but ever since she jumped over she has been attacked by Tara. Mickie talks about how she has been a thorn in her side and how they plan on making history inside of a cage match tonight.

Match 4: Abyss vs. Douglas Williams (TNA Television Championship)
Williams is able to use his quickness against Abyss and takes him down with a dropkick. Abyss soon returns with a big boot to the face and takes control of the match. Abyss then powers Williams around the ring until he fails to counter an attempt at a sunset flip as Williams gets back into the match. Williams tries for the Rolling Chaos but Abyss stops it by grabbing the turnbuckle pad and tearing it off. Williams then shoves Abyss into the exposed turnbuckle and rolling him up for the pin fall.

Williams quickly leaves the ring with his Television Title and is met on the entrance ramp by AJ Styles. Styles takes him out with a Styles Clash on the ramp and Styles warns Williams never to steal his move again as he leaves him lying on the ground.

Tara is backstage and says when her and Mickie are in the steel cage there will be nowhere for her to run to. Generation Me talks about their performance tonight and talk about how Eric Young got in their business. GenMe then challenge Eric Young and Orlando Jordan next week on Impact.

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring for his Double J MMA challenge as we are treated to footage of Jarrett making Samoa Joe tap out last Sunday at Final Resolution. Jarrett talks about upping the ante after making Joe tap out and says that since he is in a giving mood, he is going to give someone in the Impact Zone an opportunity to make something of themselves. He says if any fan can make him submit he will give them $100,000.

Jarrett brings Jeremy Borash into the ring who again runs down the rules and looks for some volunteers from the crowd. Borash picks out a few guys but Jarrett doesn’t want anything to do with them. Jarrett finally settles on a smaller guy who runs down to the ring and agrees to the stipulations. Jarrett then tells the fan that he isn’t playing around and brings a referee to the ring.

Match 5: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike the Fan (Double J MMA Challenge)
Jarrett quickly takes him down and repeatedly clubs him in the back of the neck before locking in the rear naked choke to make him tap out. Jarrett then prances around the ring and celebrates his victory in the Double J MMA challenge.

After a commercial break a cage has been set up around the ring and we will see the first ever Knockouts match to take place in a steel cage on Impact. Before that match goes down, though, we see what happened to RVD over the past several months in TNA. We see RVD being stripped of the TNA World Championship and all of the obstacles that have been put in front of him. RVD says there is no stopping him on his quest to regain the belt he never lost, the TNA World Championship.

Match 6: Mickie James vs. Tara (Steel Cage Match)
Mickie and Tara fight outside of the cage before this match starts. Mickie finally tosses Tara into the ring to get this match officially started as we head into a commercial break. We return to the cage match to see that Tara is in control and takes her down with an impressive slam for a near fall. Mickie is able to turn the momentum of the match and takes Tara down with several strikes and then a seated dropkick for a near fall of her own.

Tara then sends Mickie headfirst into the turnbuckle to regain control of the match. Tara takes out Mickie with a kick to the head that sends her crashing into the side of the cage. The two then begin to fight on the top rope as they both fall down to the mat in what looks like was a botched attempt at a hurricanrana from Mickie. Tara manages to get back up and begins to stomp on Mickie before sending Mickie into the side of the cage wall.

Tara begins to crawl towards the exit but Mickie stops her from leaving as this match continues on ReAction. Tara fights back by taking Mickie down with a knee to the face but Mickie counters an attempt at a Widow’s Peak and sends Tara into the cage a few times as it looks like she lands awkward and injures her elbow. The announce team talks about how she may be injured as she tries to exit the cage but Mickie kicks her down to the canvas. Mickie then crawls to the top of the cage and leaps down to the mat and lands on Tara with the Lou Thesz press to pick up the pin fall victory.

After the match, Mickie celebrates her victory by limping around the ring as security and referees come out to check on Tara as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Ink Inc. defeated Team 3D by pin fall.
– The Motorcity Machine Guns defeated Gunner & Murphy by disqualification.
– The Beautiful People defeated Sarita & Daffney by pin fall to advance in the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament.
– Douglas Williams defeated Abyss by pin fall to retain the TNA Television Championship.
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike the Fan by submission in the Double J MMA Challenge.
– Mickie James defeated Tara by pin fall in a steel cage match.

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