Royal Rumble

Jun 21, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results – 1/31/10
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Matt Striker
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The WWE promo hits.

– A video package runs highlighting the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship and our 30 man Royal Rumble main event where the winner will move on to WrestleMania.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to the WWE Royal Rumble. We go live to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the 23rd annual Royal Rumble.

– The show kicks off with ECW Champion Christian making his way to the ring.

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson w/ William Regal

Quick lock up and Jackson pushes Christian away to the corner with power. Christian attempts a few counters on Jackson, but Jackson gets in a quick press slam. Jackson starts yelling out some taunts and Christian slaps Jackson. Christian with a big dropkick to the jaw of Jackson against the ropes. Christian with a springboard splash on Jackson on the outside of the ring. Jackson fires back catching Christian with a quick scoop slam. Jackson with a few shots to the body of Christian, bounces him off two corners, Christian attempts a Killswitch, but Jackson counters out. Christian with a drop toe hold sending Jackson into the ropes. Regal tries to get in a cheap shot on Christian, but the referee sees it and sends Regal to the back. Jackson takes the advantage and throws Christian head first into the steel ring steps and then tosses Christian back in the ring. Jackson with a modified chokeslam lifting Christian up by his neck and then slamming him back down. Jackson with a vertical suplex and shots to the back on Christian. Christian attempts a sunset flip, but Jackson lifts Christian up by his neck and throws him back down. Jackson with a huge lariat to the back of Christian’s head. Christian fights back kicking Jackson in the face and then connects with a twisting flying elbow off the top. Jackson misses a clothesline attempt, Christian connects with a dropkick off the top and only gets a two count. Jackson counters a Killswitch attempt, but Christian is able to counter back into an inverted DDT. Christian is up top and misses a body splash. Jackson connects with a huge clothesline, covers and Christian kicks out after two. Jackson with a backbreaker on Christian. Christian catches Jackson with boots to the face in the corner and then connects with a tornado DDT. Another clothesline from Jackson and Christian still kicks out. Christian jumps on the back of Jackson and applies a sleeper. Jackson counters out, drives the lower back of Christian into the corner over his shoulder, Jackson attempts a third, Christian drops Jackson down into the Killswitch and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL ECW Champion: Christian

After the match, Christian celebrates with the ECW Championship. We see a few highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Christian is holding up the ECW Title up on the corner.

– Backstage, Teddy Long comments Tiffany on a great job booking that ECW Title match tonight. Cryme Tyme walks in and ask Long to put them both in the Rumble tonight. Long said they need to flip a coin like they did last year to decide who will go in. Shad says they already have a solution – The Great Khali has agreed to give up his spot if he can kiss Tiffany. Khali shows up and Tiffany hides behind Long. Khali no longer agrees to the deal if he can’t get a kiss. The Miz shows up and knocks everyone. Long says since Miz is so confident he will not only compete in the Rumble tonight, but he will also defend the WWE United States Championship against MVP tonight.

– Backstage, Cody Rhodes confronts Randy Orton. Rhodes offers his services to Orton tonight. He adds he wishes he could say the same for Ted. Rhodes says DiBiase hasn’t been the same since that movie came out and all he has been talking about is winning the Rumble match tonight and then moving on to face Orton to beat him for the WWE Championship. He tells Orton he can count on him tonight.

WWE United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs. MVP

The bell rings and Miz gets in a quick kick and left hands on MVP. MVP drops Miz with a big clothesline. MVP with some big knees and suplex on Miz. Miz tries to bail out, but MVP grabs him and connects with a side suplex. Miz rolls out, MVP gets in his face and Miz gets the better of an exchange and lands a big kick to MVP. Back in the ring, Miz throws MVP into the corner and hits a few shoulder charges. Miz connects with his corner clothesline, goes up top and connects with a big sledgehammer on MVP. MVP fights back and hits the Playmaker, but Miz is able to kick out. Miz drops MVP off the ropes, slides back in, misses a running knee and MVP hits a big pounce. MVP with a rollup that gets a close two count. MVP with two more covers and more kick outs from Miz. Miz finally jumps out of the ring to recover, but MVP follows. Miz slides in, MVP follows, Miz with a small package and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE United States Champion: The Miz

After the match, The Miz gets in MVP’s face and does some trash talking. MVP can’t believe it. Miz continues his trash talking and MVP can’t take it anymore giving him a Playmaker. MVP walks out and turns around to stare down Miz some more. We see a few replays of the finish and the post-match attack. Back live, Miz is just recovering with his title in hand.

