Survivor Series

Nov 21, 2010 - by Adam Martin

WWE Survivor Series PPV Results
November 21, 2010
Miami, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Matt Striker
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package runs highlighting the history of the Survivor Series and how the tradition will continue. The video package then focuses on tonight's main event with Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Wade Barrett with John Cena as the special guest referee in the “free or fired” match.

A graphic opening plays welcoming us to the 24th annual Survivor Series. We then go live to the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida where a huge display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us to the second longest running WWE pay per view event.

Ted Dibiase with Maryse is out first to kick off the show.

WWE United States Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

Michael Cole said Daniel Bryan's music was “nerd music.” Lock up and Bryan goes to work on DiBiase's left arm. The lights dim for some reason as Bryan gets an armbar takedown on DiBiase. Bryan catches DiBiase with a big kick to the gut as he hit the ropes and charged. DiBiase responds tossing Bryan out of the ring. Maryse smiles. DiBiase goes for a quick cover and gets a two count after tossing Bryan back in the ring. Bryan responds with two big uppercuts, kicks to the body, but DiBiase tosses him down hard and gets in some big right hands. DiBiase with a headlock on Bryan. Bryan fights to his feet, but DiBiase tosses him back and drops Bryan's back over his knee. Huge standing dropkick by DiBiase that drops Bryan. Cover and Bryan again kicks out after two. Loud “DANIEL BRYAN” chant. Bryan with a float over and launches DiBiase into the corner with a huge dropkick. Bryan with body kicks to DiBiase. Bryan with another float over and drops DiBiase with a flying clothesline. DiBiase catches Bryan with a big kick to the face. Bryan responds tossing DiBiase over the top rope, hits the ropes and takes out DiBiase with a big suicide dive. Bryan favors his shoulder as he gets to his feet. Bryan tosses DiBiase back in the ring and goes up to the top turnbuckle.

Bryan with a huge missile dropkick on DiBiase, cover and DiBiase kicks out after two. Bryan with big kicks to the chest of DiBiase. DiBiase blocks another attempt, but Bryan gets a small package for a close two count. DiBiase counters a LeBell Lock attempt into a huge clothesline that sends Bryan flipping backwards. DiBiase with a cover and another two count. DiBiase with a big sitdown powerbomb for another two count on Bryan. DiBiase puts Bryan up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan slides under the legs of DiBiase crotching up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan is back up with DiBiase and drops DiBiase with a huge super-back-plex. Bryan again favors his shoulder, covers, DiBiase kicks out and Bryan attempts another LeBell Lock attempt. DiBiase counters out and catapults Bryan face first into the steel ring post. DiBiase with a rollup for a two count. Bryan then counters and locks on the LeBell Lock. DiBiase taps out.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Michael Cole added, “He keeps winning. I don't get it.” Maryse can't believe Ted DiBiase lost. They showed a replay of a few matches leading to the finish. The back-super-plex had a ton of impact. Back live, Daniel Bryan heads up the ramp celebrating with his title when The Miz appears taking out Bryan with the help of Alex Riley. Miz and Riley hit the ring. Miz apologizes for interrupting since he “respects” Daniel Bryan so much, but he has something to say. The lights dim again for some reason. When they come back on, Miz says, “Thank you. That is better.” Miz said he proudly comes from Cleveland, Ohio and calls the Miami Heat overrated. He calls Lebron James a traitor. Miz adds that he is tired of carrying around his “Money in the Bank” briefcase and that it is only a matter of time before he cashes in.

We see video from the “Old School” Raw on Monday with Sheamus attacking Vladimir Koslov and Santino. We then see John Morrison coming to the rescue of Santino. Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Sheamus. Sheamus said he isn't a bully and that Morrison is just jealous that he is a former WWE Champion and that Morrison never will be. He promises to break Morrison's will and body.

