Judgment Day

Jun 13, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, May 18th in Omaha, NE

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package runs focusing on Triple H, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, JBL and John Cena looking at their respective matches tonight.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Judgment Day. We then go live to the Quest Center in Omaha, Nebraska where a series of pyro goes off. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are the first to welcome us to the PPV.
– JBL’s music hits and his limo is making its way into the arena to kick off the show.

John Cena vs. JBL

JBL got some great heel heat from the crowd in Omaha, while Cena got a huge reaction. Not too often you see Cena kicking off a WWE PPV. The bell rings and both start to circle each other. Both lock up and Cena backs JBL into the corner. The referee breaks and the two circle each other again. Cena takes JBL’s back and applies a headlock. JBL pushes Cena into the corner and the referee breaks it up. JBL with a knee to the gut and a big elbow to the head. JBL with a side headlock on Cena taking a knee. JBL with a big forearm to the back, but Cena gets a drop toe hold and goes for the STFU. JBL quickly grabs the bottom rope to break it up and then drops Cena’s head off the top rope. JBL quickly rolls back in, gets in a few stomps and then sends Cena shoulder first into the steel ring post. JBL nails Cena’s wrist across the steel ring post as wel. JBL then goes to work on Cena’s left arm in the corner. JBL with a swinging neckbreaker on Cena and then goes back to work on Cena’s left arm. JBL with a rolling takedown on Cena and then applies an armbar on Cena’s left arm.

Cena rolls to his side and gets to his feet with JBL keeping the armbar applied. Cena powers out of the armbar slamming JBL to his side. JBL gets to his feet and kicks Cena a few times. JBL with a quick cover, but only gets a two count. Some big right hands by JBL to Cena’s head. Cena fires back with some rights of his own. JBL slaps the bad left arm of Cena to break it up, but Cena powers back with a big clothesline and jumping shoulder block. Cena with a blockbuster on JBL. Cena goes up to the top rope, jumps, but misses a leg drop when JBL moves out of the way. JBL begins kicking Cena across the ring sending him through the ropes to the ring apron. JBL hooks an arm attempting a suplex over the top rope. Cena attempts two suplexes of his own, but JBL finally gets Cena up and drops him right over the top rope. JBL knocks Cena off the ring apron and Cena lands with a thud. JBL slams Cena against the side of the ring and throws Cena back inside. Cover by JBL, but only a two count. JBL with a few kicks to the head on Cena, another cover, but again just a two count.

JBL applies a modified bearhug on Cena. JBL gets it applied with force as Cena tries to break out of it. Cena falls to his side as JBL keeps the bearhug applied. JBL breaks the hold and hits Cena with a huge elbow to the back. Another elbow to the back by JBL on Cena. JBL applies a body scissors on Cena and then applies a slight armbar at the same time. Cena hulks up for a second on the ground, but JBL keeps the body scissors applied. Cena then gets to his feet with JBL over his back applying a full nelson. Cena then starts to fade with JBL keeping the full nelson in. Cena then breaks the full nelson, attempts an FU, but JBL counters out of it. JBL kicks Cena in the head and then goes back to the ground applying a sleeper on Cena. Cena fights out of it, lifts JBL up and connects with a big spinebuster. JBL and Cena then begin exchanging right hands. Cena gets the better of JBL, misses a charge in the corner and JBL levels Cena with a big boot. JBL turns Cena over onto his stomach and drops a few elbows to his lower back. Cena gets to his feet and JBL takes him out with a big clothesline. JBL starts picking up Cena by his head and slaps him a few times. JBL attempts another clothesline, but Cena ducks it, gets JBL up on his shoulders and connects with the FU. Cena covers JBL and gets the pinfall. Big reaction for Cena’s sudden victory.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, JBL falls to his knees and begins screaming in frustration. We then see some highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see JBL walking off to the backstage area shaking his head as Cena celebrates his win in the ring. They do a long shot up in the rafters where we see William Regal watching the show from a suite. Regal doesn’t seem pleased with Cena’s victory.

