One Night Stand

Jun 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 12, 2005 in New York, NY

– Following a disclaimer, we go live to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, NY. The fans in the ballroom are chanting “ECW” loudly as the classic ECW theme hits. Joey Styles is introduced to a huge pop from the crowd. The fans start a loud “JOEY” chant and Styles lets out the classic “OH MY GOD” line. He welcomes everyone to ECW’s One Night Stand and another loud ECW chant starts up. Styles then introduces Mick Foley, who comes out to his Cactus Jack music. Foley gets a big pop from the crowd and hugs Styles in the ring.

– The ECW promo hits with the classic ECW theme music displaying past ECW superstars and the old graphic from the TNN days. Paul Heyman then welcomes us to the show with a new ECW graphic. Kicking off the show is Lance Storm coming to the ring with Dawn Marie. Marie does look a bit “bigger” in the mid-section, which will fuel even more rumors at this point. Chris Jericho came out to his WWE music, but was wearing his old school ring attire and was referred to as the Lionhart instead. Styles & Foley are on commentary and talk about Storm and Jericho training together.

Lance Storm w/ Dawn Marie vs. Chris Jericho

The match starts with both shaking hands and Storm taking down Jericho right away. Jericho takes down Storm and Storm counters that. Jericho counters a monkey flip from Storm, follows that up with a few arm drags on Storm and both stop, stare and the fans cheer, letting out some more ECW chants. Both lock up again, Jericho gets a waistlock, takes down Storm and works on Storm’s legs. Jericho applies a bow-an-arrow submission. Storm breaks out of it, nails Jericho off the counter, gets in a chop, but Jericho gets in a big dropkick on Storm. Jericho baseball slides Storm to the outside of the ring and Styles refers to the padding on the outside being a requirement. Jericho jumps off the ring apron and hits the ring barricade instead. Storm puts Jericho back in the ring, kicks him a few times, sends him into the ropes and hits a huge dropkick. Storm covers, but only gets a two count. Storm gets Jericho up in a vertical suplex and comes back down hard, covering in the same motion, but only gets a two count. Storm nails Jericho face first into the corner again, gets in a slap, Jericho irish whips Storm into the corner, Storm jumps up, jumps off, but Jericho dropkicks him in the back. They show a quick replay and we are back live as Jericho nails Storm in the back of the head. Both counter each other, get into a few pin attempts, but each kick out. A loud “CHRIS CANDIDO” chant has started up as Jericho gets in a quick pin on Storm.

Storm fights back with a big sidekick on Jericho as he comes off the ropes. Storm lifts up Jericho for a cradle piledriver, Jericho counters out with a back body drop and Storm gets in a huge superkick. Storm covers, but only gets a two count. Storm is shocked. They show a replay as Storm puts Jericho up on the corner. Jericho knocks Storm off, Jericho jumps and he nails Storm with a big flying elbow to the jaw. Jericho covers, but only gets a two count. Storm counters Jericho into a single boston crab as Jericho came off the ropes. Jericho tries to counter that into the Walls of Jericho, Storm prevents it and Jericho slingshots Storm into the corner. Jericho hits Storm with a big running bulldog, springboards off the ropes, Storm puts up his knees, Jericho catches himself and Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho. Justin Credible and Jason get up on the ring apron, going after Jericho. Jericho knocks out both, rolls up Storm, Storm kicks out of it and as Jericho flies towards the ropes Credible nails him with a kendo stick. Storm covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Lance Storm

After the match, Lance Storm celebrates with Justin Credible, Jason and Dawn Marie. They do the classic Impact Players pose and leave. Jericho eventually gets up and gets a cheer from the crowd in New York City.

– We head to the commentary area where Joey Styles & Mick Foley are. They feel that was a weird way for Lance Storm to get a win in his last match. They also show a shot in the Hammerstein Ballroom where RAW and SmackDown superstars purchased seats.

– Pitbull Gary Wolfe introduces a video titled “ECW Remembers” backstage with some of the past ECW superstars who have passed on including Rocco Rock, Terry Gordy, Michael Lockwood (aka Crash Holly), The Original Sheik, Mike Lozansky, Pitbull Anthony Durante, Big Dick Dudley and Chris Candido. We go back live where the fans are cheering.

