Great American Bash

Jun 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 23rd in Indianapolis, IN

– A welcome to the Bash promo aired.
– They aired a video running down the Bash card.
– Pyro went off; Michael Cole & JBL talked about tonight’s action. The Spanish announcer were introduced.

(1) Smackdown Tag Team title match: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Pitbulls – Jamie Noble & Kid Kash. Match starts off with London and Kid Kash. Charles Robinson is the referee. Both teams have matching tights. Kendrick tagged in, followed by a double team, tagging in Noble. Quick and frequent tags by the tag team champions kept them on the offensive. Nice double drop kick kept the heels on the floor until both babyfaces dove through the middle ropes onto the Pitbulls. A fan has a sign that says “If Benoit shows up, we riot!” Noble dropped kicked London hard onto the arena floor, and Kendrick helped his partner get back into the ring. The heels beat down London, not allowing him to tag out. Kendrick finally tagged in and landed a missle dropkick. He had Kid Kash pinned, but Kash grabbed the bottom rope. A double team move on Kid Kash allowed London and Kendrick to retain the tag team titles, as Kendrick pinned Kid Kash at 13:28.

* Backstage, The Giant Khali argued with Daiviri, wanting the match to start now.
* Outcomes Teddy Long. Long stated that Lashley isn’t allowed to compete in the U.S. title match tonight. Outcomes Lashley in his ring gear. Lashley said he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him and he’s ready to fight. Fans chanted “let him fight.” Long said when he was medically cleared, he would get a title shot. Long said he was sorry, as Lashley walked away. Finlay and Regal came to the ring. Long asked what they are doing out here. Finlay said it wasn’t a liver problem, but that Lashley had a yellow streak down his back. Finlay wanted to be declared the winner since Lashley wasn’t able to compete. They are stalling here. Long said tonight its Lashley vs. Regal. I guess they don’t read WWE’s web site. Long said the match begins now, and Nick Patrick came out to officiate.

(2) U.S. title match: Fit Finlay vs. William Regal. Regal and Finlay started the match tieing up for a long period of time. Regal tossed the U.S. champion over the top rope. The midget (hiding under the ring) grabbed Regal and used a shillelagh on him. Later in the match, the midget bit Regal. Fans chanted “boring,” Cole said it was because they wanted Lashley in the match. Regal lost a boot, and Cole believed it was done by the midget. With the ref distracted, the midget gave Fit Regal’s boot, Finlay nailed Regal with it and pinned him (with his hand on the ropes) at 13:49 to retain the U.S. title.

* Backstage, Rey greeted Mysterio in the locker room. Chavo said the Guerrero family is proud of Rey. Chavo said Rey is living Eddy’s dream, and he is here to make sure dreams come true.

(3) Non-title match: Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms. Match wasn’t announced as a cruiserweight title match. No wonder he’s the longest reigning cruiserweight champion. Fans chanted “Hardy, Hardy.” Cole pointed out that Hardy is no longer in the cruiserweight division. Announcers mentioned Matt’s brother Jeff a few times. Fans are on their hands. Swinging neckbreaker by Helms on Hardy from the top rope! Side effect by Hardy, but only a two count. Bulldog by Hardy, but again, only a two count. Moonsault by Hardy, but only a two count. Helms won by pulling Hardy’s tights at 11:44.

* In the hallway, Khali and Daiviri are walking and talking. The Undertaker appears, but is attacked by the Big Show. Referees and Teddy Long break up the melee.
* Video highlights of the Undertaker/Great Khali feud.
* Backstage, Daiviri, Show and Khali are walking down the hallway. Long said that only one man is going to take on The Undertaker, and its the Big Show! Show argued, but accepted his fate. Daiviri argued with Long.

