Cyber Sunday

Jun 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, November 5th in Cincinnati, OH

– The WWE promo hits. A video package then airs highlighting Cyber Sunday tonight.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Cyber Sunday. We then go live to Cincinnati, OH where a display of pyro goes off in the arena. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler then welcome the pay per view viewing audience to the show. Lawler is voting at the table. They also pass it on to the Spanish Announce Team as well. It was noted that 10 million people have voted for the PPV tonight, although that is a very bloated figure considering you could vote as many times as you wanted.

– Umaga defeated Kane. Before the match, Kane, Chris Benoit & The Sandman were shown backstage. Kane won with 49% of the vote. Lots of offense from Umaga early on in the match with Kane coming back each time. The finish saw Kane go up to the top rope and Armando Alejandro Estrada jumped up on the ring apron to distract him. Kane kicked Armando away, jumped off the top rope at Umaga, but as he came down Umaga caught him with a spike to the throat. Umaga then covered Kane to get the pinfall.

– Backstage, Sharmell was with ECW Champion Big Show. She proposed that Big Show work with King Booker tonight to retain their respective titles. Show told Sharmell he didn’t trust them and refused. Sharmell told Show he would regret that decision.

– Cryme Tyme defeated The Highlanders, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch and Charlie Haas & Viscera in a Texas Tornado Match. The Texas Tornado stipulation won with 50% of the vote, so everyone will be in the ring at one time. The finish saw Cade & Murdoch take out Robbie of The Highlanders, but Cryme Tyme hit the ring and knocked out Cade & Murdoch to get the pinfall on Robbie for the victory. After the match, Shad sole Jerry Lawler’s laptop at the announce table while JTG distracted him.

– Backstage, Shawn Michaels was voting on a laptop to get the special guest referee he wanted tonight. Triple H mentioned that Eric Bischoff said DX wasn’t controversial. HBK said he was the one who put Bret Hart in a Sharpshooter and that Triple H married “what’s her name.” Michaels got upset about Bischoff’s comments and superkicked a few WWE employees. Triple H added that what he did might not be controversial, but it was funny.

– Jeff Hardy defeated Carlito to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Carlito won with 62% of the vote. Both shook hands at the start of the match. Lots of back and forth between the two with plenty of reversals. Few awkward moments between the two during the match as well. The finish saw Carlito attempt a huricanranna on Hardy on the top rope, but Hardy countered pushing Carlito back onto the ring and then hitting a Swanton Bomb to get the pinfall and retain the WWE IC Title.

– Edge & Randy Orton defeated D-Generation X with Eric Bischoff as the special guest referee. Bischoff won with 60% of the vote. Pretty long series of pre-match mic work by Triple H and Shawn Michaels. During the match, Edge missed a Spear attempt on Michaels and took out Bischoff instead. Orton connected with an RKO shortly afterwards on Triple H, covered, another referee hit the ring and counted the pinfall, but Triple H kicked out. Michaels then took out Orton with some Sweet Chin Music, covered, but Bischoff pulled the WWE referee out. The finish then saw Edge get a steel chair and take out Michaels with it on the outside when Michaels went after Bischoff. Edge then hit the ring, Triple H looked to hit him with the Pedigree when Orton grabbed the chair, hit Triple H with it (in front of Bischoff), hit the RKO and then Bischoff counted the pinfall.

– Backstage, Edge and Randy Orton were celebrating their win over DX. Lita was spotted and Edge told her to go take care of business tonight against Mickie James. Todd Grisham then got word from Edge & Orton. Edge said the new era in wrestling is rated RKO.

– Lita defeated Mickie James to become the NEW WWE Women’s Champion in a Divas Lumberjack Match. Divas from Raw, Smackdown and ECW all surrounded the ring. Lots of missed spots between Lita and Mickie during the match. Even Jim Ross made note of it at one point on the mic. The finish saw Victoria trip up Mickie has she came off the ropes. This allowed Lita to grab Mickie and hit a big DDT to get the victory and to become the new WWE Women’s Champion.

– Backstage, Kenny yelled at The Spirit Squad. Kenny also got into a shoving match with Johnny.

– Ric Flair & Roddy Piper defeated The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions. Piper won with 46% of the vote, which was not expected as Rhodes was the overwhelming favorite to team with Flair. Rhodes had 35% of the vote. Flair called out Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter since other members of The Spirit Squad were out at ringside. The finish saw Flair chop Mikey and then lock in the Figure Four. Kenny ran in, but Piper took him out and Mikey tapped out. Your new World Tag Team Champions are Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. After the match, members of The Spirit Squad hit the ring. Rhodes and Slaughter took them out, with Rhodes hitting a few elbows. Flair, Piper, Rhodes and Slaughter all danced to Dusty Rhodes’ old theme song to end the segment.

– Backstage, King Booker and Sharmell tell John Cena they need to talk. Booker suggests a royal alliance between the two. Cena agrees, but says he wants only one thing in return – a night with the Queen. Booker takes Sharmell out of the room and then agrees to Cena’s request. Cena tells Booker he would never take his wife and that he has no problem taking the World Heavyweight Title away from him. Cena then leaves the room and tells Sharmell that everything is fine. He added that he wanted Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s 2×4, a bottle of Jager, Finlay’s leprechaun and that he would like to watch. Sharmell became enraged and yelled at Booker. Ron Simmons appears and gets in another “damn” line.

– King Booker retained the World Heavyweight Title over WWE Champion John Cena & ECW Champion Big Show in a “Champion of Champions” Match. Booker’s World Title was on the line when it received 67% of the vote. 21% voted for the ECW Title, while only 12% voted for the WWE Title. The match started off at first between John Cena and Big Show, with Booker looking on from the outside. Booker later got involved going after Big Show. One spot from Big Show saw him hit a big chokeslam on Booker followed by a tackle on Cena. Big Show tried to bring a steel chair into the mix, but when he got up on the ring apron Cena kicked it back in his face. The finish then saw Sharmell hit the ring with the World Title, but Cena grabbed Sharmell and gave her an FU. Cena then locked on the STFU on Booker. Kevin Federline then ran down and hit Cena with the title. Cena broke the STFU and Federline left the ring. Booker then grabbed the title and knocked out Cena with it while the referee still attended to Sharmell. Booker covered Cena to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

After the match, Kevin Federline got back in the ring and mocked John Cena who was knocked out. They showed some replays of how the finish took place. Back live, Cena was just started to recover as the PPV goes off the air with Federline still taunting Cena…

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Lita-James – 6%

Flair/Piper-Spirit Squad – 17%

Carlito-Hardy – 18%

Umaga-Kane – 3%

Texas Tornado match – 5%

DX-Orton/Edge – 30%

Booker-Show-Cena – 21%

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