– Backstage, Chris Jericho stops Big Show in the hallway. Big Show said he knows what is going on and knows Jericho is jealous. Jericho asks what he is jealous of. Big Show said Jericho is jealous of the fact that he said Miz was a better tag team partner than him. Jericho said Miz is way too cocky for his own good and is just taking advantage of Big Show. Big Show said, “Oh, just like you did?” Jericho is confused saying he turned Big Show into a giant killing machine. Big Show said he kinda already was that before he started tagging with Jericho. He said he will throw out Jericho, Miz or anyone else that gets in his way. R-Truth gets involved and gets in Jericho’s face. Jericho promises to win and go to WrestleMania tonight.

– Backstage, Randy Orton is walking down the hallway and Ted DiBiase catches up with him wishing him luck for tonight. Orton asks where Cody is. Ted said he doesn’t know, but the last he heard Cody was bragging about how he will win the Rumble tonight and face Sheamus for the WWE Title at WrestleMania. Orton said he is just moments away from heading to the ring and beating Sheamus for the WWE Title…and without the help of Legacy.

WWE Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

Justin Roberts did the ring introductions before the match. The bell rings and here we go. Stare down between the two and Sheamus taunts early on as Orton looks on. Orton catches Sheamus with a quick dropkick and then slithers away. Orton with a quick uppercut to Sheamus, but Sheamus counters with a big shoulder block. Sheamus goes to work on the left arm of Orton and Orton bails out trying to recover. Sheamus follows and hits a big uppercut and then goes back to work on Orton’s left arm in the ring. Orton with a chop block on Sheamus’ left leg and then goes to work on that. Crowd is very pro-Orton tonight. Orton starts wrenching back on the left leg of Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Orton away. Orton then goes on the attack as the fans in Atlanta cheer him on. Sheamus drops the left arm of Orton on the mat and then wrenches back on it while placing his knee over the face/ear of Orton. Sheamus and Orton exchange shots as the fans cheer Orton and boo Sheamus. Sheamus with a huge backbreaker on Orton. Sheamus attempts to finish off Orton with his Razor’s Edge powerbomb, but Orton counters off and kicks Sheamus away through the ropes to the outside. As Sheamus tries to crawl back in, Orton pulls him through the ropes and drops him in a big DDT. Orton covers and Sheamus grabs the bottom rope to break it up. Orton tries to kick Sheamus in the head as he is just getting up, but Sheamus moves out of the way and then works over the injured arm of Orton on the outside. Out of no where, Cody Rhodes jumps the guard railing and decks Sheamus. The referee sees this and Cody tries to back away as if he didn’t do anything. Orton then hits the RKO on Sheamus. Orton goes for the cover, but the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ & still WWE Champion: Sheamus

After the match, an upset Randy Orton stares down Cody Rhodes as he gets to his feet. Cody Rhodes gets in the ring and tries to explain. Orton drops Cody with a right hand and then starts choking him when Ted DiBiase hits the ring. DiBiase pulls Orton off Cody and tries to back off Orton. Orton then decks DiBiase with a right hand and then starts kicking both of them in the corner saying they are done. Sheamus then gets to his feet and takes out Orton with a big running kick to the head. Sheamus grabs his WWE Championship, stares down DiBiase and Rhodes and then heads up the ramp holding the title high in the air. Rhodes and DiBiase then leave the ring and stare down a knocked out Orton.

– A video package runs highlighting events on Smackdown between Mickie James and Michelle McCool.

WWE Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Mickie James

Before the match, Michelle McCool takes the mic and starts taunting Mickie James calling her “Piggie” James. Layla then walks out dressed in a fat pig suit. Mickie James then runs out and takes out Layla with a big clothesline on the outside. Mickie hits the ring and the bell rings. Layla tries to attack Mickie again, but Michelle accidentally takes her out with a big kick. Mickie then hits the spike DDT, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Mickie James

After the match, the babyface WWE Divas come to the ring with a big cake and throw it all over Michelle McCool and Layla. McCool and Layla flap around in the cake screaming. Michael Cole noted that James is the Women’s Champion for the fifth time in her WWE career.

– A promo for WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday, February 21 is shown.

