No Mercy

Jun 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 9, 2005 in Houston, TX

– The new WWE promo hit. Following this, a promo airs highlighting the “new and improved” Eddie Guerrero and his involvement with Batista on SmackDown recently. The events between The Undertaker and Randy & Bob Orton was also shown.

– The opening graphic for WWE No Mercy hits. We then go live to Houston, TX where a huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance way. Michael Cole & Tazz welcome us to the show and then pass it off to the Spanish Announce Team.

– MNM’s music hits to start off the first match.

Six Person Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich & Christy Hemme vs. MNM The match starts with Heidenreich bringing Johnny Nitro into the ring right away to start off the match. The legal man, Road Warrior Animal, comes in and takes out Nitro quickly. Heidenreich gets the tag and he takes out Nitro with a few right hands followed by a huge running clothesline! Heidenreich covers, but only gets a two count. Animal gets the tag and both hit a double-elbow on Nitro. Animal sends Nitro into the corner and connects with a running clothesline. Animal attempts the same in the opposite corner, but Nitro moves and Animal hits the corner on his bad left shoulder. Mercury gets the tag and MNM throw him into the corner again. Mercury works on Animal’s bad left shoulder with some stiff kicks. MNM then hit the Snap Shot on Animal, Mercury takes out Heidenreich, covers Animal, but only gets a two count. Nitro gets the tag and he goes to work on Animal’s left shoulder as well. Nitro distracts the referee and Mercury grabs Animal’s left arm and drops it across the top rope. Nitro covers, but only gets a two count. Nitro distracts the referee again and Melina applies a head scissors on Animal.

Mercury gets the tag and he also goes to work on Animal’s left shoulder, applying an armbar. Mercury then picks up Animal and connects with a reverse neckbreaker. Mercury covers, but only gets a two count. Mercury goes up to the top, jumps, Animal catches him in mid-air and applies a scoop slam. When Animal covers, Nitro breaks it up but Heidenreich comes in. He gets tossed over the top rope by Nitro. Nitro jumps off the ring apron, but misses Heidenreich on the outside. Animal launches Mercury into the corner and Melina tags herself in. She jumps off the top, but Animal catches her and Christy tags herself in taking out Melina. Christy hits a quick huricanranna on Melina. She goes to cover Melina when Animal stops her. He tells her to go up to the top rope. Animal puts Melina on his shoulders and Christy jumps off hitting the Doomsday Device. Christy hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich & Christy Hemme

After the match, Animal, Heidenreich and Christy Hemme all celebrate as MNM heads to the back.

– Backstage, Batista was shown warming up when Eddie Guerrero came in. Guerrero told Batista “good luck.” Guerrero stared down Batista then left.

– Backstage, Animal, Heidenreich and Christy Hemme were shown getting ready to take part in the webcast.

– Simon Dean’s music hit and he came out along with a platter full of cheeseburgers. Dean said he read in a magazine recently that Houston was the fatest city in the United States. He said if he couldn’t beat Dean, he would eat all of the cheeseburgers tonight.

Simon Dean vs. Bobby Lashley
The match starts with Dean getting in a quick headlock, but Lashley launches him into the corner. Dean crawls to the corner and gets the bottom rope as the referee breaks it up. Dean looks to get in a cheap shot when Lashley hits a hook suplex. Lashley gets in a few shoulder charges on Dean in the corner. Lashley launches Dean into the opposite corner, charges, but Dean moves out of the way. Lashley hits the corner with impact. Dean grabs the platter full of cheeseburgers and throws a few at the referee. Dean takes the platter and nails Lashley with it. It doesn’t do much to Lashley and Dean falls down to run away. Lashley grabs him by the feet and lifts him high in the air and catches him on his shoulder. Lashley loses his footing though and Dean falls off. Lashley picks up Dean again and puts him on his shoulder and flips him down face first. Lashley covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Lashley grabs a cheeseburger and shoves it in the face of Simon Dean. Lashley signals that is 1 so far that Dean has to eat and leaves the ring. The man who accompanied Dean to the ring grabs the cheeseburgers and heads to the back.
– Backstage, Steve Romero is with Jillian Hall and JBL. Romero brings up that rumors have been running wild that RAW superstars could show up at the PPV tonight. JBL calls them the “B Team” and challenges guys like HBK to show up tonight. He said they should watch what he does to Rey Mysterio tonight. JBL continues to throw out insults when Mysterio walks up talking to JBL in spanish. JBL stops Mysterio, saying this is America and that he should speak english. Mysterio speaks in english and offers JBL one of his masks, because he will need it after he beats him tonight. JBL refuses to take it and Mysterio gives it to Jillian Hall instead.
– Backstage, Bobby Lashley was shown joining Josh Mathews in the webcast area. Teddy Long comes in and congratulates him on his victory earlier.

