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WWE Backlash PPV Results – 4/26/09
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Michael Cole
Report by: Adam Martin of

– A video package runs highlighting WrestleMania 25 and how some experienced victory and defeat. We then see highlights of the matches set for tonight.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WWE Backlash. We go love to Providence, R.I. where a series of pyro goes off in the arena. Jim Ross welcomes us to the 11th annual Backlash.

– Christian’s music hits to kick off the show tonight.

ECW Championship Match
Jack Swagger (c) vs. Christian

The bell rings and Jack Swagger immediately takes Christian down. Christian fights to his feet and Swagger holds up pushing up against the corner. Christian breaks that up with a big right hand and side kick to the face on Swagger. Christian goes up top and hits a spinning elbow on Swagger. Cover and Swagger kicks out quickly after two. Swagger with two big shoulder blocks on Christian. Swagger lifts Christian up, walks over to the corner and simply tosses Christian to the floor. Christian lands with a thud. Swagger walks out, hits a few kicks and tosses Christian back inside. Cover and Christian kicks out after two. Swagger catches Christian with a knee to the gut as Christian came off the ropes. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex on Christian. Christian gets to his feet and Swagger brings him down again with another belly-to-belly suplex. Christian gets to his feet again, hits a few elbows, gets up in the ropes near the corner, attempts his boots to the face, but Swagger blocks it and slams Christian back into the mat with a stomping boot to the chest. Cover and Christian again kicks out. Swagger picks up Christian and gets him locked up in a bear hug.

Swagger drops Christian to the mat, the referee counts the pinfall with Christian’s shoulders down and Christian gets a shoulder up after two. Swagger lifts Christian back up keeping the bear hug locked tight. Christian breaks it up with some forearms, Swagger lifts him up, Christian counters, but Swagger comes back lifting Christian up and dropping him over his knee. Cover and Christian again finds a way to kick out after two. Swagger keeps the action back on the mat. Christian fights to his feet and Swagger hits a knee and forearm combo. Christian gets tossed to the corner, Christian blocks, wraps himself up in the ropes and kicks Swagger in the face. Christian charges and Swagger hits a big knee to the gut. Swagger then goes up top, but Christian gets his knees up to block the attack. Christian with right hands a clothesline on Swagger. Christian with an elbow, sits up on the turnbuckle, Swagger tries to throw him off, Christian lands, jumps off the corner, hits a sunset flip on Swagger and gets a close two count. Swagger with a big bodyslam on Christian. Christian counters gutwrench powerbomb attempts. Swagger hits a few elbows to the side of Christian.

Swagger places Christian in the corner and then puts Christian up on the top turnbuckle. Christian with rights that send Swagger down and then explodes off the corner with a big tornado DDT. Cover by Christian and Swagger kicks out after two. Swagger then plants Christian with a big slam. Swagger throws Christian up on his shoulders and Christian counters off. Swagger slides outside, Christian gets hit by Swagger over the ring apron and Swagger takes the back of Christian trying to pull him off. Christian with elbows to Swagger and flips him back inside the ring. Christian goes up top, Swagger catches him with a headbut to the mid section and Christian takes a back drop from the top rope. Swagger is up top, jumps and connects with Christian on the mat. Swagger hooks the leg and Christian kicks out. Swagger screams at Christian to give up. Swagger dodges a Killswitch attempt and Christian gets a close roll up that results in a two count. Swagger picks up Christian, drives him into the corner and then back down on the mat with force. Swagger covers and Christian continues to kick out. Swagger then walks over to the corner and starts removing the top turnbuckle pad.

Christian then does the same on the opposite corner. Swagger charges, Christian moves, Christian hits the Killswitch and gets the pinfall! Solid opener.

Winner & NEW ECW Champion: Christian

After the match, Christian is handed the ECW Championship and the crowd cheers loudly in Providence. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Christian is at the top of the ramp and holding up the ECW Championship.

– A promo for “The Greatest Stars of the 90s” DVD airs.