– A video package is shown highlighting the events between Rey Mysterio and Batista on Smackdown and Mysterio becoming the #1 contender for The Undertaker’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Tony Chimel did ring introductions before the match. Mysterio got in a few leg kicks early on, but Taker ended up tossing him over the top rope to the outside with force. Taker dropped a leg across the neck of Mysterio on the ring apron after Mysterio attempted to counter before. Mysterio counters a chokeslam attempt into a huracanrana sending Taker into the ropes. Taker counters a 619 attempt, attempts a Tombstone Piledriver, Mysterio hits a few knees to the face of Taker and Taker throws Mysterio away. On the outside, Taker attempts a Last Ride on Mysterio, Mysterio counters jumping into the ropes, springboard off and connecting with a big moonsault. Taker’s nose is busted open after that exchange. Mysterio attempts a baseball slide into Taker, but Taker moves, grabs Mysterio by the throat and slams him into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Taker has Mysterio lifted up in the air and drops him down across the ropes. Mysterio attempts a comeback with some kicks, but Taker again drops him with a big right hand. Blood is continuing to pour from the nose of Taker. Mysterio is able to connect with an inverted DDT on Taker, Taker sits up, Mysterio hits a dropkick and then hits a springboard splash resulting in a two count. Mysterio counters another Last Ride attempt, drops Taker across the ropes and connects with 619. Mysterio with a springboard dropkick to the back sending Taker into the ropes and hits a second 619. Mysterio springboards, Taker catches him on his shoulders and then drops him with the Last Ride. Taker hooks the leg and gets the pinfall. Solid match.

Winner & STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker

After the match, a bloody Undertaker is handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and he paces around the ring as a knocked out Rey Mysterio is laying on the ground. We see a replay of the finish. Back live, The Undertaker is on his knee posing with the World Heavyweight Title in hand.

– Backstage, we see Shawn Michaels looking on at the result. Kane walks up and says HBK’s obsession with his brother is unhealthy. He said speaking as the only man who has the most eliminations in Royal Rumble history, whatever vision he has, in the end, there is no light and only darkness. Triple H walks in and says he bets that wasn’t a pep talk. He said he wants to wish HBK luck tonight. HBK apologizes about last week and said he has no right to try and step on his WrestleMania dreams. They shake hands, but HBK adds that him and The Undertaker was meant to be. Triple H said he knows that, but HBK will have to find a different way to make it happen.

– A promo for WrestleMania 26 being 56 days away airs.

– A video package highlighting the history of the Royal Rumble airs.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner earns a World Title shot at WrestleMania 26

1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Evan Bourne

Lots of back and forth action early on with Bourne landing a huge side kick to Ziggler. Bourne was able to connect with the 450 as time expired.

3. CM Punk w/ Serena Deeb

Punk hit the ring and eliminated Ziggler and Bourne quickly.

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated.
Evan Bourne is eliminated.

Punk takes the mic and said everyone will witness history tonight. Time expires.

4. JTG (of Cryme Tyme)

JTG levels Punk with a clothesline and dropkick. Punk is backed up in the corner, JTG jumps up on the ropes and Punk quickly dumps JTG to the outside over the top rope.

JTG is eliminated.

Punk gets back on the mic and said he was rudely interrupted. He promises to become the first ever Straight Edge Royal Rumble winner. Time expires.

5. The Great Khali

Punk tries to talk Khali into turning Straight Edge. He asks Khali to raise his hand and promise. Khali instead chops Punk over the head. Time expires.

6. Beth Phoenix

Phoenix, to the surprise of many, hits the ring and gets in Khali’s face. Khali picks up Phoenix and puts her down on the ring apron. Phoenix then kisses Khali, but pulls him over the top rope and eliminates Khali.

The Great Khali is eliminated.

Phoenix then levels Punk with a clothesline. Phoenix attempts a GTS on Punk, but Punk counters and gives Phoenix a GTS. Time expires.

7. Zack Ryder

Punk tosses Phoenix over the top rope eliminating her.

Beth Phoenix is eliminated.

Punk gets back on the mic and said Ryder has potential. He asks if he would like to join his group and then takes him out with a big clothesline. Punk then tosses Ryder over the top rope for the elimination.

Zack Ryder is eliminated.

Punk, laughing, said you will watch him rise and he begs the next person to come out.

8. Triple H

Punk goes from smiling to a nervous look on his face. Punk yells tonight is his night and calls for Triple H to hit the ring. Triple H gets in the ring and gets in Punk’s face. Triple H with a clothesline, knee to the face and another clothesline. Triple H then takes out Punk with a big spinebuster.

9. Drew McIntyre (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

McIntyre hits the ring and starts taking shots from Triple H. Triple H attempts a Pedigree on Punk, Punk counters attempting a GTS, Triple H blocks it and then tosses Punk over the top rope.

CM Punk is eliminated.

10. Ted DiBiase

Triple H takes out DiBiase right away when he hits the ring. McIntyre and DiBiase then team up and start working over Triple H in the corner.

