Royal Rumble

Jun 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 29th in Miami, FL

– “The Power Is Back” WWE promo hits. A video package runs noting how the road to WrestleMania begins tonight. The package highlights the events between Kurt Angle and Mark Henry, the 30 superstars involved in the Royal Rumble and the events between Edge (with a rated R superstar cut-in shown) and John Cena.
– An opening graphich hits welcoming us to the 19th annual WWE Royal Rumble. We go live to Miami, FL where a big display of pyro goes off above the large entrance. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Tazz. They pass it on Joey Styles and Jerry “The King” Lawler. And finally, they pass it on to the Spanish Announce Team.
– The Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational is up next. It was announced that any former Cruiserweight champion is eligible to take part in the match. Champion Kid Kash makes his way to the ring to start the first match of the night.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational
Kid Kash (c) vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Gregory Helms

Michael Cole noted that even though Gregory Helms is with RAW, he is still eligible since he is a former Cruiserweight Champion. London gets in a quick roll-up on Nunzio that results in a two count. Helms gets knocked off the ring apron. Kid Kash comes out and throws Helms back in. Five are in teh ring with Kash looking on. They all then gang up on Helms. Noble then goes off with London and Funaki with Kash and Helms with Nunzio. Kash takes out Funaki with a quick kick, covers, but Nunzio breaks up the pinfall. Nunzio takes out Kash with an inverted DDT, but Noble breaks up the pinfall attempt. Funaki is down as Noble goes after Nunzio with a big right and Helms goes after London. Noble gets in a quick powerslam on Nunzio, but only gets a two count. Helms breaks up an armbar on Nunzio by Noble. London then takes out Helms with a huge dropkick. London takes out Helms with another big kick to the gut. Kash goes after Nunzio. London hits a slam on Helms followed by a full body senton. Noble takes out Fuanki with some kicks against the ropes. London and Helms exchange some right hands. Helms launches London over the top rope and then throws Nunzio into the corner. Nunzio takes out Helms with the Slice off the top rope with Noble breaking up the pinfall. Nunzio catapults Noble into the corner and Fuanki follows that up with a bulldog on Noble.

Kash launches Nunzio over the top rope taking out London and Helms on the outside. In the ring, Noble takes out Kash with a big kick to the face. Noble covers, but Funaki comes in and breaks up the pinfall. Noble then jumps through the second rope and takes out Nunzio with Helms dodging the attack. Fuanki and Kash are in the ring. Kash launches Fuanki to the ring apron. Funaki gets in a right hand, goes up to the top, but Kash shoves him off and Funaki takes out Nunzio on the outside. London hits the ring and takes out Kash with a huge kick to the jaw sending Kash through the ropes to the outside. London goes up to the top rope, jumps and hits a HUGE shooting star press that takes out all of the cruiserweights involved in the match on the outside. London grabs Kash and throws him into the ring. Helms then gets up on the ring apron and headbutts London on the top. Helms climbs up with London. Helms hits a huge swinging neckbreaker from the top rope on London. Helms grabs his back in pain after executing the move. Kash then takes out Helms with a dropkick to the jaw. Kash grabs London and hits the brainbuster. Kash covers, but Nuznio and Funaki hit the ring to break it up. Kash hits a backbreaker on Nunzio, covers, but Nunzio gets the shoulder up at two. Noble takes out Kash with another big kick to the face.

Funaki nails Noble with a kick. Noble fights back with some chops. Noble chops Funaki and hits a huge backbreaker. Noble applies a dragon sleepr submission, but Helms takes out Noble. Helms then hits the Shining Wizard on Fuanki, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

After the match, Gregory Helms celebrates with the Crusierweight Championship. Michael Cole and Tazz wonder how a RAW guy could come in and win a title that is on SmackDown. They ask what this means now.

– Backstage, SmackDown GM Teddy Long is with Vince McMahon. Long said he is excited about the Royal Rumble tonight. McMahon comments Long on his bowtie. Vince’s ladies Torrie, Victoria and Candice are in the room with him. He comments all three of them. Candice starts spinning the wheel with the Royal Rumble entry numbers in it when Randy Orton walks in. Orton reaches in, sees his number and his pleased. Triple H walks in and stares down Orton. He said Orton doesn’t stand a chance tonight. Triple H asks Torrie if she would mind “opening her box” for him. He then asks Candice to “hold his ball.” He is on fire tonight. Triple H opens up his number and Orton laughs at it. He tells Triple H that he is screwed and that he will see him out there…or maybe not.
– We then see Trish Stratus warming up in her referee outfit. Mickie James comes in and wonders who she will favor tonight. Trish said it isn’t like that. Mickie said she has waited to long to tell her something, that she loves her. Trish is shocked by the remark and then leaves for her entrance as the special guest referee.

