Jun 21, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


(1) ECW championship in a ladder match: Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin.

Tonight’s announcers are Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker. Cole reports the crowd size at 15,226 fans.

Both men attempted to climb the ladder in the opening minutes of the match, neither were successful in securing the ECW title belt hovering over the ring.

Christian has been busted open. A medic attended to Christian. Fans chanted “we want blood.”

On the outside of the ring, Benjamin jumped off the ladder and landed on the ECW champion.

With a ladder prompted up in a corner, Benjamin whipped Christian chest first into the ladder. Ouch.

Striker pointed out that these men have competed in 11 combined ladder matches.

Benjamin tipped the ladder with himself on top and clotheslined Christian.

Christian pulled the ladder from Benjamin as he held the title belt over the ring. Benjamin and Christian changed positions, and Benjamin pulled Christian down and drove him into another set up in a ring corner.

Benjamin laid atop of a ladder that was prompted up from the ring to the announce table. Christian jumped from a corner, landed on top and through the ladder. Christian got back into the ring and grabbed the title belt to remain ECW champion at 18:06.

– Cole, Striker, and Lawler, at ring side, talked about tonight’s Tag Team title match. They showed highlights from the DX-Y2J and Big Show angle from Raw.

(2) IC championship: John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre.

The crowd intensity has dropped off from the opening ladder match.

On the mat, McIntyre attempted a stretcher maneuver on Morrison.

Missile drop kick by Morrison from the top rope, but he could only get a two count.

McIntyre did an inverted Alabama Jam on Morrison, but again, only for a two count.

Starship pain by Morrison, but McIntyre was able to get his foot under the rope to force a referee stoppage with the count.

Underhook DDT by McIntyre, and he pins Morrison for the IC championship at 10:20.

– We see a promo for the 2009 Slammy Awards for tomorrow night hosted by Dennis Miller.

– We see the national guard sitting ring side. Thank you for your service!

— Backstage, Vince McMahon congratulated Drew McIntyre. McIntyre tells Vince its just the beginning. Josh Mathews comes in to interview the new champion. He said he knew his first championship would come this easy. Sheamus comes in and said Drew’s win was impressive, but says that he won’t be the only newcomer walking out with gold.

(3) Women’s championship: Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool.

Layla came out wearing a Piggie James t-shirt.

On the outside, McCool rammed James into the security wall. James chased away Layla.

Lou Thesz press by James, back in the ring.

Layla tossed James from the top rope, and nearly cost McCool the match. The heel champion recovered and pinned James at 7:30 to retain the Women’s title.

– Cole, Lawler, and Striker previewed tonight’s WWE championship match.

– We see a video package hyping the Cena vs. Sheamus title match.

(4) WWE championship decided under Tables Match Rules: John Cena vs. Sheamus.

Cole pointed out that the last WWE champion born outside of the United States was Yokozuna, sixteen years ago.

On the outside, Cena rammed Sheamus into the steel ring steps.

From under the ring, Cena pulled out a table, and set it up on the arena floor. He placed Sheamus on it, but Sheamus came back to life.

The white body of Sheamus is showing the welts from Cena’s offense.

Cena brought out another from under the ring and set it up.

Cena got back into the ring and received the Irish cross kick. Sheamus brought in a table into the ring.

Five knuckle shuffle by Cena, followed by the Attitude adjustment.

Cena brought in table and set it up in the middle of the ring.

Cena attempted to super plex Sheamus from the top rope, but Sheamus blocked it and pushed Cena back into the table to win the WWE championship at 16:23.

After the match, Cena picked up a piece of wood from the broken table and put it into his pocket as he walked to the back.

– We see a promo for the Tribute to the Troops/NBC special which airs next Saturday night.

– Cole, Striker, and Lawler talked about the stunner in the WWE championship. Lawler wondered if Cena lost his balance. Striker said it didn’t matter as Cena went through the table.