WWE United States Championship – Fatal Four Way Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan

The match starts with Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan brawling, as Christian brawls with Booker T. Jordan takes out Benoit with a launch to the corner and then goes after Booker along with Christian. Christian holds Booker allowing Jordan to get in a few shots. Christian throws down Booker and Orlando holds Booker for Christian this time. Booker fights back with a big jumping clothesline on both Jordan and Christian. Booker sends Christian to the outside and takes out Jordan with a quick kick. Booker picks up Jordan and gets in a few chops. Booker attempts the Axe Kick, but Christian trips him up from the outside. Christian pulls out Booker and sends him into the steel steps. Benoit jumps in and locks on the Crossface on Jordan. Christian breaks it up and Benoit goes after him. Benoit gives Jordan a bodyslam and Christian a snap suplex. Benoit gives Jordan a suplex on top of Christian. Benoit chops Jordan towards the corner. Christian charges, but Benoit drop toe holds him into Jordan’s crotch. Benoit gets in a school boy pin on Christian for a two count. Benoit applies the Sharpshooter on Christian, but Jordan breaks it up. Christian and Jordan kick Benoit on the ground.

Booker goes up to the top from the outside and takes out Christian with a dropkick. Booker trips up Jordan and catapults him onto Christian who got up on the ring apron. Benoit then clotheslines Jordan over the top rope. Both Booker and Benoit stare each other down as the crowd in Houston cheers. Both lock up and Booker pushes Benoit to the corner. Booker backs off, both lock up, Christian and Jordan back in and break up Booker and Benoit. Benoit hits a belly-to-belly on Christian, throwing him to the outside. Jordan then knocks Benoit out of the ring and then attends to Booker. Jordan chokes Booker on the second rope until the referee breaks it up. Jordan gets in a few hard rights, sends Booker into the ropes and both hit a double clothesline on each other. Benoit comes back in, grins, goes up to the top, but Christian grabs him. Christian gets up with Benoit, both exchanges punches, Jordan picks up Booker and sends him into the corner. When Booker hits the corner, but Christian and Benoit fly off. Jordan charges at Booker in the corner, but Booker jumps up and gets Jordan in a close two count. Booker takes out Jordan with a big spinebuster, covers, but Christian breaks up the pinfall. Booker takes out Christian with a kick and Benoit with a jumping kick.

Booker then hits the Axe Kick on Jordan, covers, but Christian breaks it up. Benoit and Christian then go at it. Christian sends Benoit into Booker, sending Booker through the ropes to the outside. Christian attempts the Unprettier, but Benoit counters into two german suplexes. Benoit attempts a german suplex on Jordan, but instead sends him through the ropes taking out Booker on the outside. Benoit grabs Christian again and hits another german suplex on him. Benoit signals, picks up Christian and hits three big german suplexes. Benoit goes up to the top, jumps, but Christian moves out of the way dodging the flying headbutt. Christian attempts a roll up on Benoit, but Benoit counters into an armbar looking to apply the Crossface. Benoit then gets the Crossface locked on Christian. Christian almost taps when Jordan comes in and breaks it up. Benoit then takes out Jordan and Booker. Benoit then applies the Sharpshooter on Christian and Christian taps.

Winner & STILL WWE U.S. Champion: Chris Benoit

After the match, Chris Benoit celebrates with the WWE United States Title and heads to the back as Sharmell yells at Booker T for losing at ringside. She tells Booker that Benoit is not his friend and that he made him lose.