– Out next is Tajiri with Mikey Whipwreck and Sinister Minister for the upcoming three way dance. Little Guidio is out next with fellow FBI members Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke, JT Smith and Big Guido. Out last is Super Crazy (with short hair).

Three Way Dance Rules
Tajiri vs. Super Crazy vs. Little Guido

The bell rings and here we go. Little Guido goes after Super Crazy right away and Tajiri comes along with. Guido gets tossed to the outside as Crazy drops Tajiri with a twilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Guido comes back in and gets a chop from Tajiri. Guido counters a twilt-a-whirl and applies an armbar. Crazy breaks it up with a quick moonsault on Guido. Guido gets a sunset flip on Guido and then follows that up with a dropkick to the face. Crazy does the same to Tajiri in the corner as well. Crazy baseball slides Tajiri on the outside, goes off the ropes to jump out, but Tony Mamaluke trips him up. Guido hits the Sicillian Slice off the top rope on Crazy. Crazy rolls to the outside, Guido tries to irish whip him, but Crazy counters and sents Guido into the steel ring barricade. They brawl into the crowd and lays out Guido. Some of the FBI members come in to help Guido when Crazy goes up to the top of the Ballroom and hits a HUGE moonsault. Crazy hits the ring and Tajiri applies the Trantula submission against the ropes. They show a replay of the moonsault into the FBI members earlier. The FBI trips up Crazy around the ring as Guido gets up on the top rope. Big Guido goes to powerbomb Tajiri, but Tajiri spits the green mist in the eyes of Guido. Tajiri takes out Smothers with a superkick and Whipwreck hits Guido with the Whippersnapper. Tajiri covers Guido and gets the pinfall.

Little Guido has been eliminated.

Crazy and Tajiri go at it, with Crazy hitting a springboard moonsault for a two count in the ring. Crazy lifts up Tajiri and Tajiri counters that into a DDT for a two count. A big “SUPER CRAZY” chant starts up as Crazy lifts Tajiri up, slams him back down, springboards off the ropes two times hitting two quick moonsaults, goes up to the top rope, but Mikey knocks Crazy off. Tajiri misses a buzzsaw kick when Crazy ducks on his knees. Crazy powerbombs Tajiri, moonsaults off the top, connects, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Super Crazy

After the match, Super Crazy celebrates with the fans. They show a replay from earlier in the match when Crazy hit a big moonsault on Little Guido and the entire FBI in the crowd. They also show Crazy’s final moonsault that got him the win.

– We are taken back to some classic ECW memories including February 5th and highlights of past wrestlers such as The Public Enemy, The Sandman, Terry Funk, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Funk burning Cactus with a flaming branding iron, Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA World Title, The Sandman returning & taking out Tommy Dreamer and Public Enemy inviting ECW fans into the ring (which broke as a result).
– We are shown another shot of the “empty seats” in the Hammerstein Ballroom where WWE superstars from RAW and SmackDown are scheduled to be.
– Psicosis’ music hits and he gets a big pop from the crowd, taking off his mask as he gets up on the ropes. Rey Mysterio is out next to a smaller pop (even some boo’s).

Psicosis vs. Rey Mysterio

A “LUCHA LIBRE” chant starts up as the bell rings and both lock up in the middle of the ring. Mysterio works on Psicosis’ arm and Psicosis counters into an armbar of his own. Both get caught up in the corner and Psicosis arm drags Mysterio to the middle. Mysterio gets launched up into the shoulders of Psicosis, counters into a quick pinfall for a two count and both stare each other down. Mysterio springboards off the ropes, Psicosis counters into a big face plant in the middle of the ring. Psicosis gets in a few kicks and drops an elbow on Mysterio. Psicosis launches Mysterio into the corner, Mysterio bounces off and nails his head face first, Psicosis pins, but only gets a two count. Foley brings up that the fans were just chanting at Psicosis to put the mask on. Psicosis applies a sleeper as the fans boo. Joey Styles brings up this is not the usual wrestling style of Psicosis. Psicosis sends Mysterio to the outside of the ring and nails him as he came off the ring apron. Psicosis throws Mysterio up on the ring barricade sternum first. Psicosis gets up on the top rope, jumps and hits a HUGE leg drop off the top!

