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Jun 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 18th in Washington, DC

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package airs looking back at the history of the Survivor Series. Some of the big matches tonight were also highlighted including Batista vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Title.
– A graphic opening then welcomes us to Survivor Series as we go live to the American Airlines Arena. A display of pyro goes off as Joey Styles opens the show.

– CM Punk defeated The Miz & John Morrison in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ECW Championship. Although it was a rather quick match, it was a very solid way to open up the PPV. Punk took out Miz early on with a quick kick to the head followed by sending both Miz and Morrison to the floor. Miz and Morrison started double-teaming Punk in the ring until Miz shoved Morrison away. Morrison sent Miz to the floor until both started exchanging offense in the ring. Morrison hit a quick corkscrew from the corner on Miz, but Punk broke up the pinfall attempt. Impressive spot saw Punk hit a huricanranna on Morrison from the top rope which sent Morrison into Miz who hit Morrison with a quick powerbomb. Punk with a bulldog and and underhook backbreaker on Miz. The finish saw Miz take out Morrison sending him to the floor and Punk hit the Go To Sleep on Miz for the win.

– Backstage, MVP informs the audience that Matt Hardy will be unable to wrestle tonight. They showed footage from Smackdown on Friday night when MVP attacked Hardy’s knee.

– Mickie James, Maria, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Melina, Victoria & Layla in a 10 Divas Tag Team Match. Funny moment saw Melina attempt her usual entrance doing the splits, but she missed the ring apron. She laughed it off and did it a second time. Another quick match here that saw Mickie James kiss Melina and then kick her in the head for the win.

– A promo for WrestleMania 24 airs.
– Backstage, a shot of a concerned Hornswoggle is shown as Jonathan Coachman and William Regal are smiling about his match with The Great Khali later tonight.
– Footage was shown from earlier in the day with Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. Orton said he will be disappointing all the WWE fans tonight when he beats HBK and that his only chance to beat him would have been with the superkick – which he can’t use tonight. Michaels told Orton that he tried to take his career away from him and now he will take away his WWE Title tonight.

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes to retain the World Tag Team Titles. Early on in the match, Holly sent Cade to the floor and Rhodes sent Murdoch to the floor as well. Cade and Murdoch began to isolate Holly from getting a tag to Rhodes. Rhodes got the high tag later on and took out Murdoch with a big high back body drop. Rhodes continued the offense on Murdoch with a bulldog and a big dropkick from the top rope. The finish saw Holly hit the ring and send himself over the top rope to the outside along with Cade. In the ring, Murdoch hit Rhodes with a modified Canadian Destroyer and got the pinfall. After the match, Holly got in Cody’s face and left to the back without him.

– At ringside, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and JBL talk about how Matt Hardy is out of the 10-Man Elimination Match. JBL added that Mysterio is working injured as well.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham was with Triple H’s team. Jeff Hardy said MVP taking out his brother Matt only lit a fire underneath them tonight. They did a brief confrontation between Kane and Triple H where Kane was still upset about the Kate Vick deal. Triple H apologized. Jeff Hardy then brought up how Triple H once put him in the hospital. Triple H again apologized. He said tonight they will take out any aggression they have on their opponents.

– Triple H, WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & Kane defeated Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, WWE U.S. Champion MVP, Finlay & Big Daddy V in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. Eliminations were as follows: Kane was eliminated first by Big Daddy V after a samoan drop and elbow drop. Rey Mysterio was eliminated second by Umaga after a samoan spike. MVP was eliminated third by Jeff Hardy after a Twist of Fate. Mr. Kennedy was eliminated fourth by Triple H after Big Daddy V went for an elbow drop on Triple H but missed and hit Kennedy instead. Big Daddy V was eliminated fifth by Triple H after he was hit with a double DDT by Triple H and Hardy. We are down to Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga & Finlay. Finlay was eliminated sixth by Triple H following a Pedigree. Umaga was eliminated last after a Pedigree by Triple H and a Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy, with Jeff getting the pinfall on Umaga. I bet that surprised some people. Very solid match.

