Wrestlemania 24

Jun 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, March 30th in Orlando, FL

– Before the show went on the air, Kane won the 24-Man Battle Royal to earn a shot at the ECW Championship later tonight against Chavo Guerrero.
– The WWE promo hits.
– We then go live to the Cirtus Bowl in Orlando, Florida where jets fly over the stadium. Lilian Garcia welcomes us to WrestleMania 24 and introduces John Legend.
– John Legend sings “America The Beautiful” as a video package airs.
– A video package airs showing the importance of WrestleMania featuring various WWE stars commenting on the biggest show of the year.
– A graphic opening hits the screen welcoming us to WrestleMania. We go live to the Citrus Bowl where a giant display of pyro goes off in the entrance area. Jim Ross is the first to welcome us to the biggest show of the year.
– During JBL’s entrance, they cut to a video package highlighting the Steel Cage Match on Raw a few weeks ago where JBL destroyed Hornswoggle.

– JBL defeated Finlay in a Belfast Brawl. During Finlay’s entrance, Hornswoggle came out and got a big reaction. Finlay and JBL started brawling right away before the bell could ring. JBL sent Finlay into the guard railing and then Finlay sent JBL into the steel steps. They got in the ring as the bell officially rang and Finlay threw weapons in. JBL cracks a trash can over Finlay’s head. More shots to Finlay with a trash can lid and cookie sheet. JBL brought steel steps into the ring, attempted a piledriver, but Finlay countered with a high back body drop. Finlay with a boot to the face and three shots to JBL’s head with a cookie sheet. JBL cuts off Finlay with a big boot as Finlay came off the ropes. JBL with some stiff punches and kicks in the corner on Finlay. Hornswoggle ran in and cracked a kendo stick over JBL’s back. Finlay then cracked his shillelagh over the head of JBL. JBL fell out and Finlay dragged him back in the ring. Big reaction when Finlay pulled a table out and put it in the ring. Big clothesline by Finlay on JBL. JBL then takes out Hornswoggle on the outside and Finlay goes crazy – bouncing JBL’s head off the announcers table. Huge spot saw JBL climb into the ring, roll out to the other side, grab a trash can lid, Finlay did a suicide dive through the ropes and JBL cracked the lid over his head! JBL then threw a trash can at Hornswoggle taking him out again. JBL with another trash can lid shot on Finlay. JBL goes for a Clothesline from Hell, but Finlay counters with a trash can to the face. Finlay with a flip senton bomb on JBL followed by sending JBL through the table in the corner. Finlay covers, but JBL kicks out. JBL with a kendo stick shot to the knee followed by a Clothesline from Hell. JBL covers and gets the pinfall.

– Backstage, Kim Kardashian plugs that up next is the “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match. Mr. Kennedy shows up and brags that he will win for the second year in a row.

– CM Punk won the “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match. The match starts with mostly everyone bailing from the ring and grabbing a ladder. MVP with a big boot on John Morrison and a ladder shot to CM Punk. MVP also takes out Kennedy, Benjamin and Carlito. Jericho comes in with a ladder as well and takes out MVP with his. Morrison launches a ladder at Jericho. HUGE spot saw Morrison grab a ladder, go up to the top rope and execute a moonsault with the ladder in hand taking everyone out at ringside! Kennedy is in and Jericho cuts him off. Kennedy gets launched into the ladder, goes up to the top and Morrison jumps on the other side. Another big spot saw Benjamin setup another ladder, jump over, hit a sunset flip on Kennedy and Kennedy held on to Morrison powerbombing him down to the ring! Benjamin balances on the top rope avoiding getting crotched, but he misses the ladder when jumping back. Benjamin fights back launching Punk into the corner. Punk with the Go To Sleep on Benjamin. Kennedy with a senton bomb on the ladder using Punk. That looked like it hurt. MVP with a big boot on Kennedy, but misses on Carlito. Carlito takes out MVP’s leg with a ladder. Carlito is left alone and starts climbing up the ladder. Benjamin with a big spin kick on Carlito. Another HUGE spot saw Benjamin get thrown off the ladder and flip onto another ladder set across the ring apron and guard railing! Jericho, Carlito and Kennedy all get thrown off the ladder by MVP. Morrison is up reaching. Jericho runs up and somehow applies the Walls of Jericho on Morrison on the top of the ladder! Kennedy then sets up a ladder near them. Morrison gets thrown off. Jericho hits Kennedy. Carlito and Punk are now on. I think I just saw the TNA banner flying over the stadium. Jericho throws everyone off. Carlito jumps up and pulls Jericho off hitting a Back Cracker! MVP smiles seeing he is the only one left. MVP goes up, reaches, but Matt Hardy hits the ring and hits MVP with a Twist of Fate off the ladder! Huge reaction for Matt. Two ladders are stuck together. Morrison climbs up one side, but gets thrown off and crotched. Jericho sets up a ladder under the briefcase. Carlito spits apple in Jericho’s face. Carlito has the briefcase, but Kennedy throws him off. Kennedy gets knocked off by Punk! Jericho with the Code Breaker on Punk using a ladder! Jericho is back up. Punk is making his way up. Jericho hits Punk in the face with the briefcase. Jericho gets tied up in the ladder fallling backwards. Punk goes up and gets the briefcase!

