No Way Out

Jun 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 17th in Las Vegas, NV

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package airs highlighting the Elimination Chamber, the WWE Championship Match between champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena and the World Heavyweight Championship Match between champion Edge and Rey Mysterio as we go on the “Road to WrestleMania.”
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to No Way Out. We go live to Las Vegas where a huge display of pyro goes off. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show.
– CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. A video package airs highlighting the events between Punk and Chavo Guerrero over the ECW Title. For a few seconds, we accidentally hear the commentary audio from Tazz and Joey Styles.

– Chavo Guerrero defeated CM Punk to retain the ECW Championship. Chavo slaps Punk quickly after the bell rings and Punk responded with a big kick to the head leveling Chavo. Punk with a quick backbreaker, cover and only a two count. Chavo kicked Punk to the outside when Punk landed on the ring apron. When Punk gets back in the ring, Chavo takes him out with a big uppercut. Chavo with a quick takedown and body flip splash on Punk. More offense from Chavo with a side suplex on Punk. Chavo then applied a body scissors submission. Punk fights out catapulting Chavo into the corner. Punk with a big knee to the head of Chavo followed by a high back body drop. Punk with a quick powerslam on Chavo, cover, but only a two count. Punk attempts the GTS, but Chavo counters into a huracanrana. Chavo with a close pinfall on Punk following a tornado DDT from the corner. Punk with a kick to the head, cover, but another two count. Punk attempts the Three Amigos, but the fans in Vegas boo! Punk gets the fans back with a bulldog from the corner on Chavo, but Chavo puts his foot on the bottom rope during the pinfall. Punk launches Chavo over the top rope, Chavo lands on the ring apron and Punk kicks Chavo in the head sending Chavo to the ground. Punk leaves the ring and rolls Chavo back in to prevent a countout. Punk crotches Chavo on the top rope, attempts a top rope huracanrana, but Chavo holds on to the ropes, Punk hits the mat and Chavo connects with the Frog Splash. Chavo covers Punk and gets the pinfall to retain the ECW Championship.

After the match, Tazz and Joey Styles talk about how Chavo Guerrero always finds a way to win and that is why he is still ECW Champion. They show a few highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Chavo holds his arms in the air with the ECW Title.

– Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman talk about what went down on Friday Night Smackdown with Rey Mysterio taking out Vickie Guerrero with a West Coast Pop.
– Mike Adamle is backstage with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio talks about how Edge only looks out for himself and that it was an accident that he took out Vickie. Adamle brings up the reports of Mysterio suffering a torn bicep. Mysterio said he intends on competing tonight and shows off the bruises on his arm. Adamle asks how he can compete tonight and Mysterio said he can overcome anything with the World Title on the line. Floyd Mayweather Jr. then shows up and he embraces with Mysterio. Floyd asks him if he will get the job done tonight and Mysterio promises he will. Mysterio and Floyd leave as we see Mayweather Jr.’s giant posse follow behind him.
– Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plug cell phone voting for tonight’s Raw Elimination Chamber.
– Backstage, we see Chris Jericho warming up for the Elimination Chamber. Back live, we see a shot of the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring as it starts to lower.
– A video package looking at the Elimination Chamber airs.

