Chris Jericho says he will never wrestle anywhere else

Oct 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Reported by Adam Martin of

In a new interview with The Sun in the UK, Chris Jericho stated that despite taking some time away from WWE for the time being that he has no interest in wrestling anywhere else.

“I have a certain understanding with Vince. Sometimes he gets mad at me, sometimes I get mad at him. But the bottom line is I love wrestling and I love the WWE. I will NEVER wrestle anywhere other than the WWE. That’s a given and everyone knows it. I’m a creative person and, just like the boss, I’m going to do things that creatively stimulate me. Vince is surrounded by a lot of yes men and I think he is very refreshed by the fact that I’m not a yes man.”

Full interview link:
Jericho: I won’t go elsewhere

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