– The WWE Fanatic Series this month is the Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 1980’s.
– Backstage, Bobby Lashley is forcing Simon Dean to eat all the cheeseburgers he promised to finish.
– Backstage, WWE U.S. Champion Chris Benoit was shown joining Josh Mathews in the webcast area.

Hardcore Holly vs. Mr. Kennedy
Before the match, Kennedy introduced himself in the middle of the ring hyping his first ever WWE Pay Per View appearance complete with a spotlight and an old school hanging microphone. The match starts with Holly launching Kennedy into the ring over the top rope from the ring apron. Holly kicks Kennedy in the corner a few times followed by a big suplex. Holly covers, but only gets a two count. Holly nails Kennedy with a hard right and kicks him a few more times down to the corner. Kennedy fights back with a knee to the gut followed by some hard rights. Holly comes back with a quick dropkick on Kennedy followed by a stiff chest chop. Holly adds in two more chest chops and Kennedy crawls around screaming in pain. Kennedy calls for a timeout. When Holly approaches, Kennedy grabs him and tosses him through the second rope. Kennedy sends Holly into the steel ring post and then throws Holly back into the ring. Kennedy hooks the leg, but Holly kicks out at one. Kennedy goes after Holly’s left shoulder that hit the ring post earlier. Kennedy gets in a quick back suplex on Holly for a two count.

Kennedy then applies an armbar on Holly in the middle of the ring. Kennedy continues to keep it applied with pressure. Holly fights his way back up to his feet and gets in a quick arm bar. Kennedy fights back with a clothesline and a cover that results in a two count. Holly gets in two big chest chops on Kennedy, but Kennedy fights back with a flying armbar. Kennedy covers, but only gets a two count. Kennedy goes back to work on Holly’s left shoulder. Holly gets back on his feet, but Kennedy drives his shoulder into Holly’s bad left arm. Holly tries to fight back with some right hands. Holly then gets in a quick back body drop on Kennedy. Holly ducks a clothesline attempt by Kennedy and gets in a few of his own. Holly then drives Kennedy to the mat with a full nelson slam, covers, but only gets a two count. Holly sends Kennedy into the corner, follows it up with a clothesline, Holly does the same in an opposite corner and ends that with a clothesline as well. Holly drops Kennedy face first to the mat and then kicks in his kick to the abdomen. Kennedy hits a wheel kick on Holly, but Holly stays up and takes out Kennedy with a big boot. Holly goes up to the top, but Kennedy cuts him off with some hard rights. Kennedy then puts Holly on his shoulders and comes off the top with his inverted samoan drop. Holly grabs his ribs in pain as Kennedy covers for the pinfall.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

After the match, WWE officials attend to Hardcore Holly who is grabbing his ribs in pain. As Holly makes it to the outside, Sylvain’s music hits and he makes his way towards the ring. He looks to attend to Holly when he kicks him in the gut. Sylvain then drives his knee into Holly’s ribs a few times and throws him in the ring. Sylvain continues to drive his knee into the ribs of Holly and follows it up with a big stomp to the stomach. Sylvain then lifts Holly up and brings him back down face first with impact. Sylvain poses to the camera as his music hits and he leaves to the back.

– Backstage, Simon Dean is still eating cheeseburgers as Bobby Lashley looks on. Dean reveals a long piece of hair from his mouth that was inside one of the burgers.
– Backstage, Sharmell continues to yell at Booker for not winning the WWE U.S. Title tonight. She says Chris Benoit is not his friend and he is the one doing the interview with right now. Mr. Kennedy then comes into the camera view and announces his victory in his first ever WWE Pay Per View appearance tonight. Booker goes to chase him down when Sharmell stops him, saying Kennedy isn’t his problem and that his real problem is himself.