Psicosis puts Mysterio back in the ring, but only gets a two count when Mysterio gets his foot up on the rope. Mysterio gets shoved into the corner, Psicosis attempts a jumping dropkick, but Mysterio moves out of the way and Psicosis hits the corner with impact. Mysterio drives Psicosis face first into the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Psicosis misses a charge in the corner and flies to the outside over the ring barricade. Mysterio jumps up on the top rope and connects with Psicosis well into the crowd. Psicosis gets kicked into the ropes on his knees and Mysterio hits the 619 and West Coast Pop. Mysterio covers Psicosis and gets the pinfall (he got some boo’s when he hit the 619).

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, they show some highlights from the match that lead up to the West Coast Pop with Mysterio getting the 1, 2, 3.

– In the crowd, WWE superstars of the SmackDown brand start to show up as Mysterio celebrates in the ring. Kurt Angle, JBL, Orlando Jordan, The Basham Brothers, Carlito and Matt Morgan can all be seen. A loud “YOU SUCK DICK” chant starts up directed towards the WWE superstars. Well, at least they are creative in New York City. A “F*CK YOU SMACKDOWN” chant also starts up as well as JBL looks down smiling.
– Backstage, Roadkill appears doing the RVD pose when Danny Doring comes up saying nobody does it better than him. This gets cut off by the shot of the SmackDown stars again. Footage then rolls of some more classic moments from ECW with The Dudley’s, Chris Benoit, 911, Steve Austin, The Sandman, Raven, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lawler invading, Sabu breaking his neck after a botched spot from Chris Benoit, Tod Gordon, Rob Van Dam blowing off Sabu and Taz challenging Shane Douglas.
– We then hear “Well, well, well” as Joel Gertner appears. He said, “ECW One Night Stand, back by popular demand” and Kurt Angle pushes him away taking away the mic. JBL pushes him down (and rather hard), kicking him away from the balcony area. Kurt Angle takes the mic and said ECW fans are the lowest scum walking the earth. Another loud “YOU SUCK DICK” chant starts up as Angle says “Your mother taught me how!” He calls the fans “freakin’ morons” and that he walked out on ECW years ago because it sucked. Angle said they will step into the ring tonight and that there was nothing anyone could do about it. JBL takes the mic and said one block away is Madison Square Garden where he sells it out, while ECW can barely sell out a ballroom. He takes a shot at internet fans who live at home with their mothers who e-mail each other about being hardcore. JBL said they love ECW because “they” can be ECW. JBL calls himself a wrestling god and says nobody in that ring tonight will ever make it to his level. He said if this PPV tonight gets huge buyrates it is because he showed up.

Rob Van Dam’s music hits, cutting off JBL with Bill Alfonso whistling at his side. Van Dam gets on the mic as the fans chant “RVD” loudly. JBL’s mic gets cut off as RVD tells him to shut his mouth since tonight has nothing to do with them. He said tonight’s pay per view will be the biggest of the year and that tonight the fans get what they want…ECW…and not the “crap” they are forced to watch via WWE. RVD said he doesn’t have any creative writers doing his script tonight and that tonight was a “shoot” if you will. He asks Alfonso if he remembers when the fans would chant his name from the start of the show, to the intermission, to the end. RVD said he didn’t sweat the pressure because he had the in-ring abilities to entertain the fans. He said as long as he got the chance to do his part, he was glad because he was “the whole f*cking show!” RVD brings up Mr. Monday Night, Mr. PPV and 4:20. Alfonso brings up how long RVD held the ECW TV Title for 1 year and a half. RVD said that is how you showcase R-V-D. He said he respects ECW and that is why he went to Vince McMahon about doing an ECW PPV. RVD said he asked Vince for one night only and that he didn’t have to turn the lights on for the whole building since they weren’t about that. He said the dream became a reality and the date was set…June 12, ECW One Night Stand. A loud ECW chant starts up.

RVD then brings up how he had to get his knee surgery and that he was unable to be cleared to wrestle tonight. He said not being able to wrestle tonight sucks worse than missing overseas tours and WrestleMania. He said RVD will always be ECW. Rhyno then hits the ring and gives RVD a HUGE Gore! Rhyno works on the injured knee of RVD when the lights went out. The lights came back on and Sabu was in the ring doing his classic pose. A loud “Sabu” chant starts up and a referee hits the ring. Here we go folks!

