Fatal 4 Way

Jun 26, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Live from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY

– Thank you for joining us for our LIVE coverage.

– Opening video highlight package opens the broadcast.

– Pyro goes off.

– Vince McMahon comes out to announce that Bret Hart is not here tonight, and they show the NXT/Bret Hart angle that ended Raw last week. McMahon said that they would be meeting with Hart’s representatives about when he would return to his duties.

– Drew McIntyre comes to the ring and shakes hands with
Mr. McMahon on the way out.

– They show the McIntyre-Long angle from Smackdown.

– They show Mr. McMahon leaving in his limo.

– McIntyre calls out Teddy Long. McIntyre cuts a promo on Long, who he makes sit ring side. McIntyre wants Long to hand him the strap when beat Kofi Kingston for the IC title.

Announcers: Michael Cole, The King, and Matt Stryker

(1) IC title match: Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

As McIntyre works over Kingston, fans started a chant of “let’s go Kofi.” McIntyre works over Kingston’s left arm, and he mocks the IC champion. They show Long with his hands folding watching the action from ring side. It appears he was pulling for Kingston. The referee for the opening match is Charles Robinson. Lots of near falls. At one point, Kingston appeared to have McIntyre beat, but the challenger was able to get his foot on the ropes to break the count. In other exchange, Kingston was forced to pick his worked over left shoulder to break up a near fall. McIntyre argued the counted with Robinson. As McIntyre and Kingston mixed it up, the referee was bumped. Future shock by Kingston, but the referee remained out. McIntyre tried to revive Robinson without any success. McIntyre dragged Long into the ring. He pulled off Robinson’s referee shirt and demanded that Long put it on, which he did. Long made it to two, but Long stopped his count and shook his head at McIntyre. Long begged for mercy from McIntyre. Matt Hardy runs in through the crowd hits a twist of fate, which allowed Kingston to hit his trouble in paradise for the win at 16:27 to retain the IC title.

Savannah interviewed the Hart Dynasty backstage. Natalya said the Hart family is used to adversity, and this week has been no different. DH Smith said that Bret Hart has been like a father to him, and they would fight tonight.

(2) Divas championship: Eve Torres vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox vs. Maryse.

Chants of “boring” can be heard during the match. Maryse and Alicia Fox had a face off, until they are broken apart. Fox pinned Maryse stealing Eve’s pin at 5:40, and captured the Divas title.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and The Big Show have a conversation about their match tonight. Mysterio said he’s been the champion before, and he’ll be the champion again tonight. The Big Show said he won’t hesitate to knock out Mysterio if it comes down to the that. As Big Show puts up his fist, Mysterio said his heart even bigger than that.

– Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Jericho cuts a promo in the ring. Jericho said he is the reason why people watch WWE. Jericho said he now has a problem, as he isn’t the buzz word anymore. Jericho said his protege Wade Barrett even gets more buzz than he does these days. Y2J said he has always been the underdog, but these days he is at the top and people are shooting for him. Jericho said he has been the best at what he does for a decade, and now has a target on his back. Jericho said he wronged with a shooting star press from Evan Bourne, and challenged him to rematch.

(3) Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne.

As the match starts, fans start a “Y2J chant.” Fans do a “let’s go Jericho” chant, and the idiot Michael Cole says the fans are split tonight. Bourne leaps off the top rope onto Jericho on the floor.

Walls of Jericho applied in the center of the ring, but Bourne got to the bottom rope to break the hold. In frustration, Jericho rams Bourne’s head into the announce table.

Bourne misses the shooting star press, and Jericho answers with a code breaker. Two count when Bourne puts his foot on the bottom rope. Jericho yells at Bourne to “stay down.”

For the second time, Bourne takes too much time to hit the shooting star press properly. Jericho runs up, but Bourne blocks the superplex. Shooting star press, and Bourne wins at 12:02.

– We see a promo for the Best PPV matches of 2009 airing on PPV in July.

– We are back to the announce booth, and they talk about the upcoming match – the World Heavyweight title match.

– We see a highlight package for tonight’s fatal four way.

