Bound for Glory

Oct 10, 2010 - by Adam Martin

TNA Bound for Glory 6
Ocotber 10, 2010
Daytona Beach, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package runs highlighting TNA stars involved in tonight's sixth annual Bound for Glory.

Generation Me are out first to kick off the show.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns (c's) vs. Generation Me

We start with Alex Shelley and Max Buck. Big chest chop exchange. Shelley with a big kick to the head of Max early on. Tag to Sabin who throws his boots up so Shelley can toss Max face first into them. The Guns double team Max in the corner with a splash, flying clothesline, flying elbow and quick pinfall for a two count. Jeremy Buck jumps in and Shelley, now the legal man again, kicks him away. Tag to Jeremy after tripping up Shelley. Sabin drops Jeremy on the floor with a big punt. More double teaming by The Guns on Max in the ring. Double suicide dive by The Guns on Max. Shelley drops Jeremy with a stunner over the top rope. Max then crotches Shelley up on the top turnbuckle. The Bucks with a double DDT on Shelley from the second rope. Jeremy with a big spinning kick to the head of Shelley. Tag to Max as they do a back flip and dropkick to the head combo on Shelley. Another double team spot by The Bucks on Shelley. Shelley fights off Max and connects with a foot stomp over the chest of Jeremy off the top turnbuckle. Sabin gets the hot tag and takes out both Max and Jeremy with big kicks. Sabin puts Max in the tree of woe, Shelley with a baseball slide dropkick and Sabin with his hesitation dropkick.

Sabin with a springboard clothesline on Max for a close two count. Double team spot by The Guns that results in a close two count on Max. Sabin dropkicks Jeremy to the floor. Shelley slingshots over and misses Jeremy crashing on the outside. Jeremy drops Sabin with a facebuster. Max with a facebuster on Sabin for a close two count. The Bucks attempt a double DDT on Sabin, but Shelley breaks it up with a german suplex on Jeremy. The Guns bring Max to the corner. Jeremy dumps Shelley off the top rope and Max hits a neckbreaker on Sabin. Jeremy takes out Shelley on the outside. Jeremy with a 450 Splash over Sabin. Shelley breaks up the pinfall. Shelley with a double team spot on both Bucks with a facebuster/DDT combo. Shelley gets the legal tag, misses a double foot stomp, takes a dropkick from Jeremy and Sabin takes him out with a clothesline. Sabin is dumped out. Max with a spear on Shelley and Jeremy follows with a body splash. Pinfall and Shelley kicks out. Jeremy with another 450 off the top on Shelley. Sabin with a springboard release german suplex off the top rope on Max. Shelley with a cross body splash off the top on Jeremy with Sabin hanging on. Shelley covers and The Guns get the win to retain.

Winners & still TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Madison Rayne and Tara. Rayne calls Christy a “bitch” and a “skank.” She said Tara is indebted to me for life in bringing her back to TNA. Rayne said Mickie James can't just walk into TNA and be queen bee. She walks off and Tara goes to talk, but Rayne cuts her off and tells her to leave.

A video package runs highlighting the four way match tonight for the TNA Knockouts Championship.

TNA Knockouts Championship – Four Corners Match
Special guest referee: Mickie James
Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

We start with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky with Madison Rayne and Tara looking on. See, you have to tag yourself in. Sky with a quick snapmare takedown on Sky. Love with a leg sweep. Double shoulder block from both ladies. Madison Rayen tags herself in and Love drop toe holds her down to the mat. Rayne starts choking Love in the corner with her boot. Love with a big scoop slam on Rayne and Tara breaks up a pinfall attempt. Tag to Tara who pulls LOve over her back by her hair. Sky with a big spinning head scissors takedown on Tara. Sky with a big running bulldog on Tara. Tara drops Sky with a boot and then drops Love with a side slam. Sky with a dropkick to Tara and Rayne is in hitting a big knee to the face. Love drops Tara with a big kick. Rayne drops Love off her knees. Sky with a jumping DDT on Rayne. Sky counters Widow's Peak and sends Tara into Rayne on the ring apron who falls off onto Love. Tara then rolls up Sky and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

After the match, Madison Rayne is upset and gets in the face of the new Knockouts champion Tara. Tara is speechless acting as if she didn't mean to win the match. Rayne then pushes down special guest referee Mickie James. James then takes out Rayne and blows a kiss to Tara before heading to the back.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Eric Young. He said Orlando Jordan's family was ignorant to his lifestyle. Young said who cares if he is bi…polar. Orlando Jordan walks up in a new outfit scaring Young. Jordan reveals it to be him and they walk off.

