No Mercy

Jun 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Location: Portland, Oregon
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross & Tazz and Todd Grisham & Jerry Lawler (filling in for Matt Striker)

– The WWE promo hits.

– A video package runs with a 1950s theme and what a perfect family looks like. This transitions into WWE having “No Mercy” tonight looking at Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title, Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels for the World Title in a Ladder Match, The Undertaker vs. The Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to No Mercy. We go live to the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon as a huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance area. Todd Grisham is the first voice we hear to welcome us to the show.

– Mark Henry’s music hits to kick off the show. Jerry Lawler is filling in for Matt Striker at the ECW announce table.

ECW Championship Match
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas

They did ring introductions for the champion Matt Hardy and challenger Mark Henry.

Loud “HARDY” chant as the bell rings. Lock up and Henry pushes Matt into the corner. Referee break and another lock up. Matt gets a headlock applied and Henry throws him away. Matt with another headlock, bounces off the ropes and Henry catches him with a big shoulder block. Henry with a big right hand to Matt. Henry with a big kick to Matt’s chest and that sends Matt to the corner. Henry drives his knee into Matt in the corner a few times. Henry attempts another knee, Matt moves and lands a few kicks. Henry fires back with a big clothesline on Matt. Henry starts choking Matt against the ropes. Henry with a big headbutt that sends Matt to the mat. Henry puts Matt on his shoulders, Matt jumps off and charges Henry’s thigh in the corner. Matt attempts a big clothesline off the ropes, but Henry stops him with a big clothesline of his own. Matt counters a press slam and chop blocks Henry coming off the ropes. Matt locks Henry’s knee up and drops his body over it. Matt does this again using the ropes for help.

Matt leaves the ring and Henry follows. Matt with a few rights and Henry shoves him down with force on his back. Henry rolls back in, Matt grabs his leg and slams it against the ring. Back in the ring, Matt goes back to work on Henry’s knee and Henry kicks Matt into the corner. Henry follows that up with a big boot to Matt. Cover by Henry and Matt kicks out after two. Henry drags Matt to the corner, gets up on the bottom ropes and drives his body into Matt’s chest. Cover by Henry and another kick out by Matt. Grisham puts over how Henry has been doing “cardio” training. It’s starting to sound like he is calling an MMA match. Henry goes to work on Matt’s head when Matt fights back with some elbows and a big kick to the face. Matt with some big rights, ducks a clothesline, but Henry gets him up in a bearhug. Matt gets the crowd fired up as he lands a few rights. Matt attempts a sunset flip, but Matt can’t pull Henry down. Henry attempts a body splash over Matt’s chest, but Matt rolls away.

Matt attempts a bulldog, Henry dodges it, big boot to Henry, elbow off the rope, second elbow off the top and Matt connects with the Side Effect. Cover by Matt and Henry is able to kick out. Matt attempts a Twist of Fate, but Henry lifts Matt up and throws him away with force. Henry with a body splash on Matt, but favors his knee. Henry covers and Matt is able to get a shoulder up after two. Henry counters another Twist of Fate attempt, Henry gets Matt up and looks to hit a fallaway slam when Matt counters that and connects with the Twist of Fate. Matt hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL ECW Champion: Matt Hardy

After the match, Jerry Lawler and Todd Grisham puts this over as one of the biggest victories in Matt Hardy’s career. Hardy celebrates with the ECW Title in the ring. We see some highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Hardy has the ECW Title over his shoulder and continues to celebrate with the fans in Portland. Hardy heads up the entrance ramp to the back.

– We go to Jim Ross and Tazz at ringside. Tazz gives Matt Hardy credit for retaining his ECW Title and Jim Ross does so as well. JR brings up how Matt’s brother Jeff will challenge Triple H for the WWE Title. Tonight’s text vote question is who are you rooting for in the WWE Championship Match – Triple H or Jeff Hardy?

– Backstage, Eve is with WWE Champion Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Triple H has his phone out and says he just voted for himself but that he will be rooting for him tonight. He adds that he wants to see Jeff bring everything he has tonight because when he beats him he can say he beat the best he ever had. Jeff said he will take pride in taking his title tonight.