– Backstage, new ECW Champion Christian is congratulated by Tommy Dreamer, Finlay, Evan Bourne and others. Christian then notices someone and says excuse me. He walks over and sees Edge. Edge asks if he thinks he is better than him now that he has a championship. Christian asks what happened to you, saying he used to be fun and now he is this bitter raving lunatic. Edge said what is wrong with him is John Cena. He said he used to be a lot of fun until Cena arrived and he changed him into who he is today. Edge said he can fun again by the end of the night when he is the World Heavyweight Champion one more time and gets Cena out of his life forever. Edge walks off as Christian stares on.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat

The bell rings, lock up and Steamboat takes Jericho to the mat. Jericho moves over, grabs the ropes and yells at the referee to break it up. Jericho pushes Steamboat, Steamboat pushes back, hits the ropes, slides under Jericho to the outside, Jericho slides out as well, Steamboat gets back in and dropkicks Jericho in the face through the ropes. Steamboat then jumps over the top and takes out Jericho again. Steamboat tosses Jericho back in the ring and hits some awesome arm drags. Steamboat gets Jericho down and works on his left arm as the fans chant, “You still got it!” Jericho tries getting to his feet and Steamboat keeps him down. Jericho finally hits an elbow, gets to his feet, hits another, shoulder block on Steamboat, hits the ropes and Steamboat hits another big arm drag. Jericho with some big elbows to Jericho. Steamboat fires back with a big chop. Jericho sends Steamboat over the top rope, Steamboat hangs on, flips back in and then Jericho clotheslines him back out. Steamboat gets back up on the ring apron and Jericho hits a springboard dropkick. Steamboat falls back on the ring apron. Jericho with a big back suplex on Steamboat and follows it up with punches to the head.

Jericho works on the neck of Steamboat as Jericho yells at the referee to ask him. Steamboat fights to his feet, hits a few shots to Jericho, Jericho with a big body shot, hits the ropes, Steamboat with an arm drag, Jericho jumps up, clothesline on Steamboat, cover and Steamboat kicks out after two. Jericho applies a headlock, Steamboat fights to hit the ropes and Jericho keeps it locked on. Steamboat with a back suplex on Jericho, but Jericho keeps the headlock applied. Steamboat with a few shots to the body on Jericho. Jericho attempts a running bulldog on Steamboat, but Jericho hits the corner landing up top. Steamboat with kicks to Jericho and an elbow to the lower back. Steamboat hooks the arm of Jericho, Jericho with shots to Steamboat, Steamboat hangs on and gives Jericho a huge superplex from up top. Steamboat crawls over, covers Jericho and Jericho kicks out after two. Steamboat with big chest shots to Jericho, another cover and Jericho gets a shoulder up after two. Steamboat with a powerslam on Jericho, cover and Jericho kicks out again after two. Steamboat with a big chop to Jericho. Jericho catches Steamboat with a knee to the head and kick to the back of the head.

Jericho covers and Steamboat kicks out after two. Jericho with a running bulldog on Steamboat. Jericho goes to attempt the Lionsault when Steamboat jumps up, puts Jericho on his shoulders, Jericho rolls through and gets Steamboat locked in the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat reverses and gets the Figure Four locked in on Jericho. Jericho rolls himself over and gets the bottom rope to break it up. Both are on the ring apron and Steamboat tosses Jericho back inside. Steamboat goes up top, Jericho charges, Steamboat jumps off and Jericho bounces his head off the corner. Steamboat then gets back up, jumps, hits the cross body, covers and Jericho barely kicks out after two. Steamboat catches Jericho with a big boot in the corner, goes up top, jumps and Jericho catches Steamboat in mid air with a Codebreaker! Jericho crawls over, hooks the leg…1….2…Steamboat gets his boot on the bottom rope! Jericho can’t believe it, picks up Steamboat, Steamboat with a small package and Jericho barely kicks out after two. Jericho then takes Steamboat down and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the bell rings, Chris Jericho continues to keep the Walls of Jericho applied and then breaks it after a few seconds. Jericho turns back and stares at Steamboat. Jericho then leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. Jim Ross adds that we won’t hear the end of this on Smackdown. Jericho heads to the back and we see Ricky Steamboat fighting to his feet. The fans cheer loudly giving him a standing ovation.