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Sheamus with a big slap to the face early on. John Morrison responds with some big right hands. Sheamus pushes Morrison off of him, but Morrison is able to catch Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Morrison then leaps over the top rope taking out Sheamus on the outside. Sheamus fights back sending Morrison into the padded ring barricade. Morrison is back up and Sheamus drops him with a big sledgehammer first to the skull. Sheamus tosses Morrison back in and drops some big knees to the body. Sheamus with a clothesline and cover. Morrison kicks out after two. Sheamus with a headlock keeping Morrison grounded. Sheamus with an inverted DDT over his knee on Morrison and goes for another cover getting a two count. Sheamus works on the left arm of Morrison. Morrison with right hands trying to fight free. He does, hits the ropes and Sheamus catches him with a knee to the gut. Sheamus with a ton of big forearms to the chest of Morrison and another cover for a two count. Sheamus puts Morrison up on the top turnbuckle and hits some big forearms to the back that echo in the arena. Morrison with some big right hands that send Sheamus back into the ring. Morrison with a cross body, but Sheamus rolls through and plants Morrison with a big bodyslam.

Cover by Sheamus and another two count as Morrison rolls away. Sheamus misses his big boot and Morrison catches him with a big kick to the back of the head. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. Morrison with big clotheslines on Sheamus followed by a spinning heel kick. Sheamus fights back with his Irish Cruse backbreaker, covers and Morrison kicks out again after two. Sheamus lifts Morrison up, but Morrison counters and catapults Sheamus into the steel ring post. Morrison with a side russian leg sweep, hook of the leg and Sheamus gets a shoulder up after two. Morrison with big right hands to Morrison. Morrison leaps over Sheamus holding on to the corner, but Sheamus pulls up his knee and Morrison falls backwards. Sheamus pulls Morrison over his shoulder using his leg driving him down face first on the mat. Cover and Morrison kicks out. Sheamus argues with the referee. Sheamus with a half boston crab on Morrison. Morrison reaches out and gets to the bottom rope. Morrison with a rollup for two. Sheamus with a chop block on Morrison who grabs his knee in pain. Sheamus starts slapping Morrison. Morrison, one on leg, kicks Sheamus into the corner. As Morrison goes up for Starship Pain, Sheamus gives him a forearm to the spine stopping it.

Sheamus has Morrison up for the High Cross. Morrison jumps off, Sheamus with his big boot and he gets tied up in the ropes. Morrison with a big knee strike to the head of Sheamus as he springboards off the corner. Morrison with a big flying knee to the head on Sheamus. Morrison covers Sheamus and gets the pin.

Winner: John Morrison

After the match, we see a replay leading to the finish. Back live, Morrison is celebrating his win. Cole calls Morrison a future player in WWE. King said Morrison stood up for everyone who has been bullied.

Backstage, John Cena is pacing in his locker room. R-Truth walks up saying not to look at him like that. Cena said this whole thing is none of his business. Truth said he might have a solution for what is going on. He said since Nexus is banned from ringside, he isn't and with the only way to win by pinfall or submission, something could “accidentally” happen to Randy Orton. Truth said Cena could keep his job. Cena said he would be a joke if that happened. He said he is calling it down the middle tonight. Truth said he will believe when he sees it.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaval

Footage airs before the match from Smackdown of Kaval cashing in his title match clause after winning season two of NXT. Lock up and Ziggler pushes Kaval to the corner. Michael Cole refers to Kaval as an “internet darling” and that is the reason he won NXT. Kaval fights back with headbutts to the body of Ziggler followed by some big chops. Ziggler fights back dropping an elbow over the neck of Kaval. Ziggler with a blockbuster on Kaval. Ziggler with a quick fireman's carry. Kaval with a rollup for a two count. Ziggler yells at Kaval that he doesn't deserve this title shot. Kaval hits the ropes and connects with a quick cross body. Kaval with another big chop to Ziggler. Kaval with right hands to Ziggler up top. Vickie walks nearby to distract Kaval allowing Ziggler to drop Kaval off the top turnbuckle face first. Ziggler keeps the action grounded applying a headlock. Ziggler drops an elbow over the neck of Kaval and then connects with a twisting neckbreaker. Kaval and Ziggler exchange shots. Kaval catches Ziggler with a big boot in the corner and explodes off with a series of big clotheslines. Kaval with a kick to the back of Ziggler's neck. Kaval with a springboard moonsault over Ziggler for a close two count. Kaval with more chops to Ziggler.