WWE Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Candice Michelle w/ Santino Marella

The bell rings and Candice takes out Beth with a quick dropkick. Candice with a quick spinning roll up, Beth kicks out and Candice hits another dropkick. Candice with some quick kicks and elbows. Beth gets Candice up on his shoulder and slams her back into the corner to slow things down. Beth with a big kick to Candice’s shoulder. Beth keeps the attack up hitting some right hands. Candice fights back with some kicks, but Beth throws Candice shoulder first into the corner. Beth with a snapmare, cover and Candice kicks out. Beth with an armbar-like submission on Candice. Candice gets to her feet with this locked on, but Beth trips her up and keeps it locked on. Candice with a jawbreaker and two big clotheslines on Beth. Candice hits a big dropkick on Beth followed by a big spinning heel kick to the jaw. Cover by Candice and Beth is able to kick out. Beth comes back countering a russian leg sweep by driving Candice’s face into the mat. Beth goes up on the top rope, but Candice trips her up.

Candice with a dropkick to Beth’s head, cover and Santino pulls Beth out of the ring. Candice then dropkicks Santino through the ropes. Candice jumps out and Beth levels her with a big clothesline. Santino accidentally trips up Beth as she gets into the ring and Candice rolls up Beth for a close two count. Beth then counters an Unprettier attempt and grabs Candice, lifting her in the air by her arms and drives her down face first. Beth covers Candice and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

After the match, Beth appears to have an upset look on her face until Santino cheers her up handing her the WWE Women’s Title. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Santino is continuing to celebrate as Beth still seems reluctant.

– Backstage, Kane said the story ends tonight for Rey Mysterio. He said he can already hear the people screaming for Mysterio and said everything will be destroyed tonight including tearing off the mask that Mysterio prides himself with.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

The stipulation is that if Rey Mysterio loses, he must remove his mask tonight. The bell rings and Kane quickly pushes Mysterio away after Mysterio gets in a few lefts and rights to the body. Mysterio with some kicks and body shots. Mysterio with a huge dropkick that sends Kane over the top rope. When Mysterio hits the ropes, Kane rolls back in and levels Mysterio with a huge big boot. Mysterio bails from the ring, Kane follows him, Mysterio returns to the ring and dropkicks Kane as he returns to the ring. Kane tries to send Mysterio over the top rope, but Mysterio hangs on and hits a springboard dropkick. Kane fires back with a clothesline that keeps Mysterio down. Mysterio attempts a huracanrana, Kane holds on and then Mysterio goes over the top rope bringing Kane with him. Mysterio returns to the ring, springboards off the ropes, Kane catches Mysterio in the air, Mysterio takes Kane’s back and starts to choke him. Kane then flips Mysterio over his back into the ring bell area.

Kane breaks the count, picks up Mysterio and drives him spine first into the steel ring post. Kane tosses Mysterio back in the ring and the fans try to fire up Mysterio. Kane with a huge scoop slam on Mysterio followed by a big kick to the back. Kane hits another kick to the back on Kane. Kane goes to work on Mysterio’s head. Kane then lets go and kicks Mysterio right in the head. Cover by Kane and Mysterio is able to kick out after two. Kane gets on his knees and lands some hard rights to Mysterio. Big back breaker by Kane on Mysterio. Mysterio fights back with a few right hands. Mysterio with a boot to the face and a huge flipping inverted DDT on Kane! Kane fights back with some big forearms to Mysterio’s back. Kane tries ripping Mysterio’s mask off putting him on the top rope. Mysterio hits some elbows to Kane and hits a huge moonsault catching Kane who was standing up. Mysterio with some more kicks to Kane and then hits a springboard leg drop to the back of the head. Cover by Mysterio and Kane kicks out after two.