– At ringside, Michael Cole and Mick Foley plug a text vote for who fans think will win tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match tonight between The Undertaker and Edge. They introduce Tazz and Mike Adamle also at ringside. Tazz and Adamle mention tonight’s WWE Tag Team Title match and introduce clips from “The Dirt Sheet” program on WWE.com hosted by the current WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
John Morrison & The Miz (c’s) vs. ECW Champion Kane & CM Punk

They did ring introductions for the challengers ECW Champion Kane and CM Punk and for the champions John Morrison and The Miz. The bell rings and we start with The Miz and CM Punk. Lock up and Punk gets a headlock on Miz. Punk with a quick suplex on Miz and then to the underhooks. Kane gets the tag and Punk and Kane take out Miz with repeated kicks. Kane with a big boot to Miz’s gut and then lifts him over his back by his chin and then drops Miz back down. Miz comes back sending Kane into the corner and tags in John Morrison. Morrison gets in a few elbows on Kane, but Kane slams down Morrison hard and follows it up with a boot to the face. Cover by Kane, but only a two count. Tag to Punk, Kane drops Morrison over his knee and Punk springboards off the top rope connecting with a knee to the head. Punk with a body submission on Morrison against the ropes, slides under with a rollup on Morrison, Morrison kicks out and Punk goes right to the side headlock. Tag to The Miz and Morrison and Miz drop Punk over their knees. Miz then applies a sleeper on Punk to keep him down.

Punk pushes Miz towards Kane, breaks it up with a kick and Kane gets the tag. Kane levels Miz with a big right hand, charge in the corner and a big side slam. Kane goes up to the top rope and takes out Miz with a flying clothesline. Blind tag by Morrison and he takeso ut Kane with a big neckbreaker. Morrison with some ground and pound on Kane and then tags Miz. Miz with some kicks to Kane and then a big charge in the corner. Quick tag back to Morrison, knee to the chin on Kane, cover, but only a two count. Quick tag to Miz, Miz gets in a few kicks and applies a chinlock on Kane. Kane with a huge big boot on Miz. Tags to Punk and Morrison. Punk takes out Morrison with some big spin kicks and knocks Miz off the ring apron. Punk with a powerslam on Morrison, cover, but only a two count. Punk with knees to Morrison, knee to the head in the corner and a bulldog on Morrison while clotheslining Miz on the ring apron at the same time! Punk leaps over the top rope taking out Miz. Punk springboards back in off the top rope and takes out Morrison with a flying clothesline, covers, but only gets a two count.

Punk with a GTS attempt, Miz breaks it up, Punk dodges a kick from Morrison, Miz grabs Punk’s leg from under the ropes and Kane chokeslams Miz on the outside. In the ring, Morrison with a twisting neckbreaker on Punk, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: John Morrison & The Miz

After the match, Kane runs into the ring and chases off John Morrison. Morrison grabs one of the WWE Tag Team Titles and holds it high in the air on the outside. We then see some highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Morrison and Miz celebrate on the ramp.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading to tonight’s match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho

This is a non-title match. The bell rings and JR brings up how Jericho’s expression hasn’t changed since walking out to the arena. Both lock up and Jericho pushes HBK into the corner. Jericho pulls HBK back out and pushes him down. Jericho keeps attacking the leg of HBK and HBK continues to fight him off. They get to their feet, lock up and side headlock by HBK. HBK brings the action to the ground, gets Jericho’s shoulders down, the referee counts and Jericho gets a shoulder up each time. Quick roll up by Jericho. Quick roll up by HBK. They fight to their feet from a bridge. Another bridge with pinfall attempts that each kick out of it. Jericho attempts a back suplex, HBK counters into a cross-body, but Jericho counters that into a close pinfall. HBK gets an inverted Figure Four applied on Jericho. Just tons of fast paced action and counters in the first few minutes of this match. Very well done by both. Jericho grabs the bottom rope to break up the submission. HBK backs off and smiles at Jericho. Jericho with a kick to HBK’s knee and HBK responds with a big slap to the face.

