12/6/10 Detailed Raw Recap

Dec 6, 2010 - by staff

– Raw kicks off with a recap from last week’s TLC match between The Miz and Jerry Lawler.

– We see Lawler and CM Punk sitting at the announce table without Michael Cole. Punk says he thinks Jerry would have won if not for Cole. Michael Cole interrupts to a round of boos. He said this last week has been traumatic for him and he doesn’t know why he did what he did last week. Cole talks about being a big fan of The Miz. He tells Lawler that he got caught up in the emotion of the moment last week and deeply regrets what he did. Lawler says he expected Cole to say he was sorry for costing him the title. Cole says he regrets what he did but he won’t apologize. Lawler says he is going to get in the ring and finish what he started last week. A Jerry chant breaks out. Cole says Lawler is as much to blame for last week as himself. Cole says he doesn’t owe Lawler and apology that Lawler owes him one. Lawler starts to get in the ring but the mystery GM chimes in. Punk is going to read the e-mail instead of Cole. A CM Punk chant breaks out. Punk makes fun of Cole as he reads it. The GM says Lawler and Cole are now allowed to touch each other and if they do they will be fired. He then orders Lawler to get in the ring and shake hands with Cole. Lawler shakes Cole’s hand and says someone the back has something to say to him and out comes Randy Orton. Cole trys to leave the ring but Lawler stops him. This has a ton of heat. An RKO chant has broken out. Orton says he wants Cole to send Miz a message that he is taking back his title tonight. Miz is out with Riley. Miz says he doesn’t have to defend his title again until TLC so Randy won’t be getting his title back tonight. Alex Riley challenges Orton to a match tonight and he accepts. Miz says he gets to pick the stipulation for TLC and he will let us know soon. Orton says injured knee or not he can still one think very well and lays out Michael Cole with an RKO.

– We get a replay of the RKO on Cole. Josh Mathews is now announcing with Lawler and Punk.

(1) Ted Dibiase & Maryse vs Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella. Brie and Nikki switch places and Nikki gets the pin on Maryse with a roll up. Punk says the Bella twins are a four and nothing more. Maryse puts her hand in Dibiase’s face and leaves.

– A Fatal 4 Way for the Tag Team Titles is announced for later as Gabriel and Slater will defend against the Usos, Henry & Tatsu and Kozlov & Santino.

– We get a recap of John Cena’s actions from last week.

– Wade Barrett is supposed to be interviewed live via satellite from a near by hotel but Otunga is there instead. He says Wade is on his way to the arena right now. We hear a knock on the door and it’s a hotel worker with his food. Otunga says it’s cold and refuses to pay for it and kicks him out. We hear another knock and this time it’s John Cena. He comes in the room and beats down Otunga. Husky comes out of the bathroom and Cena take shim out as well and then leaves.

(2) David Hart Smith vs Tyson Kidd. They are acting like their match on Superstars never even happened last week. Some unknown guy who is like 7 feet tall is out with Kidd. He looks like a skinner Matt Morgan but honestly I have no idea who he is. Smith goes for a powerslam but Kidd reverses it into a roll with the tights for a pin. Smith goes after Kidd after the match but the mystery man attacks Smith and lays him out with a clothesline.

– Backstage Barrett is with Slater and Gabriel. Otunga bursts in and tells Wade that his plan didn’t work. Barrett tells Otunga that tonight he is going to call out Cena. Otunga says he better or he might have a mutiny on his hands.

(3) Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Nexus (c) vs Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry vs Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella vs The Uso Twins. Slater pins Tatsu so he an Henry are eliminated. The Usos are eliminated at the hands of Kozlov. The Usos want Tamina to leave with them but she decides to stay with Santino. This is a very boring match. Cena comes out from under the ring and helps Kozlov and Santino win. Tamina then lays a big kiss on Santino.

– Santino is out in some awful looking king garb. He has on a black and gold cape with a wooden stick and the oddest looking red and black crown. He talks about ending the career of Triple H. John Morrison is out to interrupt. Morrison makes some lame jokes about Sheamus’ attire and says he needs some gnomes with him or something. Sheamus tells Morrison to get down on his knees and bow to his king. Morrison refuses and Sheamus slaps him. Morrison attacks him but Sheamus bails. This really sucked.

(4) Natalya vs Melina. Lay-Cool are commentary for this match. Natlaya wins via submission with the Sharpshooter. Lay-Cool are attacking Natalya after the match and no one makes the save.

(5) Randy Orton vs Alex Riley. Orton goes for the RKO but Miz comes in the ring and gives Orton the Skull Crushing Finale from behind. Miz says he will now show Orton the type of match they are going to have at TLC. Miz pulls out a table from under the ring and try’s to put Orton through it but Orton counters it and Miz runs away. Orton turns his attention to Riley and powerbombs him through the table.

– Wade Barrett is out to call out Cena. He says he is the only person who can get Cena re-hired. He invites Cena to the ring so he can talk to him. Wade says he will never re-hire Cena. John says that is fine and says he will just show up every week and make the life of Nexus a living hell. Wade demands that Nexus enter the ring and beat down Cena but they refuse and go to the back. Cena attacks Wade and try’s to give him an AA through the announce table but he run. Backstage Otunga tells him that he must reinstate Cena next week or he will be kicked out of Nexus.

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