Rhyno vs. Sabu

Both lock up and Rhyno hits Sabu with a shoulder tackle. Rhyno takes out Sabu with an overhead belly-to- belly suplex. Sabu puts Rhyno up on the top rope, grabs a steel chair and Sabu knocks him out. A loud “YOU GOT FIRED” chant was directed at Rhyno earlier in the match. Sabu sets up the chair near the ropes, jumps off and springboards to the outside taking out Rhyno! Sabu throws Rhyno against the steel barricade, picks up the steel chair and throws it in the face of Rhyno when he stood up. Both avoid using a table on the outside and get back in the ring. Rhyno charges Sabu in the corner, hits a snapmare and nails his head into the ropes. Rhyno covers Sabu, but only gets a two count. Rhyno hits a quick scoom slam on Sabu and climbs up to the top. Sabu cuts him off and climbs up. Sabu hits a big jumping huricanranna followed by a springboard slingshot leg lariat off the ropes for a two count. Bill Alfonso throws a chair in the ring, Sabu sets it up, jumps off and hits a leg lariat in the corner on Rhyno. Sabu drops a leg on Rhyno jumping off the chair, covers, but only gets a two count. Rhyno then counters a moonsault attempt by Sabu into a drop toe hold into the chair. Rhyno then drops Sabu face first onto the steel chair.

Rhyno gets Sabu up in a powerbomb and drops Sabu face first down in the corner. Rhyno goes for a Gore, but he hits the referee instead. Rhyno gives Sabu the piledriver as Rob Van Dam comes in the ring. He nails Rhyno in the face with the steel chair. RVD picks up the chair again and drops it into the face of Rhyno in the corner on his injured knee. Alfonso gets a table and helps RVD set it up. RVD puts Rhyno on top of the table as Sabu climbs up the top with a steel chair in hand. Sabu drops the leg on Rhyno using the chair, crashing through the table! Sabu covers Rhyno…1…2…3!

Winner: Sabu

After the match, Alfonso pours water on Sabu’s head as RVD celebrates with him, jumping on one knee. Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Alfonso all leave the ring together.

– Backstage, Al Snow is talking to Head. He said tonight is about ECW, not about the “SmackDown assholes.” Snow introduces some more classic ECW memories that includes the bWo, RVD’s leap into the crowd, Taz & Bam Bam Bigelow falling through the mat, Raven’s feud with The Sandman, Mick Foley’s fall through the tables, RVD’s Van Terminator in the corner and the classic stare down between Sabu and Taz.
– In the crowd, the RAW superstars with Eric Bischoff arrive. Joey Styles spots Edge and says, “I’m glad I didn’t bring my wife tonight. The guy is a wife stealer!” Some fans even throw some beer on Bischoff. All of the RAW superstars attending include Bischoff, Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko, William Regal, The Coach, Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier. Chris Benoit’s music hits next as he makes his way to the ring. Eddie Guerrero is out next. Mick Foley brings up that RAW or SmackDown couldn’t do this match, but could now with Benoit jumping to SmackDown. Joey Styles also brings up how Paul Heyman always wanted to do this match in ECW.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

The bell rings and both lock up. Benoit backs Guerrero to the corner and the referee breaks it up. Benoit backs up Guerrero to the opposite corner, attempts a chop, but Guerrero ducks and gets out of the way. A loud “I F*CKED LITA” chant starts up as the fans look up at Edge in the balcony. This keeps getting better and better. In the ring, Guerrero attempts to take down Benoit, but Benoit counters and gets back to his feet as Guerrero backs up. Guerrero leaves the ring to get a breather and then comes back in, circling with Benoit. Guerrero gets in a kick, chop and some hard forearms on Benoit. Guerrero takes down Benoit with a big forearm and Benoit fights back with some stiff chops to the chest. Guerrero rubs his boot in the face of Benoit as he appears to be bleeding from the nose. Guerrero applies a headlock on Benoit in the middle of the ring to slow down the action a bit. Benoit counters that into a big back suplex with huge impact. Guerrero dodges a punch from Benoit and gets in some hard elbows to the head. Guerrero gives Benoit a snapmare and follows that up with another headlock. A loud “F*CK YOU BISCHOFF” chant starts up from the crowd towards the balcony. The Coach covers his ears laughing.