– Backstage, we see shots of John Cena, WWE Champion Randy Orton and Triple H warming up.

– Highlights of last night’s WWE Hall of Fame – Class of 2008 ceremony is shown.
– Back live, Howard Finkel introduces the WWE Hall of Fame – Class of 2008.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Snoop Dogg. Snoop said he has enjoyed himself thus far and can’t wait for BunnyMania tonight. Snoop said he has a lot in common with one wrestler – Festus! Santino Marella walks up and said he wants to be in BunnyMania tonight. Snoop ignores him and rings a bell that causes Festus to go crazy. Mick Foley walks up and adds a few “izzle” jokes with Snoop and shows off Mr. Socko.

– Batista (Smackdown) defeated Umaga (Raw). Teddy Long (Smackdown) and William Regal (Raw) were in the ring for the entrances. The bell rings and here we go. Both men start exchanging lefts and rights. Batista gets thrown down first and then Umaga gets tossed out. Batista with a big kick to the face, but Umaga comes right back with a spinning kick. Umaga with a big boot that sends Batista flying off the ring apron. Umaga throws Batista back in the ring and connects with a body splash. Umaga launches Batista into the corner with force. Umaga repeats this and Batista favors his back. Umaga connects with a big thrust shot to the throat of Batista. Umaga then begins pinching the nerve in Batista’s neck. Umaga with a big scoop slam on Batista followed by a body splash attempt that Batista dodges. Umaga goes back to work on Batista’s neck. Batista gets to his feet and fights off Umaga. Umaga comes right back with a huge spinebuster on Batista! Umaga attempts the Samoan Spike, but Batista blocks and then Umaga hits him with a headbutt. Batista with a spinebuster on Umaga out of no where. Batista then gets Umaga up and connects with a huge Batista Bomb! Batista covers Umaga and gets the pinfall.

– Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show tonight. We see a shot backstage of Mayweather with his crew laughing. They show a “tale of the tape” between Mayweather and Big Show.
– Footage was shown from the 24-Man Battle Royal earlier tonight that Kane won to earn a shot at the ECW Championship later tonight.

– Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero to become the NEW ECW Champion. This one lasted about six seconds with Kane appearing in the ring while his music played, grabbing Chavo and hitting a Chokeslam to get the win to become the new ECW Champion. Tazz and Joey Styles wondered if this was a WrestleMania record.

– The WrestleMania commercial with Maria and Carlito airs.
– Raven Symone is introduced and points out the Make-A-Wish “Circle of Champions” in the crowd.
– A video package airs highlighting the feud between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels leading into tonight’s Career Threatening Match.
– Backstage, Mike Adamle is with Ric Flair. Adamle said his 35 year career is on the line tonight. Flair said his game plan tonight is to be the man…WOOOOOOOOOO!

– Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair in a Career Threatening Match. The bell rings and oh boy here we go. HBK with the first take down on Flair. Lock up, Flair works on the arm of HBK, HBK counters that and works on Flair’s arm. The two exchange this until Flair hits a drop toe hold on HBK. Flair knocks HBK back into the corner and lets out a loud WOOOOOOOOOO. HBK catches Flair with a big slap that knocks him back. Flair has a bloody lip as a result and then starts chopping HBK in the corner. HBK gets some chops in of his own. Flair takes down HBK, drops a knee and goes for a pinfall. HBK back up and he knocks down Flair quickly. HBK goes up to the top and Flair throws him off! Flair goes to the top, HBK almost throws him off, but Flair kicks him away and hits a cross-body! HBK fights back throwing Flair out and catching him with a baseball slide. Huge spot saw HBK hit a springboard moonsault, but Flair moves and HBK crashes through the announce table! Wow, that landing did not look good for HBK. The announcers wonder if HBK has a broken rib. The referee is constantly checking on HBK after every spot they do. Flair with a side slam on HBK and HBK continues to favor his ribs. Flair with an underhook suplex on HBK. Flair with some more chops and then an impressive vertical suplex! Flair with another cover and another kick out by HBK. Flair with more chops and punches in the corner. HBK fights back with some chops of his own. HBK with a swinging neckbreaker on Flair. Flair gets tossed out of the ring through the ropes. HBK with another huge moonsault off the top rope onto Flair. Referee starts the count and both get in by 9. Both begin exchanging chops. HBK with a jumping forearm on Flair. Both men are down. HBK kicks up, favors his ribs and drops Flair in an atomic drop. HBK is back up to the top and connects with an flying elbow! HBK starts tuning up the band, goes for it, but Flair cuts him off, trips up HBK and applies the Figure Four Leglock! HBK counters and turns over. Flair gets the ropes to break it up. More chops and then a takedown by Flair. Flair counters a bridge attempt. Sunset flip by HBK on Flair. HBK gets launched into the corner, falls back and Flair chop blocks his knee. Flair attempts a Figure Four and HBK counters into a small package for two. Flair gets the Figure Four back on! HBK is trying to get to the ropes. HBK tries a counter but Flair turns over and keeps it locked in! HBK then gets to the ropes to break it up. Flair begins kicking HBK. Flair turns his back on HBK and then turns around to walk into some Sweet Chin Music! HBK covers and Flair gets a shoulder up. HBK tunes up the band in the corner. Flair won’t get up. HBK picks Flair up and Flair low blows him with the referee distracted! HBK then applies the Figure Four on Flair. Flair gets to the ropes and pulls off the turnbuckle. Flair with a thumb to the eye with the referee distracted. Roll up on HBK by Flair that gets a close two count. More chops. Another Sweet Chin Music on Flair! HBK stands back up and goes to the corner. Flair gets to his feet crying. HBK says I’m sorry and I love you. HBK hits Flair with Sweet Chin Music and covers for the pinfall. Both men begin crying. Wow, what a moment.

After the match, Ric Flair gets to his feet crying. The entire crowd is cheering and clapping for him. Flair takes one final last bow. Flair kisses his children at ringside and slowly walks up the ramp thanking the fans. Flair still has tears in his eyes. Flair continues to walk up the ramp saluting the fans and thanking them. He takes one last look at the fans and then heads to the back.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge talks about being a little kid and sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania 6 watching Hulk Hogan. He said that day Hogan lost. Edge said many people rely on Undertaker winning at WrestleMania every year. He said that all changes tonight. Edge said there is probably a little kid sitting in the crowd tonight thinking Undertaker will win once again. He said tonight he crushes that kid’s hopes and dreams by defeating Undertaker and ending his streak.
– They mark the halfway point of the show with some more pyro going off.
– Snoop Dogg is introduced next as the Master of Ceremonies for the BunnyMania match. He rode down the ramp in what Jim Ross called the Snoop Mobile. Snoop introduces both teams – Maria & Ashley Massaro and WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Melina.

– WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Melina defeated Maria & Ashley Massaro. The match starts with Ashley and Beth. Beth overpowers Ashley until Maria gets the tag. The two double-team Beth with a quick takedown. Melina gets the tag and Maria hits her with a big knee. Melina gets thrown out and the lady lumberjacks get in a few shots. Melina with a charge in the corner on Melina. Maria with a Bronco Buster on Melina. Maria pulls Melina from the corner and slams her down hard. Ashley with a big tilt-a-whirl takedown on Melina. Ashley with a facebuster on Melina. Melina throws out Ashley and the “heel” divas get in some shot. Melina catapults Ashley into Beth who applies a bear hug. Cool double-team move saw Melina get launched off Beth’s shoulder into a moonsault on Ashley. Ashley trips up Melina and Beth gets the tag. The lights go out above the ring for some reason. They put spotlights on the ring to light it back up as Maria hits a cross-body on Beth. Maria hits a big bulldog counter on Beth. Melina gets launched off the ring apron by Ashley. Ashley jumps off and takes them out as well. Maria hits a bulldog on Beth, but Santino pulls her off. Jerry Lawler leaves his post and knocks out Santino that gets a big reaction! In the ring, Beth hits Maria with a big fisherman’s suplex and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Snoop Dogg hits the ring and also knocks out Santino. Snoop then gives Maria a kiss to end the segment.

