New Year’s Revolution

Jun 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 7th in Kansas City, MO

* Pyro goes off as the broadcast opens, as JR welcomes us to the PPV. JR says the IC title match is a heart beat away. The cage lowers, as we’ll start with off with Nitro vs. Hardy.
– They show an Umaga/John Cena video highlight package. Lilian Garcia introduces the challenger, Johnny Nitro. They show JR and The King at ringside.

(1) IC title match fought in a steel cage: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro (with Melina). One can win the match by pinfall or submission, or by escaping the cage. Match starts with fans chanting “Hardy, Hardy.” They have a referee inside the cage, and one guarding the cage door for a possible escape. Hardy goes for the first pinfall attempt near the two minute mark, as Melina begins her usual screaming. Nitro tried the first attempt at climbing out of the cage, and Hardy attempted the first attempt to leave through the door, of course, neither were successful. Fans are very pro-Hardy. Hardy did a drop kick off the top rope, but fell hard on his back on the mat. Hardy tried to climp over the top of the cage, but was suplexed back in by Nitro. Hardy did the side russian leg sweep from the top rope, driving both men back on the mat. A sunset flip into a powerbomb by Nitro off the top of the cage, left Hardy worse for wear on the mat. Melina used a belt on Hardy’s fingers as he tried to climb the cage. Senton bomb by Hardy on Nitro, but Nitro got his foot on the ropes before the referee could count to three. Fans are already showing off their DX lights. Hardy missed a twist of fate attempt after pulling Nitro back into the ring by his hair. Hardy escaped through the cage door as Nitro attempted to climb over the cage at 14:40 to retain the IC title.

* Backstage, Todd Grisham interview Rated RKO. Edge said they formed to take DX out. Edge said they must beat DX to climb to the top of the company. Orton said they are fighting for their livelyhoods and futures.

(2) Special bonus match – tag team turmoil. Match starts off with The Highlanders vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team. Garcia announced that the winner will receive a future tag team title match. JR said Roddy Piper is successfully fighting his cancer. Another tag team will enter the contest when a team is eliminated. Benjamin pinned Robby at 5:02. The next team in is Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy. Fans chanted “Super Crazy” as he awaited to be tagged in. Haas pinned Super Crazy at 7:58 with a bridge. The next team in is Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch delivered a big kick to Benjamin as Cade held him in the center of the ring. Not much of a reaction by the crowd for this unannounced match. Haas a beautiful missle drop kick on Cade. Murdoch pinned Haas at 12:29 to eliminate the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Cryme Tyme has now entered the match. The King said that these are the final two tag teams, thus, the winner of the match earns a future tag team title shot. Murdoch used the tag rope around JTG’s neck in the heel’s corner. Cryme Time wins with a neck breaker as Shad pinned Cade at 19:11.

* Backstage, Vince McMahon talks to the Coach about the Rosey O’Donnell/Donald Trump feud. Coach says its almost like a WWE feud. Vince says how about Rosie v. Donald tomorrow night on Raw? Vince said to think about the ratings. Coach said its another brilliant move. Coach says the “you’re fired” is a great catch phrase. In the hall way, Coach runs into Ron Simmons as Vince walks away. He says simply “damn.”
– At ringside, JR and King debates what they just heard about Vince’s announcement.

(3) Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra. Before the match, Kenny cut a promo talking about what happened to Flair on Raw, where Rated RKO attacked the nature boy. Kenny said he is 37 years younger than Flair. He said people are getting tired of seeing Flair get beat down. Flair’s music interrupts Dykstra’s promo, as the Nature Boy enters the arena. Kenny mocks Flair early with the Ric Flair strut. Fans chanted “Kenny sucks,” which was noted by Lawler. Kenny suplexes Flair on the arena floor, and attempts a pin, but the Nature Boy kicked out. Dykstra tried to force Flair to submit a double leg submission attempt. Flair forced the break by grabbing the bottom rope. Flair tried to fight back with chomps and punches, but Kenny maintained the upper hand. Kenny tried the figure four leg lock, but Flair reversed into an inside cradle. Flair did his traditional spot where he was thrown from the top rope. Kenny hit a missle drop kick, but Flair kicked out. Flair worked on Kenny’s leg to set up the figure four leg lock. Kenny got his shoulder up before a three count twice, but was able to grab the bottom rope. With the ref distracted, Kenny low blowed Flair and pinned him with an inside cradle at 10:00. The announcers noted this was his third straight win over Flair.

