Hardcore Justice

Aug 8, 2010 - by Adam Martin

TNA Hardcore Justice
August 8, 2010
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package opens highlighting past ECW stars and how they pay tribute to hardcore tonight. The video ends, “This is Hardcore Justice…and this is our last stand.”

We go live to the Impact Zone and Taz is first introduced. Taz wants to be the first person to welcome us to Hardcore Justice. He said he has been backstage since 11:00 a.m. today and promises tonight will get extreme. Taz said the work ethic will bleed out tonight – more ways than one. A loud “EC DUB” chant starts up. He then brings up the haters who said ECW was nothing but guts and violence. Taz said they were the true renegades of the wrestling business “and that is a shoot.” He said he has a direct message for the haters who don’t get it and never will get it. Taz adds they can “kiss his ass.” He said his name is Taz and he is the human suplex machine, beat me if you can, the fans finish, “survive if I let you.” Stephen DeAngelis introduces referee John Finnegan.

Out first is The FBI with Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido and Tracy Smothers. Out next, Kid Kash. Out third, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger.

Kid Kash, Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond vs. The FBI

We start with Kid Kash and Little Guido. Guido grounds Kash a few times until they exchange a few takedowns. Guido with more pinfall attempts on Kash including a school boy. Tag to Tony Mamaluke (who they are calling Tony Luke). Tag to Johnny Swinger. Tony with a drop toe hold on Swinger. Swinger drives Tony into the mat after sending him into the corner. Tag to Tracy Smothers and Simon Diamond. Smothers lights up Diamond with a few right hands and a big side kick. Diamond bails out of the ring and grabs a mic. Taz wonders if Diamond is blown up already. Simon has a problem. The crowd tells him to “shut the f#ck up!” Simon said it is obvious they aren’t a well oiled machine because of Kash, so they are going to have a dance off. Simon and Swinger dance a bit and white guy high five. Smothers takes the mic and said Michael Jackson just rolled over in his grave. The FBI take center stage in the middle of the ring and dance a bit. Big Sal E. takes part as well. We then get some brawling as everyone rolls to the outside except for Kash. Referee John Finnegan drops down, Kash hits the ropes, jumps off John and hits a huge flip dive on everyone. In the ring, Diamond sends Tony to the outside. Kash takes a few chops from Tony. Kash powerslams Tony right into the corner. Little Guido with the tag and takes out Swinger and Diamond. Guido with a series of kicks to Kash. We get a Tower of Doom spot in the corner with everyone. Smothers with a clothesline on Diamond. Swinger plants Smothers with a facebuster. Tony with a dropkick off the top on Swinger. Kash with a tiger driver on Tony. Guido with a leg drop on Kash. Guido with a facebuster on Diamond and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The FBI

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss tonight’s PPV. Tenay mentions he isn’t trying to be Joey Styles tonight and if Styles was contractually available, he would have stepped aside and gladly sat back. They mention that tonight’s main event has been changed to Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu.

We see video clips of Tod Gordon, Gary Wolfe and The Blue Meanie thanking TNA and Dixie Carter for allowing ECW to have another final farewell.

We then have an “I REMEMBER” segment where AJ Styles recalls Tommy Dreamer getting beaten by The Sandman with a singapore cane uttering the famous line, “Thank you sir may I have another.” Styles calls Dreamer a tough guy. Angelina Love also recalls how she didn’t get to see ECW until its final year in Canada.

Backstage, Al Snow is backstage talking to Head and Stevie Richards is trying to talk him down when Nova walks in. Nova is in Hollywood Hogan mode saying he wants to put the band back together BROTHER. Nova said he found The Blue Meanie. It is one of the backstage TNA security guys (formerly of Phi Delta Slam).

CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Lock up and Anderson works on the left arm of Anderson. Anderson trips up Scorpio and Scorpio flips back up. Scorpio extends a hand to Anderson and Anderson spits on his hand. They start exchanging lefts, rights and elbows. Scorpio with a huge corkscrew dive over the top rope on Anderson. Anderson fires back leveling Scorpio with a huge superkick. Scorpio attempts a few kicks on Anderson. Anderson ducks them all and hits a huge smack to the face of Scorpio. Scorpio trips up Anderson, Anderson does the same, Scorpio with a quick rollup, misses a superkick and is dropped with a big forearm by Anderson. Scorpio with a big flip dive into Anderson in the corner. Scorpio hits a flip dive leg drop over Anderson from the top turnbuckle. Scorpio misses a moonsault and Anderson counters with a big spinebuster. Scorpio comes back with a superkick and connects with a moonsault that he flips through landing with a leg drop over Anderson! Scorpio gets the pinfall after that impressive finish.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

After the match, Taz on commentary says Scorpio could be better now than he ever was in his career.