– Backstage, we see Santino Marella with a worried look on his face. Beth Phoenix walks up and he pretends to be talking to his sister “Santina.” Phoenix said he will be kissed by a giant tonight unless he just admits he dressed up like Santina at WrestleMania. He refuses saying Santina is a real woman and tells Phoenix to go out and kiss The Great Khali instead to prove him wrong. Phoenix declines and that she won’t even kiss him anymore. She walks off and Santino said he fakes every “you know what” in bed.

Kane vs. CM Punk

The bell rings and Punk catches Kane with a quick kick to the gut. Punk with a kick to the head on Kane when Kane charges forward. Kane misses a right and Punk gets in more shots. Kane catches Punk with a big knee in the corner and then lands a big right that sends Punk down. Punk catches Kane with a boot and then grabs Kane’s arm dropping down against the ropes applying an arm bar. Punk breaks it up before the 5 count and then drops his arm over the shoulder of Kane off the top rope. Punk with big elbows to Kane, but Kane pushes him down hard. Punk kicks Kane through the ropes to the otuside. Punk jumps down, Kane catches him, Kane attempts a chokeslam, lifts Punk up, Punk gets his footing on the ring apron, breaks the choke and then takes out Kane off the ring apron. The action spills back into the ring and works on the shoulder of Kane yet again. Punk with some big knees to the body of Kane. Kane then irish whips Punk with force into the corner who falls and slides right into the steel ring post. Kane then hits a baseball slide into Punk right up against the steel ring post. Kane with a cover on Punk and Punk gets a shoulder up after two. Kane then applies a body scissors on Punk.

Punk with elbows to the shoulder/arm of Kane to break up the body scissors. Punk catches Kane with an elbow, but Kane comes right back with a big clothesline. Kane with a cover and Punk again gets a shoulder up after two. Kane with kicks and punches to Punk up in the corner. Kane grabs Punk and hits a backbreaker keeping Punk over his knee stretching him out. Punk breaks this up, but Kane hits a few kicks to the body. Punk with a kick to the face of Kane. Kane comes back, attempts a chokeslam, gets Punk up, but Punk counters in mid air grabbing the arm of Kane and driving it down as he came down. Kane screamed out in pain when this took place. Kane then quickly slams Punk into the corner grabbing his shoulder in pain. Punk then gets Kane wrapped up in vice against the ropes. Kane is able to catch Punk with a big boot when he charges. Kane goes up top and Punk catches him with a kick to the back of the head. Punk has Kane up on his shoulders, but Kane breaks free. Punk with a running knee to the head on Kane followed by a running bulldog. Cover and Kane kicks out after two. Punk favors his back after trying to lift Kane up earlier. Punk springboards from the ring apron and Kane catches him with a big uppercut.

Punk charges off the ropes, flips over Kane and gets Kane down applying a modified arm bar. Kane lifts his body up along with Punk and drops Punk with a big side slam. Kane backs up and signals it is time for the chokeslam. Punk catches Kane with some big kicks instead. Kane blocks a big kick attempt and slams Punk down with a huge chokeslam. Kane hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Kane

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Kane is heading up the ramp and favoring his shoulder as he stares back down at CM Punk.

– A video package runs highlighting the Extreme Rules match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 25 just three weeks ago and the build to tonight’s “I Quit” match.

“I Quit” Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings and Jeff Hardy goes right after Matt Hardy with punches and stiff kicks to the body. Jeff with more shots to the body in the opposite corner. Jeff drops his legs across the crotch of Matt and then Matt rolls out quickly. Jeff with a baseball slide to Matt followed by leaping over the top rope taking out Matt. Jeff then sends Matt with force into the ring barricade and then leaps off the steel steps hitting a big side kick to the body. Jeff tosses Matt back in the ring and hits a few clotheslines in the corner. Jeff with a big dropkick to the chest of Matt in the corner. Jeff drops a leg over the neck of Matt a few times. Jeff then goes up top, jumps and drops a huge leg. Jeff backs up in the corner and the referee asks him if he quits. Matt says no. Jeff with more shots to Matt. Jeff jumps on the back of Matt and tries to choke him out. Matt drives Jeff’s head into the corner with force to break it up. Matt drops an elbow over Jeff and then sends him face first into the corner. Jeff goes up top and Matt pushes him off sending Jeff to the floor into the ring barricade. The referee walks out, asks Jeff if he quits and Jeff says no. Matt walks out and tosses Jeff back in.

