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Sunday, April 29th in Atlanta, GA

– The WWE promo hits.
– A video package airs highlighting the events at WrestleMania 23 that lead into tonight’s Backlash PPV.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Backlash. We go live to Atlanta where a series pyro goes off inside the Phillips Arena.
– On commentary tonight is Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler (Raw), Michael Cole & JBL (Smackdown) and Joey Styles & Tazz (ECW).

– The Hardys defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to retain the World Tag Team Titles. Jeff Hardy hit a quick splash in the corner on Trevor Murdoch early on. Another quick spot that saw Jeff jump off the back of Matt to take out Cade and Murdoch on the outside. Cade and Murdoch came back with some quick double-teaming on Matt Hardy in the corner. Jeff attempts a chin drop on Murdoch, but Murdoch counters that into a swinging neckbreaker. Cade hits the ring and also takes out Jeff, attempting some quick pinfalls that all end in two counts. Jeff with a quick small package on Murdoch, but Murdoch kicks out. More offense from Cade & Murdoch on Jeff Hardy. Cade with a big back suplex on Jeff Hardy and repeated right hands to the head. Jeff starts to make a comeback taking Cade and Murdoch off their feet with two big dropkicks. Matt gets the hot tag and takes out Murdoch with a big clothesline and knocks Cade off the ring apron. Matt with a bulldog on Murdoch. The finish saw Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb off the top rope to get the pinfall. The Hardys retain the World Tag Team Titles.

– Backstage, Shane McMahon was shown getting Umaga fired up for tonight’s 3 on 1 Handicap Match with the ECW Title on the line. Vince McMahon then came into the shot (who is wearing a black cap on his bald head). Vince said his son would become the new ECW World Champion tonight and Shane agrees that would be awesome. He then added that since Lashley shaved his dad bald, his father should become ECW Champion tonight instead. Vince liked that idea as well.

– Melina defeated Mickie James to retain the WWE Women’s Title. Melina got in a sucker punch on James early on in the match. James attempted a big spot off the top rope at one point, but Melina threw her off to the floor. Big cross-body by James on Melina. At one point, both women did the splits and started exchanging punches. The finish saw Melina hit a reverse DDT on James to get the pinfall to retain the WWE Women’s Title.

– Backstage, Edge talked about how tonight he will win his third WWE Title and that he is more fresh by not wrestling on Monday, while John Cena and Shawn Michaels had a long hard match. Mr. Kennedy then appeared and teased that he was going to cash in his “Money in the Bank” clause tonight after the main event when the winner is worn out. Good promo.
– A video package airs highlighting The Condemned.

– Chris Benoit defeated MVP to retain the WWE United States Title. Lots of ground wrestling between the two early on. At one point, MVP bailed from the ring after Benoit was taking him down. The match remained on the ground as it progressed. Lots of counters between the two as well. Benoit then got the Sharpshooter locked on. MVP eventually got the bottom rope to break the hold. Benoit with a huge series of german suplexes on MVP. MVP comes back with some offense of his own, taking out Benoit in the corner and then locking on an abdominal stretch. Benoit gets a Crossface locked in on MVP, but MVP again gets the ropes to break the hold. Benoit hits another series of german suplexes, goes to the top, jumps attempting a flying headbutt, but MVP gets his knees up to block it. Benoit then gets in a quick small package on MVP to get the pinfall to retain the WWE United States Title. Solid match.

– Backstage, WWE Champion John Cena was being interviewed by Todd Grisham. Randy Orton then appears. Orton tells Cena they have a lot in common and suggest they form an alliance tonight to take out Edge and Shawn Michaels. Cena then makes fun of the hand gesture that Orton made (gay joke) and turns down the offer. Orton promised he would be on top of Cena at the end of tonight and then realizes what he just said. Ron Simmons appears and puts in his weekly “DAMN” reference.
– A video package airs hyping tonight’s 3 on 1 Handicap Match tonight for the ECW Championship with Bobby Lashley defending against Umaga, Vince & Shane McMahon.

– Vince McMahon defeated Bobby Lashley to became the NEW ECW World Champion in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match involving Umaga & Shane McMahon. The match kicked off with Lashley taking out Shane McMahon. Lashley absolutely destroyed Shane early on with a huge spinebuster. Umaga then got the tag early on and Vince yelled at him to take care of Lashley. Umaga was sent through the ropes to the floor by Lashley. Shane then held down the top rope when Umaga sent Lashley into them, causing Lashley to crash on the floor outside. Lashley then gets sent into the steel steps on the outside by Umaga. Lashley was thrown back in the ring and Umaga tossed him into the corner with force. Shane then gets the tag and applies an armbar on Lashley’s left arm. When Shane broke the hold, Umaga got the tag and prevented a comeback by Lashley. Umaga then hit a big samoan drop on Lashley. Shane then came in and applied a camel clutch on Lashley. Lashley then stands up and slams Shane into the corner to break the hold. Lashley knocks Umaga off the ring apron and takes out Shane with a high back body drop. Lashley then drops Shane across his shoulders onto the mat. Lashley with a running powerslam on Shane, but Vince comes in to break the pinfall. Lashley then puts Vince on his shoulders, but Shane breaks it up. Umaga with a big splash on Lashley, tags in Vince, Vince covers Lashley and Lashley kicks out. Umaga then gives Lashley another splash, Vince covers again and gets the pinfall. Vince McMahon is your new ECW World Champion folks. After the match, Vince, Shane and Umaga all celebrated with Vince putting the ECW Title around his waist.

