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Sunday, September 16th in Memphis, TN

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package airs highlighting the return of The Undertaker tonight.
– A graphic opening then welcomes us to Unforgiven. We go live to the FedExForum where a series of pyro goes off.

– CM Punk defeated Elijah Burke to retain the ECW World Title. Before the match, a video package ran highlighting CM Punk’s victory over John Morrison two weeks ago to become the new ECW Champion. Lots of ground wrestling between Punk and Burke early on in the match. Punk gets the better of Burke with a quick kick to the back. Burke responds sending Punk’s head into the ring. Burke then started working on the lower back of Punk and made that his focus for the majority of the match. At one point, Burke got a Boston Crab applied on Punk followed by a series of german suplexes. The finish saw Punk get a front rolling cradle pin on Burke to retain the title. Another example of an ECW Title Match that a PPV crowd wasn’t into much at all. They gave off the impression that a program between Punk and Burke will continue after tonight.

– MVP & Matt Hardy defeated Deuce & Domino to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Lots of arguing early on between MVP and Hardy on who would start the match. MVP started off with Domino, got in some quick offense and then slapped Hardy across the chest to tag him in. Hardy then did some more impressive offense on Deuce (who was tagged in earlier by Domino) and bragged to MVP as well. Cherry tried to trip up Hardy at one point in the match. They did a spot where MVP was frustrated and started walking up the aisle. MVP came back after Hardy kicked out of a big double-team move by Deuce & Domino. Hardy with some quick offense in on D & D followed by MVP getting the tag. MVP cleaned house. The finish saw Hardy send MVP into Domino allowing him to hit the Twist of Fate on Deuce for the pinfall to retain the tag titles. After the match, Hardy celebrated with both WWE Tag Team Titles and threw the WWE U.S. Title at an angry MVP. Hardy left with both tag titles.

– A “WWE Mobile Exclusive” interview was shown with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio said he wasn’t 100 percent, but would be ready to go tonight. He said he was going to have to dodge Khali’s Vice Grip and that he wanted to shock the world again tonight by winning the World Title.

– Triple H defeated Carlito. Stipulation for this was it was No DQ rules for Carlito and Carlito only. Early on, Carlito went for some weapons under the ring and got a trash can. When Triple H dodged an attack from Carlito, he went for the trash can but the referee took it away. The action spilled to the outside which saw Carlito try to use a steel chair on Triple H, but Triple H dodged it and Carlito hit the steel post instead. They did a spot where Triple H applied an abdominal stretch on Carlito and used the ropes for leverage. The referee finally caught Triple H and made him break the hold. The action spilled to the outside again and Carlito caught Triple H in the head with the ring bell. Carlito then hit Triple H over the head a few times with the trash can. The finish saw Carlito throw powder in the eyes of Triple H and bail from the ring and get another steel chair. When he went to hit Triple H with it, Triple H caught Carlito with a spinebuster. Triple H went for the chair, but the referee took it away. With the referee distracted, Triple H hit a low blow and a Pedigree on Carlito for the win.

– A promo for WrestleMania 24 in Orlando, FL airs.
– Backstage, Maria is with Batista. Batista said the time for talking was over and tonight he would be taking back the World Heavyweight Title.

– Candice Michelle defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Women’s Title. Was a lot longer then I’m sure many people expected. The story they told was Phoenix completely dominating Michelle the entire match with big power moves. Phoenix also pulled out some of Michelle’s hair as well. The finish saw Michelle get a crucifix pin on Phoenix countering another Gorilla Press attempt to get the pinfall and retain the title. After the match, they showed a shot of a very angry Phoenix.

– A promo airs for No Mercy on October 7.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali and his translator. Khali smashes some fruit to show what he will do to Batista and Mysterio tonight.