Matt pulls Jeff’s legs into the steel ring post and drives his knees against the post. The referee asks Jeff if he quits and Jeff still says no. Matt wraps Jeff’s leg up against the steel ring post and wrenches back. Matt gets back in the ring and takes Jeff down. Matt then applies a Figure Four on Jeff. Jeff starts screaming out in pain. The referee asks Jeff and Jeff says no. Matt then drops the kneecap of Jeff off the mat with force a few times. Matt kicks the legs out of Jeff as Jeff tries getting to his feet using the ropes for help. Matt then applies another Figure Four on Jeff. The referee again asks Jeff if he quits and Jeff says no. Jeff is favoring his leg in pain as Matt continues to work on it. Jeff then switches things up and gets a Texas Cloverleaf submission applied on Matt. Matt taps out, but you can’t win that way. The referee asks Matt if he wants to quit and Matt screams no in pain. Matt counters a Twist of Fate attempt, but Jeff is able to get Matt down again hit the Swanton Bomb from up top. The referee asks Matt if he wants to quit and he says no. Jeff then goes back up top again and hits a second swanton bomb. The referee then goes to check on Matt as Jeff leaves the ring.

Jeff goes outside and pulls out a table. Jeff puts the table in the ring and sets it up. Matt sees this and rolls out of the ring. Jeff goes out with Matt, Matt tries to throw him into the announce table, but Jeff stops himself and gives Matt a Twist of Fate on the floor on the outside. Jeff tosses Matt back in the ring and places him on top of the table. Jeff then pulls duct tape from out under the ring and wraps Matt’s ankles together. Jeff then wraps Matt’s hands together as well. Jeff hits a few forearm shots to the chest of Matt. Jeff then grabs a rope and ties Matt up on the table. Jeff then leaves the ring and pulls out a ladder from under the ring. Jeff sets the ladder up near the table that Matt is tied to. Jeff climbs up the ladder and gets to the top when the referee puts the mic in Matt’s face. Matt says he is sorry, they are brothers and he loves him. Jeff listens to the crowd and they cheer him on to do it. Matt pleads with Jeff not to do it saying their mom and dad would not approve. Jeff still stays up looking down and Matt yells that he quits.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

The bell rings, Jeff Hardy starts to climb down and then gets back up and jumps off the ladder crashing through the table with Matt Hardy tied to it. After the match, Jeff stands over Matt and taunts at him. Jeff then celebrates up on the corners and then heads to the back.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton and Legacy. Orton said he wants to address Batista saying he has Legacy and is his own man. He asks what Batista is doing – still being a lacky for Triple H. Orton said Batista shouldn’t get disqualified tonight since he wouldn’t want Triple H to lose his title, since that is what is important…Triple H’s title. Orton said he finds it interesting that after all these years it is still “all about the Game, for some people.”

Khali Kiss Cam: The Great Khali walks out and they wait for Miss WrestleMania “Santina.” Santina walks out and gets into the ring. Santina said she would love to kiss The Great Khali, but she isn’t really who she says she is. She is not a single girl as she is in love with another man. Santina said she has strong feelings for this man and kissing The Great Khali would betray him. Khali wants to know who. She said it is JR and that he has been courting her calling her his little slobberknocker. Santina said she loves Jim Ross so much and she could never kiss The Great Khali. JR said he is happily married. Santina is asked to prove her love for JR by kissing him. Michael Cole adds, “Come on Mr. BBQ man!” JR responds going, “Mr. BBQ man? Who fed you that line?” Santina feels like she will faint when Beth Phoenix walks out saying she has heard enough. Beth challenges her for her WrestleMania crown right now. She brings the referee in and wants the match to be started. Khali is not happy this was interrupted. Beth tells Khali that is Santino and not a girl. She can’t understand why Khali would find Santina attractive. Santina said she is pretty. Khali then chopped Beth. Santina then covered Beth and pinned her. Khali then pushed Santina into the corner and removed her bra. Santina ran away screaming.

