12/2/10 TNA Impact Recap (Who’s Wearing the Stripes?)

Dec 3, 2010 - by Jason Graening

A recap of last week’s Thanksgiving episode of Impact is aired where Dixie Carter showed up and handed Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff a court injunction that relieves them of their duties until it is settled in court. We then head into the Impact Zone where a match is already in progress.

Match 1: Ink Inc. vs. Beer Money vs. Generation Me vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns
There is action all over the place as we hear Ric Flair at the announce table with Mike Tenay and Taz and says that he’s running the show in the absence of Hogan and Bischoff. Bodies are all over the place as the Machine Guns grab a ladder from under the ring as they repeatedly slam Max Buck into it. Sabin the climbs on top of the ladder and dives onto Generation Me on the floor to take them both out.

Meanwhile, Robert Roode drops Moore in the ring and nearly picks up the pin fall as Beer Money team together to wear him out. Roode picks up another near fall after a tandem catapult DDT move and Beer Money argues with the referee for a slow count. While this is happening, Moore rolls up Roode for the pin fall.

Ric Flair grabs a microphone and tells Beer Money to rough up the referee up as AJ Styles and Kazarian also head out to the ring. Robert Roode says he has been becoming a major pain in their ass as he runs down all of the rookie mistakes he has made over the past few weeks. James Storm then slaps him across the face before he begins pounding him down to the mat. Matt Morgan then comes out and grabs Flair from behind and says he will choke out Flair if they don’t stop beating on the referee. Fortune backs off as Morgan warns then not to mess with the referee ever again or else he will rip their heads off.

Mickie James is in the back and talking about performing her entrance music live tonight. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan walk up and EY shows her that he has a cowbell and begins playing it and says he is going to help her band play tonight.

We join the announce team as they tell us that Ric Flair will be picking out an opponent for Matt Morgan to face and we will also find out who Morgan has picked to be his special guest referee. Plus, we we also see a 3-way Knockout match with Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Sarita facing off and Abyss & Jeff Jarrett will take on Samoa Joe & D’Angelo Dinero in a tag team match.

Mickie James is introduced to the ring as there is a band on the stage and she comes out to perform her entrance music. Eric Young delivers on his promise as he comes out with a pair of chaps on and does his best Will Ferrell impersonation with his cowbell skills. Tara finally comes out and lays Mickie out from behind as EY comes to help her out but Tara knocks him out with the cowbell. Tara and Mickie then battle it out on the stage until security runs in and separates the two.

In the back, the rookie referee runs up to Matt Morgan and asks to be Morgan’s referee for the match on Sunday and says he wants to be the one raising his hand with the title. Morgan gives him credit for wanting to do it but says he can’t put him in that situation with Fortune again and tells him that he will take it into consideration.

Ric Flair is with the docu-cam and he says Matt Morgan has been pissing him off and says he hopes Morgan picks that punk kid referee and says if he doesn’t pick a ref tonight, he will revoke that stipulation as he has the power to do so.

A video package highlighting Douglas Williams’ turn on Fortune. Williams then talks about how he has beaten Kazarian over and over again and that he will do it once more tonight as he gives him a lesson on how to wrestle.

Match 2: Douglas Williams vs. Kazarian
Williams starts off strong against Kazarian and picks up the first near fall after hitting a snap suplex. Kazarian then gains the advantage and picks up a near fall of his own after hitting a neckbreaker. Kazarian follows by methodically wearing Williams down while throwing in some dirty tactics here and there. Kazarian then tries to go for his inverted piledriver but Williams counters it and hits the Rolling Chaos for the pin fall.

Mickie James is seen storming around in the back and is looking for Tara as Mike Tenay says he doubts the issues between the two are over for tonight.

After a commercial break, Matt Morgan meets up with Douglas Williams and says that he has a big favor to ask of him this Sunday as Fortune runs and and a brawl starts. Agents have to come in a break everything up as we head back to the announce table as they run down the Final Resolution card that takes place this Sunday.

Brother Devon comes down to the ring to address Brother Ray. Devon says he showed up just like he asked and tells him to come down to the ring so they can settle this once and for all. Ray takes his time but finally comes out but refuses to step into the ring. Devon says Ray has been nothing but a bully and a coward for most of their careers.

Devon gives Taz credit for giving them an opportunity to wrestle in ECW as Ray says that he is washed up. Taz stands up and says he hates getting in the middle of family business and tells Ray to get in the ring to settle things. Ray steps towards the ring but turns around as Devon says that nobody like him in any company that they worked in and only kept their jobs because of him. Devon then begins to chase after Ray but he pushes SoCal Val into him and scampers away.

The Pope is in the locker room with Samoa Joe discuss their game plan for tonight’s tag team match before the two lines of communication break down and the start trading insults.

Match 3: Sarita vs. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne (3-Way Match)
Tara comes out with Madison Rayne and she is attacked by Mickie James before this match even gets underway. Madison then nails Sarita with the belt as the referee was distracted and the bell for this match finally sounds with Madison and Angelina going at it. Madison puts Angelina in a headlock until Angelina fights out of it and slams Madison down to the mat. Angelina then knocks Madison out to the floor as Sarita slowly crawls back into the ring. While the referee’s back is turned, Madison clocks Angelina with the belt as Sarita pushes Madison out to the floor and steals the pin fall victory.

Ric Flair is seen behind a partially closed door and is talking to someone about their contract and future in TNA as he tells that person to get things done tonight and then they will talk.