Madison Rayne, Matt Morgan and Ken Anderson all reflect on ECW’s past.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam is with Bill Alfonso. They talk about Jerry Lynn suffering a back injury and choosing Sabu as his replacement tonight in the main event. Alfonso looks crazy. He said he will manage both RVD and Sabu tonight.

Stevie Richards w/ Nova & The (fake) Blue Meanie vs. PJ Polaco (aka Justin Credible)

Lots of exchanges early in the match. PJ backs Richards into the corner, hits a few knees and chest chops. Richards responds with a few chops as well. Richards tosses PJ into the corner who slides down and crotches himself on the steel ring post. PJ fights back powerbombing Richards from the corner back to the mat. PJ with a modified tornado DDT on Richards. PJ with a jawbreaker, but Richards fights back with a stiff kick to the gut. Richards tosses PJ over the top rope over the steel steps when he attempted to jump back at Richards. Richards with a quick backbreaker on PJ followed by a sitdown powerbomb for a close two count. PJ catches Richards out of no where with a superkick. PJ with his tombstone piledriver on Richards and breaks up the pinfall when Nova distracts him. This allows Richards to recover and take out PJ with a huge superkick for the pinfall.

Winner: Stevie Richards

After the match, PJ Polaco grabs a singapore cane and starts hitting Stevie Richards with it repeatedly. The lights go out in the Impact Zone. When they come back on, PJ turns around and it is The Sandman with a singapore cane in hand. Sandman takes out PJ with a russian leg sweep and a shot to the head with a singapore cane. Sandman breaks PJ’s singapore cane and stands over him as the fans cheer.

Francine sends a video message thanking everyone and mentions she is now a stay-at-home mom.

We take a moment to pause for those who have passed away that were former ECW stars.

Three Way Dance
Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino

The crowd had heads in the crowd during Al Snow’s entrance. Tenay mentions on commentary that rules for this three way dance is elimination until we get down to the final two competitors. Runt with a quick rollup on Rhino who powers out and levels Runt with a big clothesline. Snow trips up Rhino in the corner who was about to attempt a Gore on Runt. Snow drops Runt with a big backbreaker. Runt tosses Rhino over the top rope after Snow was dumped out by Rhino. Runt jumps at both, is caught by Snow and Rhino and both Snow and Rhino launch Runt into the entrance ramp. Snow tosses Rhino back in the ring and misses a springboard leg drop attempt. Snow connects with a moonsault on Rhino for a two count. Rhino gives Snow a suplex and Runt jumps off the top rope landing on the chest of Snow. Rhino counters Runt’s diamond cutter attempt from the corner. Runt with a tilt-a-whirl takedown on Rhino. We get a short lived “THIS IS WRESTLING” chant from the crowd in Orlando. Runt takes shots at both Snow and Rhino. Snow and Rhino dump Runt over the top rope and is sent into the ring barricade. Referee bump. Snow grabs Head and nails Rhino with it. Runt with a steel chair back in the ring. Runt hits the chair on the mat, tosses it at Snow and falls back. Snow hits the chair on the ground and then falls back. The referee is up and everyone is down. Runt dodges a shot from Snow using Head and hits his diamond cutter from the corner. Runt covers Snow and gets the pinfall.

Al Snow has been eliminated.

Rhino levels Runt with a Gore right away and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, Rhino, Al Snow and Brother Runt all celebrate the match.

Backstage, Mick Foley talks about the feud between Tommy Dreamer and Raven in ECW.

Magnus and Chris Sabin reflect on ECW.

Out next are Kahoneys (Balls Mahoney) and Axl Rotten. They mention they aren’t booked tonight and are issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. Out walk The Dudley’s (Team 3D) with Joel Gertner. Gertner takes the mic. “It is I, the bacon in her eggs, the man for whom she begs and the face between her legs. The lyrical miracle, the sexual intellectual and the quintessential stud muffin, JOEL, Lady Gaga advocates celebacy, what an absolutle disgrace, if she won’t let me stuff her muff, then I’ll just poke her face…GERTNER.” Gertner also introduces The Dud…he stops himself and introduces them as Team 3D. Brother Ray takes the mic and calls in Kahoneys and Rotten. He said you are looking at four of the most hardcore men who have ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring. Ray said the last thing these people want to see is a “wrestling match” so we will give them what they paid to see (paid in Orlando?) and wants a South Philadelphia Street Fight.

