Smackdown 11/05/10

Nov 6, 2010 - by staff

We start the show with some In Ring Action….I love it.

Edge v. Alberto Del Rio

Edge comes out first with a huge pop from the crowd here in Bridgeport , CT. Del Rio comes out to not much reaction. He appears to be the new Golden Boy here in WWE. And I’m not just talking about his tights. Someone really likes him right now. Pretty well put together match. Edge has thousands of more matches than Del Rio, but the Latin warrior is holding his own. The match takes off into a battle of nearfalls. Edge leads the way here. We are about 16 minutes in and really enjoying this one. Edge climbs to the top rope, but he is met by a kick to the head from Del Rio. Really great spot by Del Rio. Edge then counters and sets up Del Rio for the Spear. Hit Nexus’s Music!! That’s right folks they are here on Smackdown. They Rush the ring and attack Edge and Del Rio.

Winner-No Contest

After the match Nexus gets on the mic and say that they came to Smackdown to take over. Hit the Big Show’s Music, followed by Rey Mysterio, then by the World Heavyweight Champion Kane. Kane hits the ring first and is followed by everyone. Smackdown clears the ring of Nexus. Later in the evening Teddy Long comes out and books a match between Nexus and Big Show, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and Alberto Del Rio.

More In Ring Action….
Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler v. JTG

I really thought JTG was released already. Well give it time. About a 3 minute match with Dolph getting the win via a sleeper hold.

Winner-Dolph Ziggler

After the match Kate from NXT comes out to talk to Dolph and is followed by Vicki Guerrero. Vicki slaps Katie and has to be pulled off of her. Michael Cole and Matt Stryker are falling all over each other about how hot Vicki is tonight.
Backstage we see Nexus beating down Rey Mysterio. Afterwards they are asked why and where is their leader Wade Barrett. Their reply is why, because the can. Barrett is on his way to England.
Teddy Long is confronted by Vicki backstage. She says she wants justice. Teddy books a match tonight with Vicki v. Katie. Vicki smiles and walks away.

More In Ring Action….

1# contender match

MVP v. Cody Rhodes v. Drew McIntyre
The winner of the match will be the 1# contender for the IC Title. Drew and Cody are not getting along now days. Or at least this week. Not a bad triple threat match. Drew and Cody spend most of the match all over each other. This is a rivalry waiting to happen. Match finishes with MVP stealing the pin from Drew and Cody.

Winner-MVP New 1# Contender for the IC Title

In Ring Action….

Vicki Guerrero v. Katie

This turned out to be a very entertaining match. Katie really beat the hell out of Vicki. Honestly beat her down. It was very funny to watch. But in the end Vicki steals the victory. So I guess she gets Dolph.

Winner-Vicki Guerrero

Backstage we see Nexus jump Kaval and MVP. I really am very tired of the Nexus angle.

In Ring Action….

Chris Masters v. Tyler Rex

Talk about someone who has jumped to the front of the line. Tyler Rex is getting his push people. About a 4 minute match with Rex getting the win via an upside down fireman’s suplex.

Winner-Tyler Rex

Main Event

Nexus v. The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Edge, and The World Heavyweight Champion Kane

It takes parts of 3 segments just to get everyone out to the ring. No kidding. The Smackdown team starts in first. Taking out their frustration on Nexus. After about 10 minutes Alberto Del Rio gets out of the ring and walks out on Team Smackdown. Things are starting to get a little sloppy in the ring. Hard to keep track of what’s going on. The big finish is The Big Show getting Choked slammed by Kane when Kane thinks Show hit him from behind. Kane then gets speared by Edge with Edge then spearing David Otunga for the win.

Winners-Team Smackdown

Kane and Edge are headed for a collision course.


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