(4) Punjabi Prison Match: The Big Show vs. The Undertaker. It’s a double cage. A four door cage, manned by a referee each, surrounds the ring. There is another cage around the ring. So you have to get through a door, and then escape the outside cage. The cage is made of something that looks like bamboo sticks. The Big Show entered and tested the inside cage. The Show shook his head in protest. Cole claims the outside cage is 20 feet tall. There appears to be a table inside the structure containing weapons. Inside the ring, a wrestler must call for a door to be opened, which a referee will open for only 60 seconds at a time. The Undertaker climbed the cage, but Show pulled him down landing him groin first on the first cage. Cole stated that the ECW title is not on the line. Dummy Michael Cole says there are no rules. Well, the first rule is that you must get through the first cage, duh! Fans are still sitting on their hands. Taker countered a chokeslam with a DDT. Robinson opened a door per Taker’s request. They say that after the 60 seconds interval, that particular cage door will remain closed, and is pad locked. The Big Show uses a strap to choke The Undertaker. The Show loosened a turnbuckle. At the 10 minute mark, both guys are still inside the inner cage. Big Show calls for a second door to be opened, which Nick Patrick does. Undertaker nearly escapes, but is pulled back by The Show. The Show chokeslammed Taker, but the door closed as he tried to escape. Two cage doors are now closed for the remainder of the match. The Big Show smashed the Taker’s head into the exposed turnbuckle, cutting the dead man open. Fans chanted “The Big Show sucks.” The Undertaker espcaed the third cage door. It remains open for a full 60 seconds. The Big Show escaped the fourth door. Show knocked Undertaker off and he tried to climb over the cage. Show crashed the Undertaker through a table, and tossed the Taker back into the ring, as the door closed and is now pad locked. Big Show started climbing the outside cage. Taker climbed the inner cage. Undertaker escaped the first cage and landed on the outer cage. Both guys are on the arena floor. Taker leg dropped Show through another table. Show is now bleeding as well. Outcomes Daiviri and Khali. Nick Patrick declared Undertaker the winner when both men crashed through one side of the outer structure at 21:30. A bloody Big Show screamed on the arena mat.

* Backstage, Sharmell and Booker T. Sharmell talked about famous kings that failed in the end. She said Booker would become king of the world tonight. Booker shouted “king of the world!” The two shared a kiss.

(5) Bra & Panties match: Kristal vs. Ashley vs. Michelle vs. Jillian. Michelle tried to leave through the crowd, but was pulled back in by Jillian. Jillian and Michelle did a few wrestling moves when Kristal and Ashley were down on the mat. Michelle removed Jillian’s top, revealing an orange bra. Hall and Ashley pulled off the heel’s skirts. Michelle had a skirt on over her skirt. She is a teacher, remember? Ashley won the match when Jillian was working over Kristal at 5:20. After the match, Ashley pulled off Hall’s pants, and then Hall pulled off Ashley’s pants.

* The Miz interviewed Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy said he is going to win tonight.

(6) Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy. Batista received a decent pop. Batista wasted no time and when right after Kennedy, even before the bell rang. Within two minutes, Batista busted Kennedy open. Kennedy acted like he was going to leave, but ran in and received a Batista spear. Kennedy is bleeding hard from the forehead. Kennedy worked on Batista with an arm bar. Batista was DQ-ed when he refused to break a hold at 8:38. After the match, Batista hit three spinbusters followed by a Batista bomb.

* Promo for Legend vs. Legend Killer at Summerslam aired.

(7) World Heavyweight title match: Rey Mysterio vs. King Booker (with Sharmell). Booker got into Rey’s face before the match started and said “Eddy can’t help you.” Nick Patrick is the referee. Rey came off the top rope and knocked down King Booker on the outside of the ring. Booker went for the first pinfall attempt after hitting a superkick, but Rey kicked out. Fans chanted “Eddy” to encourage Mysterio. Cole said Eddy had his final match in Indianapolis. King Booker did three amigos and mocked Eddy’s mannerisms. Fans chanted “619.” Rey went for the 619, but Booker moved out of the way. He went for a second 619, but Sharmell grabbed Rey’s foot. Referee Patrick ejected Sharmell from ringside. A fan has a “619 is out of service tonight” sign! A crossbody by Rey almost ended the match. Rey got tossed into Patrick, which knocked the referee out of the ring. Rey hit the 619, and landed the frog splash, but of course, no referee. A low blow, and royal book end, but of course, no referee. Booker out for a chair, but Rey dropkicked it into Booker. Chavo came in and chair shoted Rey! King Booker won the world title at 16:47!

* Sharmell yelled “all hail King Booker” as Booker celebrated by hugging the world gold belt.

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