Ink Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

Eric Young gets involved in the match early on and the referee tells him to get to his corner since he wasn't the legal man. Jordan with a pin over Moore and then tried to use the ropes, but Young saw this and kicked his arm away to prevent him from cheating. Moore with a big kick to the head of Jordan and Young walks to the other side of the ring for a hot tag. Moore reaches out and Jesse Neal is no where to be seen. Young then drops his own tag team partner Jordan with a series of clotheslines. Young with a high back body drop on Jordan. As Young celebrates, Moore drops Jordan off his shoulders and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Ink Inc.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy. Hardy said tonight is a new beginning for him.

TNA X Division Championship
Jay Lethal (c) vs. Douglas Williams

Douglas Williams grounds Jay Lethal early on working over his wrist. Lethal with some big arm drags on Williams. Williams with a quick clothesline on Lethal. Lots of British fans in the house supporting Williams. Lethal with a big facebuster on Williams. Williams locks the head of Lethal and throws a few knees to the head. Lethal trying to fight to his feet as Williams keeps a head lock applied. Williams with a quick knee to the gut, another, but Lethal is able to answer with a back body drop/modified northern lights suplex without a bridge. Lethal with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks on Williams. Lethal with a springboard moonsault on Williams for a two count. Williams with a huge release german suplex on Lethal. Williams with a knee and snap suplex combo on Lethal. Lethal fights off a gutwrench powerbomb, Williams responds with a big boot and big overhead suplex. Lots of heat for Williams. Williams with a huge rolling through german suplex for a close two count into a bridge. Williams starts arguing with referee Earl Hebner. Williams attempts a top rope huricanrana, but Lethal hangs on and rolls through for the pinfall. Williams can't believe it.

Winner & still TNA X Division Champion: Jay Lethal

After the match, Jay Lethal leaves the ring and heads into the crowd celebrating with his title. Robbie E. of The Shore appears and takes him out. Cookie is also there. Robbie tosses Lethal over the guard railing and back into the ring. Robbie drops Lethal with a big clothesline and then gives him an RKO. He gets on the mic, “Lethal bro, you are a disgrace to Jersey my dude.” Robbie puts the X Division championship over his shoulder and says, “After I win this X Division title bro, I'm bringing it back to Jersey, blinging it out and I'm going to add some class to it, just like Robbie E. and Cookie.” Cookie adds, “Jersey is in the house bitches.” They stand over Lethal and fist pump.

A video package highlights the feud between Abyss and Rob Van Dam.

Monster's Ball Match
Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam

Before the match, Abyss talked about “their” arrival and how the date is upon us tonight. RVD's music hit and he hits the ring immediately. Loud “RVD” chant in Daytona Beach. RVD starts choking Abyss through the ropes. RVD with a springboard leg drop on Abyss. RVD with a springboard kick to the head of Abyss off the top turnbuckle. RVD grabs a steel chair and kicks it in the face of Abyss down in the corner. RVD with a springboard cross body on Abyss to the outside. RVD with a baseball slide to Abyss, but Abyss rolls back in and Abyss levels him with a big elbow. We now have a barbed wire board in play in the ring. Abyss tries to scoop slam RVD on top of it, but RVD counters and bulldogs Abyss face and chest first over it. RVD hits the ropes and attempts a Rolling Thunder over Abyss, but Abyss moves and RVD drops his back over the barbed wire. Abyss then grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up across the ring apron and guard railing. Abyss grabs a garbage can and cracks it over the head of RVD. Abyss grabs another barbed wire board and sets that across the ring apron and guard railing as well. RVD is back in the ring and Abyss is on the ring apron. RVD with shots to Abyss. Abyss lifts RVD over the top rope to the ring apron.