Benoit starts to fight back, getting in some shots on Guerrero. Benoit charges at Guerrero, but Guerrero ducks down and pulls down the middle rope allowing Benoit to crash on the outside. Guerrero gets a steel chair and nails Benoit with it on the outside. Guerrero nails Benoit’s head off the table and drags him up onto the ring apron. Guerrero picks up Benoit to the top, hooks the arm and comes off the top with a huge superplex. They show a quick replay of the superplex off the top. Guerrero goes up to the top, jumps attempting the frog splash, but Benoit moves out of the way. Benoit fights back with some forearms and chops on Guerrero. Guerrero fights back with some aggressive kicks and chops. Benoit hits a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count. Benoit then lifts Guerrero up onto the top and gives him a huge superplex. Benoit covers, but only gets a two count. Benoit hits a german suplex on Guerrero, Benoit stands up as Guerrero grabs the ropes and Benoit hits two more. Benoit gets up on the top rope, jumps and connects with the headbutt. Benoit covers…1…2…Guerrero kicks out. Benoit picks up Guerrero, counters Benoit into a pinfall, gets a two count, Benoit goes for the Crossface and locks it in! Guerrero stays in the submission with no where to go. He then taps out giving Benoit the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match, JBL and Orlando Jordan clap for Benoit noting that he is a “SmackDown guy” now. Benoit and Guerrero stare each other down in the middle of the ring.

– A commercial airs for WWE Vengeance on June 26, hyping the Hell in a Cell Match between Batista and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title.
– Joel Gertner appears with a mic and said he has a question for Mr. Bischoff. He said it is a question on behalf of every ECW fan and superstar. Gertner says, “Can I please have a job?” He said he could get him coffee and whatever he wants. Bischoff tells him to hold his beer and says “Hell no I won’t hire you.” Bischoff calls him a scab, a wannabe and a piece of garbage like everyone else here tonight. He said he is the General Manger of the greatest sports entertainment company today, WWE’s Monday Night RAW. Bischoff throws the beer on Gertner and said ECW sucks.
– Mike Awesome is out next to start the next match.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

The match starts with both Awesome and Tanaka exchanging slaps to the chest. Awesome suplexes Tanaka in the middle of the ring. Tanaka tosses Awesome to the ring apron. Tanaka goes off the ropes and Awesome leaps over hitting a big shoulder block. Awesome then leaps over the top rope, taking out Tanaka on the outside. Styles has been badmouthing Awesome the entire match. Tanaka sends Awesome over the ring barricade and Tanaka nails him with a steel chair. Foley chokes that Awesome may have lost his “Awesome power after losing the 80’s haircut.” Styles adds that it was a mullet. Awesome gets in a big boot on Tanaka and sets up a table on the outside. Awesome clothesline Tanaka from the ring apron, brings Tanaka on the ring apron and gives him the Awesome Bomb off the ring apron onto the table set up on the outside! A replay is shown of that awesome spot (no pun intended). Back in the ring, Awesome hits the Awesome Splash on Tanaka off the top rope for a two count.

Awesome hits another big Awesome Bomb on Tanaka in the middle of the ring. They keep going back to shots of the WWE stars in the balcony, with Edge looking over to JBL saying quote “these fans are smart” with air quotes. Both Awesome and Tanaka get steel chairs. Awesome nails Tanaka two times, Tanaka won’t go down. Awesome nails him a third time and Tanaka gets up yet again. Tanaka gets in a big boot on Awesome and hits a modified blockbuster from the corner. Tanaka throws down the two steel chairs and hits a tornado DDT on Awesome. Tanaka puts the chair on the face of Awesome and nails him with another chair. Tanaka keeps the chair on Awesome’s face and jumps off the top with another chair. Tanaka covers and Awesome still kicks out. Awesome gives Tanaka a big back suplex followed a big spear. Awesome climbs up the top with a steel chair in hand and jumps down nailing Tanaka with the chair. Awesome gets another table and puts him in the ring. Awesome sets up the table after a while with Styles and Foley making jokes about his past “70’s Guy” gimmick in WCW. Tanaka then counters Awesome, hitting a big tornado DDT through the table! Tanaka covers, but only gets a two count!

