One Night Stand

Jun 13, 2010 - by Adam Martin


Sunday, June 1st in San Diego, CA

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package runs focusing on WWE going “extreme” tonight at One Night Stand featuring John Cena vs. JBL, Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels vs. Batista and The Undertaker vs. Edge.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to One Night Stand. We then go live to the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California where a series of pyro goes off. Jim Ross is the first to welcome us to the show.
– Jeff Hardy’s music hits to kick off the first match of the night.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

The bell rings and Umaga slowly starts to approach Hardy. Hardy charges and Umaga levels him with a clothesline. Umaga with an irish whip on Hardy right into the corner. Hardy bounces off with force and Umaga tries to toss him into the other corner, but Hardy counters with a Whisper in the Wind. Hardy with a cover, but Umaga kicks out. Hardy is up top, jumps, Umaga catches him and hits what JR calls a “Black Hole Slam.” Umaga with a cover, but Hardy kicks out. Umaga charges at Hardy and Hardy pulls down the top rope to send him over to the outside. Hardy with a springboard splash over the top rope on Umaga, cover, but only a two count. Umaga then comes back sending Hardy into the ring barricade. Umaga throws Hardy into the crowd and hits him with a few steel chairs set up at the ringside area. Umaga sends Hardy into the wall of the arena and then headbutts him to the ground. Hardy grabs a part of the set and launches it at Umaga. Umaga responds with a big boot to Hardy, cover, but Hardy kicks out. Umaga misses a splash on Hardy and crashes into another part of the set.

Hardy then grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it in the face of Umaga. Hardy continues to do this as Umaga heads to the backstage area of the arena. Hardy sprays him one last time, but Umaga fires back with an uppercut. Umaga tries to hit Hardy with a chair, but Hardy moves and goes running up the arena steps. As Umaga follows him up the steps, Hardy slides down the railing of the steps and takes out Umaga! Cover by Hardy, but only a two count. They fight up the stairs to the top part of the arena where t-shrits are being sold. Umaga sends Hardy into a trash can, covers, but only gets a two count. They fight to the outside of the arena and Umaga sends Hardy into a crate. Umaga nails Hardy’s head off a forklift near by, covers, but gets another two count. Umaga sends Hardy face first into the back of a semi-truck and then continues with right hands. Hardy fights back sending Umaga into the door of a semi-truck. Hardy covers, but only gets a two count. They fight near the production truck and Hardy starts climbing up a ladder on the truck. Umaga follows Hardy up, but Hardy kicks him away and Umaga falls back.

Hardy then climbs to the top of the production truck, jumps off and connects with a Swanton Bomb! They keep the camera far away to give the impression that Hardy did this on the concrete. Hardy covers Umaga and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, they show highlights of the match leading to the finish.

– JR and The King pass it on to Michael Cole and Mick Foley. They air a video from earlier today where Mick Foley explained the stipulations of the Stretcher Match. A text vote is also available for the match tonight between Shawn Michaels and Batista.
– Tazz and Mike Adamle introduce a video looking at tonight’s Singapore Cane Match.

Singapore Cane Match
(Winner will face Kane for the ECW Title at Night of Champions)
Big Show vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely vs. CM Punk

They have four singapore canes hanging by poles in each corner. Everyone went after Big Show when the bell rang. Big Show fought off Dreamer, Punk, Morrison and Chavo. Big Show dropped an elbow over Morrison and Chavo. Big Show with a scoop slam on Dreamer, but misses an elbow drop. Punk kicks Big Show in the gut and head. Morrison follows that up with a kick to the head. Dreamer with a DDT on Big Show. Chavo with a frog splash on Big Show off the top. Morrison, Punk, Chavo and Dreamer all grab the singapore canes. Big Show gets up and all four men start hitting Big Show with the canes. Big Show gets tossed over the top rope as Morrison goes to work on Dreamer with the cane. Punk and Chavo battle on the outside. Chavo misses Punk and hits Shawn Merriman of the San Diego Chargers in the crowd. Punk catapults Chavo back towards Merriman and gives him a cane to hit Chavo with. The action spills back to the ring and Punk hits a quick powerslam on Chavo for a two count. Morrison hits Punk with a cane and then Dreamer takes out Morrison with a pump handle using the cane.