Special Guest Referee: WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus
Ashley vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and Mickie James puts on some gloves. James and Ashley lock up. James pushes Ashley to the corner. Ashley pushes James back. They lock up again and James falls down. They roll to the outside still locked up. James and Ashley shove each other and then both get back in the ring. James works on the left arm of Ashley. Ashley rolls through it and then works on James’ left arm. Ashley gets in a quick roll-up on James, but James kicks out quickly after one. Ashley goes to work again on James’ left arm and then launches her across the ring. Ashley hits a quick flip on James. Ashley screams out frustrated and leaves the ring. Trish starts counting her out. When James gets up on the ring apron, Ashley kicks James off. Ashley then hits a clothesline on James off the ring apron. When James gets in the ring, Ashley goes right after her in the corner. When Trish pulls Ashley off James, James attacks Ashley from behind. James then applies a single leg boston crab on Ashley. James eventually breaks the hold. James then kicks Ashley to the outside. James picks up Ashley on the outside and drives her sternum first into the steel ring post.

James smiles at Trish as she starts counting her out. James gets in the ring and hits a baseball slide when Ashley gets up near the ring apron. James kicks Ashley with force on the outside as Trish starts the count yet again. James throws Ashley back in the ring and then connects with a big kick to the gut. James hits a quick fisherman’s suplex on Ashley, hooks the leg, but Ashley kicks out after two. James hits a snapmare on Ashley and then wrenches back on her body in a freestyle bow and arrow type submission. Trish orders James to break the hold and she does. Ashley fights back with a big kick to the gut. James attempts a kick, Ashley catches her foot and Ashley then returns with a big right hand. Ashley nails James face first off the corner. Ashley does the same one more time. Ashley then gets in some stiff right elbow shots to the face of James in the other corner and then uses her hair, launching her to the middle of the ring. Ashley does this a second time and Trish tells her to watch the hair. Ashley gets in a modified crucifix pin, but only gets a two count. Ashley gets in some stiff rights on James.

Ashley keeps going after James each time Trish pulls her off. When Ashley jumps up on the corner with James, James counters and hits a huge powerbomb from the corner. James covers Ashley, Trish counts and James gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Mickie James tries to celebrate with Trish Stratus. Trish pushes her away. James smiles at Trish as she leaves the ring and heads to the back.

– A promo plays noting that it is only 63 days until WrestleMania 22 in Chicago.
– Backstage, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion is in the Instant Access area talking about his title win.
– Backstage, Vince McMahon is looking at a tattoo on Torrie. Candice said she has one too and she pulls down her top. Victoria then shows Vince her tattoo on her lower back. Big Show comes in and says he has some nice tattoo’s as well. Vince says they don’t need to see them. Big Show draws his number and says “okay” when he sees it. Rey Mysterio comes in and he shakes hands with Big Show. Big Show thanks him for dedicating the match to Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio draws his number and he smiles up at Eddie Guerrero saying he “got him.”

JBL w/ Jillian Hall vs. The Boogeyman

Before the match starts, The Boogeyman scares JBL out of the ring. When JBL tries to get in, he tells the referee to get Boogeyman to move. The referee gets scared off and Boogeyman eventually backs up, eating a worm. Jillian Hall comes in with JBL and he puts her in front of him. JBL then pushes Hall at Boogeyman and leaves the ring. Boogeyman then starts spitting worms on the face of Hall. JBL then hits the ring and he starts taking out Boogeyman with some stiff forearm shots. Boogeyman fights back with a right hand. JBL sends Boogeyman to the outside. JBL nails Boogeyman off the steel steps and then off the announce table. JBL throws Boogeyman back in the ring, using the tape on his wrist to choke out Boogeyman. JBL hits Boogeyman with some stiff rights. Boogeyman then grabs JBL across the throat with both hands. JBL breaks it up with a thumb to the eye. JBL nails Boogeyman with some hard rights in the corner. When he goes for the Clothesline From Hell, Boogeyman ducks, grabs JBL and then hits the Pumphandle Slam. Boogeyman puts one arm over JBL, with the other holding worms and gets the pinfall on JBL.