– The Undertaker won the Smackdown/ECW Elimination Chamber. MVP was out first and got into one of the pods. Big Daddy V with Matt Striker was out second. The Great Khali was out third. Finlay was out fourth. Batista and The Undertaker were the last two to enter and will kick off the match. The two exchange punches. Batista gets the best of Undertaker with a knee to the gut and throws him into the corner. Batista drives his shoulder into Undertaker’s gut a few times until Undertaker breaks it up with a high knee. Undertaker launches Batista over the top rope and Batista lands on the steel floor of the chamber. Undertaker then pushes Batista’s face into the chain. Batista fights back kicking Undertaker in the head through the ropes. Batista with an irish whip to the corner, Undertaker bounches off and Batista levels Undertaker with a clothesline. Undertaker then fights back choking Batista in the corner. Batista fights back with a big clothesline on Undertaker. Undertaker and Batista knock each other out with a big boot as time expires. Out of the pods first is Big Daddy V. V goes after Undertaker with a big chest chop and then chops Batista over the chest as well. V then levels both with two clotheslines. V with a big scoop slam on Undertaker and another chest chop on Batista. V with a samoan drop on Undertaker. V then stands on Undertaker’s chest applying pressure. V headbutts Undertaker and he falls back into the chamber door. The door opens up and Undertaker falls to the outside in something that obviously wasn’t planned. Undertaker favors his arm, gets back in and they lock up the door. Back in the ring, Batista takes out V with a huge spinebuster. Batista clotheslines V over the top rope, V hits the steel and Undertaker takes out V with a big DDT. Batista covers Big Daddy V and gets the pinfall.

Big Daddy V is eliminated.

Time expires and out next is The Great Khali. Khali charges out and headbutts both Undertaker and Batista. Khali chops Undertaker over the head and then does the same to Batista. A loud “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE” chant starts up. Khali works on Batista in the corner with some elbows when Undertaker walks up hitting Khali with some right hands. Khali with a big Khali Bomb on Undertaker, covers, but Undertaker kicks out. Khali takes out Batista and then levels Undertaker with another chop to the head. Khali applies the Vice Grip over Batista’s head, but Batista breaks it up and takes out Khali with a big Spear. Undertaker then takes out Batista with a big boot. Khali’s translator gets up on the chamber door and Undertaker takes him out with a big boot. When he lands, he lands hard on his knee and screams out in pain. Undertaker applies what looks to be a triangle submission on Khali and Khali taps out. Well, that is what Cole and Coachman said but we really couldn’t see it all that well.

The Great Khali is eliminated.

Time expires and out next is Finlay. Undertaker takes out Finlay with a big boot right away. Finlay fights back sending Undertaker into the corner and then sends Batista over the top rope onto the steel. Finlay picks up Undertaker and hits a huge side walk slam, but Undertaker kicks out after two during a pinfall attempt. When Finlay goes after Batista on the steel, Batista trips him up and then catapults Finlay into the chain wall. In the ring, Undertaker takes out Batista with a quick clothesline. Quick pinfall attempt by Finlay on Batista, but another two count. Finlay sends Undertaker over the top rope and Undertaker lands on the steel. Finlay then throws Undertaker into the chain wall. Finlay sends Undertaker face first into an empty pod and the pod breaks. Batista then grabs Finlay and sends his arm right into the steel post. Batista with a big suplex on Finlay off the top rope.

Time expires and MVP is the only one left. MVP tries to keep his pod shut as Undertaker stands in front. When it opens, Undertaker walks in and takes out MVP with kicks and punches. Undertaker goes back in the ring and Batista goes right after him with shoulder charges in the corner. Undertaker with a big boot on Batista from the corner. MVP hits the ring and kicks Batista in the face and then does the same to Undertaker. MVP covers Undertaker, but he kicks out after two. MVP takes off his chain and starts choking Finlay with it. MVP wraps the chain around his fist and takes out Undertaker with it. Undertaker’s head is busted open from the chain shot. MVP with a big boot on Finlay and Batista. Undertaker stands up and MVP tries to punch him. Undertaker takes each punch and still stands on his feet. MVP leaps up on the top rope and then jumps up onto the top of a pod. Undertaker follows MVP up to the top rope. Undertaker grabs MVP by the neck and flips him off the top of the pod. MVP crashes to the center of the ring! Finlay crawls over and covers MVP to get the pinfall.

MVP is eliminated.