Jericho goes nuts and starts elbowing HBK into the corner. HBK again smiles at Jericho from the corner and it gets Jericho even more upset. Lock up, HBK goes behind Jericho and Jericho gets in a stiff elbow to HBK’s head. The fans boo this. HBK with an elbow to Jericho’s head. HBK applies an armbar on Jericho falling down against the ropes. HBK returns to the ring, sends Jericho into the corner on the arm that just took the armbar and then throws him down. HBK with some stiff elbows to Jericho in the corner. Jericho launches HBK into the corner with force sending HBK going upside down. Jericho puts HBK back up on the top rope with his body facing the crowd. Jericho takes HBK’s back, but HBK knocks Jericho off. HBK turns around up top, Jericho jumps back up with an elbow to the head, HBK crotches himself, Jericho is still up, attempts a superplex, but HBK sends Jericho off face first into the ring. HBK attempts a flying elbow from the top, but Jericho gets his knees up and HBK’s ribs connect with the knees. Jericho knees HBK in the stomach and then gives him a body splash over the chest.

Jericho with a quick back suplex on HBK. Jericho then continues to kick HBK on the ground. Jericho lifts HBK up and applies an abdominal stretch. HBK tries to break it up, but Jericho keeps him down. Jericho sends HBK into the corners a few times. Jericho attempts a bulldog, but HBK counters and sends Jericho into the ropes. Jericho crashes into the ropes hitting the top and middle ropes. HBK with an atomic drop, chest chop, flying elbow, nips up, but Jericho takes HBK down into the Walls of Jericho out of no where! HBK begins screaming out and reaching for the ropes. HBK reaches out and gets the bottom rope. The fans boo and Jericho begins stomping HBK on the ring apron. Jericho springboards himself over the top rope, lands on the ring apron and HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music on Jericho! Jericho falls off the ring apron and hits the mat. The referee starts the count. HBK gets Jericho into the ring by 8 and rolls himself in by 9. HBK drags Jericho to the middle of the ring, hooks the leg, but Jericho kicks out! HBK is up on the top rope, jumps and connects with the flying elbow on Jericho.

HBK grabs his ribs right away in pain after missing that move earlier. HBK backs up in the corner and starts tuning up the band. Jericho gets to his feet, but falls down. Jericho is back to his feet a second time, but again falls to his knees. Jericho is up a third time, HBK runs up and Jericho grabs HBK connecting with a Code Breaker! Jericho waits a few seconds, hooks the leg and HBK kicks out after two. Jericho with elbows to the ribs of HBK and then lifts HBK up in a sleeper. HBK counters and brings Jericho down with a Crossface! HBK pulls it back with force. Jericho reaches out trying to get to the ropes. Jericho uses his strength to pull himself to the bottom rope to break it up. Jericho with a few knees to HBK and then suplexes HBK rib-first over the top rope. Jericho flips HBK off the ropes, attempts a Lionsault, HBK gets his knees up, Jericho blocks it and then goes for the Walls of Jericho. HBK counters that into a rollup and gets the pinfall. Wow, what a match.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, Chris Jericho has a frustrated look on his face as Shawn Michaels recovers against the ropes. The referee raises the arm of Michaels as Jericho gets to his feet. Jericho yells at Michaels and extends his hand. Michaels is about to leave when he sees this and gets back into the ring. Michaels walks forward, shakes Jericho’s hand and Jericho teases he was going to do something. Jericho doesn’t and instead claps for Michaels. Michaels walks off up the ramp as we see another shot of William Regal up in his suite watching on.

– A promo for WWE One Night Stand on June 1 airs.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James. Grisham asks how she is feeling before her Triple Threat match for the WWE Women’s Title. Mickie said she is feeling good. Grisham brings up Mickie going out with John Cena last Monday. Mickie said it was good and they had fun. JBL then walks up and tells her to leave. JBL said why don’t you ask him a question about John Cena. Grisham said earlier Cena beat you and wants to know what he will be doing. JBL said he just spent 20 minutes beating up John Cena and that Cena is the one in the trainers room getting looked at. He said if Grisham ever asks him a stupid question like that it will be his first and last fight.
– Michael Cole and Mick Foley plug the text vote again for The Undertaker vs. Edge tonight.