– A promo for the Judgment Day PPV on May 20 is shown.
– We come back and see footage of Vince McMahon running around the ring in celebration with the ECW Title around his waist. Joey Styles added that this could be the darkest day in ECW’s history.
– Backstage, Vince, Shane and Umaga ran into the ECW Originals (Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Sabu). Vince said no one was more extreme than he was and mocked the ECW Originals. Vince and Shane walked away chanting ECW, ECW, ECW.
– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Last Man Standing Match featuring The Undertaker defending the World Heavyweight Title against Batista.

– The Undertaker vs. Batista in a Last Man Standing Match ended in a Double Count Out – Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Title. The match kicks off with Undertaker taking Batista off his feet right away and dropping a few elbows on him. Taker attempts a chokeslam early on, but Batista elbows out of it. Taker with a huge flying clothesline on Batista. Taker gives Batista the “old school” off the top rope. Batista comes back with a scary looking scoop slam on Taker when he caught Taker coming off the ropes. They brawl to the outside and Taker sends Batista into the steel steps. Taker continues to work on Batista on the outside, with some stiff kicks to Batista’s leg. Taker finally brings the action back inside the ring. Taker brings Batista’s head under the bottom rope on the ring apron and Taker drops a leg across his neck. Batista comes back sending Taker into the steel steps. Taker then takes out Batista with a huge superplex off the top rope. Both begin to exchange right hands when they get back to their feet. Batista explodes off the ropes and takes out Taker with a big clothesline. Taker then sends Batista out of the ring under the bottom rope. Taker starts to clear off one of the announce tables at the ringside area. Batista gets busted open when Taker hits him with the steel steps. Huge spot saw Taker place Batista on top of the announcers table, walk across the ring barricade and drop a leg over Batista to break the table! The referee begins the count and Batista gets up at the 9 count. The action returns to the ring and Batista plants Taker with three big spinebusters. Taker then comes back with a chokeslam on Batista. The referee starts the count again and both get to their feet. Batista leaves the ring and returns with a steel chair in hand. Batista levels Taker with a steel chair shot. Batista then attempts a Batista Bomb, but Taker counters and gives Batista a back body drop into the steel chair. Taker then plants Batista with a Tombstone Piledriver. The referee starts the count. Taker gets to his feet and Batista follows at the 9 count. Taker can’t believe it. Both being brawling up the ramp. They get close to the end of the stage. Taker counters a Batista Bomb attempt on the ramp. The finish then saw Batista spear Taker off the stage to the arena floor. Sparks were flying and part of the Backlash set collapsed. The referee starts the count and we got a Double Count Out finish. Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Title.

– A promo airs promoting The Condemned.
– Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler promote a cell phone question tonight asking who will win the Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Title tonight. 50% of the fans voting think John Cena will retain.
– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Championship involving John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Randy Orton.

– John Cena retained the WWE Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match involving Shawn Michaels, Edge & Randy Orton. It was made clear that there are no Count Outs or DQ’s in this main event tonight. First to get the pinfall wins. It kicks off with Cena and Michaels going after Edge and Orton. HBK then chops Cena. Edge and Orton then started brawling. Cena gave HBK and Orton a clothesline over the top rope. Edge then takes out Cena with a big baseball slide. Big spot saw HBK take out Cena, Edge and Orton with a big moonsault from the ring to the floor. Fans in Atlanta do not like Cena. Even though they brawled earlier, Edge and Orton start to team up to take out HBK. HBK gets put into a double boston crab by Edge and Orton. Cena breaks it up and gives Edge the five knuckle shuffle. Edge and Orton send Cena into the ring barricade and HBK sends Orton into the ring post. Edge and Orton stop working together again and Edge looks to give Orton a piledriver on the announce table. Edge instead takes out HBK with a big chair shot. Edge then levels Orton with a chair shot as well. Edge hits the ring and Cena catches him in the STFU. Edge gets the ropes to break it up. Orton returns to the ring and Cena applies the STFU on Orton. HBK returns to the ring and takes out Cena, Edge and Orton. HBK drops an elbow on Cena and looks to hit some Sweet Chin Music. Edge prevents that from taking place. Orton with an RKO on HBK, but Cena breaks up the pinfall. Edge then takes out Cena with a big DDT, but Cena kicks out. Edge then takes out Orton with a big Spear, but in doing so runs into Cena who hits him with an FU. HBK then takes out Cena with some Sweet Chin Music. Cena then falls on Orton and the referee makes the three count. John Cena is declared the winner and retains the WWE Championship. After the match, HBK glares at Cena as Cena celebrates with the WWE Title.

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Handicap match – 3%

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