JBL w/ Jillian Hall vs. Rey Mysterio
The bell rings as JBL and Rey Mysterio circle around the ring staring each other down. JBL walks up and pushes Mysterio away. Mysterio comes back with some hard right hands. Mysterio gets in a few stiff kicks to JBL’s leg. JBL takes down Mysterio with a headlock takedown. Mysterio then gets to his feet as JBL keeps the headlock applied. Mysterio tries to send JBL into the ropes, but JBL plants his leg and prevents it. Mysterio attempts this a second time, but JBL stops it once again. Mysterio finally sends JBL into the ropes on the third attempt, but JBL takes him out with a shoulder block. Mysterio fights back sending JBL through the ropes to the outside. JBL quickly gets back in as Mysterio jumps out. When JBL comes out, Mysterio gets back in. Mysterio circles the ring, jumps out again, JBL chases, Mysterio gets in, JBL gets in and Mysterio jumps out again. JBL follows one more time, Mysterio gets in and does some jumping jacks. Mysterio hits a baseball slide on JBL. JBL comes in as Mysterio is gloating to the crowd in Houston. JBL hits a quick swinging neckbreaker on Mysterio as Jillian Hall claps from the outside.

JBL sends Mysterio into the ropes. When Mysterio bounces off, he takes out JBL with a dropkick to the stomach. Mysterio goes off the ropes again and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Mysterio then applies a scissor submission on JBL’s bad left leg. As JBL breaks it and sits up, Mysterio takes him out with some kicks to the left leg. Mysterio puts JBL’s left ankle on the bottom rope, jumps up and comes back down with force. JBL then gets a thumb to the eye on Mysterio. A limping JBL moves towards Mysterio and gets in a quick elbow. Mysterio fights back with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on JBL. Mysterio looks to hit the 619, but JBL moves and Mysterio flips back inside. Mysterio then gets on the ring apron and jumps at JBL, connect with a bulldog to the mat. As Mysterio walks up the steel steps to get back inside the ring, JBL trips him up and Mysterio nails the steel steps face first. JBL sends Mysterio back into the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. JBL then gets in some stiff right hands on Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio fights back with a kick to the gut. Mysterio goes up to the top, JBL jumps up and grabs Mysterio. JBL falls backwards and hits a huge fallaway slam on Mysterio! JBL picks up Mysterio in the ring and hits another fallaway slam.

Mysterio rolls to the outside and JBL follows. JBL picks up Mysterio and gives him a third fallaway slam on the outside mat. Mysterio screams out in pain as JBL rolls him back inside the ring. JBL hooks the leg…1…2…Mysterio kicks out. JBL can’t believe it, covers Mysterio again, but once again gets a two count. JBL gets in a few hard rights on Mysterio in the corner and then applies a bear hug. Mysterio gets in a few punches to break out of it and JBL puts Mysterio on the top rope. When JBL charges, Mysterio jumps at him and connects with a big tornado DDT! Both get back up and Mysterio tosses in a few kicks and a springboard cross-body. JBL puts Mysterio up on his shoulders looking to hit a powerbomb, but Mysterio counters into a huricanranna followed by a bronco buster in the corner. Jillian Hall gets up on the ring apron to distract Mysterio. JBL charges, Mysterio moves, JBL stops from hitting Hall, but Mysterio takes out JBL with a jumping moonsault off the top rope! JBL then fights back with a big shoulder block on Mysterio. JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Mysterio takes him out with a dropkick. JBL falls to the second rope and Mysterio connects with the 619. Mysterio then attempts the West Coast Pop, but JBL moves out of the way, goes off the ropes and takes out Mysterio with the Clothesline from Hell. JBL covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: JBL

After the match, JBL celebrates his victory with Jillian Hall as they head to the back.

– A promo runs hyping WWE RAW tomorrow night on the USA Network.
– Michael Cole & Tazz thank Shinedown for the use of the “Save Me” song tonight for No Mercy.
– A promo runs highlighting the feud between The Undertaker and Randy Orton the last few months on SmackDown.