Tanaka goes up to the top rope, Awesome climbs up with, gets Tanaka in the Awesome Bomb, jumps back and connects! All I can say is WOW! That could have gone really bad with the table already broken and parts sticking up in the ring. Awesome covers and Tanaka somehow kicks out! The fans are giving the match a standing ovation at this point. Awesome sets up another table near the ring apron. The fans chant “THIS MATCH RULES” as Awesome gets Tanaka up on his shoulders and powerbombs him through the table on the outside. Awesome dives out and covers Tanaka. The referee counts the pinfall and Awesome picks up the win.

Winner: Mike Awesome

After the match, Foley puts over Awesome and how tonight may be some redemption for him after his failed run in WCW. Awesome gets some help from some ECW security on his way to the back.

– We are back in the commentary area with Joey Styles and Mick Foley. They thank all of the ECW fans for purchasing the show tonight and showing them what ECW was all about!

– The classic ECW music hits and out comes ring announcer Bob Artese and Paul Heyman in his classic leather jacket, ECW hat and headset. A loud “THANK YOU PAUL” chant starts up from the crowd. Heyman gets down on his knees saying he isn’t worthy. He let the crowd know he wasn’t crying because he was just in the back smoking a joint with Rob Van Dam. Heyman thanks Tod Gordon for the chance to book this promotion and book for “you crazy bastards.” He calls the ECW fans crazy again and thanks them for everything they have done. Heyman said he was going to take the high road and thank everyone, but he has something to say to Eric Bischoff. Bischoff has his back turned and then turns. Heyman said it isn’t he going to a WCW PPV with his tail between his legs. He said, “you are in our house now…bitch!” Bischoff gives him the finger. Heyman says, “hide your wifes, it is Edge!” Oh man, I love this. A loud “YOU SCREWED MATT” chant starts up. He said he has the balls to say two words to Edge that WWE script writers can’t do…Matt freakin’ Hardy. A loud “WE WANT MATT” chant starts up. Heyman said he almost forgot about Mr. Bradshaw, bringing up his “shoot” promo on SmackDown about bounced checks. He said the following and I can’t believe it, “The only reason you were WWE Champion for a year is because Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesday’s.” Heyman said this aint’ WCW, this ain’t Monday night RAW, this ain’t SmackDown, this ain’t WWE, this is EC “f*cking” W! The classic ECW music hits and Heyman gives the WWE guys the finger. He celebrates with the fans and leaves behind the curtain.

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer

Before the match, The Sandman did his classic entrance from the crowd to “Enter Sandman” while smashing beer against his forehead and spitting it in the air. The fans in New York all sang along with the song. Some ECW alumni were in the crowd including Chris Chetti, Elektra and many others. Sandman also taunted at the WWE stars.

All four men greet each other in the ring as the Blue World Order music hits. Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie and Nova appear. All three men made their way to the ring as Meanie and Nova danced while Richards posed. Richards gets on the mic and said he heard a lot of people talk about invading and crusading. He said you can’t have a true hardcore invasion without the bWo. Richards said with that being said, they have three simple words…we’re taking over! Richards superkicks Sandman and all men start to brawl. Kid Kash hits the ring, or Mr. TNA (Total Nonstop Attitude) as Styles referred to him as. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney hit the ring next and they go after the bWo. Rotten & Mahoney knock out Nova with steel chairs and Styles said that has to be more painful than being Simon Dean on TV. The bWo, Dudley’s, Dreamer and Sandman all brawl in the entrance area and Kid Kash does his famous dive over the top rope to knock everyone out!

The match now “officially” starts with Bubba Ray throwing a garbage can into the ring with Tommy Dreamer. Bubba gives Dreamer a back suplex while Sandman brawls with D-Von on the outside. Bubba nails Dreamer with a road sign. Bubba gets the cheese grader and cuts Dreamer with it who is busted open at this point badly! Bubba takes the blood off Dreamer’s face and puts it all over his face. Bubba misses his splash off the top, but D-Von comes in to allow The Dudley’s to double-team Dreamer with a reverse neckbreaker. Sandman grabs a ladder and knocks out The Dudley’s with it. Dreamer grabs the ladder and does the same to Bubba and D-Von. Dreamer goes to the outside and uses the cheese grader on the forehead of Bubba. Back in the ring, Sandman grabs a garbage can and drop toe holds Sandman on it. Sandman covers D-Von, but only gets a two count. Bubba drops Dreamer groin first on the ring barricade on the outside. Back in the ring, Sandman hits the rolling rock off the top on D-Von using the ladder. Bubba then knocks out Sandman with a steel chair.