Undertaker is still up on the top rope and sees Finlay down. Undertaker jumps attempting an elbow, but Finlay rolls out of the way. We then see a shot of Hornswoggle popping his head out from under the chamber and throwing a shillelagh at Finlay. Finlay goes after Batista with it and it is legal. Batista then attempts a Batista Bomb, but Finlay cracks the shillelagh over his head to break it up. Undertaker then chokeslams Finlay over the top rope onto the steel! Undertaker covers and gets the pinfall.

Finlay is eliminated.

We are down to Undertaker and Batista. The two start exchange punches. When Undertaker punches, the fans cheer. When Batista punches, the fans boo. Batista with a huge Batista Bomb on Undertaker! Batista covers, but Undertaker somehow kicks out. Batista’s head is busted open. Batista starts punching Undertaker in the head in the corner, but Undertaker lifts Batista up and connects with the Last Ride! Undertaker then signals for the end, but Batista counters a Tombstone Piledriver and throws Undertaker over the top rope sending Undertaker onto the steel floor. Batista puts Undertaker on his shoulder and launches him into the chain wall. Batista attempts this a second time, but Undertaker gets his hands up to block it. Batista backs up to the ropes, Undertaker puts his feet down, flips Batista up onto his shoulder and connects with the Tombstone Piledriver in a great spot. Undertaker covers Batista and gets the pinfall. Undertaker advances to WrestleMania 24 for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner & #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 24: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker gets to his feet and points to the WrestleMania 24 logo hanging in the arena. We see highlights from the match leading to The Undertaker’s victory.

– Backstage, World Heavyweight Champion Edge is with The Edgeheads. They say it looks like he will be facing Undertaker at WrestleMania. Edge says he knows that, but said they need to focus on tonight. Teddy Long walks in and said with Vickie Guerrero not being here tonight, he is in charge. Long then bans The Edgeheads from ringside during the World Title Match tonight.
– A commercial for WrestleMania 24 airs featuring Kelly Kelly with a “Baywatch” theme.
– Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduce some footage of Maria and Ashley at a Playboy Mansion party.

– Ric Flair defeated Mr. Kennedy. Before the match, Mr. Kennedy got on the mic and told everyone to get their cameras out because tonight would be the last night you would see Ric Flair compete in a WWE ring. We see a shot of Floyd Mayweather Jr. at ringside smiling during Flair’s entrance. When the bell rang, Kennedy got a quick takedown on Flair and then did the strut as the fans booed. Flair with a knee to the gut and big chest chop on Kennedy. Flair with an arm drag on Kennedy and then lets out a loud WOOOOOOO. Kennedy smiles and then gets in a few shots on Flair in the corner. Flair fights back with some chops, but Kennedy dropkicks the bad knee of Flair. Kennedy then starts kicking the bad knee that Flair has taped up. Kennedy applies a half boston crab on Flair’s bad knee. Flair gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Flair lets out a loud, “Oh sh*t!” Kennedy grabs the bad knee of Flair and slams it over the ring apron a few times. Kennedy breaks the count and then slams the knee against the steel ring post. Kennedy then channels Bret Hart and applies a Figure Four on Flair against the steel ring post. Flair screams out in pain. Kennedy mocks him and then slaps Flair across the face. Kennedy slaps Flair some more, stands him up, but Flair gets in a chop. Kennedy responds right away kicking Flair in his bad knee and then applying a Figure Four. Kennedy keeps it locked in tight and taunts at Flair. Flair finds a way to reach the bottom rope to break it up. Kennedy then stands up and mocks Flair holding his knee. Flair fights back with chops, but Kennedy puts Flair on his shoulders and hits a flip senton bomb. Kennedy puts Flair back on his shoulders, Flair jumps off and chop blocks Kennedy in the back of the knee. Flair with another chop block and this time it takes Kennedy off his feet. Kennedy with a roll up holding the tights of Flair, but the referee sees Kennedy using the ropes and stops the count. Inside cradle, but Flair kicks out and then applies the Figure Four on Kennedy. The fans in Vegas cheer loudly and Kennedy taps out.