Handicap Casket Match
The Undertaker vs. Randy & Bob Orton

Before the match, druids brought a large casket to the ringside area. The bell rings and both Randy & Bob Orton circle The Undertaker. Taker takes out both with some hard rights. Taker nails Bob with a hard right and takes out Randy in the corner with a few shoulder charges. Taker gets in a few uppercut punches on Randy and then puts Bob against Randy in the corner. Taker throws Bob through the ropes and he lands on top of the casket. Bob rolls back in and low blows Taker. Randy fights back with a jumping knee to Taker on the ground. Bob holds Taker as Randy gets in a few hard rights. Randy then holds Taker for his father Bob who gets in a hard right as well. Randy nails Taker with a stiff uppercut and Bob follows it up with a few elbows to the face. Taker fights back with some elbows on both Randy and Bob. Taker throws Randy through the ropes, but Randy stops himself from going into the casket. Taker takes out Bob who falls to the corner against the second turnbuckle. Taker grabs Bob and throws him through the ropes into the casket. Bob quickly jumps up and gets out as Orton grabs Taker and sends him into the steel steps. Randy grabs Taker and nails him off the announcers table face first.

Randy tosses Taker back in the ring. Both Randy and Bob kick Taker a few times on the ground and then push him under the bottom rope inside of the casket. Taker stands up as Randy tries to close the top along with Bob. Taker gets in a shot to both Bob and Randy and then gets out of the casket. Taker throws Randy back in the ring and then kicks Bob in the gut. Taker gets in a big right hand on Bob who falls to the mat in the corner. Taker grabs Randy and drives his shoulder into his a few times. Still hold Randy’s arm, Taker backs up, scales the top rope and comes back down with force on Randy’s shoulder. Bob charges at Taker, but Taker takes him out with some right hands as he falls back into the ropes. Taker takes out Randy face first on the mat and then grabs Bob, working on his shoulder as well. Taker continues to hold Bob by the arm, backs up, stands up on the top turnbuckle, but Randy trips him up and Taker falls groin first on the top turnbuckle. Both Randy and Bob get in a few right hands on Taker. Randy and Bob both get up on the ropes, grab Taker and give him a huge superplex! Bob covers Taker by mistake when the referee signals he must put Taker in the casket for the win. Both Randy and Bob attempt a double suplex on Taker over the top rope into the casket, but Taker counters into a double DDT on both.

Taker then grabs Bob and sends him into the casket. Randy remains in the ring as Taker puts him on his shoulders and drops him face first off the corner with the snake eyes. Taker then takes out Randy with a big boot, lifts him onto his shoulders, Randy jumps off, but Taker comes back with a big shoulder block. Bob gets out of the casket at ringside and grabs a fire extinguisher. In the ring, Randy fights back and gets in his inverted backbreaker on Taker. Randy sends Taker through the ropes to the outside, jumps off the ring apron, but Taker catches him and sends him spine first into the ring post. Taker grabs Randy by the head and nails him off the casket. Taker then turns around and takes out Bob with a big boot. Taker then grabs a steel chair and walks towards both Ortons. Taker nails Randy in the back with a steel chair and he falls over inside the casket. Taker then goes after Bob and applies a leg scissors on his arm, using the ropes for leverage to put Bob inside with Randy. Taker finally gets Bob inside and goes to close the casket lid when Randy stands up and nails Taker with some hard rights. Randy chokes Taker and brings him inside the casket. Randy and Taker exchange right hands inside the casket. Taker then closes the lid on the casket with Bob inside as he follows after Randy back in the ring. In the ring, Randy hits a big scoop slam on Taker.

Randy grabs Taker and opens up the casket lid. Randy sees his father Bob inside and stops to stare. Taker then gives Randy a low blow and Randy falls to his knees in pain. Taker picks up Randy and puts him in the corner, adding in a few hard rights. Randy then fights back out of no where with a huge dropkick on Taker. Randy then gives Taker some hard forearms to the chest followed by some hard rights. Randy gets up in the corner on Taker, poses, but Taker lifts him up. Randy counters by jumping off Taker’s shoulders, but Taker grabs Randy again and executes the Last Ride! Taker picks up Randy, puts him on his shoulder, the referees lift open the casket lid and Bob comes out spraying Taker with the fire extinguisher. Taker drops Randy and Randy comes back with a big RKO. Bob then rolls Taker across the ring and gets him under the bottom rope when Taker chokes Bob. Taker looks to give Bob a chokeslam when Randy nails Taker with the fire extinguisher. Taker falls inside the casket. Randy goes to close the lid when Taker chokes him. Taker pulls Randy inside and closes the lid. Bob doesn’t know what is going on. The lid opens and Taker is choking Randy. Randy then grabs the steel chair used earlier that is on the ring apron and nails Taker with it. Randy jumps out and then closes the lid, locking it up to get the win.