Kaval flips across the ring and catches Ziggler with a HUGE kick to the face. That was impressive. Kaval covers Ziggler and Ziggler somehow gets a shoulder up after two. Kaval is up top and Ziggler trips him up. Ziggler applies a sleeper on Kaval up on the second rope as Kaval stands on the top turnbuckle. Kaval headbutts Ziggler off the corner back to the ring mat. Kaval is still up top and lands on his feet after attempting a double stomp. Ziggler catches Kaval with a quick Fameasser for a close two count. Cole, Lawler and Striker are all blown away at how Kaval can move his body in mid air. Kaval counters out of a sleeper, springboards off the corner and catches Ziggler with a kick to the back of the head. Cover and Kaval gets a close two count. Kaval with a kick to Ziggler's lower leg. Ziggler fires back with a headbutt to the back of Kaval's head. Ziggler holds on to the ropes when Kaval attempted a rollup. Ziggler falls back, counters and goes into a small package for a close two on Kaval. Kaval hits the ropes, attempts a rollup, Ziggler floats through and gets a rollup on Kaval to get the quick pinfall. Ziggler grabbed the tights of Kaval during the pin.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, we see a replay of the finish. Back live, Ziggler is bleeding from the nose as Vickie celebrates with the WWE Intercontinental Championship in hand.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Jack Swagger who is part of Team Del Rio. Swagger said the team should be called the Team All American-Americans. He insults Miami saying it is more like Cuba. Cody Rhodes walks up saying Swagger is only mad at Miami because he was turned away at a night club. Alberto Del Rio walks up with Drew McIntyre and Tyler Reks saying he knew these two could go back and forth tonight for no good reason. Del Rio tells them to stop the fighting and that when they win, the beers are on him.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters) vs. Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre & Tyler Reks)

We start with team captains Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio attempts a few lock ups and then tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes gets the tag and drops Mysterio with a shoulder block. Mysterio is back up, leaps over Rhodes and catches him with a kick to the face. Rhodes with a springboard kick to the face on Mysterio for a two count. Tag to Del Rio who takes out Mysterio with a series of big stomps. Mysterio with a drop toe hold sending Del Rio to the second turnbuckle. Mysterio follows that up with a running dropkick to the face. Tag to the hometown kid MVP who takes out Del Rio with a kick to the face. MVP catches Del Rio with a big kick to the face in the corner, goes for the pin and Del Rio grabs the bottom rope after the two count. Tag to Kofi Kingston who springboards himself in dropping down over Del Rio's left arm. Quick tag to Chris Masters and Del Rio lights him up with a big kick. Tag to Tyler Reks who works over Masters in the corner with kicks. Quick tag to Drew McIntyre who launches Masters face first into the corner. McIntyre with big chest chops to Masters and then pulls him forward with a big clothesline. Masters gets a boot up when McIntyre jumps off the second rope. Tag to MVP who drops McIntyre with a series of clotheslines. MVP with a big snap suplex on McIntyre. MVP with his ballin' elbow drop. MVP then slaps Del Rio off the ring apron. MVP suplexes McIntyre back in the ring, but Del Rio holds down the legs of MVP as McIntyre got the pinfall. Del Rio smiles.

MVP has been eliminated.

Masters is back in as he gives Del Rio a big vertical suplex into a jackhammer. Del Rio then comes back quickly jumping up and getting his armbar applied. Masters taps out.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