– A video package runs highlighting the six man tag with WWE Champion Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon vs. Legacy with Triple H’s WWE Title on the line.

WWE Championship – Six Man Tag Team Match
WWE Champion Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)

Triple H goes after Randy Orton right away with a big takedown. Triple H and Orton brawl up the ramp and the announcers make it clear tha tthe bell hasn’t even rang yet. Triple H heads back down the ramp by himself and the referee calls for the bell to ring to get things going. We start with Batista who pulls Cody Rhodes into the ring. Batista lifts up Rhodes and drives him into the corner. Batista with shoulder charges to Rhodes in the corner and then irish whips him to the opposite corner with force. Batista with a big kick to Cody’s head who then tags in Shane McMahon. Shane drops a few elbows over Rhodes and then works on Rhodes’ left arm. Tag to Triple H who tosses Rhodes to the corner and gets in some rights and kicks to the gut. Triple H then grabs Rhodes and sends him with force to the opposite corner. Triple H does this a second time to Rhodes, does a crotch chop and then hits a big kick to the chest. The announcers talk about how Randy Orton appears to have bailed on the match. Tag to Ted DiBiase who takes a big clothesline from Triple H. Tag to Shane who takes out DiBiase with a big clothesline when Triple H held him. Shane with shots to the back on DiBiase and tags in Batista.

Batista takes a kick to the face from DiBiase and tags in Rhodes. Batista catches Rhodes with a big boot, lifts him up in a vertical suplex, holds him up for a while and then drops him back down. Rhodes rakes the eyes of Batista and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase goes after Batista with some big punches and kicks in the corner. Quick tag to Rhodes who work on Batista in the corner with big right hands and kicks. Rhodes and DiBiase attempt a double team, but Batista catches them with a double clothesline instead. Batista with a big spinebuster on DiBiase. Batista gets DiBiase ready for a Batista Bomb, but DiBiase bails out of the ring to the outside area. DiBiase starts walking toward the ramp when Batista chases him down and tosses him against the ring apron. Randy Orton then runs back down the ramp, grabs Batista and drives him into the steel ring post. Orton jumps up on the ring apron and DiBiase tags him in. Orton throws Batista back in the ring and beats on him with some big punches and kicks. Orton with an uppercut to Batista in the corner as he tags in Rhodes. Rhodes gets in some kicks to Batista. Rhodes distracts the referee as DiBiase and Orton pull Batista back getting in some cheap shots.

Rhodes kicks Batista back out and the referee holds him back. This allows DiBiase and Orton to jump down to get in some more cheap shots. Orton gets the tag as Batista is draping over the middle rope. Orton pulls him back and drops Batista with a huge DDT. Orton covers and Batista kicks out after a close two count. Orton continues to beat on Batista as DiBiase gets the tag. DiBiase works on Batista. Orton grabs the arm of Batista allowing DiBiase to hit a drop to hold into a headlock. Batista fights to his feet and lifts DiBiase up hitting a big back suplex. Orton gets the tag and stops Batista from tagging in Triple H for the hot tag. Orton drops a knee over the head of Batista as Triple H and Shane McMahon look on. Batista attempts a comeback and takes out Orton with a big spear. Rhodes and Shane get the tag. Shane with some big offense on Rhodes and knocks DiBiase off the corner. Shane with a neckbreaker on Rhodes and gets a two count. Shane tosses Rhodes out of the ring and then clears away the announcers table. DiBiase distracts Shane as Rhodes gets back in. Shane drops Rhodes’ head off the top rope and takes out DiBiase. Shane is up top, jumps and lands a flying elbow on Rhodes.