– A video package airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s WWE Championship Match involving Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena.

– Randy Orton defeated John Cena & Triple H to retain the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match. John Cena had a marching band play his theme song during his entrance. They had pyro go off all around the top of the stadium during Triple H’s entrance. Orton got a solid reaction as well. Lilian Garcia did ring introductions for all three after the entrances. JR mentions this match has No DQ rules, making sense when Orton grabs the WWE Title and knocks out Triple H with it. Cena then goes after Orton with a long series of offense. Triple H gets involved and throws Cena out. Triple H also tosses Orton out. Triple H starts brawling with Orton over the ECW announce table. In the ring, Cena gets Triple H and Orton on his shoulders. Triple H jumps off and hits a low blow kick to Cena causing Orton to fall off Cena’s shoulders. Orton then starts working on Triple H and Cena. Orton is up on the top when Cena joins him. Triple H puts Cena on his shoulders and Orton hits a cross-body on Cena. Cena hangs on though and lifts Orton up. That gets stopped by Triple H. Orton with two big clotheslines on Triple H and Cena. Another big spot saw Orton drop both Triple H and Cena with DDT’s through the second rope! Cena dodges an RKO attempt and throws Orton on Triple H. Cena with a modified blockbuster on Orton and then a leg drop from the top rope. Cena chases after Orton on the outside and Orton sends Cena face first into the steel ring post. Triple H drops his body over the leg of Orton against the corner. Triple H drops Orton’s knee off the ring and then catches Cena with a clothesline when he runs in. Orton with an RKO on Triple H. Cena with the STFU on Orton. Orton gets to the ropes with help from Triple H to keep the match going. Triple H sends Cena into the steel steps and goes back to work on Orton’s knee. Cena breaks it up. Triple H hits the corner and falls outside. Cena has the STFU back on Orton. Triple H breaks that up. Triple H then applies the Crossface on Cena. Cena gets to the ropes. Cena with the side slam and five knuckle shuffle combo on Triple H. Triple H counters an FU attempt, but Cena counters the Pedigree attempt off that. Triple H with a big spinebuster on Cena. Orton is up on the ring apron and Triple H chop blocks him. Triple H with a Pedigree on Cena. Triple H covers Cena…1…2…Orton kicks Triple H in the face and falls on Cena. Orton gets the pinfall and has retained the WWE Title!

– A promo for WWE Backlash on April 27 airs.
– We see a shot of Big Show on his way to the ring.
– A video package airs highlighting the events between Floyd Mayweather and Big Show leading into tonight’s match.

– Floyd Mayweather defeated Big Show. This match is no holds barred where you can win via pinfall, submission or knockout. Very cool entrance for Big Show. Lots of pyro. Well, Mayweather out did that entrance by having money get shot across the crowd. The bell rings and both men circle. Big Show goes after Mayweather and he moves out of the way quickly. Big Show charges again and once again Mayweather gets away. Mayweather dodges Big Show again but this time he adds in some quick body shots. Quick jab by Mayweather to Big Show’s face. Some more quick jabs to Big Show’s face and Big Show looks frustrated. One of Mayweather’s crew brings him something to drink and Big Show knocks him off the ring apron! Big Show pulls him into the ring and chops the guy in the corner. Mayweather stops smiling as he looks on. Big Show stops a punch from Mayweather and then tries to stomp on his hand, but Mayweather pulls away quickly. Big Show catches Mayweather, lifts him up in the air on the top rope and Mayweather lands some right hands to break it up. Mayweather jumps on Big Show’s back and applies a rear naked choke. Big Show falls to one knee fading away a bit. Big Show comes back flipping Mayweather off his back and then stopping on Mayweather’s left arm! Big Show gets Mayweather in the corner, tells them to quiet down and then chops him over his chest loudly! Big Show then steps on the back of Mayweather and applies pressure. Mayweather fights back with some kicks, but Big Show drops Mayweather in a big side slam. Big Show drops his leg over the arm of Mayweather and then steps on his chest for a few seconds! Mayweather with more body shots and then Big Show headbutts Mayweather. Big Show goes to drop a leg on Mayweather, but his crew pulls him out to safety. Mayweather’s crew start carrying him to the back and Big Show chases after him. Big Show takes out Mayweather’s crew one by one and then finally gets Floyd. Big Show drops a forearm over the back of Mayweather and then starts dragging him back to the ring. Big Show has Mayweather in the ring, lifts him up for a chokeslam, but one of Mayweather’s crew hits Big Show over the back with a steel chair. Big Show chokeslams that crew member. Mayweather grabs the chair and hits Big Show in the gut, back, goes for the head, but Big Show stops him. Mayweather with a low blow kick and shot to the head. Mayweather with two more shots to the head with the steel chair on Big Show. Mayweather gets brass knucks, puts them on and connects with a huge right hand on Big Show! Big Show stays down and is unable to answer the 10 count. Floyd Mayweather is your winner.