– Batista defeated The Great Khali & Rey Mysterio to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. The match kicked off with both Batista and Mysterio going after Khali. Khali shoved both away and then Khali went to work on Batista. Khali threw some awful looking elbows on Batista. Lots of double-teaming by Batista and Mysterio on Khali after this. Mysterio with a quick cradle pin attempt on Batista that ended in a two count. This stopped the double-teaming with Mysterio hitting a quick head scissors takedown on Batista. Khali applied the Vice Grip on Batista, but Mysterio hit Khali over the back with a steel chair. Khali with a Vice Grip on Mysterio after that and Batista broke that up. They did a big spot where Mysterio hit the 619 on both Khali and Batista. The finish saw Mysterio hit a springboard senton on Khali, but Batista grabbed Mysterio and powerbombed him over Khali. Batista threw Mysterio out, gave Khali a spinebuster and got the pinfall to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

– A video package airs highlighting Raw last Monday where Hornswoggle was revealed as Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son. They plug both will be at Raw tomorrow.
– Backstage, Triple H congratulates Batista on winning the World Title.

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick to retain the World Tag Team Titles. The match started off with Lance Cade and Brian Kendrick. Lots of back and forth action between the two early on. Murdoch got a quick tag in, but Kendrick countered any offense from him and quickly tagged in London. Lots of quick tags between London and Kendrick to keep the action fresh. At one point, Kendrick was almost counted out after being knocked off the ring apron by Murdoch. Big spot by London who hit two dropkicks, a reverse atomic drop and standing moonsault on Cade. The finish saw Kendrick attempt the Sliced Bread #2 on Murdoch, but Cade grabbed Kendrick and hit a big spinebuster. London got sent over the top rope by Cade and Murdoch covered Kendrick for the win to retain the tag titles. Was a real solid tag match.

– Randy Orton defeated John Cena via DQ; Cena retains the WWE Championship. Before the match, they show a shot of John Cena’s dad sitting in the front row. The match kicked off with Cena exploding in the ring and taking out Orton right away. Cena attempts the STFU right away, but Orton fights it off and rolls to the outside. Cena followed Orton and threw him quickly back into the ring. Orton caught Cena with a quick uppercut and hit a DDT from the ropes. Orton applied a sleeper on Orton that changed over to a headlock. Cena eventually fought back hitting a big clothesline then a big splash. Cena then started hitting Orton with some stiff punches. Cena shoved the referee away when he tried to break it up. When Cena shoved the referee away a second time, the referee called for the bell just at around seven minutes in. Orton wins by DQ, but Cena retains the WWE Title. After the match, Orton pulled Cena’s dad over the ring barricade. When Orton looked to go for another kick, Cena tackled him and applied the STFU. Cena’s dad then kicked Orton in the head. Security escorted Cena’s dad out as Cena stood over a beat up Orton.

– Backstage, Jonathan Coachman got in the face of John Cena’s father and told him Cena that Orton deserved a rematch. Coachman announced Cena vs. Orton at No Mercy in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title. Cena shoved Coach to the ground.
– A video package runs highlighting the return of The Undertaker tonight against Mark Henry.

– The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry. Very impressive entrance for the returning Undertaker tonight in Memphis. They did a long stare down that Taker broke up with a series of punches. Henry responded by sending Taker into the corner and hitting some punches of his own. Henry with a headbutt on Taker followed by a big superplex. Taker clotheslined Henry over the top rope and the two brawled near the ECW announce table. Henry hit a series of splashes on Taker and Taker kicked out after each. Henry with a quick slam and splash combination on Taker again, but this time Taker sat up and choked Henry. Taker hit the Old School over the top rope followed by a chokeslam. Henry kicked out of the chokeslam surprising the crowd. Henry with a bear hug on Taker. Henry splashed Taker into the corner and then got up on the ropes to hit some punches. The finish saw Taker lift Henry up for a Last Ride from the corner and connect on the mat. Taker covered Henry and got the win in his return match. After the match, they hinted at what Undertaker would “want” next. As they said this, Taker posed that he wanted the World Title back as the PPV went off the air.

Source: Adam Martin, Wrestleview.com

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