Winner: The Boogeyman

After the match, The Boogeyman puts the worms in his mouth and does his “dance” as JBL leaves the ring quickly along with Jillian Hall.

– WWE Fanactic Series will feature the Bret Hart DVD in February.
– Backstage, Vince McMahon is with the three ladies. Vince said he believes Candice just “goosed” him. It turns out it was Shelton Benjamin’s mama. Vince tells Shelton to keep his mom under control. Benjamin then draws his number, smiles and says this will be a good night. He tells Vince that he will throw Shawn Michaels over the top rope. Melina comes in and he tries to wish Benjamin luck when his mama pulls him away. Melina comes in along with WWE Tag Team Champions MNM. They draw their numbers and seem content with them. Melina says MNM would be happy to eliminate Shawn Michaels for him tonight. Vince then tells the ladies to have a seat so they can watch the rest of the Rumble.
– Up next is the 30 Man Royal Rumble. Jerry “The King” Lawler (RAW) and Michael Cole (SmackDown) will call the match. A video package runs highlighting the history of the Royal Rumble and those involved in the 2006 edition on both the RAW and SmackDown sides.
– As Lilian Garcia goes to announce the start of the Royal Rumble, the Spirit Squad comes out and flip into the ring. They do a squad cheer for the Rumble and celebrate with Lilian Garcia. Garcia then continues her introduction for the rules of the Royal Rumble.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

15 RAW superstars & 15 SmackDown superstars

The following results will go by entry and the action in between each.

1. Triple H

2. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and Triple H points up, telling Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero can’t help him. The crowd in Miami start up a loud “EDDIE” chant. Both lock up, Mysterio slides under Triple H and hits a quick dropkick to the knee. Mysterio hits a springboard cross-body on Triple H followed by a big tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Mysterio gets Triple H in the corner, hits a 10 right hands, but Triple H throws Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio lands on the ring apron. Mysterio trips up Triple H on the top rope followed by a dropkick off the top rope. Time expires.

3. Simon Dean

In the ring, Triple H takes down Mysterio and works on his chest. Dean comes in and he starts taking out Mysterio with some kicks. Dean gives a thumbs up to Triple H and throws Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio holds on and Dean thinks he eliminated Mysterio. Dean looks for slap from Triple H, but Triple H knocks out Dean. Both Triple H and Mysterio throw Dean over the top rope.

Simon Dean has been eliminated.

Triple H goes after Mysterio right away with a hard right. Mysterio comes back by tripping up Triple H in the corner followed by a bronco buster in the corner. Time expires.

4. Psicosis

Psicosis hits the ring and goes to work on Mysterio in the corner. Psicosis takes out Triple H with a big side kick. Psicosis lifts up Mysterio and throws him on top of Triple H’s head. Psicosis catches Mysterio when Mysterio leaps at him. Psicosis hits a big facebuster on Mysterio. Psicosis throws Mysterio to the corner and then works on Triple H with some kicks. Psicosis gets Mysterio up for a crucifix powerbomb. When Psicosis tries to throw Mysterio over, Mysterio hits a huricanranna sending Psicosis over the top rope.

Psicosis is eliminated.

Triple H hits a spinebuster on Mysterio as time expires.

5. Ric Flair

Triple H looks back with a concerned look on his face. Flair hits the ring and he hits some chops on Triple H. Flair takes out Triple H with a high back body drop. Flair continues to chop Triple H, hits some rights and then struts. When Flair attempts another back body drop, Triple H counters into a knee to the face. Triple H grabs Flair, but Flair grabs Triple H by the groin. Flair chops Triple H, but Triple H hits a thumb to the eye. Flair then charges at Triple H and Triple H sends him in the air over the top rope.

Ric Flair is eliminated.

Time expires.

6. Big Show

Big Show comes to the ring with a big smile on his face as Triple H looks on with concern. Big Show takes out Triple H with a headbutt and a big right hand. Big Show kicks Triple H in the corner followed by two big chest slaps. When Triple H falls forward, he runs into Big Show. Big Show hits another chop and Triple H falls forward. Big Show steps over the back of Triple H. when Mysterio goes fater Big Show, Big Show sends him back into the corner. Big Show then hits a side slam on Triple H. Big Show grabs Triple H and hits a quick scoop slam followed by an elbow drop to the chest. Big Show hits another elbow drop as time expires.

7. The Coach

The Coach hits the ring and he hits a forearm to the back on Big Show. Big Show turns around and stares down Coach. Big Show grabs Coach by the throat and sends him over the top rope with force.

