Linda McMahon responds to accusations from Benoit’s father

Oct 25, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

(photo credit: ABC News)

Michael Benoit, the father of the late Chris Benoit, pulled no punches
earlier today accusing Linda McMahon of running for U.S. Senate to fight any
attempts to regulate the pro wrestling industry. His appearance came at the
Hartford Hilton at a news conference which McMahon’s Senate opponent Richard
Blumenthal organized. “The only reason that woman wants to go to Washington
is to protect the dollars that WWE makes, to head off any attempt to
regulate their industry,” said Benoit. McMahon responded to the allegations
shortly after the news conference was over saying that everyone can see the
motivation why Benoit addressed the media just a week away from the
election. “I think Mr. Blumenthal has really tried to focus in only saying
that WWE does not treat its performers well, when in fact, WWE treats its
performers incredibly well and it wants to make sure that those men and
women in the ring are protected,” she said. “I can truly understand the pain
of a father who has not only lost a child but a son who was involved in a
heinous crime of killing his wife and his son. I can understand that his
feelings are bit sad, wants to find answer and would like to also find
someone to blame,” she added. Meanwhile McMahon’s campaign team issued a
statement regarding the accusations of WWE “killing” Chris Benoit. “Chris
Benoit murdered his family, and he alone is responsible for that. It is
outrageous and reprehensible that Dick Blumenthal’s campaign is now
suggesting someone else is responsible for this heinous crime,” McMahon
spokesman Ed Patru said in the statement.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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