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Sunday, December 17, 2006 in Richmond, VA

– The WWE promo hits. A video package then airs highlighting Armageddon tonight including the Last Ride Match between The Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy, the Inferno Match between Kane and MVP and the tag team main event featuring World Heavyweight Champion Batista & WWE Champion John Cena vs. King Booker and Finlay.
– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Armageddon. We then go live to Richmond, VA. Michael Cole & JBL welcome the pay per view viewing audience to the show.

– Kane defeated MVP in an Inferno Match. During MVP’s entrance, JBL said all ringside fans were moved back three to six feed because of how hot the flames would be during the match. Michael Cole added that the flames would reach close to 500 degrees tonight. When Kane made his entrance and got into the ring to do his arms up/arms down pose, the fire around the ring shot up instead of pyro in the four corners. Lots of back and forth action between the two during the match, with the flames shooting up each time they hit a move. At one point, MVP tried to escape the ring, but the flames shot up and prevented him from doing so. Later in the match, Kane got one of the turnbuckle covers and lit it on fire. Kane tried to put it in MVP’s face, but MVP gave Kane a low blow and through the turnbuckle that was on fire out of the ring. MVP then went up to the top rope, but Kane pushed him off and MVP hit the announce table with force. Kane then followed that up by getting up on the top rope, jumping over the flames and taking out MVP on the outside. The finish then saw MVP try to crawl under the ring, but Kane pulled him back out, lifted him up and pushed him into the fire around the ring. MVP’s suit caught fire and he ran around until officials came out and put him out with a fire extinguisher.

– Backstage, we see WWE Divas Ashley, Jillian Hall, Kristal Marshall and Layla around a Christmas tree. Smackdown GM Teddy Long came in and told all the Divas that they would be taking part in a Naughty or Nice Lingerie Match tonight.
– Another replay is shown of Kane setting MVP on fire.
– Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out and announced the scheduled WWE Tag Team Title Match between Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor will now be a Ladder Match. Long isn’t done yet. The Hardys and MNM have also been added to the match.

– Paul London & Brian Kendrick retained the WWE Tag Team Titles in a Four Way Ladder Match against The Hardys, MNM and William Regal & Dave Taylor. Michael Cole stated that Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Joey Mercury, William Regal and Dave Taylor have never taken part in a Ladder Match before. The match first kicked off with London & Kendrick and The Hardys throwing Regal & Taylor and MNM out of the ring so the two teams could start off the match. One spot saw London climb up the ladder and Nitro tried to dropkick him off, but London moved. Mercury attempted a jump up another ladder, but Matt Hardy pushed that over and Mercury crashed on the outside. Another spot saw The Hardys attempt a Poetry in Motion on London, but London moved and Jeff Hardy crashed into a ladder. London then put Matt Hardy on a ladder and Kendrick jumped off the top rope hitting a foot stomp on Matt over the ladder. Another scary spot saw MNM setup a catapult with two ladders and then try to superplex Jeff Hardy on it. Jeff countered the superplex and jumped off the top of the ladders, allowing both ladders to hit MNM in the face. Joey Mercury got busted open badly from this shot and looks to have broken his nose. Mercury is removed from the match and Michael Cole adds later that he has been rushed to the hospital. Nitro then got up on the ladder and reached for the tag titles, but Jeff came up and took out Nitro with a big sunset flip powerbomb. The finish then saw London and Matt Hardy climb up a ladder at the same time, London knocked Matt off and grabbed the WWE Tag Team Titles to win the match.

– A replay is shown from earlier in the match when Mercury was bleeding after taking the face shot from a ladder. Mercury’s eye was swelled shut.
– Backstage, a shot of Kristal Marshall changing into her lingerie shown.

– The Boogeyman defeated The Miz. Not much of a match at all. The Miz started the match by going outside the ring and stalling. Miz tried pulling Boogeyman outside with him, but Boogeyman pulled him back in. The finish saw Miz jump off the top rope, but Boogeyman caught him around the throat and hit a big sitdown powerbomb to get the pinfall. After the match, Boogeyman pulls out worms and puts them in Miz’s mouth.