After the match, Flair leaves the ring and gets on the mic. He says, “Your winner and still limosine riding, jet flying, never gonna retire, wheeling, dealing, kiss stealing, son of a gun, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!” The fans cheer as Flair lets out a few WOOOOOO’s and heads to the back.

– Backstage, Vince McMahon approaches Finlay who is in pain following the Elimination Chamber. McMahon brings up tomorrow night’s Steel Cage Match on Raw when he faces Hornswoggle. He said he will show his son some tough love and nobody can do a thing about it, including Finlay.
– A video packages airs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Match between champion Edge and challenger Rey Mysterio.
– Backstage, we see a shot of JBL pacing.

– Edge defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. We saw another shot of Floyd Mayweather Jr. at ringside cheering on Rey Mysterio during his entrance. The bell rings and here we go. Edge mocks Mysterio asking him how his arm is feeling. They lock up a bit and Mysterio gets in a few kicks. Quick huracanrana by Mysterio on Edge and Mysterio favors his arm right away. Jonathan Coachman notes that Mysterio will have to use his left arm more tonight than ever before. Edge with a big boot in the corner on Mysterio. Mysterio bails to the outside favoring his arm and Edge takes him out with a baseball slide. Edge then drives Mysterio arm first into the steel steps and Mysterio screams out in pain. Edge rolls back in, throws his arms in the air and the fans in Vegas boo loudly. Edge throws Mysterio back in the ring and kicks him in the corner. Edge then puts pressure on Mysterio’s bad arm, but Mysterio starts kicking Edge to break it up. Edge props Mysterio up on the top rope, Edge punches his bad arm and then drops him down in the tree of woe. Edge attempts a big dropkick, but Mysterio lifts himself up and Edge slides crotching himself on the steel ring post. When Edge stands up, Mysterio takes out Edge with a big moonsault, covers, but only a two count. Mysterio with a jumping tornado DDT on Edge from the corner, covers, but Edge puts his boot on the bottom rope. Mysterio connects with the 619 on Edge when Mysterio drop toe holds Edge into the ropes. Mysterio screams out in pain and gets back into the ring. Mysterio springboards off the middle rope, but Edge catches him in mid-air and connects with a huge Spear. Edge covers Mysterio and gets the pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Edge is handed the World Title and he stares down at Rey Mysterio. Michael Cole notes that Edge will now defend the World Title against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 24.

As referees help Rey Mysterio out of the ring, The Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. He shows off his newly trim body in a suit and says, “Guess who is back!” Big Show said he missed WWE and promises to become champion once again. He said it doesn’t matter if it is Raw, Smackdown or ECW. Show said a lot of people make promises, but he has already been champion of Raw, Smackdown and ECW. He said it is only a matter of time before he becomes champion again. Show talks about losing over 100 pounds and that he is now faster, meaner and ready to be back in the WWE. Show notices an injured Rey Mysterio at ringside and grabs him. He starts slapping his bad arm and then looks over at Floyd Mayweather Jr. asking if he wants to do some. Mayweather shakes his head as Big Show throws Mysterio back in the ring. Show teases giving Mysterio a chokeslam. Show lifts Mysterio up and Mayweather jumps into the ring. Mayweather gets in Show’s face and Mayweather’s team hit the ring to hold him back. Show takes off his jacket and Mayweather is let go. They stare each other down as Show smiles. Show pushes Mayweather away. Show then gets down on one knee mocking Mayweather. Mayweather then walks forward and punches Big Show a few times. Mayweather then takes off with his team over the guard railing into the crowd. Shane McMahon runs out and holds Big Show back. Big Show’s nose is busted open and he spits blood out. Show’s nose looks legit messed up as Shane calms him down. Show backs up and leaves up the ramp with Shane. He smiles at the crowd with his nose and mouth covered in blood. They show a few replays and Mayweather caught Big Show with some legit hooks. This was done incredibly well and came across great.