(4) Fatal For Way match for the World Heavyweight title: Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk cames out and tells Serena and Luke Gallows to run to the back on the entrance ramp.

There was a spot where Big Show pulled Rey Mysterio back into the ring, and nearly pinned him until Punk made the save.

Briefly, Punk and Mysterio teamed up to double drop kick Big Show out of the ring.

Mysterio was going to do the 619 on Swagger, but Punk broke it up.

Swagger suplexed Punk and Mysterio at the same time in an impressive maneuver.

Mysterio went for a 619 on Punk, but Big Show caught him from the outside and dropped him on the announce table.

GTS by Punk on Swagger, but was too winded to make the cover. Kane comes out with the symbolic casket. Kane comes out and chokeslams Punk into the casket. Gallows comes out to help Punk.

Mysterio hits a 619 and covers Swagger to win the World Heavyweight title at 10:26.

– We see a promo for the Money in the Back PPV which takes place on 7/18.

– Backstage, Josh Mathews interviews John Cena. Cena is about the possible interference of the NXT rookies. He said they are ready for them if they do show up. Mathews brings up that we have seen two fatal four way matches, and two title changes. Cena said he is going out to win, and not lose. Cena said whomever walks out WWE champion tonight, earns it.

– We see highlights from Raw where The Miz wins the United States title in a fatal four way match.

– The Miz comes to the ring and cuts a promo on R-Truth. The Miz plays R-Truth music and uses his own words, instead of “Whats Up,” He uses “The Miz.” Pretty funny.

(5) U.S. title match: The Miz vs. R-Truth

As the match starts, fans chanted “this is awesome.”

Miz is working over R-Truth’s right arm, and Killings is selling sore ribs. Fans chanted “this is boring” now.

The Miz pinned R-Truth at 13:22 to retain the United States championship.

– We see a “don’t try this at home” PSA.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Edge. He said Cena must be thinking about all the titles changing hands in fatal four ways. Edge said Sheamus knows in the back of his head that he doesn’t belong in the ring. Edge says Orton has be concerned about his injured shoulder. What is going through Edge’s head? Walking out WWE champion.

(6) Six person’s tag: The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs. The Uso’s and Tamina.

Samoan drop by Jimmy Uso, tossing Tyson Kid into the barrier.

Crowd is flat for this one, following a rather dull U.S. title match.

Samoan drop by Tamina on Natalya. She went to the top rope for the splash, but Natalya moved out of the way. Natalya ended up scoring the pinfall at 9:28.

– We see the announcers at ring side again, as they hype the 7/18 Money in the Bank PPV in Kansas City.

– We see a highlight package to hype tonight’s WWE title match.

(7) Fatal Four Way match for the WWE championship: John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Edge

The match starts off with stare down with Cena and Orton. Both men went for unsuccessfully for their finishing maneuvers.

Unusual chant from the crowd: “Cena sucks, let’s go Cena.”

Backstage, they show the Raw superstars watching the match just in case of the NXT rookies showing up.

The chant changes to “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks.”

Double face first DDT by Orton onto Cena and Shemaus. Orton opted to cover Sheamus, but he was able to get his bottom rope on the bottom rope to stop the count.

Five knuckle shuffle by Cena over Edge, but Orton interrupted Cena’s offense.

STFU by Cena on Edge, but Sheamus made the save. He tried to unsuccessfully over Edge.

RKO by Orton on Cena, but Sheamus stopped the referee as this is a no DQ match. Spear by Edge on Orton, road kick by Sheamus on Edge, but Sheamus couldn’t cover Orton for the victory.

Backstage, as the Raw superstars watch the monitor, the NXT guys jump them from behind and smash the TV monitor.

The NXT guys come storming into the ring and take out security and beat down the guys in the main event!

Sheamus sneaks in and pins Orton to win the WWE championship at 17:24 and then high tails in out of the ring through the crowd.

With no announcing, the NXT guys continue to work over a defenseless Cena.

On the entrance ramp, Sheamus holds up the spinner belt, and the NXT guys go after him, but he bolts. We see Cena, Orton, and Edge beaten down as the PPV ends at 10:35.

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Divas match – 5%

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WWE title match – 16%

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