The Coach is eliminated.

When Triple H goes after Big Show, Big Show grabs him and hits a huge military press slam. Big Show chops Triple H on the chest yet again. Big Show hits a chokeslam on Triple H as time expires.

8. Bobby Lashley

When Lashley hits the ring, he gets in a stare down with Big Show. Lashley shoves Big Show. Big Show then drops Lashley with a right hand. Big Show then grabs Lashley, attempts a chokeslam, but Lashley counters out of it. Lashley then hits a very quick back body drop on Big Show. Lashley kicks Big Show out of the ring. Lashley then whips Mysterio with force into the opposite corner. Lashley takes out Triple H with a shoulder block as time expires.

9. Kane

Lashley stares down Kane as he steps into the ring over the top rope. Kane nails Lashley with a right hand. Lashley comes back with one of his own. Both exchange a few right hands. Both attempt a shoulder block, but neither will go down. Kane then takes down Lashley with a boot to the face. Lashley comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex on Kane. Lashley then hits a military press slam on Triple H. Lashley grabs Kane and gives him The Dominator! All men are down except for Lashley as time expires.

10. Sylvan

When Sylvan gets in the ring, he offers to work as a team. When Lashley turns his back, Sylvan hits a few forearms. Lashley comes back launching Sylvan over the top rope.

Sylvan is eliminated.

Kane and Big Show then get up and give Lashley a double chokeslam. Both pick up Lashley and send him over the top rope.

Bobby Lashley is eliminated.

Kane and Big Show then stare each other down and start to exchange some lefts and rights. Big Show hits a headbutt on Kane. Big Show gets Kane against the ropes when he charges. Kane gets up a boot and Big Show hits it. Kane chokes Big Show against the ropes trying to send him over. Big Show chokes Kane trying to fight back. They both lean against the ropes choking each other when Triple H comes up and sends both over the top rope.

Kane is eliminated.

Big Show is eliminated.

Time expires.

11. Carlito

Carlito hits the ring and he starts kicking both Mysterio and Triple H on the mat. Carlito goes after Triple H in the corner with some punches and kicks. Mysterio fights back with a dropkick to the face of Carlito. Carlito fights back with his big knee to the spine. Carlito smiles and kicks Mysterio a bit on the ground as Triple H approaches. Triple H hits a thumb to the eye on Carlito. Carlito fights back with a kick to the face. Carlito grabs Mysterio and hits some forearms as time expires.

12. Chris Benoit

When Benoit hits the ring, he takes out Carlito, Triple H and Mysterio all with some stiff chops. Benoit hits a release german suplex on Mysterio. Benoit chops Triple H and hits another release german suplex. Benoit hits a release german suplex on Carlito, but Carlito lands on his feet. Benoit then applies the Crossface on Carlito. Carlito taps out and Michael Cole notes that it doesn’t matter. Triple H breaks up the Crossface and sends Benoit sternum first into the corner. Triple H grabs Benoit and sends him over the top rope to the ring apron. Benoit tries to suplex Triple H over the top rope. They exchange suplex attempts. Triple H gets the leverage and suplexes Benoit to the top turnbuckle. Benoit nails Triple H with numerous headbutts. Triple H falls off, Benoit stands up, jumps and connects with the flying headbutt. Benoit chops Carlito as time expires.

13. Booker T

Booker T hits the ring and goes right after Benoit. Benoit fights back with some chops to the chest. Benoit then tosses Booker T over the top rope.

Booker T is eliminated.

Benoit goes back after Triple H, chopping him in the corner. On the other side, Carlito is getting the better of Mysterio. Benoit hits a suplex on Triple H. Carlito then goes after Triple H who is up in the corner thanks to Benoit. Time expires.

14. Joey Mercury

Mercury hits the ring and hits a jawbreaker on Carlito followed by a standing dropkick. Mercury grabs Carlito again, sending him into the corner and hits a big charge. Mercury takes out Triple H with a right hand, but Benoit grabs Mercury and hits a german suplex. When Benoit attempts a second, Mercury holds onto the ropes and counters into an inverted DDT on Benoit. Carlito then chops Mercury and kicks him on the ground. Mysterio kicks Mercury on the ground a bit until Carlito hits Mysterio. Time expires.