– Backstage, Jeff Hardy is shown warming up.
– Mike Adamle introduces a video package highlighting the events leading into tonight’s WWE Championship Match between champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena.

– John Cena defeated Randy Orton via DQ; Orton retains the WWE Championship. Big reaction for both during their entrances. The bell rings and the two circle the ring. They lock up and Cena gets a quick takedown on Orton into a cradle for a quick pinfall that results in a one count. Cena with a takedown on Orton and another pinfall. Crowd starts a “LETS GO ORTON-LETS GO CENA” chant. Orton with a kick to the gut on Cena followed by some kicks to the back. Orton levels Cena with some stiff right hands and pushes him to the opposite corner. Cena with a big bulldog on Orton, but Orton kicks out with force during a pinfall attempt. Cena catches Orton with a shoulder followed by an elbow drop that results in a two count. Orton fights back kicking Cena in the chest and then taking him off his feet with a big right hand. Orton poses to the crowd, but Cena rolls him up and gets a close two count. Orton leaps back up and takes out Cena with a big clothesline. Cena is tied up in the ropes and Orton toys with him hitting a few punches. The crowd chants loudly and Orton stares them down. Cena then drops Orton’s head off the top rope, goes up to the top rope, jumps off and connects with a modified leg drop. Cena hooks the leg, but Orton gets a shoulder up. Orton catches Cena with an elbow to stop anymore quick offense. Orton picks up what looks to be a lifeless Cena, but Cena gets him on his shoulders going for an FU. Orton counters off his shoulders and takes out Cena with a big uppercut. Orton then stomps on Cena’s ankle with force. Orton continues stomping over the chest of Cena and then hammerfists his pectoral muscle that was injured. Orton exposes his knee, goes for a knee drop, but Cena moves. Cena misses a charge on Orton and Orton applies a stiff headlock. Cena tries fighting out, but Orton keeps the pressure applied. Cena fights back to his feet and takes out Orton with two takedowns and a side slam. Cena points to the WrestleMania 24 sign, does the “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena has Orton up for the FU, but Orton slides off and walks to the ramp. Cena follows and catches Orton with a few right hands. They exchange punches, the referee gets to a 9 count and both slide back in the ring just in time. Cena smiles at Orton and Orton glares back. They lock up and Orton drops Cena’s head over his back. Orton puts Cena up on the top rope hitting some punches. Orton then climbs up with Cena, hooks an arm, but Cena pushes him off. Cena jumps and misses a leg drop attempt. Orton then starts to stalk Cena. Cena gets to his feet, Orton goes for the RKO, Cena counters and hits a side slam. Cena then applies the STFU on Orton. Orton reaches out and screams in pain. Orton slides, reaches and gets the bottom rope. Orton rolls out and falls to the mat. The referee comes out with Orton and Orton screams about his knee. Orton yells at the referee to count him out. Cena comes out and Orton jumps up catching him with an RKO. Orton slides back in and lays on the ring apron. Orton gets back in completely under the rope and the referee starts the count. Cena gets in by the 9 count and Orton can’t believe it. He yells at Orton to bring it. Orton then slaps the referee. The referee then calls for the bell.

After the match, Cena can’t believe it. Cena starts arguing with the referee to continue the match. Cena grabs Orton and gives him an FU. Cena applies the STFU and Orton taps out, but the match is over and the referee has left the ring. Cena keeps the STFU locked in until Orton passes out. Cena then lets go and some fans start a “GOODBYE” song chant at Cena. A frustrated Cena looks up at the WrestleMania 24 logo hanging in the arena and then starts leaving up the ramp. Cena then heads to the back. Lilian Garcia announces that John Cena is the winner via DQ, but that Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion. Orton holds up the WWE Title in the ring smiling as some fans boo and some fans cheer. Orton backs up the ramp kissing the WWE Title and then smiles.

