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Sunday, August 26th in East Rutherford, NJ

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s scheduled World Title matches and the return of Triple H to WWE tonight.
– A graphic opening then welcomes us to SummerSlam. We go live to the Continental Airlines Arena where a series of pyro goes off.

– Kane defeated Finlay. Kane had his ribs taped up for the match tonight. Early on, Finlay worked on the left leg of Kane and continued to go after it during the rest of the match. Kane attempted a chokeslam, but Finlay broke it up. They did a spot with Hornswoggle where Finlay pulled him out from under the ring, but Kane chased him away. Hornswoggle tried to go back under the ring, but Kane pulled him back out. Finlay took the advantage of the distraction and connected with a quick DDT on Kane. Hornswoggle brought a shillelagh out from under the ring and Finlay hit Kane in the ribs with it. The finish then saw Kane catch Finlay with a big chokeslam for the pinfall.

– Backstage, all three General Managers from Raw, ECW and Smackdown and with Jonathan Coachman when Vince McMahon appears. Vince begins talking to Armando Estrada when Santino Marella comes in. They kick Marella out. MVP then shows up and said he didn’t know if he was Vince’s son or not, but wanted to issue a challenge to Matt Hardy tonight – however, not a wrestling match. William Regal said there was no way MVP could be Vince’s son and tried to make it seem like he could be.
– A promo for Rey Mysterio’s return tonight airs.

– Umaga retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship over Mr. Kennedy & Carlito in a Triple Threat Match. Fairly short IC Title match with these three. The match kicked off with Umaga sending Kennedy and Carlito to the outside right away. Umaga fought off Kennedy and Carlito when they teamed up briefly to take him out. Carlito caught Umaga with a dropkick sending him to the outside. Kennedy followed that up kicking Umaga’s shoulder into the steel steps. Umaga tripped up Kennedy in the ring and then went after Carlito. Kennedy and Carlito then started teaming up again, but Umaga countered and hit both with a big double suplex. Umaga took out Carlito with a running corner splash to the head. Umaga charged at Kennedy, but Kennedy pulled the top rope down and Umaga crashed on the floor. The finish saw Kennedy cover Carlito, but Umaga returned to the ring and hit Kennedy with the Samoan Spike to get the pinfall.

– A promo aired hyping The Undertaker’s return to WWE at Unforgiven in just three weeks.
– A video package aired highlighting tonight’s match between the returning Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero.

– Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero. Rey Mysterio came out with silver paint on his body. Fans in New Jersey were really behind Mysterio and against Chavo. One spot saw Chavo send Mysterio knee first into the ring post. Chavo then started working on Mysterio’s left knee. JBL stressed on the mic that Mysterio is working on a rehabbed knee and that he has to be careful. Chavo got Mysterio in the tree of woe in the corner and worked on his knee. Mysterio with a big moonsault on Chavo to make a comeback. Chavo stayed on Mysterio’s knee and locked on a leg submission. Mysterio eventually got the ropes to break it up. Mysterio came back with a big swinging DDT on Chavo. During the pinfall attempt, Chavo broke it up by putting his leg on the bottom rope. Chavo with a quick gory bomb, but Mysterio kicked out. Mysterio goes for the 619 on Chavo, but Chavo moved. Chavo attempted the Three Amigos, but Mysterio countered into a 619 followed by the West Coast Pop to get the pinfall.

– A promo airs noting that Monday Night Raw will be airing tomorrow night on Sci Fi and not on the USA Network.
– Backstage, Todd Grisham was with King Booker. Booker noted that while Rey Mysterio may have been successful in his first match back, Triple H wouldn’t be so successful against him tonight.

– Beth Phoenix won the WWE Divas Battle Royal. Another shorter match tonight on the PPV. WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle was watching the match at ringside. Brooke (ECW) was eliminated first. Maria (Raw) was eliminated second. Layla (ECW) was eliminated third. Victoria (Smackdown) was eliminated fourth. Kristal (Smackdown) was eliminated fifth. Kelly Kelly (ECW) was eliminated sixth. Jillian Hall (Raw) was eliminated seventh. Mickie James (Raw) was out eighth. Melina (Raw) was out ninth. They showed a shot of Candice smiling when Melina was eliminated. Torrie Wilson (Smackdown) was out tenth. This brought it down Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. Phoenix then eliminated McCool to win the Battle Royal and earn a shot at the WWE Women’s Title.

– As Phoenix celebrated her win, MVP interrupted on the mic saying that while the Divas were sexy, nobody paid to see them and that everyone paid to see MVP. MVP brought up how now that he is the highest paid entertainer in Smackdown history, he now drinks refined beverages. However, to relate to the fans tonight, he will lower himself and have a beer drinking contest with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy came out and both got a beer. Hardy told MVP he was proud to be a common man and relate to the fans this way. He then brought up the boxing contest at Saturday Night’s Main Event and how MVP brought in a substitute in Evander Holyfield, so he should be allowed to bring in one too. The fans knew who was coming out next. Glass shatters and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Huge reaction for Austin. Austin ran the ropes and did some jumping jacks warming up for his beer drinking. Austin shared a beer with Hardy, opened the cooler MVP brought out and got some more beers. Austin then gave MVP the Stunner. Austin celebrated with the fans drinking beer.