Abyss clotheslines RVD back in the ring. RVD knocks Abyss on top of the table, RVD hits the ropes, springboards over and flips on top of Abyss crashing through the table. RVD with a spinning kick to the head using a steel chair that Abyss had in hand. Abyss then launches RVD off the ring apron and RVD crashes through the barbed wire board that was placed across the ring apron and guard railing. Abyss pulls RVD out of the barbed wire and tosses him inside the ring. Abyss grabs another barbed wire board and positions it against the corner. RVD counters and sends Abyss chest and arm first into the barbed wire board. RVD then tosses Abyss down keeping the barbed wire board over his head, goes up top and hits the Van Terminator. Abyss rolls out and recovers to grab his 2×4 covered in nails. Abyss swings and misses as RVD launches a steel chair to his head. RVD grabs the 2×4 covered in nails, aka Janice and hits Abyss right in the gut with it. RVD with a big kick to the head and Five Star Frog Splash off the top rope. RVD covers Abyss and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Abyss is bleeding from the mouth as Rob Van Dam celebrates on the top turnbuckle. RVD heads to the back and they do a close up of Abyss. Abyss looks into the camera and says, “10.10.10. Get ready because here we come.”

A video package runs highlighting the events in recent months between Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff with Sting and Kevin Nash.

3-on-2 Handicap Match
Sting, Kevin Nash & “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

We start with Samoa Joe and “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero. Joe drops Pope with a quick shoulder block, takes a few shots from Pope and Pope drops him with a flying clothesline. Tag to Sting and Joe hits some big jabs and sends Sting face first into the corner. Joe misses a splash and we get a Stinger Splash. Sting attempts another Stinger Splash, but Joe counters in mid air and drops Sting. Joe follows Sting out and hits a few jabs. Kevin Nash gets involved getting in a quick shot on Joe allowing Sting to hit a clothesline. Tag to Nash when they return to the ring. Nash with big knees to Joe in the corner. Nash with big elbows to Joe as well. Tag to Pope who works over Joe with a few kicks. Pope goes for his flying elbow the first time, but stops himself, jumps up and executes a second time. Pope flipped off the crowd after hitting it. Sting is now in with Pope. Joe fights back clotheslining both. Nash with a quick splash to Joe in the corner. Joe catches Nash with a big kick to the head. Jarrett is reaching out for the hot tag. Joe gets close and Jarrett jumps off. Joe is shocked. Jarrett walks up the ramp and heads to the back. Sting, Nash and Pope are all surrounding Joe and take him down. All three attack Joe. Nash gets the “legal” tag and drops the straps. Nash with a Jacknife Powerbomb on Joe, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Sting, Kevin Nash & “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson tells Kurt Angle's kids that daddy's career is coming to an end tonight. He mentioned that Angle punched him in the nuts and, quote, “that sh-t hurt.”

Team 3D is on their way out to the arena to make a “major announcement.” Brother Ray takes the mic and asks the fans in Daytona Beach if they are having a good time tonight. Big reaction. Ray said February of 1996, South Philadelphia, Team 3D made a commitment to become the most successful tag team that pro wrestling has ever seen. He said they have been busting their ass for the last 15 years to become the 23-time World Tag Team champions in organizations all over the world. Ray said they are proud to work in company that respects tag team wrestling. He said there comes a time in an athlete's career when you have to make a big decision. Ray said as of this moment tonight, Team 3D is officially retired. He adds they have one last request and that is one more match. Ray said if they have one last match then it will be with the TNA World Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns. He said if The Guns beat us they can write at the top of their resume that they were the team to retire Team 3D, but if they win they retire as the 24-time tag team champions. Ray ends the promo thanking the fans for always supporting them.

A video package runs highlighting the feud between Fortune and EV2.0.

Lethal Lockdown
Fortune w/ Ric Flair vs. EV2.0 w/ Mick Foley

Before the match officially started, Flair and Foley started going at it. All of the competitors are standing outside of the steel cage and we start with Stevie Richards and Kazarian. Kazarian with some big shots to Richard in the corner. Richards with four big neckbreakers on Kazarian. Richards tosses Kazarian into the side of the cage a few times. Kazarian fights back planting Richards with a scoop slam and connecting with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian attempts another leg drop, but this time from the top turnbuckle and Richards moves out of the way. Richards with chest chops to Kazarian in the corner. Richards mocks Flair strutting.