– Backstage, we see a shot of Triple H warming up. Shawn Michaels appears and says he knows this is usually the time during the show when they throw out some funny lines and try to sell t-shirts. Michaels said he is sorry before what goes down out there. Triple H said not to apologize and said if he has to go through him tonight, he will. Michaels said that is why this friendship has lasted for so long since they are on the same page.
– Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler thank Seether for the “Fake It” song that is being used for No Way Out tonight. They review the text message voting for who WWE fans think will win the Raw Elimination Chamber. Jeff Hardy won with 38% of the vote, with Triple H not far behind with 31% and HBK with 21%.
– Back live, we see the Elimination Chamber being lowered around the ring yet again.

– Triple H won the Raw Elimination Chamber. Out first is Triple H and he enters one of the pods. Out second was Umaga. Out third was JBL. Out fourth is WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy. Out last were Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels to kick off the match. The bell rings and Jericho and HBK lock up. HBK gets in a few elbows on Jericho followed by a big chop. Jericho and HBK then start exchanging chops. HBK and Jericho get into a few pinning spots, roll out, elbows by HBK and Jericho with a northern lights suplex that results in a two count. Backslide by HBK, but only a two count and Jericho then takes out HBK with a big clothesline. Jericho with a backbreaker on HBK. HBK with more chops and Jericho with more punches. Scoop slam by HBK on Jericho. HBK goes up to the top rope, jumps attempting an elbow, but Jericho gets his knees up and HBK connects elbow-first with Jericho’s knees. Jericho with a bulldog on HBK, a Lionsault, but Jericho lands as HBK gets his knees up and goes for the Walls of Jericho. HBK kicks out of the attempt, attempts a Sharpshooter and Jericho counters that into a cradle for a close two count. Jericho drops an elbow over HBK, covers and another two count. Both men collide in the middle of the ring attempting a cross-body.

Time expires and the first one out of the pods is Umaga. Umaga takes out Jericho and HBK with big right hands. Umaga tosses Jericho through the ropes to the steel flooring. He sends HBK into the ropes, but HBK can’t take him down. Jericho and HBK both charge at Umaga and Umaga takes both men out. Umaga has Jericho on his shoulders. HBK jumps at Umaga and his is now on Jericho. Umaga has both men on his shoulders and drops back in a huge samoan drop! HBK gets kicked right in the face sending him over the top rope to the steel flooring. Umaga with right hands on Jericho against the ropes. Umaga then leaps off the chain wall and splashes HBK on the steel flooring. Jericho fights back with chops on Umaga. Umaga then levels Jericho with a stiff uppercut. Umaga goes for a splash off the top rope, but Jericho rolls out of the way. HBK then follows up with a flying elbow to the back of Umaga. Jericho then tries to turn Umaga over into the Walls of Jericho and does! As this is going on, HBK applies the Crosface on Umaga.

Time expires and out next is JBL. JBL breaks up the double-submission and then clotheslines Jericho. JBL takes out HBK and then Jericho with a swinging neckbreaker. HBK is busted open over the head at this point. JBL goes to work on Jericho in the corner with stiff punches and kicks. JBL with a big boot on Jericho and elbow drop combination. JBL has Jericho up on the top rope while Umaga gave HBK a scoop slam on the steel flooring. Jericho took out JBL with a DDT, but then JBL fights back and launches Jericho over the top rope to the steel flooring. Jericho grabbed his elbow in pain when he landed on the steel. HBK gets thrown stomach first onto the top rope and Umaga kicked him off. HBK fell to the steel flooring.

Time expires and out next is Triple H. Triple H’s pod opens and he jumps on Umaga right away in the ring. Triple H lands right hands on JBL followed by a knee drop. Triple H with a spinebuster on Jericho and another on Umaga. Triple H takes out JBL with a DDT, covers, but only gets a two count. Umaga lands a stiff uppercut on Triple H to slow things down. Umaga misses a splash in the corner and Triple H sends Umaga face first into an empty pod. Jericho with a bulldog on Triple H. Jericho misses a Lionsault attempt on Triple H. Triple H kicks Jericho in the gut going for a Pedigree, but JBL levels Triple H with a Clothelines From Hell. Jericho then takes out JBL with the Code Breaker, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

JBL is eliminated.