WWE Women’s Championship – Triple Threat Match
Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

They did ring introductions for the challengers Beth Phoenix and Melina and the champion Mickie James. The bell rings and all three women circle each other. Beth sits up against the ropes and tells Melina to get out of the ring. Melina kicks Beth through the ropes instead and Mickie rolls her up, but only gets a two count. Mickie with a snapmare on Melina, goes off the ropes and Beth pulls her through to the outside. Beth levels Mickie on the outside with a big clothesilne and then gets into the ring yelling at Melina. Melina with a few elbows to Beth, but Beth lifts her up. Melina rolls through and mounts Beth getting in a few shots. Beth then takes out Melina with a big kick. Mickie with a roll up on Beth, but only a two count. Mickie attempts a DDT on Beth, but catches Melina and takes her down with a head scissors. Mickie jumps on the back of Beth and applies a sleeper. Melina breaks that up, but Beth elbows Melina a few times. Melina elbows Beth in the face and then goes after Mickie in the corner.

Mickie with a quick takedown on Melina. Mickie goes up to the top rope, but Melina trips her up. Melina comes up top. Beth goes under her getting her in an electric chair. Beth drops Melina back, but Mickie jumps on Beth from the top. Cover by Mickie, kick out, cover by Beth and another kick out. Mickie with a huge dropkick to the face of Beth. Melina counters a head scissors and begins choking Mickie. Beth walks up, puts Melina on her shoulder and then puts Mickie on top of Melina! Beth has both Mickie and Melina on her shoulder. Beth drops them down, goes after Mickie, lifts her up, but Melina takes her out with a neckbreaker. Mickie with a huge DDT on Melina, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women’s Champion: Mickie James

After the match, Beth Phoenix looks on from the outside holding her jaw as Mickie James celebrates retaining her title. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Melina and Beth look on at Mickie James who is holding the title high in the air at the top of the ramp.

– Backstage, we see Shawn Michaels taking his gear off when Batista shows up. Batista said he told him that if he was lying about his injury he would hurt him. He said that won’t be tonight, but it is coming and he will pick the time and place when it does. Batista walks off as Michaels looks on.
– A promo for the WrestleMania 24 DVD airs.
– Michael Cole and Mick Foley plug the text vote again for The Undertaker vs. Edge. 85% of the fans think Undertaker will win the vacated World Heavyweight Championship tonight.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between The Undertaker and Edge and the now vacated World Heavyweight Title.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. Edge

They showed the vacant World Heavyweight Title in a glass box at ringside. They did ring introductions for Edge and Undertaker. The bell rings and Undertaker walks forward ready to strike. Taker jabs Edge a few times and then catches him in the corner. Edge turns it around, but Taker pushes him away. Edge rolls out, stares down Taker and gets back in. Taker misses a right hand and Edge ducks. Edge gets in a few rights of his own. Taker then grabs Edge by the throat and launches Edge into the corner. Taker lights him up with some big rights and then begins choking Edge on the mat. The action spills to the outside and Taker sends Edge shoulder first into the steel ring post. Taker throws Edge back in the ring, grabs his arm and hits a few shoulder charges standing up. More strikes from Taker in the corner on Edge. Taker grabs Edge by the arm, goes up to the top, looks to connect with the Old School, but Edge trips up Taker and Taker crotches himself on the top rope! Taker screams out in pain as Edge gets in a few rights over Taker. Taker counters sending Edge face first into the ring barricade.

On the outside, Taker headbutts Edge. Taker breaks the count rolling in and out of the ring. Edge counters an irish whip and sends Taker into the steel steps. Edge rolls into the ring and Taker gets to his feet. The referee is at 7 when Edge connects with a baseball slide to Taker. Edge brings Taker back in and throws him into the corner. Taker fights back with a few shots, irish whips Edge to the opposite corner, attempts a big boot, but Edge moves and Taker hits the corner with force. Edge with a quick cover, but Taker kicks out. Edge with some stomps on Taker. Both get to their feet, Taker with a few right hands to Edge and a headbutt. Edge trips up Taker with a big kick to the back of the knee. Edge pulls Taker into the corner and slams his knee against the steel ring post. Edge with some big rights to Taker. Edge fires back with a big boot coming off the ropes. Edge falls down to cover Taker and Taker looks to go for the gogoplata. The referee signals he can’t use that move and Taker breaks it off. Edge grabs Taker by the arm, looks to try an Old School of his own, but Taker trips up Edge and Edge crotches himself.