D-Von puts Sandman on top of the ladder and Bubba comes off hitting a huge splash. Bubba covers, but only gets a two count. D-Von tries to nail Sandman with the singapore cane, but he hits Bubba instead and Sandman gives him a russian leg sweep with the singapore cane. Sandman and Dreamer apply the Figure Four on both Dudley’s. Lance Storm hits the ring with Justin Credible. Credible has a barbed wire sphere, lifts Sandman up and hits the That’s Incredible tombstone piledriver on the barbed wire. Francine hits the ring and she low blows Dreamer! Beulah hits the ring and she gets into a cat fight with Francine! Credible pulls Beulah off and Dreamer tosses Storm and Credible to the outside. A bloody Dreamer hugs Beulah (his wife in real life). The Dudley’s attack and Dreamer & Beulah give them both DDT’s! They both cover, but The Dudley’s kick out. The Sandman then pulls up D-Von’s legs and Dreamer hits him in the groin with a steel chair! Bubba then canes both Dreamer and Sandman. Bubba brings in a table and sets it up in the middle with D-Von. D-Von powerbombs Sandman through the table, covers, but Sandman kicks out. Dreamer canes Bubba and D-Von soon afterwards. The Dudley’s then 3D Dreamer! Bubba gets another table and puts it in the ring! They call out Spike Dudley and he hits the ring. Bubba & D-Von put lighter fluid on the table. D-Von lights it on fire and Bubba puts Dreamer through the table! Bubba covers Dreamer and gets the pinfall!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

After the match, The Dudley’s grab Beulah. The Sandman hits the ring and canes all three of them to break it up. The Sandman gets on Dreamer, canes Spike one more time and then calls for a beer. No one answers and then…the glass shatters! Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin salutes all four corners and then gets on the mic, asking if he heard that Sandman wanted a beer. He said not only will he have a beer with Sandman, but he wants to have a beer with the whole ECW crew! Austin calls out the entire ECW crew and everyone involved with the show hits the ring as the WWE stars look on from the balcony. Johnny Swinger (who has yet to make an appearance tonight) is in the ring. Austin gets on the mic and said all heard tonight was from Eric Bischoff, JBL and Kurt Angle saying they want to whip someones ass tonight. He challenges the WWE guys to hit the ring and get in the ring with the ECW guys for a fight. Austin said before that happens, he is going to watch from the ringside area with a beer. He said if the WWE guys won’t come down, he will count down from 10 and go beat them up himselfs.

The RAW and SmackDown guys start moving down and get near the ringside area. All of the WWE guys get in the ring and stare down the ECW guys. Taz’s music hits and he hits the ring. Eric Bischoff has joined the commentary area at this point with Mick Foley and Joey Styles. We have an all out brawl going on right now between WWE and ECW wrestlers. Taz locks in the Tazmission on Kurt Angle on the outside. Austin is laughing at all of this. Everyone is all over the place in the ring brawling. All of the WWE guys get dumped out of the ring and stare down the ECW crew. Austin said the WWE guys just got their ass kicked and puts on JBL’s cowboy hat. He said one person didn’t get taken care of tonight and requests the Hardcore Legend escort Mr. Bischoff to the ring. The RAW and SmackDown guys file out to the back and stare at Bischoff as they walk by. Foley chases Bischoff towards the ring and then throws him inside. Bischoff stands up and is surrounded by the ECW crew. The Dudley’s give Bischoff the 3D! Chris Benoit hits Bischoff with the flying headbutt! Rey Mysterio gives Bischoff the 619! Austin asks Bischoff if he can hear him and wants to conduct a post-show interview. Bischoff curses out ECW on the mic while on the mat. Austin then picks up Bischoff and gives him the Stunner. The Dudley’s pick up Bischoff and carry him away as Austin celebrates with the ECW wrestlers in the ring.

The PPV goes off the air with Joey Styles thanking the fans for bringing ECW back as Steve Austin and The Sandman throw their arms up in the air in the entrance way…

credit: Adam Martin,

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