Kane with a huge side slam on Mysterio, hook of the leg and Mysterio kicks out. Kane grabs Mysterio, Mysterio counters a chokeslam and takes Kane down in what appeared to have been a botched attempt at an arm drag off the ropes. Mysterio favors his knee, springboards off the ropes and connects with a body splash on Kane. Cover by Mysterio and Kane kicks out. Kane with a huge uppercut to Mysterio who jumped off the top rope. Kane covers and Mysterio still kicks out. Mysterio dodges a charge by Kane in the corner then hits a 619 to Kane’s back leg. Mysterio dropkicks Kane through the ropes to the barricade. Mysterio gets up on the top rope, Kane looks up, Mysterio jumps and Kane cracks a steel chair over the head of Mysterio in mid-air! The referee calls for the bell right away.

Winner via DQ: Rey Mysterio

After the match, the referee orders Kane to go to the back. We see a few highlights of the match leading to the end. Back live, we see Kane watching this and laughing. We go to a shot of Rey Mysterio with referees attending to him.

– Jim Ross and Tazz plug tonight’s text vote again.

– Backstage, MVP is talking to someone on the phone complaining about why he isn’t booked on the PPV tonight. He knocks on Vickie Guerrero’s door and Big Show answers. MVP said he needed to see Vickie. Big Show asked if he wanted to bother her tonight after she was attacked by The Undertaker. MVP said he can relate since his career has been suffering on Smackdown. We hear Vickie yell “Big Show!” and Big Show leaves slamming the door in MVP’s face.

– A promo for WWE Cyber Sunday on October 26 airs.

– MVP walks out and said he needs everyone’s attention since he has something important to say. He said he can’t understand why he isn’t booked for No Mercy tonight. Randy Orton’s music then hits to cut him off. Orton gets on the mic and said he doesn’t believe they have met and refers to himself as the real MVP of WWE. He asks MVP if he has asked himself why this happens every month. MVP cuts him off saying Vickie Guerrero is incompetent. He said it is hard to do well when he isn’t given the ball. Orton said the last time MVP was “given the ball” was at WrestleMania and the difference is he won at WrestleMania and MVP lost. MVP said he isn’t on Raw and doesn’t work for Mike Adamle, so he could knock out Orton right now since everyone in the Raw lockerroom would love him for doing it. World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Manu then walk out. Cody has the mic and asks if MVP is actually offended with what Orton said. A loud “BORING” chant starts up. Cody says, “Excuse me.” The fans boo. Cody said Orton is the guy who graduated high school, but never went to college and is trying to stay cool. He said Orton needs to coast on his reputation because it is all he has. Orton said you should ask CM Punk if he is coasting on his reputation. Manu grabs the mic and said he only got that opportunity because of what they did. Orton said he can see they are trying real hard to impress him and once they accomplish half of what he has, then he may start to take them more seriously. Orton leaves the ring and MVP gets on the mic saying there he goes, the WWE’s so called MVP and coming to a WWE ring sometime in 2012. MVP compliments Cody, Ted and Manu and Ted cuts him off. Ted said MVP isn’t even in there class. MVP said he makes more money then all three of them combined. Ted reminds MVP that his father was The Million Dollar Man and he hasn’t had to worry about money ever. He adds that maybe they will see MVP at the next PPV he is kept off of. MVP grabs the mic and said he won’t forget this heading up the ramp. CM Punk’s music hits and Punk walks out with Kofi Kingston. Punk stops MVP from leaving and talks him into joining them right now. All three run down and Punk and Kofi stop as MVP takes the beating. Punk and Kofi stand back laughing as MVP gets thrown out. Punk and Kofi hit the ring clearing house on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. MVP then takes out Manu at ringside. Punk and Kofi walk up the ramp smiling.

– Backstage, we see a shot of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels warming up.

#1 Contendership Match
Batista vs. JBL

The bell rings and JBL backs up to the corner avoiding Batista. Lock up and Batista shoves JBL to the corner. JBL fires some big rights and sends Batista face first into the turnbuckle. Batista fires back with some rights of his own followed by a big clothesline. Batista catches JBL with a big elbow followed by a boot to the head. Cover by Batista and JBL kicks out quickly. Batista puts JBL in the corner and hits a few rights and elbows. JBL attempts a Clothesline From Hell when Batista takes him out with a huge Spear! Batista starts to get fired up when JBL rolls out of the ring in what Michael Cole called a veteran move. Batista goes to the outside and drives JBL spine first into the ring. Batista tosses JBL back in and JBL kicks Batista as he tries to get in through the ropes. JBL with another big right that knocks Batista off the ring apron to the outside. JBL hits a few more right hands, rolls Batista in and covers to get a quick two count.