* Backstage, as Nitro got his shoulder wrapped up with ice, he tells Melina to call Joey. In the hall way, Victoria stops her and seeks Melina’s help in winning the Women’s title. Melina ponders Victoria request.
* The announcers review the matches leading to the Women’s title match. Victoria brings her checklist, and places it on the announce booth. Victoria tells The King to watch and learn.

(4) Women’s title match: Mickie James vs. Victoria. Victoria dropped kicked James on the outside of the ring, and dropped her on the protective fan guard rail. Victoria taunted Lilian Garcia. Victoria missed a moonsault, which allowed Mickie to get back to her feet and gain the advantage offensively. Melina came out to help Victoria, but was stopped by James on the arena floor. Melina pulled on James as she attempted a DDT. Maria and Candice came out to stop Melina at ringside. James wins with a DDT at 6:49, as Maria, Candice and Lilian came in to celebrate with James.

* They aired a promo for Hulk’s DVD airing on PPV.
* They showed a video highlight package of the DX-Rated RKO feud.

(5) World Tag Team title match: Rated RKO vs. DX. Hunter, as usual, asked everyone “are you ready?” As Rated RKO started down the entrance ramp, DX attacked them and brawled with them on the outside of the ring. Hunter backdropped Edge on the ramp. HBK rammed Orton into the ring steps just before the match officially started. Ross noted that Triple H and Shawn Michaels have held the tag team titles, but never together. DX worked on Orton’s forehead, which was busted open. JR also noted that at last year’s New Year’s Revolution, Edge defeated John Cena to become the WWE champion. Edge speared HBK off the apron of the ring. Orton hit HBK on the outside with a championship belt. HBK has been busted wide open. Rated RKO worked over HBK, as HHH awaited the hot tag. RKO attempted several pinfalls, but wasn’t able to finish off DX. HBK blocked an RKO attempt to finally make the hot tag to Triple H. Triple H sold a right knee injury, in fact, HHH fell before Orton could complete a RKO. HHH avoided a spear. HHH hit a pedigree, but Edge kicked out. HBK attacked referee Marty Elias, and strikes both members of Rated RKO with a steel chair. DX both hits Orton and Edge with chairs with the referee knocked out. HBK pulls off the top flaps of both ring announce tables. HHH places Edge on the Raw table as HBK placed Orton on the Spanish announce table. HHH pedigrees Edge, but the table didn’t break. HBK dropped his elbow on Orton through the Spanish announce table! Orton continued to bleed as the DX music started playing. HBK tosses the championship belts into the ring as medics came out to attend to the wrestlers. Just like on Tuesday night’s ECW, no decision was announced. The announcers had pointed blame at referee Marty Elias most of the night for favoring the heels.

* Backstage, John Cena was interviewed by Grisham. Cena worked Grisham with a pre-match interview. On a serious note, Cena talked about facing the unbeaten Umaga tonight. Cena said he is proud to be the WWE champion, but points out nothing lasts forever. He said he would fight to walk out of Kansas City as the WWE champion.
* They show the announce tables which are full with blood.

(6) Carlito (with Torrie Wilson & puppy) vs. Chris Masters. This is one of the those matches sandwitched between a great match and the main event. No heat, no one cared. Masters won a terrible match at 5:58 by pulling the tights. Masters slapped on the masterlock after the match to impress Torrie.

* A Cena/Umaga video highlight package aired.

(7) WWE title match: John Cena vs. Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada). From the ring apron, Umaga tossed the world champ over the top rope. Umaga rammed Cena into the ring steps, as senior referee Mike Chioda started to count. Umaga hit a Samoan drop at 3:15. Umaga rammed Cena’s head into the battered announce table. Umaga hit a side walk slam, but Cena put his foot on the bottom rope at the 7 minute mark. Cena tried the FU, but his legs gave out and he was crushed by Umaga’s weight. Umaga continued his offensive assault with very little crowd reaction. A “Cena, Cena” chant could be heard at 12:00, as Umaga worked over Cena’s left arm. Umaga missed a thumb off the middle rope, which allowed Cena some time to recover. Five knuckle shuffle by Cena, but couldn’t hit the FU. Belly to belly suplex by Umaga. Umaga headbutted Cena as he was tied up in the ropes. Cena won with a roll up at 17:16 to retain the WWE title. Cena ends Umaga’s winning streak.

Cena is shown leaving with the spinning belt. Umaga snaps and goes on a rampage. Cena, from the top of the entrance ramp, raised the spinning belt as the PPV ends.

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Best match at New Years Revolution?

Carlito-Masters – 2%

Tag Team Turmoil – 5%

James-Victoria – 4%

Flair-Dykstra – 2%

Nitro-Hardy – 23%

DX-Rated RKO – 54%

Cena-Umaga – 10%

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