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Sunday, September 17th in Toronto

– A video package airs highlighting some of the matches at Unforgiven tonight including Edge vs. John Cena in a TLC Match for the WWE Title and The McMahon’s & Big Show vs. DX inside a Hell in a Cell.

– Johnny Nitro defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. A majority of the match saw Nitro working on Hardy’s left knee. Lots of near falls towards the end of the match. One spot saw Hardy kick Nitro into Melina, who fell off the ring apron and grabbed her ankle. The finish saw Melina pull off her boot and hit Hardy with it, allowing Nitro to get the pinfall and retain the title.

– Smackdown GM Teddy Long was shown watching the show from the skybox.
– Backstage after the match, Matt Hardy was shown consoling Jeff Hardy. Lita then showed up and mocked Jeff and Matt saying they would never be champions like Edge and herself. Lita added that Matt would get a chance to face John Cena on Smackdown once Edge beats him tonight.

– Kane vs. Umaga ended in a Double Countout. The fans in Toronto didn’t like this finish at all and rightfully so. The match itself was strong as they had lots of back and forth spots. One spot saw the two go over the top rope and Kane went after Armando Alejandro Estrada, pulling off his jacket and ripping it. The finish saw Kane hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Umaga over the top rope. Kane then clotheslined Umaga over the guard railing and then went after him in the crowd. The referee then called for the bell to cause the double countout finish.

– Backstage, the McMahon’s were shown watching footage from Raw and bragged about beating up DX. Shane said he would take both down to allow Vince to get the pinfall. Vince then said unlike Canada, who has all their allies do the work, he wanted to be the one to put DX down and beat them.

– The Spirit Squad defeated The Highlanders to retain the World Tag Team Championships. Mikey & Kenny were the team defending the tag titles tonight. Lots of interference from the other three during the match. The finish saw Johnny hit the ring and hit Rory with a high kick from behind allowing Mikey to hit a facebuster and get the pinfall to retain the titles.

– D-Generation X defeated The McMahon’s & ECW Champion Big Show in a Hell in a Cell Match. Slight “YOU SCREWED BRET” chants from the crowd in Toronto during the start of the match. Lots of double-teaming by DX on Big Show with low blows. Started off with HBK on Shane and Triple H on Vince with Big Show down. One spot saw Triple H drive a screwdriver into the head of Vince. Big Show eventually came back with a chokeslam on Triple H and then tossing HBK head first into the cage on the outside. Shane hit a big Coast to Coast dropkick on Triple H from the opposite corner with Big Show holding a trash can in place. Another spot saw DX come back with HBK hitting an elbow off the top rope on Shane’s neck with a steel chair over Shane’s head. Triple H took out Big Show with a big chair shot to the back of the head against the steel steps. Vince then challenged DX face to face. DX grabbed Vince, pulled down the trunks of a knocked out Big Show and shoved Vince’s face up Show’s backside. DX did the crotch chops and Vince looked like he was going to puke. HBK then hit Vince with some Sweet Chin Music and Triple H followed that up with a sledgehammer shot to get the pinfall. After the match, EMT’s hit the scene and put Vince and Shane on stretchers as the cage was lifted back up.

– A video package runs of Trish Stratus and her WWE career.

– Trish Stratus defeated Lita to become the NEW WWE Women’s Champion. This was Stratus’ retirement match with WWE in her hometown of Toronto. Lots of “Thank You Trish” chants at the start of the match. Jim Ross mentioned that Trish and Fabulous Moolah were tied at six for the most WWE Women’s Title reigns and that Trish could make it seven tonight. Very solid match between the two women with lots of back and forth action. The finish saw Trish roll through a sunset flip on Lita and then apply the Sharpshooter, which got a huge pop from the Toronto crowd. Lita then tapped out to give Trish the submission victory. After the match, Lilian Garcia was shown crying and both Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler gave Stratus a standing ovation.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham was with Randy Orton. Orton said no one cares about Trish’s retirement, unless you are Canadian meaning you have no life. He said Trish was the past and he was the future. Orton added that two years ago he won the World Heavyweight Title in Toronto. He called Trish a “bitch” and said tonight, he would make Carlito his.

– Randy Orton defeated Carlito. Early spot saw Carlito send Orton over the top rope with a big high back body drop and then do Orton’s pose to mock him. Another spot saw Carlito hit a senton off the middle rope into a moonsault that connected on Orton’s mouth. Orton then started bleeding from his mouth after that took place. A replay was shown of the spot and we see that Carlito’s elbow caught Orton right on the mouth. The finish saw Carlito counter an RKO into a backcraker. Carlito then went for a springboard off the ropes, but ended up launching himself at Orton who connected with a big RKO to get the pinfall.

– A video package runs highlighting the past events between Edge and John Cena going into tonight’s TLC Match for the WWE Championship.

– John Cena defeated Edge to become the NEW WWE Champion. Huge reaction for Edge when he came out. Lots of “Cena Sucks” chants even before Cena entered the arena. They did ring introductions for both and Edge tried to not play up his big reaction from his hometown Toronto crowd. One spot saw Edge setup two chairs facing each other. Cena attempted a suplex, but Edge floated over and planted Cena with a reverse DDT right over both chairs. Another spot saw Edge run up a ladder that was leaning against a corner and take out Cena on the outside. Cena came back putting Edge inside of a ladder, slamming it over his body and then applying the STFU. Edge tapped out, but it didn’t matter since you had to grab the title hanging above the ring. Cena hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle off a ladder to a chorus of boos from the Toronto crowd. A larger ladder was brought into the ring. Cena climbed up it, but Lita came out and tipped it over sending Cena over the top rope through a table. Edge then came in and started climbing up the ladder. Cena rolled back in and Lita hit him in the back with a chair shot. Cena fell into the ladder, sending Edge over the top rope through yet another table. Cena then hit Lita with an FU. The finish then saw Cena set up two tables stacked on top of each other that had fell down when Edge was sent off the ladder previously. Both men started scaling up the ladder. They reached for the title. Cena grabbed Edge, got him up on his shoulders and tossed him off hitting an FU. Edge crashed through both tables. Cena, who looked upset, grabbed the WWE Championship slowly and got the win.

After the match, John Cena raised the WWE Title high in the air. Cena went to the ringside area and hugged his father. Cena still had an unhappy look on his face the entire time. Crowd reaction was mixed at this point in Toronto. Cena stopped at the entrance area and held the WWE Title high once more. The show went off the air with the announcers noting that Cena did what he had to do as Edge was being checked on after the big table spot.

Source: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

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