Big Show is now in. Fans cheer loudly. Del Rio tags in Jack Swagger. Big Show with a big slap to the chest of Swagger dropping him right away. Big Show with a big chest chop to Swagger in the corner. Swagger chop blocks Big Show as he comes off the ropes grounded Big Show for the first time in the match. Tag to Del Rio who comes in smiling. Big Show is back up and gets in Del Rio's face. Del Rio tags in McIntyre and then smiles in Big Show's face. Big Show knocks out Del Rio. Del Rio is out cold as Big Show tosses McIntyre back in the ring. WWE officials surround Del Rio trying to see if he can continue. In the ring, McIntyre is attempting a DDT when Big Show counters out and drops McIntyre with a DDT. Tag to Kingston who is picked up by Big Show and dropped over McIntyre. We then see Del Rio being carried away to the back by WWE officials. Rhodes gets the tag. Kingston slaps him. Rhodes is furious. He leaves the ring and tells Justin Roberts to hold up his jacket with a mirror on it. He checks his face and everything looks okay. Back in the ring, Kingston kicks Rhodes and tags in Big Show. Big Show face palms Rhodes. Rhodes with a kick to Big Show to break it up. Big Show teases a knockout and Rhodes leans over covering his face. Big Show with a slap to the back of Rhodes and then a knockout punch. Rhodes is gone after a pin.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated.

Tyler Reks hits the ring and takes out Big Show with a huge charge. Tag to Swagger who works over Big Show with big kicks. Quick tag to Reks again who drops some knees and kicks over Big Show. Quick tag back to Swagger who drops an elbow over the leg of Big Show. Swagger attempts an ankle lock and Big Show turns over. Swagger has it locked in. Big Show reaches out and tags in Mysterio. Mysterio body splashes Swagger and then hits a springboard cross body for a close two count. Swagger catches Mysterio with a big boot. Swagger blocks a 619 attempt after being sent into the ropes. Swagger pulls Mysterio back by his legs and applies an ankle lock. Mysterio reaches out. He then pushes himself up with a tilt-a-whirl sending swagger into the ropes. Tags to Reks and Kingston. Kingston drops Reks with a big clothesline. Kingston misses a charge in the corner and catches Reks with a kick to the face. Kingston with a huge cross body over Reks for a close two count. Kingston comes off the ropes and catches Reks with a big dropkick to the chest. Kingston crotches himself up on the top turnbuckle and Reks pulls him back down in the tree of woe. Reks with big kicks to Kingston. Reks charges and Kingston flips off getting a quick cover for three.

Tyler Reks is eliminated.

Swagger jumps in and goes for a quick pin on Kingston for a two count. Kingston counters a gutwrench powerbomb, attempts Trouble in Paradise, Swagger grabs his ankle in mid air and gets the ankle lock applied. Kingston taps out.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

Big Show hits the ring and squashes Swagger in the corner followed by a big clothesline. Tag to Mysterio who is on Big Show's shoulders. McIntyre jumps in and kicks out the legs of Big Show. Mysterio is back up top, jumps and Mysterio gives him a tilt-a-whirl huracanrana into the ropes. Mysterio with 619 on Swagger, jumps off the shoulders of Big Show and gets the pin.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

McIntyre is left and takes a 619 from Mysterio. Big Show gets the tag and chokeslams McIntyre for the pinfall.

Drew McIntyre is eliminated.

Winners: Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio/Big Show are the sole survivors)

After the match, we see a replay of the finish on Drew McIntyre with the double teaming of Mysterio and Big Show. Back live, Rey Mysterio and Big Show are celebrating at the top of the ramp.

A promo for WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs on December 19 airs.

Backstage, we see WWE Champion Randy Orton. Josh Mathews walks up trying to get word with everyone talking about what John Cena will do tonight. Orton said he is sick and tired of talking about John Cena. He said he feels the guy in all, but that Cena did this to himself. Orton said he is thinking about Wade Barrett and how he will beat him to retain his title. He predicts a punt to the skull or an RKO tonight.