15. Tatanka

Carlito and Triple H have a confused look on their face as Tatanka hits the ring. Tatanka takes out Carlito and Triple H with a few chops. Tatanka hits a sledgehammer on both Triple H and Carlito. Tatanka then chops Mercury a few times followed by a big scoop slam. Tatanka hits a huge chop on Mercury in the corner. Benoit is hitting Triple H with some knees to the gut in the corner. Mysterio kicks Carlito away in the other corner. Benoit has Triple H up again on the top turnbuckle as time expires.

16. Johnny Nitro

When Nitro hits the ring, Tatanka takes him out with a right hand and some chops. Benoit almost has Triple H over the top rope in the corner. Triple H hits the ring apron, but rolls his shoulder back in as Benoit drives his knee into his gut. Mysterio gets nearly eliminated. Carlito goes after Triple H in the corner as time expires.

17. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch goes after Tatanka, hitting some chops. Mercury is going after Benoit and Nitro joins in to double-team. Triple H sends Mysterio over the top rope, but Mysterio holds on to the bottom rope. Mysterio won’t let go of the bottom rope as Triple H nails him with some kicks. Mysterio takes out Triple H with a dropkick to the knee followed by a dropkick to the head. Time expires.

18. Eugene

Eugene hits the ring and tries to shake hands with Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch nails Eugene with a hard right. Eugene fights back, taking out Murdoch with some hard rights followed by a spin. Mysterio then hits a double bulldog on both Murdoch and Eugene. Murdoch goes after Triple H as time expires.

19. Road Warrior Animal

Animal takes out both members of MNM with a double clothesline followed by a powerslam on Triple H. Animal hits some kicks on Murdoch in the corner. Tatanka nearly has Carlito over the top rope. Benoit comes up to help. Carlito goes over, but lands on the ring apron and rolls back in the ring. Murdoch continues to kick Eugene in the corner. MNM have Mysterio up in the corner as time expires.

20. Rob Van Dam

When RVD hits the ring, the crowd goes nuts. RVD takes out Tatanka and a few others with some side kicks. RVD takes out Triple H with another side kick. RVD stares down Benoit. Benoit attempts a kick, RVD blocks it and hits a spin kick. RVD then sends Animal over the top rope.

Road Warrior Animal is eliminated.

Time expires.

21. Orlando Jordan

Jordan hits the ring and he goes after Mercury. Eugene is attempting to send Murdoch over the top rope. RVD hits a kick to the face on Carlito followed by a leg drop. RVD then sends Carlito over the top rope, but Carlito holds on by one arm and slides back in. RVD kicks Carlito a bit as time expires.

22. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo goes after RVD followed by a clothesline on Triple H and dropkick on Tatanka. Chavo hits a big face plant on Mysterio followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Carlito. Chavo hits the “three amigo” suplexes on Mercury. Chavo goes up to the top rope, points high, but Triple H shoves Chavo off.

Chavo Guerrero is eliminated.

Time expires.

23. Matt Hardy

MNM attack Hardy as he hits the ring. Hardy fights off both. Hardy takes out Mercury with a big suplex plant. Hardy does the same on Nitro. Jordan then goes after Hardy with some right hands. Hardy fights back with a Twist of Fate on Jordan. Tatanka hits a scoop slam on Nitro. RVD and Mysterio have Triple H almost over, but Triple H hits the ring apron and rolls back in. RVD and Mysterio get Triple H over again, but Triple H hangs on and gets back in. Tatanka then gets tossed over.

Tatanka is eliminated.

Time expires.

24. Super Crazy

Super Crazy leaps off the top rope and takes out both members of MNM with a big cross-body. Triple H drops Jordan in the middle of the ring. Nitro drops Carlito over the top rope. Mysterio dropkicks Carlito. Carlito falls back, but rolls back in. Hardy gets Triple H over the top rope, but Triple H holds on yet again. Time expires.

25. Shawn Michaels

HBK hits the ring and takes out Hardy, Triple H, Super Crazy and a host of others with right hands. Murdoch hits a knee to the gut on HBK to slow things down. HBK gets whipped into the corner by Murdoch. Murdoch then gets tossed over by HBK.

Trevor Murdoch is eliminated.

Time expires.

26. Chris Masters

Masters hits the ring and goes after Hardy with a shot to the back. Mercury has HBK over the top rope. Hardy gets tossed over, but hangs on and comes back in. Triple H nearly gets eliminated by Hardy yet again. Hardy attempts another, but Triple H kicks away at Hardy and hangs on. RVD works on Triple H a bit, but Triple H nails RVD with a right hand. Time expires.