Winners: Randy & Bob Orton

After the match, Randy & Bob Orton take the casket and drag it towards the entrance area. Bob Orton leaves and then comes back with an axe in hand. Bob hands the axe to Randy. Randy taunts at Taker inside the casket calling himself the Legend Killer. Randy takes the axe and nails it over the casket on the side and the top a few times. A hole then appears at the top of the casket and Bob hands Randy a can of gasoline. Randy pores the gas all over the casket and inside the hole. Randy then takes a lighter and sets the casket on fire. The casket goes up in flames as Randy looks on and then poses to the booing crowd in Houston. WWE officials then come into the scene and quickly put out the fire with fire extinguishers.

– A promo for WrestleMania 22 next year in Chicago airs.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Nunzio (c) w/ Vito vs. Juventud w/ The Mexicools

The bell rings and here we go. Juventud goes for a quick pinfall, but Nunzio kicks out after two. Juventud goes for two more pinfalls, but Nunzio kicks out of both. Both exchange more pinfall attempts and then back off staring each other down. Juventud gets in a few chest chops followed by a boot to the jaw. Juventud gets in a quick head scissors takedown for a two count. Juventud picks up Nunzio right away and hits a big backbreaker. Juventud hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Juventud jumps up to the top, but Nunzio trips him up and Juventud hits the mat hard. Nunzio covers, but only gets a two count. Nunzio drops a few elbows on Juventud and then applies a back submission. Juventud breaks out of that, gets up on Nunzio’s shoulders and attempts a pinfall, but only gets a two count. Nunzio stops anymore offense from Juventud with a russian leg sweep. Nunzio nails Juventud off the corner a few times. Nunzio gets up on the top, but Juventud cuts him off and jumps up with him. Both men come off the top rope at the same time and hit the mat with impact.

The referee starts the count on both. Nunzio is the first up and gets a pinfall. Nunzio gets a two count and Juventud pins Nunzio for a two count as well. Juventud gets in two boots to the jaw on Nunzio followed by a big spin kick. Juventud pumps up the crowd and then takes out Nunzio with a few hard rights. Nunzio gets in a sunset flip on Juventud, but Juventud comes back with a dropkick to Nunzio’s face. Juventud sales the leg of Nunzio and takes him out with a knee to the face. Juventud then plants Nunzio face first in the middle of the ring, covers, but gets another two count yet again. Nunzio goes up to the top rope and misses a leg drop attempt on Juventud. Juventud charges at Nunzio and Nunzio lifts him over the top rope to the ring apron. Vito holds on to Juventud’s legs and Nunzio brings him back in. Juventud takes out Nunzio and then Juventud gives Vito a head scissors on the outside. Juventud gets up on the top rope, jumps and connects with a big cross-body on Nunzio. Nunzio counters into a pinfall for a two count. Nunzio hits a northern lights suplex, Juventud rolls out of it, lifts up Nunzio and comes back down with the Juvi Driver. Juventud covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud

After the match, a member of the Spanish Announce Team interviews Juventud. Juventud talks about his title win in spanish along with Super Crazy and Psicosis. Super Crazy leaves the ringside area on a lawn mower as Juventud celebrates with Psicosis.

– Backstage, Simon Dean finishes all of the cheeseburgers. Bobby Lashley reveals that there is one more left and Dean leaves the room, puking in the locker room area.
– Backstage, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Juventud along with The Mexicools was shown joining Josh Mathews in the webcast area.
– A promo runs highlighting the events between World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Eddie Guerrero the last few weeks on SmackDown.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