Shane covers Rhodes, but DiBiase breaks up the pinfall. Shane goes outside after DiBiase when Orton grabs him and sends him into the steel ring steps. Orton gets back in the ring, pulls Shane up from the ground and suplexes him back inside. Orton with a cover on Shane and Shane gets a shoulder up after two. Orton then stares down Triple H. Orton pulls Shane to the opposite corner and tags in DiBiase to work on Shane. DiBiase tosses Shane out, throws him face first into the ring apron and then rolls him back in. DiBiase with a cover and Shane kicks out after two. Rhodes gets the tag and works on Shane with some big kicks. Shane attempts a comeback, but Rhodes prevents it. Tag to Orton, Rhodes holds Shane and Orton kicks Shane in the gut. Orton with a huge standing dropkick on Shane. Orton hooks the leg as he stares down Triple H and Shane kicks out after two. DiBiase gets the tag as Orton pulls Shane back and DiBiase drops some elbows. DiBiase hooks the leg and Shane still kicks out. DiBiase works on the neck of Shane. DiBiase with a big kick to the head of Shane and a tag to Rhodes. Rhodes works on Shane. Shane pushes himself forward trying to tag in Triple H, but Rhodes still prevents it.

Shane with a back body drop on Rhodes. Shane gets close to a tag, but DiBiase gets the tag, pulls Shane back and drops more elbows. DiBiase prevents another tag attempt by Shane. Shane then counters with a quick DDT on DiBiase. Hot tag to Triple H who takes out Orton in the corner. Triple H with a knee to the face on Orton. Triple H tosses Rhodes and DiBiase out of the ring. Orton catches Triple H with a big boot. Orton charges and Triple H hits Orton with a big spinebuster. Cover and DiBiase breaks it up. Batista then goes after DiBiase who gets sent face first into the guard railing. Rhodes hits the ring and takes out Triple H with a DDT. Shane takes out Rhodes to the outside. Shane clotheslines Rhodes over the guard railing into the crowd. Rhodes then grabs a steel chair and hits Shane with it. Rhodes hits Batista in the throat with the steel chair. The referee doesn’t see any of this. Rhodes charges at Batista on the outside and Batista catches him with a kick. Triple H and Orton are up in the ring. Triple H counters an RKO attempt. Triple H goes for the Pedigree on Orton, but sees Batista going to use the steel chair. Triple H stops this, takes the chair away and yells at Batista. Triple H then turns around and takes an RKO from Orton. Orton covers…1…2…Triple H barely kicks out. The bell is accidentally rang and the referee signals the match is not over. Orton then backs up in the corner as Triple H gets to his knees. Orton kicks Triple H right in the head, turns him over and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, Randy Orton is handed the WWE Championship and he heads up the ramp with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Triple H is laying in the ring knocked out as Batista and Shane McMahon check on him. EMTs and WWE officials come to the ring and surround Triple H. They put a neckbrace on Triple H. We then see a few more replays of Orton’s kick to Triple H’s head. Triple H is put on a stretcher and taken up the ramp. They continue to show Shane and Batista throughout this.

– A promo for WWE Judgment Day on May 17 is shown.

– A video package runs highlighting John Cena vs. Edge tonight in a Last Man Standing match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing Match
John Cena (c) vs. Edge

The bell rings and here we go. Cena and Edge lock up. Edge pushes Cena to the corner, dodges a bulldog attempt by Cena and then jumps outside the ring. Cena chases down Edge who attempts a Spear and Cena dodges that. Edge then dodges an Attitude Adjustment attempt as well. Edge with a headlock on Cena and shoulder block after hitting the ropes. Edge with right hands to Cena in the corner. Cena with a kick to Edge and a big suplex. Edge with an inverted DDT on Cena. Edge with clotheslines to Cena each time he gets to his feet. Edge mounts Cena and gets in some big rights. The referee starts the count on Cena. The referee gets to 6 when Cena returns to his feet. Edge immediately takes Cena down after hitting the ropes. The referee starts the count on Cena. The referee gets to 5 when Cena is back up. Edge drives Cena to the mat face first and then applies a sleeper. Cena holds onto the top ropes, breaks free and Edge continues to wrench back on the sleeper. Cena grabs the legs of Edge, holds on and backs Edge up into the corner to break it up. Edge takes the bump and jumps again on Cena’s back applying the sleeper. Edge breaks the sleeper and the referee starts the count.