– They pulled the official TLC theme song.

– They hyped the upcoming chair match and showed a video highlight package.

(5) Chair match for the World Heavyweight championship: The Undertaker vs. Batista.

Vintage Undertaker with the leg drop on Batista. Undertaker went for the top rope walk, but Batista was able to stop him.

Batista superplexed Undertaker, but could only garner a two count.

Spinbuster by Batista, but again, only a two count.

Old School Undertaker as he executed the top rope walk.

Hell’s gate by Batista, but Batista was able to get to the ropes to break the hold.

Last ride by Undertaker, but Batista barely kicked out.

With the referee distracted, low blow by Batista. Batista nailed Undertaker with a chair shot and covers him for the win at 12:42 to win the World Heavyweight title.

Teddy Long came out and said because of the low blow, he restarted the match.

Taker hits a tombstone within 30 seconds of the match being restarted and pinned Batista to retain the World Heavyweight title.

– We see a promo for the Royal Rumble on 1/31.

– Lawler, Cole and Striker talk about the upcoming Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton match.

– We see a video hyping the Orton-Kingston match.

In the back, we see Kingston warming up. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase come up to Kofi, and say that they aren’t going to take care of him, but Orton will in the ring. Kofi walks and enters Orton’s locker room. Kofi tells Orton that he is looking forward to beating him down tonight, and walks away with DiBiase and Rhodes looking on.

(6) Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.

From the ropes, Kofi jumped off in an attempt to nail Orton on the outside but Orton countered with a drop kick.

SOS by Kingston, but Kofi took too much time to cover Orton.

Kingston lateral press on Orton, but only a two count. Kingston is selling that his ribs are injured.

Trouble in Paradise, but Orton grabbed the bottom rope.

Orton brought Kingston back into the ring with a DDT. Orton went for the punt, and hit Kofi’s shoulder instead of his head as he partially blocked it.

Kofi missed a trouble in paradise, which allowed Orton to hit the RKO to win at 13:11.

– We see a don’t try this at home PSA.

– Backstage, Batista tells Teddy Long that he was robbed out of the World Heavyweight title. He swings a chair at Long. He tells Long he is going to make this right and walks away.

– We see another Slammy Awards promo.

– We see the Alamo.

(7) Unified Tag Team title match: DX vs. Big Show and Chris Jericho in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match .

Obviously, no tagging in this one. Early on, HBK and Y2J tangled, as Hunter brawled with The Big Show.

On the stage, Hunter went for a pedigree on Jericho but he countered by back flipping him.

DX double teamed Jericho and dropped a suplexed ladder onto Y2J. Ouch.

Surprisingly, there isn’t as much crowd reaction you’d expect from a HBK match in San Antonio.

Y2J dropped the elbow on The Big Show, but Y2J counted with a codebreaker. Big Show got up and speared Hunter. Fans chanted a “HBK, HBK” chant.

Big Show started to the climb the ladder, and HHH hit him with a chair. Big Show came back down and clobbered Hunter.
DX pushed over the ladder.

HBK climbed the ladder, but Y2J tipped it over and Michaels landed on Big Show on the outside.

Big Show trapped DX between a ladder on the mat as the heels attacked them. The ladder eventually broke apart.

Big Show put Y2J on this shoulders and brought him to the belts hovered over the ring. HBK back into the ring and superkicked Big Show. DX got Show out of the ring by double teaming him with a ladder.

Big Show had busted a number of ladders, so Hunter held up a one sided ladder and HBK climbed up and grabbed the title belts. DX wins the tag team titles in 22:30.

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thumbs up – 41%

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thumbs down – 21%

didn’t see it – 24%

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Best match?

Kofi-Orton – 6%

DX-Y2J/Show – 27%

Cena-Sheamus – 15%

Benjamin-Christian – 39%

James-McCool – 5%

Morrison-McIntyre – 3%

Taker-Batista – 5%

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