JBL leaves the chamber as everyone is down in the ring. JBL then grabs two steel chairs, levels Jericho with one, takes out HBK with another and then Umaga gets in his face. JBL backs off, but then takes out Umaga with it. JBL throws down the chair and leaves. We see a shot of Jericho now busted open from the chair shot. HBK is busted open in the corner as well.

Time expires and out last is Jeff Hardy. Hardy takes out Umaga with a kick to the chest. Hardy then dropkicks HBK in the chest in the corner. Hardy plans Jericho face first in the ring, elbows Triple H, leaps off Jericho and splashes Umaga in the corner! Triple H kicks Hardy in the gut. HBK and Triple H irish whip Hardy to the corner, but Hardy takes out both with a Whisper in the Wind. Umaga then takes out Hardy with a big kick to the face. Umaga grabs Jericho and gives him a spinning side walk slam. Umaga puts Triple H in the tree of woe in the corner. HBK kicks Umaga and chops him. Umaga sends HBk right into Triple H in the corner. HBK flips up over the top rope and then Umaga splashes Triple H with a big headbutt. Umaga then takes out Triple H and HBk on the steel flooring. Jericho is propped up against one of the pods when Umaga runs and splashes him right in the head breaking the pod! A loud “HOLY SH*T” chant starts up. Umaga looks to spike Jericho when HBK hits him with some Sweet Chin Music. Jericho drops Umaga with the Code Breaker and Triple H finishes him off with a Pedigree. Hardy then goes up to the top of his pod, leaps off and connects with a Swanton Bomb! Jericho covers Umaga and gets the pinfall.

Umaga is eliminated.

HBK with Sweet Chin Music on Jericho. Hardy covers and gets the pinfall.

Chris Jericho is eliminated.

Hardy with a TWist of Fate on HBK. Triple H tosses Hardy over the top rope and then gives HBK a Pedigree. Triple H covers HBK and gets the pinfall.

Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

We are now down to Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Hardy gets back in the ring and the two exchange punches. Hardy gets tossed over the top rope and lands on the steel flooring. Triple H walks up, tries to throw Hardy into the chain wall, but Hardy counters and sends Triple H face first into it. Hardy then catches Triple H with a big DDT on the steel flooring. Hardy then starts punching Triple H quickly and throws him face first repeatedly into the chain wall. Triple H flops through the ropes back into the ring. Hardy follows and Triple H rolls back out to the steel flooring. Hardy scales up the top rope, jumps, but Triple H catches him with a kick to the gut. Triple H looks to hit the Pedigree, but Hardy back body drops Triple H into the ring. Hardy attempts the Swanton Bomb, but Triple H moves, kicks Hardy in the gut, his the Pedigree, hooks the leg…1…2…Hardy kicks out and the fans can’t believe it. Triple H grabs one of the steel chairs JBL brought in earlier and throws it down near Hardy. Triple H picks up Hardy and Hardy low blows him. Hardy attempts the Twist of Fate, but Triple H counters and throws Hardy down over the steel chair. Triple H picks up Hardy, hooks the arms and connects with the Pedigree over the steel chair. Triple H covers Hardy and gets the pinfall. Triple H advances to WrestleMania 24 to earn a shot at the WWE Championship.

Winner & #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 24: Triple H

After the match, the referee raises Triple H’s arm in the air. We then see highlights leading to the finish of the Elimination Chamber. Back live, Triple H is up on the top rope and points to the WrestleMania 24 logo hanging in the arena. The PPV goes off the air with Triple H posing in the corner.

Source: Adam Martin,

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