Angelina is seen trashing around the backstage area and wonders how she can lose two matches in a row. Winter shows up and says that there is nothing wrong with her and now that they are together the will never lose again. Angelina tells her to explain ‘we’ as Winter tells her that they have to talk.

Match 4: Matt Morgan vs. Rhino
The match starts and Morgan nails Rhino with a few blows before the fight heads to the floor where Rhino is able to recover and sends Morgan into the ring post. Rhino then sends Morgan into the ring as we see that Morgan’s forehead is busted open. Rhino continues on the attack and picks up a couple of near falls until Morgan fights his way back into the match with a few clotheslines and a side slam for a near fall.

Morgan then hits a discus clothesline but Rhino comes back and takes Morgan out with a belly-to-belly. Rhino sets up for the Gore but Morgan gets out of the way and hits the Carbon Footprint and nearly gets the pin fall but Fortune come in to interfere as this match is awarded to Morgan. Rob Van Dam then runs out and goes after Rhino as Fortune continues to beat down Morgan in the ring. Jeff Hardy then comes down to the ring with a chair as Fortune drags him to his feet and turns him around as Mr. Anderson’s music hits as he comes out and clears the ring with metal pipe.

Anderson’s mic drops from the ceiling and thanks Morgan for having his back and the backs of everyone else. Anderson says he doesn’t really remember what he has been doing for the last month due to his concussion and warns that Jeff Hardy has a lot coming to him down the road. Anderson then hints at the fact that Morgan needs a guest referee for his match and offers his services. Morgan agrees to it and Anderson says the bigger man will win on Sunday.

We head out to the parking lot as we see Mickie James and Tara are still brawling with each other. They take turns sending each other into a fence and into a truck and continue to brawl until Tara finally back drops Mickie into the back of the truck.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and announces that we are going to have a New Jersey Fist Pumping Contest. The first contestant is Robbie E. who comes out with Cookie and walks towards the ring where there is a shark cage in the entrance ramp. Mike Tenay announces that Cookie will be locked in that cage at the pay-per-view and will be hung high above the ring. Jay Lethal is the second contestant and comes out in street clothes that Taz calls farmer clothes.

Robbie E. goes first and says that Lethal is disgrace to Jersey and promises to embarrass him tonight and again on Sunday. Robbie then showcases his ridiculous fist pump as the fans boo him. Lethal is up next and Lethal says Robbie makes him embarrassed to be a part of NJ and says he would get beat up in his neighborhood. Lethal then pleases the fans with a fist pump of his own that ends with him clocking Robbie E. Lethal continues on the attack outside of the ring and to the backstage area, where Cookie gets into a scuffle with Christy Hemme. Robbie is able to get in the last word as he smashes Lethal a few times with a cage door and Cookie adds her final word by slapping him across the face.

Jeff Jarrett is seen talking with Abyss in the backstage area and talks about they have proven the critics wrong time and time again. Jarrett promises that he is going to make Samoa Joe tap out tonight to his own hold. Abyss then talks about put the Pope in his final resting place on Sunday, if it doesn’t happen tonight first.

A video package hyping Final Resolution is aired to give some final hype to the final pay-per-view of 2010.

Match 5: Abyss & Jeff Jarrett vs. D’Angelo Dinero & Samoa Joe
The Pope and Jarrett trade blows in the early part of the match before the tag in their partners. Joe takes Abyss down in the corner of the ring as Dinero makes the blind tag to get in some offense on Abyss but Joe doesn’t like what his partner did. Abyss then drops both of them as they argue and begins to work over the Pope. Jarrett is tagged in and locks the Pope in an armbar before putting him in a headlock. The Pope is able to turn the tide with a back drop as this match continues on ReAction.

The Pope crawls to his corner as Joe tags himself into the ring and begins to work over Abyss with a full head of steam. Joe picks up a couple of near falls over the Monster but Abyss is able to fight back and takes Joe out with a chokeslam. The Pope comes in and knocks Abyss out to the floor as Jarrett takes Dinero down and puts him in an ankle lock. The Pope refuses to tap out and is able to kick Jarrett off and sends him flying into the referee. Dinero then flies out of the ring and onto Abyss on the floor as Jarrett heads out and grabs a guitar.

Jarrett tries to use the guitar on Joe but he kicks it and smashes it with his foot as the referee recovers and calls for the bell as he believes Joe used it on Jarrett. Joe then sets up the referee for the muscle buster but Jarrett nails Joe with a low blow and locks him in a rear naked choke as Abyss handles Dinero out on the floor. Jarrett then orders Abyss to put Joe in the casket as Kurt Angle appears for inside of it and hits Abyss with an Angle Slam and chases Jarrett out of the ring. The two then stare each other down.

Jeff Hardy then shares some final words where he says he is greatness and has reached a level that nobody has reached before. Hardy calls Matt Morgan a faceless victim that will fall to him and says Mr. Anderson won’t get up once again and his name will rest in eternal peace as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Ink Inc. defeated Beer Money, Generation Me, and the Motorcity Machine Guns by pin fall.
– Douglas Williams defeated Kazarian by pin fall.
– Sarita defeated Angelina Love and Madison Rayne by pin fall in a 3-way match.
– Matt Morgan defeated Rhino by disqualification.
– Jeff Jarrett & Abyss defeated D’Angelo Dinero & Samoa Joe by disqualification.

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