JBL then drops an elbow over the chest of Batista, gets another two count and then goes to work with a headlock on Batista. Batista with a big side suplex. Batista takes out JBL with a quick suplex and then a charge in the corner. Shoulder charges by Batista on JBL. Batista with a big scooping slam on JBL from his shoulders planting him in the middle of the ring. Batista charges and JBL catches him with a big boot. Batista somehow fires back with a big spinebuster on JBL. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb, gets JBL up and connects with force. Cover by Batista and he gets the pinfall.

Winner & #1 Contender for the World Title: Batista

After the match, Batista celebrates his quick win over JBL. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Batista stares down JBL who is still in the middle of the ring out of it. Batista motions to the camera saying, “That quick.” Batista smiles and heads to the back. In the ring, JBL asks for a mic and says, “This has been the most unbelievable week of my life.” He said he thought he would beat Batista tonight, move on to face Jericho or Michaels and win the World Title again. JBL said he has to be honest with his fans because that is why they love him. He said this hurts to say, but his heart wasn’t in this match tonight. JBL said after the week on Wall Street that this has been the most traumatic week of his life. He said he is the happiest most blessed man alive and thanks Congress for bailing him out. JBL said it could cost everyone $10,000 per household, but so be it. He thanks Senator Obama and Senator McCain for keeping money in his pocket. JBL ends it saying, “God bless you all, God bless America and most of all God bless me!” Now that is a heel promo folks. Looks like we aren’t done when Cryme Tyme’s music hits. Shad said since the taxpayers bailed him out, they would bail out his limo tonight and invite some WWE Divas to join them. Sgt. Slaughter even shows up smiling and gets in the limo. Ending was pretty cheesy with Mickie James popping up at the top with JTG and Shad doing the “Money, Money” lines.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between The Undertaker and The Big Show leading into tonight’s match.

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

The bell rings and Taker lands a few right hands on Big Show. Big Show with a big body shot on Taker that sends him over the top rope. Taker jumps back up and hits Big Show with a few rights of his own. Taker headbutts Big Show and then drops Big Show’s head off the top rope. Big Show hits Taker with a big knee sending Taker back to the ground. Big Show with more body shots and then sends Taker back first into the ring barricade. Big Show is then sent face first into the steel ring post by Taker. Taker rolls in to break the count. Big Show with an elbow to Taker and Taker gets in a quick kick to the head. Taker positions Big Show under the bottom rope over the ring apron. Taker with another big boot to the head. Taker rolls in to break the count again, walks up the steel steps and drops a leg over the neck of Big Show. Taker returns to the ring and charges at Big Show in the corner. Taker backs up and hits a second charge. Big boot from Taker in the corner on Big Show, but Big Show levels Taker with a huge shoulder block coming off the ropes.

Big Show with a scoop slam and elbow drop on Taker. Cover by Big Show and Taker kicks out after two. Big Show with more body shots to Taker in the corner. Big Show with a rare russian leg sweep on Taker, cover and Taker continues to kick out. Taker hits some body shots of his own, but Big Show swings his knee into the head of Taker to take him out yet again. Big Show with a forearm shot to Taker’s back and Taker fires back with a few right hands. Taker attempts an inverted DDT, but Big Show counters and shoves Taker to the corner. Headbutt by Big Show to Taker. Big Show attempts a body splash, what JR called a “Big Show Bomb”, from the corner and Taker rolls out of the way. Taker with more rights and body shots to Big Show. Big boot by Taker on Big Show and then a huge jumping clothelines off the ropes. Taker slowly sits up, hits the ropes and drops a leg over Big Show’s neck. Cover by Taker and Big Show kicks out. Taker wrenches the arm of Big Show, goes for the Old School, jumps down, but Big Show catches Taker and hits a big chokeslam! Big Show with a cover and Taker somehow kicks out with a close two count.