27. Viscera

Viscera hits the ring and takes out Matt Hardy. Viscera puts Hardy on his shoulders and hits a big samoan drop. Viscera “pumps” on top of Hardy. Hardy fights back with a boot to Viscera’s chest. Hardy attempts a Twist of Fate on Viscera, but Viscera counters lifting Hardy up and over the top rope.

Matt Hardy has been eliminated.

Time expires.

28. Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin hits the ring and takes out Carlito. Benoit then tosses Eugene over the top rope.

Eugene has been eliminated.

Super Crazy gets tangled up in the ropes as he tries to send Viscera over the top rope. Masters and Carlito have RVD almost over the top rope. Nitro goes after Jordan and Benjamin takes out Triple H with a side kick.

29. Goldust

Goldust hits the ring and goes to work on both members of MNM. Jordan takes out Benjamin and almost nearly eliminates him, but Benjamin hangs on. Benjamin almost gets tossed over by Triple H. Time expires for the final entrant.

30. Randy Orton

Orton goes right after Benoit. Orton finds a way to toss Benoit over the top rope.

Chris Benoit has been eliminated.

Orton hits the RKO on Viscera. Carlito and Masters are attempting to send Viscera over and do so.

Viscera has been eliminated.

Carlito then tosses Masters over the top rope.

Chris Masters has been eliminated.

Goldust then takes out Carlito, setting him up in the corner. Goldust hits the running low blow on Carlito in the corner. RVD takes out Goldust with a heel kick and Goldust goes over the top rope.

Goldust has been eliminated.

Orton then drops the jaw of Jordan over the top rope, sending him to the outside.

Orlando Jordan has been eliminated.

Carlito and Benjamin are both on the ring apron. Carlito is trying to kick Benjamin off. HBK takes out Triple H with a jumping forearm in the middle of the ring followed by an inverted atomic drop. MNM take out HBK and signal it is time for the Snapshot. HBK counters with a thumb to the eye. HBK sends Nitro into Mercury who gets eliminated. HBK then sends Nitro over.

Joey Mercury has been eliminated.

Johnny Nitro has been eliminated.

Benjamin then takes out HBK with a big heel kick. HBK sends Benjamin over the top rope. Benjamin lands on the ring apron. HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on Benjamin and Benjamin is gone.

Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated.

Vince McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ringside area. Vince starts talking to HBK. We then see a shot of Shane McMahon coming into the ring. Shane sends HBK over the top rope.

Shawn Michaels has been eliminated.

HBK sees Shane in the ring and runs back in. Triple H grabs HBK, attempts a Pedigree, but HBK counters it and then takes off after Vince and Shane McMahon. Back in the ring, Carlito takes out RVD with a jumping face plant. Left in the ring is Randy Orton, Carlito, RVD, Triple H and Rey Mysterio. RVD hits a big kick to the face that launches Carlito over the top rope.

Carlito has been eliminated.

We have four men left: Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Triple H. They all stare each other down from their respective corners. RVD and Mysterio exchange a handshake and they then go after Triple H and Orton. Mysterio goes after Triple H and RVD goes after Mysterio. RVD and Mysterio hit a double-leg drop on Triple H. RVD launches Mysterio up and he comes down on Orton. RVD then hits the Rolling Thunder on Orton. RVD is up on the top rope when Triple H knocks him down. Triple H then sends Mysterio into RVD who falls off the top rope and gets eliminated.

Rob Van Dam has been eliminated.

Randy Orton and Triple H look to agree to team up against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio fights back with a double-DDT on both Orton and Triple H. Mysterio trips up Orton on the bottom rope. Mysterio does the same to Triple H. Mysterio hits a double-619 on both Orton and Triple H. Mysterio springboards off the top rope, Triple H ducks and Mysterio lands on Orton. Triple H then clotheslines Mysterio. Orton then hits a quick powerslam on Triple H. Orton stalks Triple H as he begins to stand up. Triple H dodges the RKO attempt by Orton and counters into a big spinebuster. Mysterio hits a boot to the face on Triple H in the corner. Triple H then grabs Mysterio, Mysterio forces his body towards the ropes and hits a huricanranna on Triple H sending Triple H over the top rope.

Triple H has been eliminated.

We are now down to Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. A frustrated Triple H pulls Mysterio out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps. Triple H throws Mysterio back in the ring. Orton sees what Triple H just did and smiles. Orton yells to the crowd that Mysterio has no chance. Orton puts Mysterio on his shoulders, moves towards the ropes, but Mysterio counters and gives Orton a huricanranna sending Orton over the top rope.