WWE Divas Championship – 2 on 1 Handicap Match
Laycool (c's) vs. Natalya

We start with Michelle McCool representing Laycool against Natalya. McCool with a takedown and elbows to Natalya. McCool with an uppercut. Natalya drops McCool quickly, but McCool responds with a kick to the head. Tag to Layla who takes out Natalya with a big clothesline. Layla with big elbows and a kick to Natalya. Layla distracts the referee allowing McCool to pull Natalya from the ring to the floor below. Layla tosses Natalya back in the ring. Laycool attempts a double suplex that Natalya counters into one of her own. McCool kicks Natalya out of the ring. McCool misses a big boot going over the padded ring barricade. Layla is out and Natalya tosses her into McCool. Natalya breaks up the referee count and tosses McCool back over the padded ring barricade. McCool tosses Natalya back in the ring as Layla recovers on the outside. Natalya drops McCool into Layla through the ropes. Natalya then locks on the Sharpshooter. McCool taps out.

Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Natalya

After the match, Natalya drops to her knees and begins crying. She is handed the WWE Divas Championship as she celebrates her win. Laycool then hit the ring and attack Natalya. Beth Phoenix's music hits and she runs out hitting the ring. Phoenix takes out McCool with a clothesline and then drops Layla with her front face suplex. Phoenix hugs Natalya and puts her up on her shoulders as Natalya holds up both of the WWE Divas Championships that were held by Laycool.

A video package airs highlighting the events between Kane and Edge on Smackdown.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. Edge

Edge with a big slap to Kane after dodging a clothesline early on. Edge with more right hands, slides out of the ring, pulls Kane down, Kane gets back up and Edge drops him off the ropes. Edge dodges a chokeslam attempt after diving off the top rope. Edge taunts Kane with an empty wheelchair rolling it around the ringside area. Kane jumps out and Edge sends him into the padded ring barricade. Edge tosses Kane back in and gives a few right hands. Edge chop blocks Kane and stomps over Kane's left knee. Edge pulls Kane across the ring by his leg, jumps out and throws Kane's leg into the steel ring post. In his return to the ring, Kane pulls Edge down and throws his leg across his chest a few times. Kane counters a DDT attempt tossing Edge over the top rope and following it up with a big boot sending Edge to the floor. Kane tosses Edge over the ring apron and drops some elbows and right hands to the head. Kane tosses Edge into the corner and Edge bounces off with force. Kane screams, “Where is he? Where is Paul Bearer?” Kane with more right hands to Edge and follows it up with some kicks. Kane with a headlock on Edge screaming at Edge to tell him where Paul Bearer is. Kane hits the ropes and takes out Edge with a dropkick to the face. Cover and two count by Kane.

Kane keeps the headlock applied as Edge attempts a comeback. Kane tosses Edge to the ring apron. Edge with a shoulder charge and sends Kane face first into the top turnbuckle. Edge with a cross body for a two count on Kane. Edge with big right hands. Kane with a clothesline in the corner on Edge and tosses him aside. Kane is up top and attempts his flying clothesline when Edge catches him in mid air with a dropkick to the chest. Edge with a drop toe hold sending Kane into the ropes. Edge splashes over the back of Kane and attempts a rollup for a two count. Crowd is pretty quiet for this one. Edge catches Kane with a big boot in the corner. Edge slides up on the turnbuckle, jumps off and Kane catches him with an uppercut on the way down. Edge floats over Kane dropping him with an inverted DDT for another two count. Kane catches Edge with a big side slam as Edge came off the ropes. Edge with a right hand to Kane as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Edge climbs up with Kane and Kane drops Edge over the top rope crotching him. Kane follows that up right away with his flying clothesline sending Edge with force into the ring. Kane goes for a chokeslam and Edge counters with a DDT. Both men are down on the mat as the referee starts the count.

Edge is up first and is setting up for a spear. Edge runs and Kane catches him with a big boot. Kane with a chokeslam on Edge. Kane hooks the leg and Edge somehow gets a shoulder up after two. Kane yells at the referee that it was three. Kane signals for the end. Kane gets Edge up attempting a Tombstone Piledriver. Edge counters off, hits the ropes and catches Kane with a spear. Edge covers Kane laying on his back with his arm. The referee counts the three count.

As the announcer stated Edge was the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the referee waives him down and hands the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Kane. The referee explains both mens shoulders were down during the pinfall resulting in a tie.