Punk dodges a death valley driver from Dreamer, goes for the GTS, but Dreamer counters that into a half boston crab. Dreamer then gets taken out by Morrison with a cane shot. We see footage from earlier in the match where Big Show tried to use the steel steps, but got clipped and the steps fell on his head busting him open. In the ring, Punk has Chavo in a superplex when Morrison goes under Punk and tosses him off doing a big tower of doom from the corner. A bloody Big Show finally gets to his feet on the outside. He grabs a cane and hits The Miz and Bam Neely with it. Morrison jumps out and Big Show hits him in mid-air with the cane. Big Show brings a trash can full of canes into the ring and then starts hitting Punk and Dreamer with a cane. Big Show with more cane shots on Punk and Dreamer. Dreamer grabs a cane, but Big Show blocks a shot and gives hime a huge chokeslam. Big Show wipes some blood off his face and picks up Dreamer. Dreamer can’t get to his feet and Big Show props him up in the corner. Big Show grabs a cane, smiles and cracks it over the head of Dreamer.

Big Show stands over Dreamer covering him with his boot and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, we see a shot of ECW Champion Kane backstage watching the match and laughing with the ECW Title over his shoulder. They show some great highlights of the match leading to the finish. Tazz says, “Don’t forget what ECW brought to this pay per view!”

– A commercial for Monday Night Raw tomorrow night plugging Vince McMahon’s $1 million dollar announcement airs.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Vince McMahon. Vince said every place he goes, he is asked if he is really going to give away $1 million dollars or if it is a stunt. He said it isn’t a stunt and calls it McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania. Vince said he will give more details tomorrow night on Raw. He adds that WWE employees are not eligble to win the money. Grisham walks away upset and then Ron Simmons appears with our “DAMN!” of the night.

First Blood Match
John Cena vs. JBL

The bell rings and JBL removes the padding of the top turnbuckle. John Cena turns around and does the same. Cena gets in JBL’s face and yells at him to come on. JBL starts hitting Cena with some big rights and kicks him to the ground. Cena dodges a big boot holding onto the ropes and levels JBL with a big clothesline. JBL bails to the outside, Cena chases him down, throws him back in and gets in some big right hands. JBL tosses Cena over the top rope and rolls to the outside. JBL drops an elbow over Cena’s chest. JBL throws Cena back inside, misses a corner shot, but levels Cena with a big elbow. Cena rolls to the ring apron, gets to his feet and JBL peppers him with a few kicks. One of the kicks sends Cena off the ring apron and he falls to the outside. JBL brings Cena to the ring barricade near the entrance area and slides Cena’s forehead across it a few times. The referee looks for blood and rules he is still clean to continue. Cena fires back with a few rights on JBL. JBL breaks up the rights with a thumb to the eye and a big boot. JBL grabs a steel chair, props Cena up near the ring post, but Cena moves and JBL cracks the chair over the ring post.

Cena comes back with a few rights, but JBL grabs the house mic and cracks it over Cena’s head. This causes a loud thud to echo over the PA system. JBL tosses Cena back into the ring, stands over him and hits him over the head again with the house mic. JBL yells at Cena to get on his feet. JBL misses a shot with the mic when Cena gets up. Cena with right hands and two big shoulder blocks. Cena plants JBL with a side slam and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. JBL is back up, Cena has him up for the FU, but JBL slides off and drops Cena’s head off the top rope. Cena rolls out of the ring and falls near JBL. JBL then grabs Cena and sends him face first into the ring post. The referee checks for blood on Cena and he is still clean. JBL gets frustrated and grabs the steel steps. JBL launches them at Cena and Cena moves out of the way. JBL then rips off the top of a ring barricade and nails Cena’s head off of it. JBL attempts a DDT on Cena over the bottom part of the steel steps, but Cena moves and JBL falls on the steps instead. Cena then grabs the house mic and nails it off JBL’s head.

