No Mercy

Jun 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 8, 2006 in Raleigh, NC

– The WWE promo hits. A video package then airs focusing on World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and what lead to the big Fatal Four Way main event tonight involving Bobby Lashley, Batista and Finlay.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to No Mercy. We then go live to Raleigh, NC where a display of pyro goes off in the arena. Michael Cole & JBL then welcome the pay per view viewing audience to the show.

– Matt Hardy defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in a Non-Title Match. Lots of mentions at the start of the match that both Hardy and Helms were from North Carolina and that they were fighting in front of their families and friends. JBL mentioned that Helms has yet to lose at a PPV so far this year. Lots of back and forth action between the two with plenty of nearfalls. The finish saw Helms crotch Hardy on the top rope and then hit a modified Shining Wizard. Both exchanged some reversals which lead to Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate to get the win.

– Backstage, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker was with William Regal. Booker asked for his help later tonight in the Fatal Four Way and Regal agreed. He then asked Regal to get Finlay on their side and allow him to win. Regal said he wouldn’t let Booker down.

– Paul London & Brian Kendrick w/ Ashley defeated K.C. James & Idol Stevens w/ Michelle McCool to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. Lots of double-teaming by London & Kendrick on James & Stevens early on in the match. James & Stevens came back by working on London and preventing him from tagging in Kendrick. Ashley attacked McCool at ringside when McCool tried to trip up Kendrick. The finish saw Kendrick hit the Sliced Bread #2 on James and London followed that up with a Shooting Star Press on Stevens by springboarding off the back of Kendrick. Kendrick covered Stevens to get the pinfall.

– A trailer for “The Marine” aired.
– Backstage, William Regal was looking for Finlay when he ran into Vito jumping rope in a dress. Regal said Vito was sweating like Vince McMahon in church. He was then grossed out when Vito lifted up his dress to wipe his sweat revealing a thong. When Regal turned to leave, he ran into a tray of condiments. Regal fell down covered in ketchup and mustard.

– Smackdown GM Teddy Long came to the ring with a giant present. Looks like they are starting to kill time already. Long got on the mic and revealed it was The Miz’s 26th birthday today. The Miz then came out to the ring, which was filled with balloons and a birthday cake. Long brought up that The Miz had been hitting on one of “his” Divas and brought her out. It was WWE Diva Search winner Layla. Layla was wearing lingerie. She asked for a chair and Miz sat on it. Some music played and Layla started to give Miz a lap dance. Layla then had Miz put on a blindfold. Big Dick Johnson, the WWE creative writer male stripper, then came out. Johnson started dancing all over Miz. Miz then took off his blindfold and was disgusted. Miz left the ring, while Layla and Johnson danced in the ring.

– MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) defeated Marty Garner. Designed as a squash match with MVP getting the victory with the Play of the Day.

– Backstage, William Regal was drying off after he looked to have taken a shower when Vito appeared. Vito made a joke about Regal’s “size” downstairs. Regal then runs out with his backside showing. He runs into Teddy Long who tells Regal to put some clothes on. Long also tells Regal to put on his ring gear because he has a match tonight.
– A promo for WrestleMania 23 aired.

– WWE U.S. Champion Mr. Kennedy defeated The Undertaker via DQ in a Non-Title Match. It was all Undertaker during the first part of the match. Action spilled to the outside a few times. One big spot saw Kennedy counter an Old School arm drop from Undertaker into an arm drag off the top rope to the ring. Undertaker worked on Kennedy’s arm throughout the match. Kennedy later fired back working on Undertaker’s leg and even hitting a quick piledriver. The finish saw Kennedy ram Undertaker into a corner that was exposed by Kennedy earlier in the match. Kennedy then hit the Kenton Bomb, but Undertaker kicked out. Kennedy then left the ring, got his U.S. Title, got back in the ring and the referee tried to stop him from using it. Undertaker then grabbed the title away from Kennedy and knocked him out with it to cause the DQ finish. After the match, Undertaker gave Kennedy a Tombstone Piledriver. When Undertaker started to leave, he came back in the ring and gave the referee a Tombstone as well.

– Footage of the premiere for “The Marine” is shown.

– Rey Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero w/ Vickie Guerrero in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Very fast paced at the start in the ring with lots of back and forth action between the two. The match then spilled to the outside that saw the two brawl up onto the stage using the set to their advantage. At one point, Chavo had Mysterio up for a powerbomb, but Mysterio held onto the lighting to block it and then hit a huricanranna on Chavo on the stage. Lots more offense from Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Chavo. The two then started brawling into the stands near a penalty box setup for hockey. The finish saw Mysterio use part of the railing on the stairs in the stands to hit a modified 619 on Chavo. Mysterio then jumped off the railing and connected with a cross-body on Chavo to get the pinfall.

– Chris Benoit defeated William Regal. This was the “surprise” match of the night marking Benoit’s return to WWE. Very solid match between the two, which isn’t a surprise given they have always worked well together. Lots of mat wrestling early on in the match with plenty of counters. Plenty of chest chops from Benoit as well. Benoit hit Regal with a few headbutts, busting Regal open. Benoit was later busted open as well. The finish saw Benoit hit Regal with a Dragon Suplex and then attempt a Crossface. Regal tried to grab Benoit’s hand to prevent the submission, but Benoit forced his hands together and locked on the Crossface. Regal tapped out to give Benoit the submission victory.

– Backstage, King Booker came up to a bloody William Regal and asked him if he found Finlay for him. Regal told Booker everything he went through tonight. Booker was upset at Regal. Finlay then came up and told Booker he came to win tonight and to take his World Title. Finlay walked off and Booker told Regal he was to blame and slapped him. Regal stopped for a moment and then took out Booker with a right hand. Regal left and Sharmell looked over Booker.
– A video package airs highlighting the Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Championship.
– Backstage, Bobby Lashley was shown taping up his wrists when Batista walked in. Lashley told Batista it was every man for himself tonight. Batista said that the name of the PPV tonight was “No Mercy” for a reason. Batista smiled and left.

– King Booker retained the World Heavyweight Championship in the Fatal Four Way Match over Bobby Lashley, Batista & Finlay. Early on in the match, Booker and Finlay double-teamed Batista. Lashley got lots of offense in on Booker and Finlay early in the match as well. The Little Bastard even got involved giving Lashley a low blow and then escaping quickly. Batista got busted open on the back of his head late in the match. Was hard to tell how it took place. The finish saw Batista hit Lashley, Booker and Finlay all with three big spinebusters. Batista gave Finlay the Batista Bomb and then Lashley took out Batista with a huge Spear. Lashley stayed down after the big Spear on Batista, which allowed King Booker to crawl over and cover Finlay to get the pinfall. After the match, King Booker and Sharmell celebrated with the World Heavyweight Title as Batista stood up in the ring and stared down Booker.

credit: Adam Martin,

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