The refere gets to 7 and Cena reaches his feet. Cena with two big shoulder blocks on Edge. Cena plants Edge with his spinning powerbomb. Edge counters a five knuckle shuffle attempt with a kick to the face and then locks on the Sharpshooter. Cena screams out in pain as Edge pulls himself to the corner and uses the ropes for leverage which the announcers point out is legal in this mat. Edge breaks the submission and backs off as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 5 when Cena gets to his feet on the ring apron. Edge then charges and sends Cena off the ring apron right into the announce table. Cena is down and the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 8 when Cena gets to his feet and a frustrated Edge leaves the ring. Edge drops Cena’s head off the steel ring steps, backs up, charges, attempts a Spear, but Cena moves and Edge goes ring into the steel steps. The referee starts the count on Edge. Edge is back up at 6, grabs Cena and sends him into the steel steps on the opposite side of the ring. The referee starts the count. The referee gets to 7 when Edge walks up getting in a few shots. Cena then sends Edge into the steel steps once more. Another referee count.

The referee gets to 5 when Edge gets to his feet and Cena tosses him back in. Cena grabs the steel steps and tosses them inside the ring. Edge catches Cena with a big boot when he enters the ring. Edge grabs the steel steps and drives them into Cena in the corner. Edge backs up, charges and dropkicks the steel steps into the body of Cena as well. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. Both return to their feet and Cena sends Edge over the top rope to the outside. Another referee count. Edge is up at 6. Cena picks up the steel steps in the ring and tosses them over the top rope right into the head of Edge! The referee starts the count on Edge. Edge is up at 7 when Cena leaves the ring and tosses Edge back inside. We get a right hand exchange between Cena and Edge with the fans booing Cena and cheering Edge. Both men hit each other with a big right sending them both to the mat. The referee starts the count. Both are up at the count of 8. Edge with a big back suplex on Cena after a series of counters. Cena with a drop toe hold on Edge into an STF. Edge starts tapping out, but it doesn’t matter. The referee starts the count on Edge as Cena breaks the hold and gets to his feet.

Edge gets to his feet at 8. Edge counters an Attitude Adjustment and connects with a Spear on Cena. Cena gets to his feet as Edge is getting up on the top turnbuckle. Cena climbs up, puts Edge on his shoulders and hits the Attitude Adjustment from the top turnbuckle! The referee starts the count with both men down. Cena gets to his knees and eventually to his feet. Edge fights to his feet at 9 and then falls right back down. Cena then goes up top, jumps, Edge stands up and catches Cena in mid air with a huge Spear! The referee starts the count. Edge is to his feet by 7. Cena gets to his feet by 8. Cena then falls out of the ring to the floor. Edge leaves the ring and clears the announce table. Edge and Cena are now up on the announce table. Cena has Edge up for the Attitude Adjustment and executes it sending Edge into the first few rows in the crowd! Edge is down as the referee starts the count. Edge gets to his feet by 9 and Cena can’t believe it. Cena with right hands to Edge. Edge starts running away from Cena into the crowd and up into the stands. Edge runs from Cena inside the arena and spills back out into the crowd. Cena then grabs Edge and sends him face first into what looks to be a big box for production materials. The referee starts the count on Edge and he gets to his feet at 7.

Edge then hits Cena with an object that was hard to see. They fight on the stage of the Backlash set. Edge gives Cena a DDT over the steel stage. The referee starts the count and Cena gets to his feet by 8. Edge then leaves the stage and comes back out with a steel chair. Edge cracks it over the neck/back of Cena. Edge then hits Cena over the head on the stage with the chair. The referee starts the count on Cena. Cena sits up and wobbles to his feet at 9. Edge charges and Cena gets Edge up on his shoulders. Big Show then runs out from backstage, grabs Cena, Edge jumps off and Big Show chokeslams Cena into a big spotlight near the stage. The spotlight explodes with fire and sparks. We see a shot of Cena laying motionless inside as the referee starts the count. The referee reaches the 10 count.

Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Edge holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Jim Ross mentions that Edge is now a 9-time World Champion. EMTs and WWE officials then walk out and begin checking on John Cena. We see a replay of the interference from Big Show leading to the finish. Back live, Edge has the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder as Cena has a neckbrace placed around his neck and is put on a stretcher as the PPV goes off the air.

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