South Philadelphia Street Fight
Team 3D vs. Kahoneys & Axl Rotten

Rotten and Devon go at it in the ring as Ray and Kahoneys brawl on the outside. Ray takes out Kahoneys in the ring from the second rope with a shoulder block. Taz is laughing on commentary having to refer to Balls Mahoney as Kahoneys. Ray grabs a head from the crowd and asks Kahoneys if he wants some head and smacks it over his head. All four men start brawling into the crowd in the Impact Zone. We get another “EC Dub” chant. I wonder if the legal team is cringing. The action is all over the place in the crowd. They are using a two-screen shot trying to keep track of the action. Back in the ring, Kahoneys hits a few right hands on Ray and finishes with a trash can lid shot to the head. Ray does the Flair flop. Ray grabs a frying pan and hits Kahoneys over the head with it. Ray grabs a cookie sheet, but Rotten comes in and lights him up with a few shots and a cookie sheet to the head. Kahoneys has a Star Wars light saber toy. Devon tosses another to Ray. The crowd chants, “USE THE FORCE!” Kahoneys and Ray exchange light saber shots. Kahoneys with a kick to the gut and “stabs” Ray with the light saber. Kahoneys winds up, but Ray low blows him with the light saber. Ray goes old school dancing around and drops Kahoneys with a big elbow. Devon with a reverse neckbreaker on Rotten. Kahoneys with a sitdown powerbomb on Devon. The crowd wants tables and fire. All four men have steel chairs and exchange shots. 3D fire back with chair shots of their own on Rotten and Kahoneys. Ray holds back the legs of Kahoneys and Devon connects from up top with a headbutt. You know what comes next. Devon gets the table. Gertner then jumps up on the ring apron and hands lighter fluid to Ray. Ray tosses the fluid on the table. Devon lights it. Kahoneys takes the powerbomb through the flaming table. Devon pins Kahoneys for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, Brother Ray takes the mic and Team 3D is the best tag team in the world. The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) are now walking out. They hit the ring and attack both Ray and Devon. We get the usual New Jack weapons used such as crutches, trash cans and a guitar (which New Jack cracks over the head of Joel Gertner). All three tag teams then embrace and celebrate in what Tenay called a tribute to hardcore tag team wrestling.

Backstage, Raven talks about his history with Tommy Dreamer saying he surpassed him in his wrestling career.

Jesse Neal and Kazarian reflect on ECW.

Brother Ray, Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, Rhino, The Sandman, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer all pay tribute to Joey Styles.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven
Special guest referee: Mick Foley

Before the match, Mick Foley said this match was anything goes. Raven gave Dreamer a low blow shot before the bell rang and they brawled to the outside as we got the official bell ring. Raven with a russian leg sweep on Dreamer into the steel ring barricade. Dreamer grabs a soda, takes a drink and spits it in the face of Raven. Back in the ring, Dreamer grabs a steel chair, sets it up, picks up Raven, attempts a suplex, Raven counters and then drop toe holds Dreamer face first into the chair. Taz mentions Paul Heyman on commentary wondering what he must be thinking tonight watching the show. Dreamer is busted open as he rolls to the outside and is right in front of his girls at ringside along with his wife Beaulah. They are doing a “Beyond the Mat” documentary reference here with Foley’s kids in the front row at Royal Rumble 1999. Dixie Carter gets help to take Dreamer’s girls to the back. Back in the ring, Raven chokes a bloody Dreamer with his boot. Dreamer then counters another drop toe hold attempt with one of us own on Raven right into the steel chair. Dreamer rolls out and grabs a sign from a fan that says, “Tommy, use this sign.” Dreamer comes back in with it and cracks it over the head of Raven. Raven is busted open over his eye now as Dreamer reveals a “dead end” sign was what the fan gave him. Dreamer gives Raven a suplex over the dead end sign. Dreamer grabs a ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the corner. Dreamer slides Raven under the ladder and catapults him face first into the ladder. Dreamer props Raven up on the top turnbuckle, but when Dreamer tries to climb up over the ladder, Raven pushes him away and Dreamer crotches himself in the ladder. Dreamer with a dropkick to the face with Raven in the tree of woe. Dreamer then grabs barbed wire, wraps it around the face of Raven and locks him in the crossface. Blood is pouring down Raven’s face. Raven is close to tapping out when Nova and the fake Blue Meanie hit the ring to break it up. They attack Foley and Dreamer. Dreamer fights back taking both Nova and the fake Meanie out. Raven hits Dreamer with an Evenflow DDT, but Dreamer kicks out. Raven’s lackey hits the ring and hits a top rope leg drop on Dreamer. Foley grabs the barbed wire and gives Raven’s lackey the mandiable claw using the barbed wire. Blood is gushing out of the mouth of Raven’s lackey. Foley chases him away and returns to the ring. Raven handcuffs the arms of Dreamer and starts beating him over the back with a steel chair. Beaulah runs down and tries to talk Raven out of continuing the beat down. Raven hugs her and then hits Dreamer with a steel chair to the head. Raven teases he is going to hit Beaulah and Foley gets involved. Raven low blows Foley. Dreamer, still handcuffed, kicks Raven and hits a DDT. Dreamer rolls on top of Raven for the pin and Raven gets a shoulder up. Raven grabs the chair again, hits Dreamer some more hitting his injured knee and then hits the Evenflow DDT again over the chair. Raven covers Dreamer and gets the win.