– WrestleMania 24 promo airs.
– Backstage, Vince McMahon is talking to Jonathan Coachman, Teddy Long and William Regal. Cryme Tyme comes in and they do the “money, money, yeah, yeah” line saying they could be Vince’s son since they all like money. Coachman, Regal and Long all joined Cryme Tyme in saying it. JTG put his baseball cap on Regal sideways. Ron Simmons showed up and got in his “Damn” line for the night.

– John Morrison defeated CM Punk to retain the ECW Championship. Very short match with a World Title on the line. Tons of pinfall attempts between Morrison and Punk early on. Lots of back and forth high spots between the two as well. The finish saw Punk attempt a huricanranna on Morrison from the top rope, but Morrison held on and Punk crashed to the ring. Morrison dropped down and pinned Punk using his foot on the ropes to get the win to retain the ECW World Title. Solid action in the ring, but seemed pretty rushed.

– Another promo for Monday Night Raw moving to Sci Fi tomorrow night.
– Backstage, The Great Khali and Batista were shown warming up.

– Triple H defeated King Booker. Tons of anticipation for Triple H’s entrance after King Booker came out. They played the heart monitor/”we can rebuild him again” promo about Triple H’s return. Big pyro display during Triple H’s entrance. He got a huge reaction from the New Jersey crowd. Triple H looked in great shape. He continued to get a huge reaction from the crowd as he was in the ring. When the match kicked off, Triple H took out Booker with a big clothesline sending Booker over the top rope. Triple H and Booker continued brawling outside the ring. Quick facebuster by Triple H on Booker followed by a Figure Four. Sharmell got involved and raked the eyes of Triple H to break it up. On the outside, Triple H sends Booker shoulder first into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Triple H connected with a big spinebuster on Booker. Triple H covers, but Booker kicks out. Booker with a Book End on Triple H, covers, but Triple H kicks out. The finish then saw Triple H hit the Pedigree to get the win. Fans continued to give Triple H a huge reaction.

– Another promo for Unforgiven hyping the return of The Undertaker.
– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s World Heavyweight Title Match between The Great Khali and Batista.

– Batista defeated The Great Khali via DQ; Khali retains the World Heavyweight Title. The Great Khali had a bandage over his forehead. They are going to have to do a lot to make this watchable. As expected, the fans in New Jersey were not into this match at all. Batista hit Khali with a spinebuster and attempted a Batista Bomb, but Khali blocked that attempt. Khali connected with his two hand slam on Batista. Khali’s translator threw a steel chair in the ring in front of the referee. Khali picked up the chair and hit Batista with it to cause the DQ finish. The fans in the arena booed loudly at the finish. Batista is announced as the winner via DQ, but Khali retains the title. After the match, Batista took out Khali with a big Spear. Batista then grabbed the steel chair and hit Khali with it with a frustrated look on his face.

– A promo for “The Condemned” DVD aired.
– Backstage, Vince McMahon is with Jonathan Coachman when William Regal comes in to inform them that a lady is here to see him. Mae Young and Moolah then show up. Mae jumped on Vince and started kissing him as Regal pulled her off. Vince gets up and composes himself, saying you wouldn’t believe the taste in her mouth. Coachman offers Vince a tic-tac, but Vince said he kinda liked it and said she turned him on.
– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s WWE Title Match between John Cena and Randy Orton.

– John Cena defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship. As expected, there was tons of heat on John Cena from the crowd tonight. Early on, Cena applied a headlock on Orton and the fans booed. Not tons of cheers for Orton when he gets offense in as the crowd is just really against Cena overall. Cena attempted the STFU on Orton, but Orton was able to crawl quickly and get to the ropes. One spot saw Orton knock Cena off the ring apron onto the Raw announce table at ringside. The referee started the count and Orton threw Cena back in the ring to break it. Orton started kicking Cena numerous times on the mat and then dropped down applying a sleeper to slow the pace. The fans in New Jersey then did a 180 and a loud “LETS GO CENA” chant started up. Cena gets in some quick shots on Orton, takes him down and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Orton responds with a quick DDT on Cena, covers, but only gets a two count. Orton then stalked Cena ready to hit an RKO as he slowly got to his feet. Orton went for it, but Cena countered out. They brawled to the outside and Orton sent Cena into the steel steps. Orton threw Cena back in the ring, covered, but Cena kicked out. Orton put Cena up on the top rope attempting a superplex, but Cena countered sending Orton from the top to the mat. Cena connected with a leg drop. Orton countered an FU attempt from Cena. Cena then got Orton locked in the STFU. Orton got to the ropes and then hit a quick RKO on Cena. Orton covered Cena, but Cena somehow kicked out. Cena then connected with the FU on Orton and got the pinfall to retain the WWE Title. After the match, Cena celebrated his successful title defense holding the WWE Title high in the air.

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