Sara Del Rey Interview

Jul 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Interview with Sara Del Rey

Interview conducted: May 24, 2007

SG> Steve Gerweck
SDR> Sara Del Rey

SG> How did you adopt your ring name, Sara Del Rey?
SDR> Well that is my name. The first few years I was wrestling I used another name but I always thought it was funny to use real names that were not your own. So when I went pro I changed it to my name.

SG> What are your long terms goals in the business?
SDR> I have already done much more than I ever thought I would. I really just want to wrestle as much as possible and be the best I can be.

SG> Short term goals?
SDR> I would really like to wrestle in Canada.

SG> How did you get started in the business?
SDR> Like most I was a fan growing up and after high school I decided to look into local schools to train at.

SG> How did you get started with Ring of Honor?
SDR> Oh I will never forget, I was in town for the first Shimmer taping and ROH was running the night before. They decided to have a Shimmer showcase match on the pre show. I think I was chosen because at the time Bryan was the champion and Gabe knew I trained with him. Lucky me!

SG> What is your opinion of Ring of Honor starting to promote PPVs?
SDR> I think it is awesome! The product itself is so great and such a good alternative to the other promotions on TV now.

SG> Who has had the biggest influences on your in ring style?
SDR> Bryan Danielson.

SG> Talk about your experiences in Japan. Anything surprise you?
SDR> Japan was so awesome. Going there was so surreal; I was not surprised by much. The training was so amazing and the girls I can not say enough about. They really are professionals.

SG> Any plans to return to Japan?
SDR> Not any time soon. I am enjoying being home right now.

SG> You also had a run in Mexico as the American Angel under a mask. You were unmasked. Does this mean you’ll return to Mexico as Sarah Del Ray?
SDR> Yes, I lost my mask at the end of ’05 and spent most of next year living there and wrestling as me.

SG> What was your career highlight in Mexico?
SDR> There was a cup tournament that I won that was awesome. There were a lot of fantastic wrestles in the tournament like Lady Apache, Xochie Hamada, Princess Sugey, Portia Peraz and others.

SG> How many shows do you currently work in a month?
SDR> It really all depends on the month I would say no less than 5.

SG> Talk about your training regime.
SDR> I go to the gym 7 days a week when I have the time. The trick is with all the travel still doing something. I weight train 3 days a week and have circuit training I try to get in at least twice a week and pro wrestle train twice a week as well.

SG> Do you consider yourself a student of the game? Do you watch a lot of tapes?
SDR> I do consider my self a student. That is the beauty of our sport there is always something to learn. I do watch a ton of tapes I wish I could watch a tape a day but some days I just don’t have the time.


SG> Do you think Shimmer has the business plan to be successful years down the road?
SDR> I sure do and with the title tournament coming up I think Shimmer will be around for a while.

SG> What is your opinion of the current WWE product? How about TNA?
SDR> I really don’t have an opinion because I don’t watch either.

SG> Have you been contacted to work for either WWE or TNA?
SDR> Nope.

SG> What are your hobbies and interests outside the wrestling business?
SDR> I am a nerd I like going to the gym and hanging out in bed!

SG> Where do you see yourself in five years?
SDR> Hopefully still as an active wrestler.

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