Taker with a chokeslam attempt on Big Show after a few counters. Big Show then chokes Taker as well. Big Show then goes for a chokeslam and Taker counters it in mid-air into a huge DDT! Cover by Taker and Big Show kicks out. The referee gets in Taker’s face and Taker chases him off after he wouldn’t get off Big Show in the corner. This allows Big Show to remove the turnbuckle pad and drive Taker face first into it! Taker stumbles around as he gets to his feet and Big Show lands his knockout right hand. Big Show lifts up Taker’s head by his hair and punches him a second time. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via Knockout: The Big Show

After the match, Big Show tells the referee to raise his hand. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Big Show heads to the back as The Undertaker struggles to get to his feet. Tazz said it looks like his eyes are glazed over. Undertaker stares up with a confused look on his face and then gets to his feet using the ropes. He falls back down still trying to regain some composure.

– A promo for WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand airs.

– Back live, The Undertaker is walking slowly up the entrance ramp.

– Backstage, WWE Champion Triple H is shown making his way to the arena. JR and Tazz reveal the text vote results from earlier tonight. 72% of the people are rooting for Jeff Hardy tonight in the WWE Title Match.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Triple H and Jeff Hardy leading into tonight’s match.

WWE Championship Match
Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

They did ring introductions for the champion Triple H and challenger Jeff Hardy.

The bell rings and here we go. Triple H and Jeff Hardy shake hands. When Jeff turns his back, Triple H takes him out and goes for a quick roll up that results in a two count. Jeff jumps right back up and stares down Triple H. Triple H goes to work on Hardy’s left arm. Hardy flips over to break it up. Triple H goes back to work on his arm. Jeff flips again to break it up and gets an armdrag takedown on Triple H. Triple H breaks that up and they back off staring each other down. Lock up and headlock by Triple H. Big shoulder block by Triple H on Jeff. Hip toss by Triple H, but Jeff fights back and takes down Triple H into a headlock. Jeff with a shoulder block into an arm drag takedown on Triple H. Triple H breaks that up with a reverse elbow off the ropes on Jeff. Head scissors takedown by Jeff on Triple H and then Jeff clotheslines Triple H over the top rope to the outside. Jeff then dives off the ring apron and takes out Triple H with a running clothesline.

Jeff grabs Triple H, throws him into the ring and hits a springboard leg drop that results in a two count. Jeff goes back to the side headlock takedown on Triple H. Triple H starts getting to his feet and sends Jeff into the ropes. Jeff kicks Triple H in the face/chest, but Triple H launches Jeff over the to rope. Jeff lands on his feet, hits Triple H, Triple H pulls Jeff through the ropes trying to hit a Pedigree, but Jeff sends Triple H over the top rope to the outside! Jeff hits the ropes, dives over the top rope, but Triple H moves and Jeff lands hard on his back. Triple H returns to the ring as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 5 when Triple H leaves the ring and brings Jeff back in. JR said Triple H didn’t want to win that way. Triple H covers Jeff right away, but only gets a two count. Triple H with a backbreaker on Jeff and follows that with an elbow to the lower back. Another elbow drop to the lower back by Triple H. Triple H drops a third elbow, covers Jeff and Jeff kicks out after two.

Jeff fights back with some right hands, but Triple H takes him out with a huge knee to the face. Cover by Triple H and Jeff continues to kick out. Triple H with a jumping knee to the face from the corner, cover and Jeff gets a shoulder up after two. Triple H hits a big right hand on Jeff that sends Jeff to the corner. Triple H takes advantage and gets in a few shoulder charges to Jeff. Jeff fires back with two boots to Triple H’s face from the corner, but Triple H grabs Jeff and applies an abdominal stretch. Triple H uses the ropes for leverage. The referee eventually sees this and breaks it up. Triple H applies a sleeper on Jeff. Jeff then fights back dropping both feet across Triple H’s groin, covers and Triple H kicks out. Jeff with a low dropkick to Triple H’s face when Triple H sits up. Another cover by Jeff and Triple H still kicks out. Jeff launches Triple H over the top rope. Jeff hits the ropes, flips over the top rope and takes out Triple H on the outside! The referee then begins the count.