Both on their feet and are exchanging right hands. Taker with a flying clothesline off the ropes on Edge. Taker with a charge on Edge in the corner, irish whip to the other and another charge. Taker goes for a chokeslam and tosses Edge into the corner. Taker follows that up with a big boot, cover, but Edge kicks out. Taker grabs Edge by the arm, goes up to the top rope, walks it and this time connects with the Old School. Taker then signals for the end. Edge is up, Taker gets him on his shoulder, Edge counters off and hits an inverted DDT as The Edgeheads run down to the ringside area. Edge then exposes the top turnbuckle as Ryder and Hawkins distract the referee. Taker gets Edge up for the Last Ride, but Edge counters out of it and connects with a huge DDT. Taker covers, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Edge backs up in the corner, charges when Taker gets up, but Taker dodges the Spear, gets Edge up in a Last Ride and powerbombs him into the corner with force! Taker covers Edge, but Edge gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall.

Taker as Edge up on his shoulders thinking snake eyes to the exposed turnbuckle, but Edge jumps off and sends Taker back first into the corner instead. Edge is up on Taker hitting some rights. Edge with a charge, Taker moves, Edge stops himself, Taker lifts Edge up again and this time drops Edge over the exposed turnbuckle with snake eyes. The referee starts the count on both men. Taker is up at 8, Edge is up and levels Taker with a Spear! Cover by Edge, but Taker kicks out after two and the fans cheer loudly. Loud “TAKER” chant starts up as Edge gets in a few rights. Taker fires back with a few rights of his own. Chokeslam attempt, but Edge breaks it up. Another attempt and this time Taker connects with the chokeslam! Taker crawls over, covers…1…2…Edge gets a shoulder up. Taker with a big boot on Edge that sends Edge through the ropes to the outside. Taker follows Edge and clotheslines him over the ring barricade into the crowd. The referee starts the count. Both crawl over the ring barricade to fall to the ringside area. The referee is at 8. Edge is up on the ring apron, but Taker pulls him back and throws him into the barricade. Taker gets in at 9. The referee gets to 10 and we have a new World Champion!

The announcer begins to announce the finish when Vickie Guerrero can be heard yelling, “Excuse me!” The fans boo loudly. Vickie tries to speak and the fans continue to boo. Undertaker has the World Title in his hands as Vickie begins to speak. The fans boo louder when she starts to talk. Vickie said it is common knowledge that a championship can only be won by pinfall or submission, not via DQ or count out. She said as a result, the World Heavyweight Title will remain vacant. Vickie said Undertaker is not the new champion. Undertaker drops the title, pulls Edge into the ring, gets him up on his shoulders and connects with the Tombstone Piledriver! Vickie screams no loudly on the mic as this takes place. She then calls Undertaker a son of a bitch (which they bleep out for some reason). Hawkins and Ryder pull Edge out of the ring as Vickie walks to the back. The Undertaker remains in the ring, grabs the World Title and lays it down in the middle of the ring.

Winner: No Contest (World Title remains vacant)

– A promo for WWE One Night Stand on June 1 airs.
– We see a shot of Randy Orton backstage. Orton says for six months he was WWE Champion. He defeated the top stars – John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Triple H (who he won the title from in the first place). Orton said Triple H called his reign luck. He said luck is winning the title in a Fatal Four Way Match. He said when they were in Evolution he made sure to never teach him a damn thing since he knew this was coming. Orton said tonight Triple H has to deal with him instead a Steel Cage. He said Triple H constantly talks about being the best, but tonight is his night and he will once again reclaim the Age of Orton.
– MVP walks out and gets on the mic. He complains about being left off the card for Judgment Day tonight. MVP said the last time he checked he was the highest paid entertainer in Smackdown history and the longest reigning U.S. Champion in WWE history. He said this goes past disrespect. MVP calls it bad business. He said he will not be denied a match on Judgment Day and said if there happens to be any “top talent” backstage, he will give them an opportunity. MVP begs for some one to come out who thinks they are on his level. Nothing happens until WWE U.S. Champion Matt Hardy’s music hits. MVP said the wrestling gods answered his prayers and tells Matt to come down and bring “his” title with him. Matt said he already proved he was better, so instead of doing that again there is someone else here tonight that is going to prove he is better than you as well. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he slaps hands with his brother.

MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

Michael Cole announces this as an inter-promotional match between Raw and Smackdown. The bell rings and here we go. MVP goes after Jeff right away and lands a big forearm to the back. MVP with a quick cover, but Jeff kicks out. Jeff with a big flying clothesline on MVP. Jeff kicks MVP in the chest and MVP bails to the outside to regroup. Mick Foley mentions Jeff going through some hard times recently, including his house burning down. MVP returns to the ring, gets a quick takedown on Jeff, covers, but only gets a two count. MVP keeps the action on the ground until Jeff elbows MVP in the gut. Jeff takes MVP’s back and works on his left arm. MVP with a cheap shot with an elbow to Jeff’s head. Jeff pulls down the ropes when MVP charges and MVP crashes to the outside. Jeff attempts a big flying dropkick through the ropes to MVP, but MVP blocks it, grabs Jeff by the legs and launches him onto the ground back first. MVP throws Jeff back in the ring, cover, but only a two count. MVP drops his knee over the left arm of Jeff, covers, but gets another two count.

MVP goes back to work on Jeff’s left arm. Jeff attempts a comeback, but MVP pulls him down by his hair. MVP goes back to work again on Jeff’s left arm. MVP knees Jeff’s arm and then drops Jeff’s body over the arm with force. MVP applies pressure to Jeff’s arm on the ground. MVP sends Jeff into the corner. Jeff catches himself and tries to float over, but Jeff lets go and falls to the ring in pain favoring his left arm. MVP drops Jeff down over his left arm, another cover, but only a two count. MVP with forearms to Jeff’s face, cover and Jeff puts his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. MVP with a kick to Jeff’s shoulder, puts Jeff on his shoulders and drops him back with force. MVP with a big boot to Jeff off the ropes that sends Jeff through the ropes to the outside. MVP follows Jeff out and sends him into the ring barricade. MVP throws Jeff back in, quick cover, but Jeff kicks out. MVP with some big rights to Jeff’s shoulder and goes back to work on the arm. MVP goes for the Playmaker, but Jeff counters out of it and takes MVP down with a clothesline.

Jeff with a few rights on MVP. Clothesline by Jeff, irish whip and charge into the cornero n MVP. Jeff with a big dropkick to the jaw of MVP in the corner. Jeff goes up top, jumps, goes for the Swanton Bomb, but MVP moves out of the way. MVP goes for a charge in the corner, but Jeff counters into a drop toe hold. Jeff with a Whisper in the Wind on MVP, connects, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, the referee raises the hand of Jeff Hardy and MVP quickly rolls out. We then see highlights of the match leading into the finish. Back live, we see another shot of William Regal watching from up top in his suite.

– They air footage of Sylvester Stallone talking about the new “Rambo” film which is now on DVD.
– A video package runs highlighting the events between Triple H and Randy Orton leading into tonight’s match for the WWE Title inside a Steel Cage.

WWE Championship – Steel Cage Match
Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

Not much of a reaction for Randy Orton. His new theme music is still horrible. Orton got more of a reaction when he entered the cage, climbed up top and posed. Solid reaction for Triple H during his entrance. They again did ring introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and the champion Triple H.

The bell rings and Randy Orton jumps towards the door right away to get out. Triple H cuts him off, but then grabs the door and cracks it over his head. Triple H falls back holding his head and Orton goes after him with some big right hands. Some more stiff right hands from Orton on Triple H in the corner. Triple H with a knee to the gut on Orton. Orton fights it off and keeps the right hands up. Triple H gets the better of Orton for a few seconds with a few rights and then a big high knee to Orton. Triple H with some right hands to Orton in the corner. Orton blocks an attempt to be sent into the cage. Triple H blocks an attempt from Orton as well. Triple H finally sends Orton face first into the cage. Orton fires back with a right hand that levels Triple H. Triple H with a swinging neckbreaker on Orton, cover, but only a two count. Triple H mounts Orton and gets in a few right hands. Triple H with a knee to the head on Orton, cover, but another two count. Orton grabs Triple H and sends him face first into the cage. Orton then catapults Triple H into the side of the cage as well.