– Michael Cole and JBL looked at some footage of the new Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 video game with a Hell in a Cell Match between Batista and The Undertaker.
– Backstage, we see a shot of Hornswoggle still concerned about his match with The Great Khali. Vince McMahon shows up and Hornswoggle hugs him. Vince told Hornswoggle that he made the match tonight because Hornswoggle’s last name is McMahon and that he has been an underdog before against Time-Warner and the United States government – beating both. He tells Hornswoggle that all McMahon’s have huge grapefruits and are impervious to pain. Hornswoggle is pumped up to fight.

– The Great Khali defeated Hornswoggle via DQ. Wasn’t much of a match at all. Shane McMahon came out first and introduced his father and then his half-brother Hornswoggle. A loud “WE WANT SHAQ” chant started up. Shaq is in the house tonight by the way. During the match, Hornswoggle kicked Khali’s translator to the floor and spit green mist in his face. Hornswoggle then hid under the ring. The finish saw Finlay run down and hit Khali with the shillelagh followed by a low blow. Both Vince and Shane McMahon leave the ringside area to the back.

– A video package airs highlighting the feud between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels going into tonight’s match for the WWE Title.

– Randy Orton defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship. The stipulation here was that Orton couldn’t intentionally DQ himself, while Michaels couldn’t use the Sweet Chin Music. Lots of ground wrestling early on in the match. HBK would fake out Orton numerous times during the match teasing he was going for a superkick. First big spot saw HBK hit a big springboard moonsault from the ropes to Orton on the floor. Believe it or not, HBK applied a Sharpshooter on Orton in the ring. Orton responded with a spike DDT from the ropes after breaking the submission. Orton hit a quick standing dropkick on HBK as well when HBK was getting in some quick offense. HBK also applied the Crossface on Orton later on, which might have been questionable to do. Orton attempted to kick HBK in the head later in the match, but HBK countered by applying an Ankle Lock. The finish saw HBK counter an RKO attempt and had his opening to hit the Sweet Chin Music, but stopped shorted and this allowed Orton to hit the RKO to get the clean pinfall on HBK for the win to retain his title. After the match, Orton dragged a knocked out HBK to the corner, slapped him and demanded he acknowledge him as the future. When Orton turned his back on HBK for a few seconds, HBK stood up and then hit Orton with the Sweet Chin Music.

– A promo for Armageddon on December 16 airs.
– Another “Save_us” video aired, noting we are just 23 hours and 32 minutes away until tomorrow night.
– Backstage, a shot of Batista was shown. Back in the arena, the Hell in a Cell is lowered over the ring.
– A video package airs highlighting the feud between Batista and The Undertaker going into tonight’s Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Title.

– Batista defeated The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Crowd in Miami was very pro-Undertaker during Batista’s entrance. Early in the match, Batista took out Undertaker right away with a quick Spear. The action spilled outside the ring and Undertaker sent Batista into the steel steps and then sent him head first into the cell structure. Undertaker dropped a leg across the throat of Batista over the ring apron and busted open Batista using a steel chair. Undertaker attempted the Old School walking the ropes, but Batista countered into a big spinebuster. Undertaker again sent Batista head first into the cell. Batista responds with a big superplex on Undertaker. Undertaker then applied a triangle choke. After breaking the triangle by getting to the ropes, Batista got the steel steps and bounced them off the head of Undertaker. A busted open Undertaker was able to pull off a Last Ride and a chokeslam on Batista. Both resulted in a two count. Another big spinebuster by Batista on Undertaker. Batista then brings a table into the ring and gives Undertaker a Batista Bomb through it, resulting in a two count. Undertaker with a big back body drop over the steel steps on Batista. Batista gets his hand on the bottom rope during the pinfall attempt by Undertaker. Undertaker responds with a Tombstone Piledriver and Batista barely kicks out. Undertaker then picks up Batista again and hits a Tombstone over the steel steps. Undertaker covers Batista, but Edge pulls the referee out of the ring. Edge was dressed as a cameraman the entire time. Edge uses the camera and hits Undertaker with it. Edge then drags Undertaker head first over the steel steps and cracks a steel chair over his head. Edge puts Batista over Undertaker and the referee counts the pinfall. Batista retains. After the match, Edge again uses the steel chair and cracks it over Undertaker’s head.

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