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

Winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Rey Mysterio falls to his knees and yells out to Eddie Guerrero celebrating his victory.

– Backstage, Mickie James thanks Trish Stratus for helping her win her match tonight in the Instant Access area. Mickie said she knows Trish loves her too. Mickie leaves happy and Trish tells her to hold on, leaving to catch up to her.
– A promo for WrestleMania 22 plays.
– Backstage, WWE Champion Edge confronts Rey Mysterio and tells him he has no chance of jumping to RAW and beating him for the WWE Title like his buddy Chris Benoit did a few years ago.
– A highlight package runs showing the events between Edge and John Cena for the WWE Championship. The package starts back at last year’s WrestleMania when Edge won the “Money in the Bank” Match and then how he cashed it in at the New Year’s Revolution PPV defeating John Cena to capture the title.
– John Cena’s entrance saw him come out on a large stage that hovered above the entrance area and lead into the ring. It was a pretty impressive entrance.

WWE Championship Match
Edge (c) w/ Lita vs. John Cena

The bell rings and here we go. Both men lock up and Edge pushes Cena into the corner. Edge gets in a knee to the gut on Cena and sends him into the corner. Cena explodes off the corner with a clothesline on Edge. Edge rolls to the outside holding his jaw when he pulls Cena out. Cena fights back nailing Edge face first off the ring apron. When Cena charges at Edge in the ring, Edge trips him up and Cena hits the second turnbuckle with force. Cena comes back with a side slam on Edge, covers, but barely gets a two count. When Cena sends Edge into the ropes, Edge hangs on and rolls to the outside. Cena nails Edge face first off the steel steps. Edge then grabs Lita, pushes her into Cena, Cena throws Lita away and Edge takes out Cena with a huge Spear right into the steel steps. Edge then takes out Cena with a baseball slide that sends Cena over the guard railing into the crowd. The referee starts the count on Cena. The referee gets to 9 when Cena jumps in under the bottom rope. Edge goes on the attack right away on Cena, dropping his knee over his head using the ropes for leverage. Edge mocks Cena doing the “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” taunt. Edge then nails Cena in the face with his boot. When Cena attempts a comeback, Edge takes out Cena with a big spinning heel kick.

Edge applies a modified bear hug on Cena. Cena props up trying to break the hold. Cena gets in two elbows on Edge. Edge fights back with a quick suplex. Cena comes back with some right hands to the gut of Edge, but Edge rakes the eyes of Cena. Edge hits a standing dropkick on Cena. Edge hits a forearm to the head on Cena that sends Cena through the ropes to the outside. Edge picks up Cena and sends him shoulder first into the steel steps. Edge rolls in to break the referee’s count. Edge drops Cena face first off the guard railing. Edge throws Cena into the ring, goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps and takes out Cena with a big missile dropkick. Edge covers Cena, but only gets a two count. Edge covers Cena again, but continues to get a two count. Cena fights back with some right hands and elbows on Edge. Edge then fires back with a jumping clothesline on Cena. Edge grabs Cena and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Edge comes up with Cena. Cena pushes Edge off. Cena jumps attempting a leg drop, but Edge rolls out of the way. Edge covers Cena, but Cena gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Edge then gets in some left jabs on Cena followed by a big right. When Edge jumps up to dodge Cena in the corner, Cena catches Edge on his shoulders. Edge rakes the eyes of Cena. Edge then takes out Cena with a huge big boot to the face.

Edge goes up to the top turnbuckle. When Cena gets up, Edge hits a cross-body. Cena turns it over into a pinfall for himself, but only gets a two count. Edge then catches Cena in a sleeper. Edge applies a body scissors on Cena into the rear naked choke. Edge continues to apply the choke with force. Cena then stands up with Edge on his shoulders. Cena backs Edge into the corner once. When he attempts a second, Edge jumps off and sends Cena into the corner. Edge attempts the Spear, but Cena moves and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Cena hits a DDT on Edge. Both men are down and the referee starts the count. Both men are up and Cena takes out Edge with a flying shoulder block followed by a series of clotheslines. Cena hits a sitdown powerbomb on Edge and then connects with the five knuckle shuffle. Cena covers Edge, but Lita has the referee distracted on the ring apron. Cena grabs Lita by the hair. Edge charges. Cena moves and Edge takes out Lita. Cena hits the FU on Edge. Cena then applies the STF on Edge. Cena wrenches back and Edge taps out.