The referee checks JBL’s head for blood and JBL is still clean. Cena rubs JBL’s forehead across the steel steps and throws JBL back inside. In the ring, Cena grabs a steel chair, but JBL counters and sends Cena face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Cena isn’t bleeding as JBL attempts a Clothesline From Hell. Cena dodges and takes out JBL with a bulldog right over a steel chair! JBL then grabs his towel and takes a chain out of it. JBL puts the chain over his knuckles and hits Cena in the ribs with it. Cena falls and grabs his ribs in pain. JBL wraps the chain more, misses a right hand and Cena connects with the FU. Cena rolls over coughing in pain. Cena gets to his feet and JBL levels him with a big boot. Cena falls back and gets wrapped up in the ropes. The referee tries to free Cena as JBL grabs a bull whip. Lawler asks if JBL is trying to be Indiana Jones. JBL brings in the bull whip, approaches Cena, but Cena takes him out and trips him up. Cena grabs the steel chair and applies the STFU choking JBL with the chair. JBL begins spitting out blood and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena celebrates his win with the crowd. Cena leaves the ring and hugs Shawn Merriman at ringside. Cena returns to the ring and grabs the chain holding it up in the air.

– A promo for the Night of Champions PPV on June 29 airs.
– Backstage, Batista is sitting when Randy Orton walks in. Orton said Michaels will get everything he deserves tonight for lying to him. Batista blows off Orton and he asks why the hostility. He brings up the past with Evolution. Batista asks what he wants. Orton brings up the Draft and how they might end up on the same show together. He said they could dominate and be better than DX ever was. Batista doesn’t give him an answer and walks off.
– They plug the text vote for tonight’s Stretcher Match between Shawn Michaels and Batista.

“I Quit” Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

One of the paparazzi fell down while taking pictures of Melina during her entrance. They even showed a replay of this taking place. The bell rings and Beth gets in Melina’s face. Melina pushes her away and kicks her. Melina jumps on Melina applying a guillotine choke. Melina lets go and hits Beth with a few kicks. Beth then drops Melina with a big backbreaker. Beth drops Melina with another backbreaker and yells at the referee to ask if she quits. Beth sends Melina into the corner and drives some elbows into her back. Melina fights back with some elbows of her own and then drops Beth face first onto the mat. Melina applies a surfboard submission on Beth. The referee asks her if she quits and Beth yells no. Beth powers herself to the bottom rope and falls to the outside with Melina to break it up. Melina tosses Beth back in the ring, but Beth lifts up Melina and puts her on the top rope. Melina gets flipped off the top to the mat and Beth starts choking Melina against the ropes. Beth lifts Melina to her shoulder and drops her in a backbreaker a few times. The crowd starts getting behind Melina as Beth yells at her to quit.

Beth then drops Melina face first onto the mat and applies a shoulder submission. Beth continues to take out Melina on the ground and lifting her up by her hair and dropping her over the mat. Melina starts elbowing Beth to fight out. Beth tosses Melina to the corner, Melina jumps up, grabs Beth by the head in a head scissors and flips forward sending Beth face first into the corner! Melina then sends Beth into the ring post shoulder first. Melina drops Beth with an armbar takedown. Beth fights back with an elbow, but Melina takes down Beth with a head scissors into an armbar submission. Melina turns Beth over and applies an even deeper armbar. Beth lifts Melina up and slams her down with a running powerbomb! Beth then lifts Melina up by her legs and slams her down face first. Beth then pulls Melina back by her arms in a submission. Beth then pulls Melina back by her neck wrenching back with power. Melina then tells the referee she quits.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, Beth Phoenix yells at Melina and brags about her win. Beth heads up the entrance area smiling at Melina who is still out in the ring.

– Backstage, John Cena is with the doctor when Mickie James walks in. Cena said there was something about girl-on-girl submissions and Mickie offers to try that later tonight. A toilet flushes and Mike Adamle walks out. He calls them a cute couple and “love birds.” Cena asks why he isn’t out announcing right now. Adamle said well, he had a match earlier and then had to go to the bathroom. Wow, Adamle is gold. Adamle invites Cena and Mickie to go out drinking with him tonight. They decline and Adamle passes on a bottle of JBL’s Mamajawana.
– Backstage, Edge is shown warming up for later tonight.
– 59% of the fans think Shawn Michaels will win tonight’s Stretcher Match against Batista according to the AT&T text vote.
– A video package airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s Stretcher Match between Shawn Michaels and Batista.