Orton grabs Triple H and again sends his body into the side of the cage. Orton’s lip is busted open a bit as he stands in the middle of the ring and smiles as the fans boo. When Triple H gets to his feet, Orton grabs him by the hair and bounces his head off the cage. Triple H catches Orton with a kick, but Orton fires back kicking Triple H right in the head with force! Orton grabs Triple H through the ropes and drops him with a big DDT. Orton rolls Triple H over, hooks the leg, but Triple H kicks out. Orton mounts Triple H and gets in a few right hands. Orton goes to the ground and applies a sleeper on Triple H. Orton with a big powerslam on Triple H in the middle of the ring. Cover by Orton, but Triple H again kicks out. Orton then proceeds to stomp on Triple H a few times while he tries to recover. Orton with a big jumping knee to the chest on Triple H. Another cover by Orton and Triple H again kicks out. Orton with more kicks to Triple H on the ground. Orton pulls down his kneepad and tries to drop another knee over Triple H, but Triple H moves out of the way.

Triple H with a chop block on Orton. Another chop block by Triple H that takes Orton off his feet. Triple H then gets Orton down and locked in a Figure Four. Triple H keeps it locked in as Orton moves his way to the ropes. Orton eventually positions himself to get to the bottom rope and break it up. Orton with a quick RKO attempt, Triple H counters, Triple H goes for the Pedigree and Orton counters that into a back body drop. Orton crawls over to the cage door, it opens, Orton starts crawling out, Triple H grabs him by his legs and pulls him back in. Orton kicks Triple H away with force, the door opens again, Orton grabs a steel chair, kicks Triple H away, Orton has the steel chair and Triple H counters with a kick to the gut. Triple H with right hands, Orton irish whips him, but Triple H counters into a knee to the face. Cover by Triple H, but only a two count. Triple H grabs the steel chair, but Orton low blows him! Orton grabs the steel chair and cracks it over the back of Triple H. Orton with a DDT on Triple H over the steel chair. Orton covers, hooks the leg, but Triple H somehow kicks out.

Loud “TRIPLE H” chant starts up. Orton begins stalking Triple H as he gets to his feet. Orton slides the steel chair over by Triple H looking to give him an RKO over it. Triple H instead counters and sends Orton face first into the cage. Triple H then gives Orton a drop toe hold into the steel chair. Cover by Triple H, but Orton gets a shoulder up. Orton is back on his feet and he is starting to climb up the cage. Triple H gets to his feet, grabs Orton by the trunks and both are on the top rope on the side of the cage. Triple H nails Orton face first off the cage and falls back. Triple H is moving over the top when Orton climbs back up to grab him. Orton starts pulling Triple H down by his leg. Big right hands by Orton that sends Triple H off the side of the cage and back into the ring. Orton climbs over and is on the top. He gets one leg over, but Triple H grabs the other leg. Triple H nails Orton face first off the cage a few times and Orton slides off. Orton is back up, but Triple H gets him in a Pedigree position. Orton counters out and sends Triple H back first into the cage.

Triple H falls off and Orton gets himself over the top. Orton starts climbing down the other side when Triple H jumps up. Triple H lifts Orton back up to the top. Orton is hanging at one point by a chokehold from Triple H. Triple H pulls Orton back over, but Orton elbows Triple H in the head. Orton kicks Triple H in the head a few times, but then Triple H pulls Orton down causing him to get crotched over the top rope! Triple H with a big spinebuster on Orton. Triple H throws down the steel chair near Orton, picks him up, goes for the Pedigree, but Orton counters and sends Triple H landing back first on top of the steel chair. Orton backs up in the corner smiling. Orton charges looking to kick Triple H in the face, but Triple H moves, cracks the steel chair over Orton’s head, Pedigree, cover and Triple H gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Triple H

After the match, an exhausted Triple H is handed the WWE Championship and he holds it high in the air. Triple H stares at a knocked out Randy Orton on the mat. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Triple H is on top of the cage and is holding the WWE Title high in the air as the PPV goes off the air.

Source: Adam Martin, Wrestleview.com

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