Both return to the ring. Jeff is up on the turnbuckle and takes out Triple H with a jumping clothesline. Another cover by Jeff and Triple H kicks out. Kick by Jeff, Triple H counters a Twist of Fate attempt and levels Jeff with a big clothesline. Triple H gets an arm over Jeff’s chest, but Jeff gets a shoulder up after two. Triple H with an elbow to Jeff in the corner. Triple H jumps off the corner, but Jeff kicks him in the gut and lands a facebuster suplex. Jeff tries to hook the leg and Triple H barely kicks out after two. Jeff springboards off the corner, but Triple H catches him and both seem to connect at the same time. Cover by Triple H and Jeff again kicks out. Big spinebuster by Triple H on Jeff and he fires himself up. Triple H kicks Jeff in the gut, goes for the Pedigree, but Jeff counters and catapults Triple H into the corner. Jeff with a Whisper in the wind on Triple H, covers and Triple H barely kicks out after two as the fans can’t believe it. Jeff with a dropkick to the back on Triple H. Jeff goes up top, jumps, but Triple H moves avoiding the Swanton Bomb. Triple H attempts a Pedigree, but Jeff dodges it and hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff goes up top and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Jeff covers Triple H laying his back on his chest, but Triple H turns Jeff over on his shoulders/back and gets the quick pinfall! Wow, what a match.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Triple H

After the match, Jim Ross and Tazz both put over how exciting that finish was. Highlights are shown of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Triple H is holding up the WWE Championship as he celebrates his win. Jeff Hardy walks over and shakes Triple H’s hand. Triple H heads up the entrance ramp and gives one last pose with the WWE Title.

– A promo for WWE Cyber Sunday on October 26 airs.

– Back live, we see another replay of how Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy ended for the WWE Title.

– Backstage, Triple H is shown walking when Arn Anderson walks up congratulating him. Triple H thanks him and continues walking. Vladimir Kozlov then gets in Triple H’s face and says something in Russian. He adds, “Congratulations.” Kozlov stares down Triple H and then walks off.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels leading into tonight’s match.

World Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

They did ring introductions for the champion Chris Jericho and challenger Shawn Michaels.

The bell rings and here we go to close the show tonight. Lock up and HBK goes for the headlock. Jericho goes to work on HBK’s arm. HBK breaks this up with a few elbows. HBK with a shoulder block on Jericho, attempts Sweet Chin Music, but Jericho dodges it and charges at HBK. HBK with a chest chop to Jericho, but misses a charge in the opposite corner. Jericho with a suplex into a bridge on HBK. Both lift each other up, Jericho with a kick to the gut and a big right hand sending HBK down. Jericho clotheslines HBK over the top rope, but HBK hangs on staying on the ring apron. Jericho then springboards off the top rope and hits a shoulder tackle on HBK onto the ring apron. Jericho slams HBK down face first and slaps him a few times. Jericho tosses HBK into the ladder setup at the end of the entrance ramp, but HBK jumps up, jumps off and takes out Jericho. Jerry Lawler points out all the ladders around the ring right now. Jericho then sends HBK shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Jericho grabs the ladder at the end of the ramp, walks toward HBK with it, but HBK hits him with a drop toe hold and Jericho drops face first into the ladder. HBK grabs a ladder of his own, but Jericho trips him up and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Jericho breaks the hold and grabs a ladder. As Jericho goes to bring it in through the ropes, HBK drops his body off it and it cracks Jericho in the face. HBK brings the ladder in, sets itu p, starts climbing up, but Jericho pulls him off and attempts another Walls of Jericho when HBK hits the ladder, jumps on, climbs up top, but Jericho hits the ropes and tips the ladder over sending HBK crashing into the ropes. Jericho grabs the ladder and sends it into the gut of HBK and then cracks it over his back. Jericho’s lip is busted open at this point. Jericho sets the ladder up in the corner, goes to bulldog HBK into it, but HBK counters and sends Jericho legs first into it. HBK pulls the ladder down with Jericho’s leg caught inside causing more damage.