Stretcher Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Batista

The bell rings and HBK jumps at Batista. Batista pushes him down. HBK jumps at at him again and Batista throws him down. Batista clotheslines HBK over the top rope to the outside. Batista lifts HBK up and drops him over a stretcher near the ring. HBK responds sending Batista into the steel steps shoulder first. HBK cracks Batista’s head against the steel ring post. HBK follows that up with a big kick to the back of the head. HBK takes apart the steel steps leaving the bottom part near Batista. HBK puts Batista on the steps and wheels the stretcher right into the chest of Batista. HBK lifts up Batista and puts him on the stretcher. Batista starts fight back with knees to HBK’s head to get off the stretcher. Batista then grabs HBK, gets him up in a Batista Bomb, but HBK counters into a guillotine choke. Batista starts falling forward onto the stretcher. HBK rolls Batista over and gets him on the stretcher. HBK starts wheeling the stretcher towards the finish line. Batista stops HBK and levels him with a big right hand. Batista then sends HBK face first into the steel ring post to get back near the ringside area.

Batista then sends HBK into the side of the ring. Batista does the same again, but this time against the ring barricade. Batista rolls HBK back into the ring and levels him with a big clothesline. Batista with a big splash clothesline in the corner on HBK. Batista with a big running powerslam on HBK. HBK gets to his feet, Batista charges and HBK side steps him sending Batista shoulder first into the steel ring post. HBK with a springboard forearm off the ropes that takes Batista off his feet. HBK nips up, goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying elbow. HBK then starts tuning up the band in the corner. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Batista takes him out with a clothesline. Batista calls for the end lifting up HBK, getting him up in the Batista Bomb, Batista tries to hit the Batista Bomb over the top rope onto the stretcher, but HBK jumps off his shoulders and connects with Sweet Chin Music. Batista falls through the ropes and onto the stretcher. Batista has a glazed look on his face as HBK rolls out, positions Batista more on the stretcher and begins pulling it towards the entrance area.

Batista holds onto the ring apron as HBK tries pulling the stretcher away. HBK starts punching his arm away and again starts pulling the stretcher. Batista falls off the stretcher. HBK picks him back up and tries putting him back on. Batista puts up a fight and then HBK rams the stretcher into the side of Batista’s ribs. HBK does this again against the ring apron. HBK attempts this a third time, but Batista counters, bounces the stretcher up catching HBK in the face and then rams the stretcher into HBK sending him backwards onto the ground. Batista throws HBK back in the ring. HBK gets to his feet, Batista charges and takes out HBK with a huge Spear. Batista gets HBK up and connects with a Batista Bomb. Batista grabs HBK by the arm and drags him towards the bottom rope. Batista pulls HBK under the bottom rope and puts him on the stretcher. Chris Jericho shows up and starts talking to HBK. He tells HBK that he is better than this. WWE referees come out and kick Jericho to the back. Michael Cole notes that Jericho was trying to encourage HBK. Batista is back in the ring as HBK is still on the ground crawling towards him.

HBK gets to his feet using Batista’s body. HBK attempts Sweet Chin Music, but has no power left. Batista lifts up HBK and says, “Just so you know, I don’t love you and I’m not sorry.” Batista then lifts up HBK and slams him down with another huge Batista Bomb. Batista drags HBK out, puts him on the stretcher and wheels it down the entrance area. Jericho shows up again trying to encourage HBK. Jericho stops Batista from wheeling it over the finish line. Jericho helps HBK off the stretcher and he falls to the ground. Batista walks away, grabs the bottom part of the steel steps, places it next to HBK, picks up HBK and slams him over it. Batista lifts up HBK, places him back on the stretcher and pushes it past the finish line to get the win.

Winner: Batista

After the match, WWE referees and medical staff attend to Shawn Michaels on the stretcher. Batista lifts his arms in the air in celebration. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Foley said we should give Batista credit since he said he would hurt Shawn Michaels and he did.

– A video package airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match between champion Triple H and challenger Randy Orton.

WWE Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

They did introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and the champion Triple H.

The bell rings and both circle each other. Orton with a kick and sends Triple H through the ropes to the outside. Orton chases him down and hits Triple H with some more right hands. Triple H sends Orton shoulder first into the steel ring steps and then levels him with a clothesline near the ring barricade. Triple H with right hands and then sends Orton over the Smackdown announce table. Triple H tosses Orton back in and hits some more right hands in the corner. Triple H begins kicking Orton to the ground in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Triple H goes to work on Orton’s face and then sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Triple H grabs Orton and executes this a second time. Orton responds with a huge dropkick on Triple H. Triple H then tosses Orton over the top rope and then slams his head off the steel steps. Triple H with a huge right hand that levels Orton on the outside. Triple H then begins clearing away the ECW announce table. Triple H throws Orton on the table, mounts him and starts hitting some hard rights. Triple H picks up Orton, goes for the Pedigree, Orton counters attempting an RKO, but Triple H pushes him away.