Winner & NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena puts the WWE Championship around his neck and taunts celebrating his title win with the crowd in Miami. Cena continues to hold the WWE Title high in the air as he backs up in the entrance area.

– Backstage, we see Todd Grisham with Edge who is just walking through the curtain. Edge shoves Grisham back. Grisham then tries to get word from Lita. Lita says how dare Grisham asks for comments during this emotional time. Hacksaw Jim Duggan then appears and says he has something to say on behalf of John Cena…HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lita storms off.
– Backstage, Josh Mathews is with the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. Mathews asks if Angle is concerned about Mark Henry overpowering his Ankle Lock tonight. Angle agrees that Henry is the strongest man in the world, but he is Kurt Angle. He said he can beat guys in ways that haven’t even been invented yet. Angle said there is no way in hell Henry will beat him tonight. He said he will take out Daivari tonight as well if he has to. Angle added that Henry sucked at the end as well.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mark Henry w/ Daivari

Kurt Angle is now reversing the “YOU SUCK” chants towards his opponents now. The bell rings and both circle the ring. Both lock up and Henry backs Angle up into the corner. Angle goes after the knee of Henry and Henry stomps it down, knocking Angle off. Angle goes behind on Henry, Henry misses a back elbow and Angle calls at Henry to bring it. Henry charges and Angle moves. Henry charges again and Angle moves. When Angle goes for a punch, Henry grabs Angle by the hand and overpowers him. Henry flips Angle over, attempts an elbow drop, but Angle moves. Angle gets in a few right hands, but Henry catches Angle as he comes off the ropes. Henry drops Angle over the top rope and Angle falls to the outside. Henry brings the referee towards him as Daivari gets in some cheap shots on Angle. Henry leaves the ring and lifts both steel steps out of the way with force. Angle gets back in the ring and Henry follows. Angle gets in a few right hands. Angle applies a front facelock, but Henry breaks that and throws Angle off the top rope yet again. Angle bounces off and holds his chest in pain. Henry then uses the ropes to crush the ribs of Angle. Henry hits a big splash on Angle, covers, but only gets a two count. Henry grabs Angle and applies a bearhug. Angle attempts a hip toss, but Henry won’t allow it.

Henry continues to squeeze the body of Angle in the bearhug. Angle still attempts to break it and eventually does. Angle gets in a few rights on Henry. Henry launches Angle to the corner. Angle cuts off Henry with an elbow shot. When Angle jumps, Henry catches him, but Angle slips down and applies the Ankle Lock! Henry overpowers Angle and pushes out of the Ankle Lock. Angle then attempts the Angle Slam. Henry won’t allow it and continues to overpower Angle. Angle then hits a big release german suplex on Henry out of no where! Angle then follows that up with the Angle Slam. Angle covers Henry…1…2…Henry kicks out. Angle applies the Ankle Lock, but Henry powers out of it yet again and Angle takes out the referee when falling back. Angle then leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. When Angle goes to get in the ring, Daivari stops him. Angle then nails Daivair with the steel chair. Angle comes in the ring and goes to hit Henry when Henry blocks the steel chair shot. Angle then low blows Henry, picks up the steel chair and nails Henry right off the skull. Henry won’t go down though. Angle nails Henry a second time with the steel chair and this time Henry goes down. Angle drags the referee towards the middle, covers Henry…1…2…Henry kicks out! Angle can’t believe it.

Angle then goes to the corner and exposes the middle turnbuckle. Henry sends Angle into the corner. Angle dodges the exposed turnbuckle a bit. Henry charges at Angle. Angle gives Henry a drop toe hold right into the exposed turnbuckle. Angle then rolls up Henry and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, the lights go out and the gong hits. The music of The Undertaker hits and blue lights fill the entrance way. Druids appear with fire and we then see The Undertaker being pulled out. The Undertaker then walks toward the ring, stares down Kurt Angle, motions the World Heavyweight Title around his waist and raises his arms in the air. A series of pyro goes off above the ring. Kurt Angle continues to stare down Undertaker when Undertaker drops his arms down. A series of lightning bolts hit all four corners. The ropes then break off followed by the ring collapsing. Angle stares down The Undertaker with a concerned look on his face. Michael Cole said The Undertaker has sent a message to Kurt Angle that he wants the World Heavyweight Title. The PPV goes off the air with The Undertaker turning around heading to the back as we see Kurt Angle still looking on with a concerned look on his face…

Source: Adam Martin,

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