The bell rings and Eddie Guerrero goes for Batista’s leg right away and takes him off his feet. Batista kicks out and shoves Guerrero into the corner. Guerrero steps forward and gets in a quick fireman’s carry, but can’t get in a pinfall as Batista blocks it. Batista grabs Guerrero by the hands and wrenches on them bringing him to his knees in pain. Guerrero backs up to the corner, gets up on the second rope, kicks Batista in the chest, but Batista grabs Guerrero and launches him off to the mat. Batista stares down Guerrero who leaves the ring and reasses his situation. Guerrero gets back in the ring and Batista applies a side headlock as some fans in the Houston crowd boo. Guerrero tries to shoot Batista off the ropes, but Batista plants himself and keeps the headlock applied on Guerrero. Guerrero moves Batista to the corner and gets in a few shoulder blocks breaking up the headlock. Batista misses a charge in the opposite corner when Guerrero moves away. Guerrero backs up staring down Batista who smiles back at Guerrero. Both lock up in the middle of the ring and Batista applies the headlock yet again. Guerrero tries to break out of it and almost does when Batista quickly adds more pressure. Guerrero again attempts to break out and does with a big elbow to the gut. Guerrero goes off the ropes and Batista hits him with a shoulder block followed by a big bodyslam.

Guerrero leaves the ring and then goes to the ring bell area to grab a steel chair. Guerrero walks towards the ring apron to get in, but shakes his head and throws away the steel chair. Batista then peeks through the second rope and chokes Guerrero, lifting him up onto the ring apron. Batista continues to lift up Guerrero when Guerrero counters and drops Batista neck first over the top rope. Guerrero goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the Frog Splash! Guerrero covers…1…2…Batista kicks out. Guerrero quickly goes after Batista with some stiff kicks and then applies a body scissors submission. The referee attends to Batista and asks him if he wants to give up. Batista shakes his head and tries to break free of the full body submission by Guerrero. Batista rolls over, gets up on one knee, then both feet with Guerrero on his back and backs Guerrero into the corner. Guerrero then runs at Batista and nails him with a dropkick to the lower back. Batista grabs his injured lowered back in pain as Guerrero grabs him and applies a single leg boston crab submission. Batista eventually gets a hand on the bottom rope to break the submission. Guerrero then goes to the corner and gets a tag rope. He looks to use it, but throws it away and dropkicks Batista in the face. Guerrero then applies a Camel Clutch on Batista and then falls back applying a rear naked choke along with a body scissors. Batista turns over and is able to lift up Guerrero and counter into a bear hug.

Guerrero slaps Batista on both sides of his head to break up the bear hug and then gives him a drop toe hold when he charges. Guerrero grabs Batista by the legs, attempts to turn him over, but Batista counters into a small package for a close two count. Guerrero gets up quickly and drives his forearm into the lower back of Batista. Guerrero then gets in a few right hands to Batista’s chest in the corner. Guerrero then dodges a charge from Batista, but backs into the referee knocking him out. Guerrero then gets up and smiles at seeing the referee down. Guerrero grabs another steel chair, comes into the ring, looks to hit Batista on the back, but stops himself yet again. Guerrero throws out the steel chair and Batista stands up, seeing what he just did. Guerrero nails Batista with a right hand and Batista charges Guerrero into the corner with some powerful shoulder charges. Batista hits a back body drop on Guerrero followed by a quick spear. Batista does his taunt on the top rope, picks up Guerrero, lifts him up into a powerbomb, but Guerrero rolls off and attempts a pinfall. Batista grabs Guerrero by the neck, lifts him up and comes down in a spinebuster. Batista hooks the leg on Guerrero…1…2…kick out. Batista attempts to drop an elbow off the ropes on Guerrero, but Guerrero lifts up his knees that Batista hits on his way down. Guerrero picks up Batista and executes the “three amigo” suplexes. Guerrero goes up to the top, taunts a bit, jumps attempting the Frog Splash, but Batista moves and Guerrero rolls as he hits the mat. Guerrero then charges at Batista and Batista lifts him up hitting a big spinebuster! Batista covers…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

After the match, Batista celebrates with the World Heavyweight Title and then helps Eddie Guerrero to his feet. Batista raises the World Title high in the air as Guerrero looks on upset. Guerrero then extends his hand to Batista. Batista looks down, walks forward and shakes Guerrero’s hand. Batista then goes to turn his back on Guerrero. He stops himself, looks back and Guerrero is smiling. Guerrero then leaves the ring as the PPV goes off the air with Batista holding the World Heavyweight Title high in the air…

credit: Adam Martin,

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