Interview with Sarah Stock

Sep 9, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Interview conduct: May 2005

SG> How did you get started in the wrestling business?
SS> I decided to start training in Winnipeg with Top Rope Championship Wrestling. I had been practicing and competing in Muay Thai kickboxing for a few years and I felt like it was time to make a change.

SG> When and where did you make your pro debut?
SS> In Fort Norman, Northwest Territories, Canada on Feb. 22 of 2002.

SG> Who were you trained by and how would you describe your training?
SS> I have had several instructors and continue to train almost daily. Some of my most influential trainers have been Phil Lafon, Eddie Watts, Diluvio Negro 1, and Sergio Romo Sr. There’s no typical training, it varies so much depending on who I’m training with.

SG> Do you come from an athletic background?
SS> I’ve always been athletic. My favourite sports growing up were soccer, track and field, cross country running, and horseback riding.

SG> Is Sarah Stock your real name or your ring name?
SS> My real name. I wrestle mainly as Sweet Sarah in Canada and as Dark Angel in Mexico.

SG> At this point in your career, what do you consider your strengths?
SS> My strengths: good conditioning, willingness to learn, determination. My weaknesses: lack of time and experience in wrestling.

SG> Do you have a home federation?
SS> No, I’m wrestling for several promotions.

SG> What previous promotions have you wrestled for?
SS> Top Rope, No Holds Barred, PCW, Monster Pro Wrestling, Can-Am, Hybrid Wrestling Coalition, ECCW, Mainstream Wrestling, East Coast Pro Wrestling, Real Action Wrestling, TCW (Canada) WXW, OVW, (States) LLF, AAA, NGX (Mexico) and several other independent promotions.

SG> Any opinion of the recent WWE diva search?
SS> Not really, I believe there’s a place for women in pro wrestling. Women have an advantage because if they would like to be part of the industry, they can choose to be involved as wreslters. But there is also a demand for women to be involved as managers, models, valets, etc.

SG> Do you watch TNA, and if so, what do you think of it?
SS> I don’t watch it.

SG> Which match do you consider your best thus far?
SS> Two that stand out are against Princesa Sugey for the FILL title in Monterrey and against Amapola in the Arena Coliseo in Mexico City, both in April of this year.

SG> What has been your career highlight?
SS> Wrestling in the Arena Coliseo of Mexico City for the 62nd Anniversary of the Arena.

SG> Do you wrestle mostly women or men?
SS> Mostly women, although it was more usual to wrestle men in Canada where women wrestlers are few.

SG> How many matches do you average in a month?
SS> It depends, right now because it is the hot season and lots of outdoor arenas are open I’m wrestling more or less 5 times a week.

SG> What are your career goals?
SS> An immediate goal is to enter CMLL and to wrestle in Arena Mexico. Another goal is to become a more complete wrestler. To travel to more countries. To keep training hard. To stay healthy.

SG> You are a very attractive young lady, do you consider yourself a sex symbol?
SS> Sure, sometimes.

SG> If you weren’t wrestling, what do you think you would be doing?
SS> I have no clue, I’ve always been interested in Sports Psychology and Nutrition, as well as working out. I have a degree in chemistry, but I don’t think I’d consider continuing in that career path because it didn’t leave me feeling satisfied.

SG> What is your opinion of the current state of wrestling?
SS> From where I stand, I can say it’s pretty good. It’s given me a way to make a living and a chance to see parts of the world I never imagined I’d see. I feel so grateful that there is an opportunity to do this, to live off of it and to feel rewarded and satisfied while doing it.

SG> Who is your dream match opponent?
SS> Owen Hart.

SG> Plug your official web site.

SG> What has been the biggest crowd you have wrestled for?
SS> I guess about 5000 people in Arena Coliseo of Mexico City.

SG> Where do you see yourself in five years?
SS> I see myself still wrestling.

SG> Do you have a message for all the Sarah Stock fans?
SS> Thank you for your support.

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