Time expires and in next is AJ Styles. Styles with a huge dropkick to Richards. Kazarian holds up Richards allowing Styles to execute a flying clothesline. Flair is yelling and cheering on Styles and Kazarian from the outside. Styles applies a figure four on Richards and Kazarian holds down his arms.

Time expires and in next is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer goes after Styles right away, but Kazarian gets involved. Dreamer levels both with a double clothesline. Dreamer with a big shot to Kazarian in the corner and hits a pumphandle suplex on Styles. Richards holds up Kazarian allowing Dreamer to hit a flying elbow. Richards is favoring his ankle. We get a Tower of Doom spot in the corner.

Time expires and in next is Robert Roode. Roode goes after Dreamer with some big right hands and sends Dreamer face first into the side of the cage with force. Roode with chops to Richards. Dreamer is busted open. Flair is punching Dreamer through the opening in the cage for the cameras. Raven is spitting at Roode through the cage. Styles with a splash on Richards.

Time expires and in next is Sabu. Sabu with big right hands to Styles and Kazarian. Sabu with a flying heel kick and splash in the corner to Kazarian. Sabu with a tornado DDT on Styles. Sabu applies a Camel Clutch on Styles. Dreamer with a front powerslam on Roode. Dreamer's face is covered in blood.

Time expires and in next is James Storm. Beer Money with a big back body drop on Dreamer. Storm and Styles double team Richards and Sabu. We get a BEER…MONEY spot from Storm and Roode in the ring. Richards with a superkick on Kazarian and Storm catches Sabu with superkick.

Time expires and in next is Raven. Raven with a bulldog and clothesline combo. Another big clothesline on Roode. Dreamer has Styles in the tree of woe and “steps on the yam bag of Styles” as Taz put it. Roode is now busted open as Dreamer drops a series of right hands over his forehead.

Time expires and in next is Matt Morgan. Morgan powerbombs Sabu back first with force into the side of the cage. Morgan with big back elbows to a bloody Dreamer in the corner. Flair lets out a loud, “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Morgan removed blood from the head of Sabu and starts spreading it over his chest.

Time expires and in last is Rhino. Rhino levels everyone with clotheslines and then a big spinebuster on Roode and belly-to-belly suplex on Morgan. Rhino with a Gore on Storm. All ten men are now in the cage and the top starts lowering filled with weapons. Flair and Foley are now going at it at ringside. Flair is chopping and punching Foley. Foley responds with some big right hands. They are now brawling up the top of the ramp as Richards hits Styles over the head with a cookie sheet. Loud Sabu chant. Lots of weapons shots in the ring. Action is all over the place and they can barely cover it. Rhino is using a chair trying to choke Kazarian with it. Morgan and Raven exchange weapons shots with a trash can lid and singapore cane. Richards tosses Kazarian into the cage door and it swings open as Kazarian falls out. Kazarian starts climbing up the cage and gets to the top. Richards follows him up. Sabu with a springboard splash from the cage to the outside on Morgan. Richards is now setting up a table at the top of the cage. Kazarian counters and gets Richards on top of the table. Kazarian sets up a ladder and climbs up it near the table. Brian Kendrick appears as he was hiding under a black blanket on top of the cage. Kendrick back body drops Kazarian through the table and seems to start meditating. Very strange. In the ring, Dreamer gets Styles on his shoulders and hits the Dreamer Driver on top of a steel chair. Dreamer covers Styles and gets the pinfall.

Winners: EV2.0

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle. Angle talks about how he must win tonight or his career is over. He promises to walk out of Daytona Beach the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and adds, “Hulk, this one is for you.”