– They announce next year’s WrestleMania will take place in Houston, Texas.
– Kim Kardashian announces that a new attendance record has been set for the Citrus Bowl: 74,635.
– A video package airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Match tonight.

– The Undertaker defeated Edge to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Another great entrance for The Undertaker. They had Vickie Guerrero come out and give Edge another creepy kiss before he made his way down the ramp. Good entrance for Edge as well minus the Vickie kiss. The bell rings and here we go. Edge pushes Taker away and then gets in a few right hands. Taker with a big clothesline on Edge. Taker comes back dropping Edge’s throat off the top rope. Taker with some right hands on Edge, but Edge comes back with a big boot. Taker with some shoulder charges on Edge. Edge counters the Old School, but Taker throws an arm drag on Edge quickly. Taker with a huge body charge on Edge in the corner and he actually forced himself over the top rope in doing so. Edge with a baseball slide to Taker throwing him into the guard railing. Edge leaves the ring and drives Taker back first into the ring apron. Edge with a swinging neckbreaker on Taker over the top rope. Edge goes back to work on Taker in the corner. Edge with a body charge in the corner on Taker. Taker attempts a scoop slam, but his back gives out and Edge splashes his chest. Edge goes up to the top rope and Taker throws him off with force. Classic Taker with a huge leap over the top rope taking out Edge. Taker puts Edge on the ring apron and brings his head out under the bottom rope. Taker with a big boot and then drops the leg. Back in the ring, Taker goes for the Last Ride, but his back gives out yet again and Edge follows that up with a big boot. Edge kicks Taker out of the ring and then throws him back first over the guard railing into the crowd! Edge throws Taker back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Edge with a half Boston Crab on Taker. Taker counters that into a quick pinfall resulting into a two count. Taker pushes Edge away with a quick kick. Lots of punching and kicking combinations. Taker with a body splash in the corner and then a second big one. Taker drops Edge over the corner, but Edge responds with a huge dropkick out of no where! Edge on the top, jumps off, Taker catches him, Edge counters, Taker catches him again, goes for a chokeslam, but Edge counters into a DDT! Cover by Edge, but a close two count. Taker with a boot to the face and chokeslam on Edge! Cover and Edge gets a shoulder up. Taker goes for Old School and Edge crotches him on the top rope. Edge goes up with Taker and connects with a big superplex! They move to the corner and Edge gets some right hands in. Taker lifts Edge up for a Last Ride, but Edge counters out of that into a neckbreaker! Very cool counter. Taker with a stiff forearm to Edge’s back and then a Last Ride! Taker covers and a close two count! Taker goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Edge counters into an inverted DDT. Taker with a big boot on Edge. Taker finally connects with Old School! Taker goes for a big boot but catches the referee instead! Edge with an inverted DDT on Taker. Taker chokes Edge but Edge hits a low blow kick. Edge leaves and grabs a video camera from the ringside area. Edge runs in and takes out Taker with it. Edge attempts a Tombstone Piledriver, but Taker counters that into one of his own! Taker covers but there is no referee! Charles Robinson runs down the ramp, hits the ring, but Edge kicks out after two somehow! The Edgeheads run down and Taker chokeslams one from the ring apron to the other. Edge with a Spear! Cover and Taker kicks out! Edge with another Spear, a cover, but Taker applies a gogoplata! Edge reaches for the ropes, but can’t get it and taps out. The Undertaker is 16-0 and is the new World Heavyweight Champion!

After the match, The Undertaker is handed the World Title and struggles to get to his feet. We see highlights from the match leading up to the finish. Back live, The Undertaker takes a knee holding up the World Title as a huge display of pyro goes off above the Citrus Bowl. We go off the air with Undertaker holding the World Title.

– A video package runs with highlights from tonight’s WrestleMania to close the show.

Source: Adam Martin, Wrestleview.com

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