Winner: No contest
Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

After the match, Kane tossed Edge out of the ring. Edge tosses Kane into the steel ring steps and then puts him in the wheel chair. Edge pushes Kane into part of the padded ring barricade that collaspes upon impact into the timekeepers area. They replay the finish showing that both shoulders were down during the pinfall.

A promo for Wrestlemania 27 on April 3, 2011 airs.

Backstage, John Cena is holding a WWE referee shirt. Wade Barrett walks up sitting next to him. Barrett asks if he remembers this building, because he does. June 7, 2010. Cena was the WWE Champion…and this is where the Nexus chose to make their mark on history. He talked about giving Cena the worst beating of his career and how strange is it to be back here full circle. Cena said he does remember this building and added that when the time is right, he knows exactly what he is doing tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (c's) w/ The Nexus vs. Santino & Vladimir Koslov

We begin with Heath Slater and Santino. Santino misses a big right as Slater backs off. Koslov with a quick sambo throw walking like Koslov. Tag to Justin Gabriel and Santino with a big headlock takedown. Tag to Koslov who launches Gabriel back to the corner and follows with a big boot. Gabriel chop blocks Koslov, but Koslov catches Gabriel as he came off the ropes and jumped high in the air pushing him down on the mat hard. Gabriel drops Koslov into the ropes and tags in Slater. Slater with a high knee drop on Koslov, cover and gets a two count. Tag to Gabriel who gets in some kicks on Koslov. Quick tag to Slater who gets in some right hands. Quick tag back to Gabriel who continues with the kicks and stomps to Koslov. Gabriel with a headlock on Koslov. Gabriel knees Koslov in the gut and follows with a kick to the head when Koslov attempts a comeback. Koslov tags in Santino, but the referee doesn't see it and pushes Santino back to his corner allowing Gabriel and Slater to double team Koslov some more. Slater, the legal man, applyies a front choke on Koslov who is pushing his way towards Santino's corner. Slater pushes Koslov to the corner, but Koslov explodes off with a huge clothesline that drops Slater. Hot tag to Santino. Santino with right hands to Slater and a big hip toss. Santino with a headbutt drop on Slater, cover and Gabriel breaks it up. Koslov charges at Gabriel and they go through the ropes to the outside. Santino gets the Cobra ready to strike. He is distracted by Otunga and McGillicutty allowing Slater to hit his neckbreaker drop. Slater pins Santino for the win.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

After the match, The Nexus attack Santino and Koslov sending them to the outside. The Raw GM has something to say. And I quote. “As a reminder, in the upcoming WWE Championship match, Nexus is banned from ringside. If any member of Nexus attempt to interfere in this match, the entire group will be indefinitely suspended. Therefore, I advise Nexus to leave this ring immediately.”

A video package runs focusing on John Cena's passion for WWE and his big decision in tonight's main event.

WWE Championship – Free or Fired
Special guest referee: John Cena
Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett

Legitimate “big fight” feel here. The bell rings and both circle each other. Orton and Barrett lock up and Orton pushes Barrett to the corner. Orton backs off Barrett and stares him down. Orton with a lock up, sent into the ropes and levels Barrett with a shoulder block. Orton with a lock up, headlock takedown and keeps Barrett grounded. Barrett counters into a head scissors. Orton flips out, hits the ropes and levels Barrett with another shoulder charge. Barrett grabs Orton sending him into the corner. Barrett with some quick kicks, but Orton explodes with another clothesline taking down Barrett. Orton with a kick to the chest of Barrett. Orton with right hands, uppercuts and elbows to Barrett in the corner. Cena pulls Orton from the corner. Cole adds that Cena is just doing his job. Orton gets in Cena's face when Barrett levels Orton with a big boot. Barrett with right hands and stomps to Orton. Barrett puts pressure on the back of Orton's neck standing over it against the ropes. Barrett with more right hands and kicks to Orton in the corner. Cena then pulls Barrett away. Cole mentions fair play here by Cena as the special guest referee. Orton with a dropkick on Barrett and follows up with some big right hands. Orton with stomps to the body of Barrett and then drops a knee over his mouth.