A video package runs focusing on Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson in the main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

No special ring introductions as the bell rings and we go right into it. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy double team Mr. Anderson in the corner. Angle gets dumped out and Hardy levels Anderson. Anderson with a swinging neckbreaker on Hardy and Angle rolls back in to break up the pinfall. Angle with a quick overhead belly-to-belly on Anderson. We get a triple german suplex by Angle on both Hardy and Anderson. Angle tosses Anderson out and works over Hardy. Hardy back body drops Angle over the top rope and Angle lands with a thud. Anderson rolls back in and goes after Hardy dropping a series of elbows. Angle pulls Anderson out and hits a big right. Angle and Anderson exchange right hands as Hardy dives over the top rope taking them both out. Angle and Hardy are back in the ring first and he chops Hardy down. Angle with a snap suplex on Hardy. Angle with a huge superplex on Hardy off the top. Anderson takes out Angle with his flipping senton. Hardy with his jumping dropkick to the chest on Angle. Hardy went up top, jumps for a Swanton, Anderson moves and Angle moved forward. Very strange spot. Angle has Hardy up top on the corner and attempts another superplex. Anderson walks up, gets under Angle and we get a Tower of Doom spot.

Angle with a german suplex on Anderson, a second and a third with a release. Angle with a german now on Hardy, a second and a third with a release. Angle drops the straps. Angle goes for an ankle lock on Hardy and gets it applied. Anderson goes to break it up, Angle ducks, drops Anderson and hooks both ankles of Hardy and Anderson together. Angle has a double ankle lock applied on both Hardy and Anderson. Hardy and Anderson roll through to break that up. Angle goes up top and Anderson cuts him off. Anderson has Angle on his shoulders and Anderson executes his senton flip. Hardy is up top, Anderson covers Angle and Hardy flies hitting a Swantom to break up the pinfall. Hardy covers Angle and Anderson and both kick out. Anderson is knocked outside and Angle hits the Angle Slam on Hardy, cover and Hardy kicks out. Anderson is going up top. Angle walks up and hits a big right hand. More rights from Angle, climbs up with Anderson and Angle executes a modified Angle Slam on Anderson. Hardy quickly runs over and covers Anderson for a close two count. Hardy catches Angle with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind combo. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Anderson. Hardy is now going up top. Hardy hits a Swanton over Anderson big time.

Hardy hooks the leg on Anderson and Angle pulls him off applying the ankle lock. Hardy is trying to kick Angle away. Hardy rolls through sending Angle into Anderson who hits the Mic Check. Anderson hooks the leg of Angle and gets a very close two count. Anderson with a roll up, Hardy breaks that up and gets one of his own for a close two count. Hardy and Anderson hit each other with a double clothesline. Angle is going up top and hits a huge moonsault on Hardy. Angle hooks the leg and Hardy powers out before the three count. Hardy falls out of the ring in doing so. Anderson with rights to Angle. Angle responds with rights of his own. Lots of counters between Anderson and Angle. Referee bump when Angle talks out Brian Hebner with a clothesline. Angle with a german suplex on Anderson, Anderson blocks a second attempt and hits a Mic Check. Eric Bischoff is walking out with a steel chair. Bischoff gets in the ring and is holding up the chair. Hulk Hogan's music hits. We see Hogan coming down the ramp on crutches. Bischoff is shocked. Hogan works his way into the ring with help from security. Bischoff tosses the steel chair away. Hogan gets in Bischoff's face. Hogan tosses a crutch at Bischoff. Hogan holds up his crutch. Hardy gets in between them to stop a fight. Hogan hands the other crutch to Hardy. Hardy breaks the crutch over the neck of Angle. Hogan and Bischoff smile pointing at Hardy. Hogan and Bischoff hug. Hardy breaks the other crutch off the back of Anderson. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Anderson, hooks the leg, Bischoff drags the referee back in, the referee counts the pin and we have a new champion.

Winner & NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Eric Bischoff gets on the mic and announces Jeff Hardy as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Abyss walks down and hugs Hulk Hogan. Jeff Jarrett is in next and raises the hand of the new champion Hardy. Jarrett jumps into the arms of Abyss celebrating. Rob Van Dam hits the ring and asks Jeff Hardy what he is doing. Hardy knocks out RVD with the title. The PPV goes off the air with Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, Hardy and Abyss all celebrating in the ring as trash is thrown in. Tenay said Bound for Glory will always be known as the date where Jeff Hardy made a deal with the devil.

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