Orton lands on his feet and then catches Triple H with a right hand. Orton then grabs Triple H’s head, pulls him forward slightly and drops him with a huge DDT. Triple H looks to be out after this takes place. The referee starts the count and Triple H barely gets to his feet by 9. Orton goes on the attack right away with some big rights. Orton then rips up the padding exposing the concrete and attempts an RKO on Triple H. Triple H puts on the brakes and sends Orton shoulder first into the ring post. The referee starts the count and Triple H gets up at 4 and rolls in. Orton is up at 6 and rolls in as well. Orton clips Triple H on the back of the head with his forearm taking him down. Orton then starts stomping Triple H on the ground. Orton then got the steel ring steps on the outside, brought them in and leveled Triple H with a big shot to the head. Triple H is down and the referee starts the count. Triple H gets up by 9 as Orton brings in some electric cord. Orton starts choking Triple H with the cord. Triple H stays down, Orton backs off, Triple H gets up the 8 count, Orton attempts an RKO, but Triple H counters and sends Orton over the top rope.

Orton lands with a thud and it sounds like he said he broke his collarbone to the referee. You can see Triple H talking to the referee quite a bit at this point. Orton finds a way to his feet a few times before the 10 count and each time Triple H hits him with rights to send him back down. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer and hits Orton with it. Lots of talking as this doesn’t appear to be the original finish. Triple H goes into the ring, holds up the sledgehammer, the referee starts the count, Orton stays down and the referee gets to 10. The bell rings and Triple H retains the WWE Title.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Triple H

After the match, we see highlights of Triple H countering the RKO and sending Randy Orton over the top rope when he took a very bad fall and grabbed his collarbone right away. Back live, we see Triple H holding the WWE Title high in the air on the turnbuckle as WWE referees and medical staff attend to Orton. JR says he is no doctor, but he knows Orton is hurt.

– A promo for the Night of Champions PPV on June 29 airs.
– Back live, we see Randy Orton getting to his feet. He has a frustrated look on his face as they show a few replays of how his injury took place. Orton walks around the ring and starts heading up the entrance ramp yelling at the fans. He looks to be in lots of pain.
– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s TLC Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship between The Undertaker and Edge.

World Heavyweight Championship – TLC Match
(If The Undertaker loses, he must leave WWE forever)

The Undertaker vs. Edge

They do ring introductions for Edge and The Undertaker.

The bell rings and Taker levels Edge with a big boot. Taker puts Edge in the corner and gets in a few body shots. Taker drops Edge with a right hand, lifts him up and drops a few headbutts. Taker with an irish whip on Edge, Edge bounces off the corner and Taker levels him with a clothesline. Taker puts Edge in the other corner and lands a few more body shots. Taker starts choking Edge, twists his arm, goes up to the top, scales the top rope and connects with the Old School! Taker leaves the ring, grabs a ladder, but Edge gets to his feet and dropkicks the ladder right into Taker’s face. Edge leaves the ring, clears steel chairs off a table and stacks another table on top of it. Edge approaches Taker who has a ladder in hand and hits Edge with it two times. Taker drops Edge face first off the steel steps. Taker gets another table and sets it up next two the two stacked tables. Taker grabs a fourth table and puts it on top of the original one. We now have four tables all stacked on each other. Edge then gives Taker a drop toe hold right into the steel steps. Foley mentions this is do or die tonight for Undertaker since he is excluded from the Draft even if he loses.

Edge sets up a ladder in the ring and starts climbing it when Taker runs back in and pulls him off. Taker knocks the ladder over and then sets it across the top turnbuckle. Taker puts Edge on his shoulders and looks to drop Edge off the ladder face first, but Edge jumps off and sends Taker face first into ladder. Edge grabs another ladder and puts it on the opposite turnbuckle. Irish whip by Edge, but Taker counters and Edge gets sent face first into that ladder. Taker grabs a third ladder, sets it up, begins climbing up, Edge jumps up on the other side and Taker throws him off. Edge lands on the ladder set up on the top turnbuckle, but bounces towards Taker, pushes the ladder over and Taker hits the other ladder set up in the other corner! Edge is up first, puts a ladder again on the top turnbuckle, turns around, Taker lifts him up and drops him in a snake eyes across that ladder. Taker then hits Edge with a big boot using the ladder to his advantage. Taker grabs a steel chair on the outside and drives it into the ribs of Edge. Taker then cracks the steel chair over the back of Edge.