They brawl to the outside and Barrett sends Orton into the steel ring steps and padded ring barricade. Barrett then sends Cena back first into the side of the ring. Barrett does this a second time and Cena jumps out telling Barrett to get it back in the ring. Barrett stares at Cena and then sends Orton shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Barrett tosses Orton back in the ring, hooks the leg and Orton kicks out after two. Barrett with some stiff jabs to Orton and follows with a big clothesline dropping Orton. Cover and Orton gets a shoulder up after two. Barrett whips Orton into the corner and Orton bounces off grabbing the back of his head. Another cover by Barrett and Orton gets a shoulder up. Barrett with headlock on Orton. Orton fights to his feet slapping and punching Barrett. Barrett catches Orton with a big knee to the gut as Orton came off the ropes. Barrett with a cover, Orton gets a shoulder up again after two and Barrett goes back to the headlock. Orton with a big back suplex on Barrett. Orton and Barrett exchange right hands. Orton breaks it up with a kick, two uppercuts, kick to the face and a series of clotheslines. Orton with his snap powerslam as Barrett came off the ropes. Orton clotheslines Barrett over the top rope to the outside and follows. Barrett sends Orton into the post.

Barrett tosses Orton back in the ring. Orton catches Barrett with a kick to the head as he was getting in through the ropes. Orton is pulling Barrett under the bottom rope. Barrett with a rake to the eyes. Orton shakes it off and gives Barrett a backbreaker. Cover by Orton and Barrett gets a shoulder up after two. Barrett catches Orton with a big boot in the corner. Barrett stands up on the second rope and connects with a flying elbow. Cover and Orton gets a shoulder up after two. Barrett yells at Cena that it was three. Barrett has Orton up on his shoulders. Orton jumps off, hits the ropes and Barrett catches Orton with a big spinning side slam. Believe it or not, Striker refers to it as a “Black Hole Slam” aka the finisher of Abyss in TNA. Orton with his DDT through the ropes on Barrett. He drops down. Barrett gets up and quickly ducks to the outside. Orton jumps out as well and clotheslines Barrett. Orton sends Barrett back in the ring. Orton is up on the ring apron. Barrett catches Orton with a knee to the head, drags him in, puts him on his shoulders and hits his Wasteland finisher. Barrett hooks the leg…1…2…Orton gets his hand on the bottom rope. Barrett can't believe it. Barrett gets in Cena's face arguing the pinfall. Barrett pushes Cena. Cena pushes Barrett back. Orton catches Barrett with an RKO. Orton hooks the leg…Cena counts the pinfall…1…2…3. Striker mistakenly yells, “Cena is free!” Cole corrects him saying, “No, Cena is fired.” Cena realizes the moment and that he is now fired.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy Orton stares down John Cena. Cena takes off his referee shirt and tosses the Nexus arm band on top of Barrett. The Nexus hit the ring. Cena and Orton fight them off. The Nexus head to the back carrying off Barrett. Cena then leaves the ring and grabs the WWE Championship belt. He returns and hands it to Orton. They both hug. Orton jumps up on the top turnbuckle raising up the WWE Championship. Cena is still in the ring standing in the corner as Orton jumps down. Orton leaves the ring with his title in hand. Orton seems reluctant to celebrate anymore as he stares down Cena and starts heading up the ramp. Orton stops, takes another look at Cena, holds up the WWE Championship and then heads to the back.

Orton's music fades as we see Cena still standing in the ring. Cena takes off his wristbands and lays them in the middle of the ring. A loud “CENA” chant starts up. Huge ovation for Cena along with some mixed reaction as he gives a salute to all sides of the arena. Cena leaves the ring and hugs Michael Cole. Cena hugs the well known WWE Sign Guy. Cena points to the camera and says thank you. He heads up the ramp and gets another huge reaction. At the top of the ramp, Cena poses once again. He then takes off into the crowd and shakes hands with WWE fans in attendance. A spotlight follows Cena as he makes his way around the arena shaking hands. He eventually makes his way back to the stage and gives one last salute as the PPV goes off the air.

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