11. John Morrison

Morrison goes after DiBiase with right hands when he hits the ring. Morrison with a side kick on DiBiase and tackles McIntyre hitting some right hands. Morrison with a big spinning DDT on McIntyre. DiBiase hits Morrison with some forearms to the back and then kicks when Morrison goes down. Morrison connects with Starship Pain on McIntyre, but then takes a clothesline from Triple H.

12. Kane

Kane goes up top right away and takes out Triple H with a flying clothesline. Kane takes out DiBiase with a clothesline and side slam. Kane continues with a double chokeslam on McIntyre and Morrison. Big boot by Kane on Triple H. Uppercut by Kane on DiBiase. Kane tries to toss DiBiase over, but DiBiase holds onto the top rope. Triple H goes after Kane to break it up. Kane with a chokeslam on Triple H.

13. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes prevents Kane from eliminating DiBiase. Legacy works as a team kicking Kane on the mat. Rhodes takes out Triple H, McIntyre and tosses Morrison to the ring apron. Rhodes catches Morrison with a dropkick in mid air after Morrison attempt a springboard splash. Rhodes almost gets tossed over, but hangs on.

14. MVP

As MVP is making his entrance, The Miz runs up behind him and decks him in the back of the head with the WWE United States Championship. In the ring, DiBiase levels Morrison with a clothesline. Kane is hitting McIntyre with some quick uppercuts. Morrison with a springboard kick to the head on McIntyre. We see a shot of MVP being helped to the back. DiBiase and Rhodes have Triple H up on the ropes near the corner trying to eliminate him.

15. Carlito

Carlito goes after both DiBiase and Rhodes. Carlito drops Triple H with a dropkick. Carlito with a springboard elbow on both Rhodes and DiBiase. Carlito with a monkey flip on Morrison and dropkick to McIntyre. Kane unloads on Carlito with some big right hands. Carlito with a high knee on Triple H and backstabber to follow. Backstabber to McIntyre, DiBiase and gives more shots to Rhodes.

16. The Miz (WWE United States Champion)

The Miz hits the ring and plants Carlito on his face. MVP then hits the ring and hits some elbows to Miz. MVP sends himself and Miz over the top rope as they brawl.

MVP is eliminated.
The Miz is eliminated.

McIntyre and Triple H were close to being eliminated. Carlito is tossed over by Triple H, but Carlito hangs on.

17. Matt Hardy

Hardy with a Twist of Fate on McIntyre and Side Effect on Rhodes. Hardy sits up top and is pushed off by Kane.

Matt Hardy is eliminated.

Triple H then tosses Kane over the top rope.

Kane is eliminated.

Triple H with spinebusters on literally everyone in the ring that is left.

18. Shawn Michaels

HBK tosses Carlito over right away.

Carlito is eliminated.

HBK tosses Rhodes and DiBiase next.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated.
Ted DiBiase is eliminated.

HBK goes after McIntyre and dodges a shot from Morrison. HBK then tosses Morrison over the top rope.

John Morrison is eliminated.

HBK with a high knee on McIntyre and Triple H follows with right hands. Triple H and HBK both eliminate McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre is eliminated.

19. John Cena

Cena slides into the ring, dodges a clothesline attempt from DX and levels both. Cena ends up dropping Triple H in a side slam over the head of HBK. Cena then hits a double five knuckle shuffle on Triple H and HBK. Cena has HBK up on his shoulders, but HBK hangs on to the ropes. Triple H kicks Cena and hits a Pedigree. HBK with Sweet Chin Music on Triple H and Triple H goes over the top rope to the floor.

Triple H is eliminated.

20. Shelton Benjamin

Cena tosses out Benjamin within a minute of Benjamin being in the ring.

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated.

21. Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu hits the ring dropping HBK with a side kick and some big shots to Cena. Tatsu with a snapmare on HBK and kick to the face. Cena grabs Tatsu and tosses him over the top rope.

Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated.

HBK and Cena still remain. HBK hits a few chest chops on Cena.

22. Big Show

Big Show with headbutts to Cena and HBK. Big Show lifts HBK to the ring apron. Cena tries to toss Big Show over. Big Show kicks Cena away. Cena is close to eliminating HBK. HBK hangs on and his feet don’t touch the ropes. HBK tries to pull Big Show out using his feet, but Big Show lifts HBK up and tosses him back in the ring.