– Backstage, we see Jillian Hall and Layla helping each other change into lingerie for the Naughty or Nice Lingerie Match later tonight.
– Backstage, Chavo Guerrero said he would dedicate his match with Chris Benoit tonight to Vickie Guerrero for the WWE U.S. Title. Vickie promised that Benoit would lose the U.S. Title tonight.
– Michael Cole provided an update on Joey Mercury from earlier tonight. Mercury has been diagnosed with a broken nose and severe lacerations around his eyes.
– Chris Benoit defeated Chavo Guerrero w/ Vickie Guerrero to retain the WWE United States Title. Solid match between the two. Chavo went after Benoit before the bell even rang. Benoit came back with some offense on his own. At one point during the match, Benoit attempted a Sharpshooter, but Chavo poked Benoit in the eyes to break it up. Chavo comes back with a big superplex on Benoit from the top rope. Benoit then counters a suplex attempt by Chavo into a Crossface, but Chavo breaks it up when he gets to the ropes. Chavo attempted the Three Amigos, but Benoit counters and gives Chavo eight german suplexes in a row! The finish then saw Benoit lock in the Sharpshooter on Chavo, but Vickie Guerrero came into the ring with the U.S. Title. Benoit grabs Vickie and goes to put her in the Sharpshooter, but Chavo rolls up Benoit. Benoit counters that roll up back into the Sharpshooter and Chavo taps out to allow Benoit to retain his title.

– Backstage, Ashley is shown putting on stockings.

– Gregory Helms defeated Jimmy Wang Yang to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title. The fans in Richmond didn’t like this match at all. JBL had lots of fun on commentary putting it over as the greatest Cruiserweight match he has ever seen. Lots of back and forth action between Helms and Yang. Some of the action spilled to the outside and Helms hit Yang with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Another spot saw Helms jump off the top rope, but Yang caught him with a big kick to the face. The finish saw Yang attempt the Yang Time, but Helms countered and attempted a sky twister, but it missed and Helms instead hit Yang’s face off his knee for the pinfall. Helms busted his mouth during the match. JBL was all over the fans in Richmond for not appreciating the match.

– A video package airs highlighting the feud between The Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy.

– The Undertaker defeated Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match. Before the match, Kennedy cut a promo for the crowd in Richmond. In response, the crowd started a “REST IN PEACE” chant. During the first part of the match, Undertaker took out Kennedy with a big hip toss onto the Spanish Announce Table followed by another hip toss into the ring. Undertaker brought Kennedy near the parked hearse, but Kennedy countered and sent Undertaker face first into it. Back in the ring, Undertaker hits a big superplex. Kennedy follows this up by pulling Undertaker out of the ring and applying a sleeper on the outside. With Undertaker out from the sleeper, Kennedy throws him into the hearse and slams the door shut. Kennedy must now drive the hearse out of the arena. When Kennedy goes to open the door, Undertaker is there to take him out. Kennedy then grabs a steel chair and hits Undertaker numerous times with it. Undertaker continues to sit up after every big shot, so Kennedy takes off into the entrance area. Undertaker then followed Kennedy up to the top of the Armageddon entrance area. Kennedy then threw Undertaker off the set and Undertaker landed on some padding with cables on top. Kennedy then grabbed a knocked out Undertaker, put him in the back of the hearse and slammed the door. We then see a camera inside the hearse when Kennedy drives it outside of the arena. The Undertaker then sits up in the back and he tries to hit Kennedy with a pipe. Kennedy dodges it and stops the car. The finish then saw Undertaker pull Kennedy out of the car, put him on top of the hearse and give him a Tombstone Piledriver on the roof. Undertaker then put Kennedy in the back of the hearse, shut the door and drive off to get the win.

– Backstage, Finlay speaks with King Booker and says he is on his side tonight.
– A promo for New Year’s Revolution on January 7 airs.

– Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest: Santa Claus came out and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and introduced the Divas to take part in the Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest. Kristal Marshall wore more lingerie to cover up. Layla and Ashley got the loudest cheers (Layla seemed to get a bigger reaction). Michael Cole said on the mic that Ashley got the loudest cheers, so you could tell it was designed to get her to win. Santa Claus then said everyone was a winner and revealed himself to be Big Dick Johnson. He stripped and danced with Ashley, Layla and Jillian, but Kristal ran off.

– A promo for the Royal Rumble on January 28.
– A video package airs showing the highlights leading into Batista & John Cena vs. King Booker & Finlay tonight.

– World Heavyweight Champion Batista & WWE Champion John Cena defeated King Booker & Finlay. Batista had his left arm taped up. Not a very good way to end the show, match was very sloppy with everyone involved. Cena and Finlay worked fine, but Batista and Booker messed up multiple times. At one point, Booker went for a hip toss on Batista, but Batista countered it into a horrible clothesline. Halfway through the match, all four men started to brawl in the ring together. One spot saw Booker hit Cena in the throat with his septor. The Little Bastard also ran in trying to kick Cena, but ended up kicking himself in the head instead. The crowd started booing when Cena hit a very bad looking suplex on Finlay. They screwed up the finish big time which saw Finlay hit Batista in the knee with a steel chair, but Batista no sold the chair shot to the knee and went right into the finish giving Booker a Batista Bomb. Not a pretty way to end the PPV.

A replay is shown of how the finish went down. The PPV then goes off the air with World Heavyweight Champion Batista and WWE Champion John Cena celebrating.

credit: Adam Martin,

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