Taker puts Edge on the ring apron, kicks him in the head, goes up to the ring apron, looks to drop a leg, but Edge pulls a steel chair up and Taker drops his leg right across the steel chair. Taker screams out in pain as he falls to the outside. Edge then positions a ladder across the ring apron and ring barricade. Taker grabs Edge looking to hit a Last Ride, but Edge falls down and low blows Taker. Edge gets to his feet with a steel chair in hand. Edge cracks the steel chair over the head of Taker and he falls to the ground. Edge goes on the other side of the ring, sets up a table, grabs another steel chair and cracks it over the head of Taker when he gets back to his feet. Edge grabs Taker and puts him on top of a table near the Smackdown announce table. Edge stands on the Smackdown announce table, jumps and splashes Taker crashing through the table! Edge rolls back in the ring with a ladder in hand. Edge sets it up under the World Title, begins climbing, but Taker isn’t far behind and tosses Edge off. Edge then responds leveling Taker with a Spear! Edge pushes the ladder over, puts Taker’s leg inside and drops the ladder over Taker’s knee.

Edge leaves, grabs a steel chair, returns to the ring and cracks it over the ladder with Taker’s knee still inside. Edge brings in a bigger ladder and sets it up under the World Title. Edge grabs the steel chair again and cracks it over the head of Taker two different times. Edge places the steel chair under the head of Taker, leaves the ring, grabs another steel chair, returns, attempts a Conchairto, but Taker dodges it low blowing Edge. Taker follows Edge to the ring apron. Taker grabs Edge and gives him a chokeslam on to the ladder that was set across the ring apron and ring barricade earlier! Taker then goes to climb up the ladder when Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins hit the ring. They slide in two more ladders and tables. Hawkins and Ryder set up two tables. They put Taker on one and put another table over Taker. Taker low blows Ryder and then throws Hawkins off the top rope sending him crashing through a table at ringside! Taker then chokeslams Ryder off the ring apron crashing through another table! In the ring, Edge is up and he Spears Taker through the ropes sending him off the ring apron into the ring barricade.

Edge stacks two tables on top of each other again near the corner. Edge positions the ladder near by and starts climbing up. Taker rolls back in, Edge is close to the title, Taker grabs the feet of Edge, starts climbing up, Taker goes under Edge and connects with a Last Ride sending Edge through two tables! This gets a huge reaction from the crowd in San Diego! Taker starts climbing up the ladder favoring his bad knee when Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely show up. They pull Taker off the ladder and start beating him down. Chavo and Bam grab two steel chairs. They miss hitting Taker at the same time and Taker grabs a chair leveling them both! Taker moves the ladder and then starts climbing up yet again. As Taker gets near the top, Edge somehow gets to his feet and pushes the ladder over. Taker falls with the ladder and crashes through the four tables at ringside! Edge positions the ladder, starts climbing up, gets to the top, reaches and gets the title. Edge is the new World Heavyweight Champion and The Undertaker is now done in WWE.

Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Edge puts the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder and celebrates. Mick Foley says Edge has accomplished his World Title win at the expense of the career of The Undertaker. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish that saw Undertaker crash through four tables at ringside. Back live, Edge holds up the World Title along with Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Vickie Guerrero walks out and she hugs Edge. Pyro begins to go off behind them all as Edge holds the World Title high in the air.

As Edge and his crew heads to the back, we see a shot of The Undertaker trying to recover and get to his feet. Undertaker eventually sits up and gets to his knees. Undertaker gets to his feet as the fans in San Diego give him a standing ovation. Undertaker then begins walking up the entrance area as the lights go down and a spotlight covers him. Michael Cole adds, “The career of The Undertaker is dead, but his legacy will live on forever.” Undertaker stops, turns around, looks at the crowd and then heads to the back as the PPV goes off the air…

What did you think of One Night Stand?

thumbs up – 41%

in the middle – 16%

thumbs down – 14%

didn’t see it – 29%

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Best match?

JBL-Cena – 2%

Melina-Phoenix – 11%

Singapore Cane – 6%

HBK-Batista – 6%

Orton-HHH – 6%

Edge-Taker – 58%

Umaga-Hardy – 11%

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