23. Mark Henry

Big Show and Mark Henry have a stare down in the middle of the ring. Big Show pushes Henry away. Henry with right hands to Big Show. Henry attempts a scoop slam on Big Show, but Big Show breaks it up. Cena with right hands to Big Show. Cena with a shoulder block to Big Show. Henry is then able to scoop slam Henry. Cena puts Henry on his shoulders, but Cena can’t do it and drops Henry.

24. Chris Masters

Masters drops HBK with a clothesline. Masters tosses HBK to the corner, bounces off and then press slams HBK. Masters tries to put the Masterlock on Big Show, but Big Show tosses him over his head over the top rope.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

25. R-Truth

Truth hits the ring and pushes both Henry and Big Show over the top rope as they were tied up.

Mark Henry is eliminated.
Big Show is eliminated.

Truth drops a leg over the back of Cena’s head. HBK lights up Truth with some chest chops. Truth with a big hip toss on HBK and then levels Cena.

26. Jack Swagger

Swagger runs down and takes out Truth with a big clothesline. Swagger with a body splash from the corner on Cena. Swagger does the same body splash to HBK and then tosses Cena with a suplex. Suplex by Swagger on HBK. Swagger lifts up Truth and drops him in the corner and then on the mat. HBK with chest chops to Swagger. Swagger clotheslines HBK over the top rope, but HBK hangs on.

27. Kofi Kingston

Kingston goes up top and hits a cross body on Swagger. Kingston with dropkicks to Swagger and Truth. Kingston with a boom drop on Swagger. Kingston eliminates Swagger hanging onto the ropes as Swagger tries to push him over.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

Kingston levels HBK with a big dropkick. Truth runs up and starts kicking Kingston. Kingston hangs on when he is tossed over by Truth. Kingston wraps up Truth’s head in his boots and tosses him over.

R-Truth is eliminated.

28. Chris Jericho

Jericho levels HBK, Kingston and Cena when he hits the ring. Jericho with forearms and kicks to Cena. Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Jericho. HBK drops Cena with a DDT. HBK goes up top and drops an elbow on Jericho. HBK starts tuning up the band in the corner. Kingston ends up catching HBK with Trouble in Paradise. Cena has Kingston on his shoulders and toses him out.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Cena.

29. Edge

Edge is back and starts heading down the entrance way. Huge reaction for Edge in Atlanta. Edge hits the ring and hits a spear on Jericho, HBK and Cena. Edge tosses Jericho over the top rope.

Chris Jericho is eliminated.

Edge with a reverse DDT on HBK. Cena has Edge on his shoulders, but Edge hits the spike DDT on Cena.

30. Batista

Batista hits the ring and goes after Edge, Cena and HBK. Batista with a big spinebuster on Cena and HBK. Edge catches Batista with a big spear. Cena with the Attitude Adjustment on Edge. HBK with atomic drops on Cena and Batista. HBK with scoop slams on Cena and Batista as well. Edge is still laying in the corner. HBK drops an elbow on Cena and then hits a kick to the head on Batista. HBK drops an elbow from the top on Batista. Edge is close to sending HBK over the top rope, but both hang on. HBK is still on the ring apron and superkicks Edge back in the ring. Batista then runs into HBK and HBK falls off. HBK is stunned.

Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

The referee in charge tells HBK to leave as he is eliminated. HBk won’t hear it and tosses the referee away. Another referee tells HBK to leave as he returns to the ring. HBK then gives that referee Sweet Chin Music. HBK falls down and is upset. HBK screams out in frustration as he leaves the ring and heads to the back. We are now down to Batista, John Cena and Edge. Batista grabs Cena attempting a Batista Bomb, but Cena counters hitting a high body back drop. Batista then charges at Cena and Cena pulls down the top rope as Batista goes flying over.

Batista is eliminated.

We are down to Edge and John Cena. Cena is just getting to his feet against the ropes as Edge is ready to charge. Cena turns around and kicks Edge in the gut. Cena then charges at Edge, Edge ducks and then tosses Cena over the top rope. Cena is eliminated.

John Cena is eliminated.

Winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble: Edge

After the match, we see some highlights of the finish of the Royal Rumble. Back live, Edge is still celebrating his win when he points at the WrestleMania 26 banner hanging in the arena. Pyro goes off around the banner and above the ring. The PPV goes off the air with Edge celebrating his victory.


What did you think of the Royal Rumble?

thumbs up – 54%

in the middle – 20%

thumbs down – 15%

didn’t see it – 12%

Best match at the Royal Rumble?

James-McCool – 4%

Sheamus-Orton – 5%

Undertaker-Rey – 12%

Christian-Zeke – 7%

MVP-Miz – 1%

Royal Rumble – 71%

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