HBK grabs one of the ladders and positions it on the bottom ropes and turnbuckle area. HBK picks up Jericho and drops Jericho’s knee over it. HBK then locks on the Figure Four. Jericho breaks it up and bounces the ladder off the post right into the face of HBK! Now that was unique. Jericho then catapults HBK face first into the ladder. Jericho grabs the ladder and throws it down in the middle of the ring. Jericho grabs HBK and slams him face first off the ladder. Jericho opens up the ladder with HBK’s head inside and slams it down over his head. Jericho sets the ladder up, begins climbing up, Jericho gets his hand on the title, HBK tips the ladder over, but Jericho lands on his feet and kicks HBK right in the head. Jericho grabs the ladder and positions it across the top turnbuckle. Jericho with a few slaps and right hands to HBK. Jericho goes to send HBK face first into the end of the ladder, but HBK counters and launches Jericho on top of it. Jericho falls off the ladder to the outside.

HBK picks up the ladder and drops it over the top rope over Jericho. HBK goes under the ring and pulls out an even bigger ladder. HBK grabs a smaller ladder and drops it three times over Jericho’s body. HBK then begins to clear off the Smackdown announce table as Tazz and Jim Ross back away. HBK grabs Jericho and puts him over the announce table near the tall ladder. HBK starts climbing up the tall ladder. Jericho sees this and hits HBK in the lower back. Jericho grabs HBK and both come crashing off the ladder into the Smackdown announce table smashing it in half! Both men are down as the referee attends to them. HBK is up first and gets into the ring. Jericho slowly gets up as well and crawls his way to the ring apron and gets inside. HBK grabs a ladder and puts it up in the corner. HBK goes behind it climbing up to the top turnbuckle, stands up, but Jericho dropkicks the ladder into HBK who crotches himself on the top! Jericho climbs up the side of the ladder and hits HBK with a few rights.

Jericho hooks HBK’s arm over his. HBK breaks it up and throws Jericho off. Jericho grabs the ladder and puts it over his body as HBK jumps off and connects with an elbow drop over the ladder. HBK screams out in pain after connecting with the elbow. HBK gets to his feet and starts tuning up the band near the corner. Jericho is up, HBK charges and Jericho grabs the other ladder launching it in HBK’s face! Jericho puts the ladder over HBK’s chest and connects with a Lionsault! Jericho grabs a tall ladder and positions one side over HBK’s chest pinning him down. Jericho stands on that side climbing up. HBK then lifts up the bottom, tips the ladder over and Jericho is tossed over landing on both his legs with force. Jericho favors his knee and pulls down his knee pad in pain. HBK then sets the ladder back up in the ring and starts climbing. Jericho crawls on his knees and rolls back in the ring. HBK reaches up, gets his hands on the title and Jericho tips the ladder over sending HBK into the ropes who crotches himself.

Jericho begins climbing up the ladder again on one side. HBK starts climbing up the other side and both meet at the top. Jericho and HBK exchange right hands. HBK nails Jericho’s face off the top of the ladder. Jericho falls back, but his leg is hooked in the steps. Lance Cade runs out and tries pulling HBK down. HBK jumps down and takes out Cade with Sweet Chin Music. HBK is back up on the ladder as Jericho gets his hands on the title. Both are at the top and have hands on the title. The belt is unstrapped. Both men are in a tug-of-war with the title. Jericho then headbutts HBK, HBK falls off and Jericho has the title as he falls off as well. Another great match tonight.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

After the match, the ladder falls against the ropes as a bloody Jericho gets to his feet and his handed the World Heavyweight Title. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, the referee holds up Jericho’s arm as he smiles and displays the World Title to the crowd in attendance. We get another look of how the match finished. Back live again, Lance Cade is helping Chris Jericho to the back who holds up the World Title smiling. You can see Jericho has either lost a tooth or chipped one badly. The PPV goes off the air with Jericho and Cade heading to the back in celebration.

Source: Adam Martin,

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