Winner: Raven

After the match, we see highlights of the fight leading to the finish. Back live, a bloody Tommy Dreamer heads to the back along with his wife Beaulah.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash and SoCal Val plug exclusive videos on TNAwrestling.com from tonight. The Gangstas walk up. Mustafa walks off with Val, while New Jack tells Borash he is now his bitch.

A video package airs reflecting on Paul Heyman with various former ECW stars.

Non-title match
TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

Sabu looks a little different as he is sporting a shaved head. The bell rings and Sabu goes in for a quick takedown that is countered by RVD. RVD counters another takedown attempt by Sabu. RVD and Sabu exchange takedowns and then get in a stare down. Bill Alfonso tosses a steel chair in. Sabu is the first to get it and tosses it at the face of RVD. Sabu sets it up and hits a big dive in the corner. RVD rolls out and Sabu catches him with a baseball slide. RVD goes flying over the steel guard railing. Sabu positions the chair near the ropes, hits the ropes, jumps off the chair, springboards off the top rope and dives taking out RVD in the crowd. Back in the ring, RVD monkey flips Sabu back first onto the steel chair. RVD then launches the chair at the face of Sabu. Sabu fires back with a clothesline that drops RVD. Both men get the same idea attempting a springboard flying elbow and both connect in mid-air at the same time. Alfonso gets in the ring and tosses both guys a water bottle. Water break time I guess. We then resume with both RVD and Sabu grabbing tables at the same time. Both catch each other doing the same and meet on the side of the ring locking up. RVD breaks that up, jumps up on the ring apron and kicks Sabu in the face. RVD drapes Sabu over the guard railing, RVD goes up on the ring apron, does the R-V-D pose, jumps and drops a leg over the back of Sabu’s neck/back. RVD throws a chair over the chest of Sabu and hits a slingshot leg drop. RVD goes up top and Sabu launches a chair at his head. Sabu with a snap huricanrana on RVD on the top turnbuckle. When RVD hits the mat he lands on top of a steel chair. Sabu hits his classic Arabian Facebuster using a steel chair. Sabu then locks on a camel clutch as the fans chant at him, “YOU’VE STILL GOT IT!” RVD crotches Sabu over the top rope, hits a right hand, grabs a steel chair, hands it to Alfonso, Alfonso holds up the chair and RVD hits a kick to the face using the chair springboarding off the top turnbuckle. RVD with a split leg moonsault on Sabu for another close two count. RVD brings in a table and Sabu launches a steel chair at his back and then head. RVD fires back with a kick to the face. RVD puts a chair over Sabu’s chest and connects with Rolling Thunder. RVD with a kick to Sabu’s face using a steel chair. Sabu with a huge twisting tornado DDT on RVD over a chair. Sabu is up top with a steel chair and attempts to jump over RVD, but goes crashing through the table instead. RVD is up top and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers Sabu for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Rob Van Dam celebrates his win over Sabu in the ring. RVD goes to celebrate with Sabu. Sabu shrugs him off at first, but then both embrace in a hug. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, the rest of the ECW crew walks down the ramp and joins RVD and Sabu in the ring. Everyone is carrying a beer and enjoying the end of the night. Dixie Carter joins in with a beer at ringside as well. The crowd starts a loud, “F*CK YOU VINCE!” chant. Brother Ray grabs Dixie and puts her in the ring to celebrate with the crew. Tommy Dreamer gives one last thank you on the mic as the show goes off the air.

A promo for Bound For Glory on October 10 airs.

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