New Year’s Revolution

Jun 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 8, 2006 in Albany, NY

– “The Power Is Back” WWE promo hits. Following this, a video package airs showing Kane, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit and Booker T talking about how dangerous the Elimination Chamber is. The package also includes those involved in the Elimination Chamber tonight and how they have all vowed to take John Cena’s WWE Championship.
– An opening graphic hits welcoming us to WWE New Year’s Revolution. We then go live to Albany, NY where a huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance way. We see a live shot of the crowd in Albany as Joey Styles welcomes us to the first WWE PPV of 2006. The Coach speaks about how dangerous the Elimination Chamber Match will be tonight. Styles & Coach pass it on to the Spanish Announce Team.
– Edge’s music hits to start the first match of the night.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Ric Flair (c) vs. Edge
The match starts with Edge taking out Ric Flair right away when Flair was showing off the WWE IC Title. Edge gets in a few right hands on Flair in the corner followed by a big high back body drop on Flair. Edge chokes Flair in the corner and the referee breaks it up. Flair comes back with some stiff chest chops on Edge. Flair then takes out Edge with a high back body drop as well and lets out a quick “WOOOOOOO.” Flair gets in a few right hands on Edge, leaves the ring and chases Lita. Lita runs around the ring, Edge slides out and then takes out Flair with a clothesline on the outside. Edge grabs Flair and hits a quick suplex on the outside mat as well. Edge rolls in to break the count and then gets in a few rights on Flair against the Spanish Announce Table. Edge throws Flair back in the ring and smiles at what he just did. Edge gives Flair some stiff rights and then gets in the face of the referee. Edge kicks the lower back of Flair and chokes him against the second rope. Edge continues to work on Flair, irish whips him into the other corner, Flair bounces off and Edge takes out Flair with a quick clothesline. Edge takes down Flair and applies a modified dragon sleeper.

Edge puts Flair in the corner, gets up on the ropes and applies a few more hard rights. Flair knocks Edge down and gets in a few chest chops. Edge comes back with a big dropkick to the face and then clotheslines Flair over the top rope to the outside. Edge jumps off the ring apron to take out Flair, but Flair chops Edge in mid-air. Flair picks up Edge, hits a few more chest chops and then low blows Edge across the top of the ring barricade. Flair throws Edge back in the ring and hits a knee to the head. Flair throws Edge into the corner, hitting a few rights, lefts and chops. Flair hits a big chop on Edge taking him down. Flair then goes up to the top rope, Edge approaches Flair, Flair hits a rake to the eye on Edge, Lita comes up, Flair hits the rake to the eye on her and then hits a sledgehammer on Edge off the top! The crowd cheers, Flair covers, but only gets a two count. Flair hits a few more chops followed by a strike to the back of Edge’s leg taking him down. Flair drops the knee of Edge across his own and then goes for the Figure Four. Lita then jumps up to the ring apron and Flair grabs her, taunting her a bit. Edge approaches and Flair sends him over the top rope to the outside.

Flair then throws Lita in the ring and applies a Figure Four Leglock on her. The crowd is cheering loudly at this. Edge then comes in the ring and knocks out Flair with the briefcase. The referee calls for the bell right away.

Winner via DQ & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair

After the match, Edge continues some hard rights on the head of Ric Flair. Flair is busted open at this point and Edge stands up, raising his arms in the air smiling as the crowd boos. Flair flops around holding his head in pain as Edge leaves the ring with Lita. Edge then comes back into the ring with the briefcase and he takes out Flair with another stiff shot to the head. This time Flair doesn’t move as the bell rings even more and WWE referees look on. Edge leaves the ring with Lita and WWE referees come in attending to Flair. A replay is shown of how the match originally ended.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Kurt Angle. Angle appears along with Daivari. Grisham brings up how Angle will compete in his first ever Elimination Chamber Match tonight for the WWE Championship. Angle said first and foremost, he hopes the USA loses the War in Iraq. He said he likes France, isn’t a big fan of “the black people” (he said it, not me), that he wants to put the Ankle Lock on Jesus Christ and notes that he can say anything he wants and the fans still cheer him. He said the fans may chant “YOU SUCK” at him, but when the bell rings all the fans know he is the greatest wrestler in the world. Angle brings up how Chris Masters and Carlito are not in his league and how he has already beaten Kane and Shawn Michaels at past WrestleMania’s. He said he won his first ever WWE Title in Albany and will do it again tonight.
– We are back live as WWE referees are helping out a bloody Ric Flair. Flair’s music hits and he is handed the WWE Intercontinental Title. Flair is helped to the back by WWE referees.
– A video package airs highlighting the events between Trish Stratus and Mickie James in the last few months and how it has all lead up to the WWE Women’s Title Match tonight.

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Mickie James
The bell rings and Mickie James extends her hand. Trish shakes it, but pulls James forward getting in her face. James backs up with a concerned look and then both lock up. Trish works on the arm of James and James flips forward to break it. Trish throws James down, covers, but only gets a one count. Both lock up again, James applies a headlock, James turns that into an arm submission, but Trish counters that into an arm and then into a headlock of her own. Mickie then grabs the chest of Trish and Trish breaks the hold quickly staring down James. Both lock up and James applies another arm submission. Trish counters into another arm submission of her own. Trish gets in a fireman’s carry into a two count. James gets in a quick rollup on Trish for a two count as well. Trish charges at James in the corner, but James jumps up, Trish catches her, James attempts a huricanranna, but Trish counters that into a powerbomb with a pinfall that results in a two count. When James kicks out, it sends Trish to the outside.

James invites Trish into the ring. James takes down Trish with a quick shoulder tackle, but Trish comes back tripping up James. Both exchange some stiff shots to the face. James gets in her boots to the shoulder of Trish. James is still up in the corner. Trish then flips up attempt the Stratusphere, but James gets out of it. Trish then gets in a kick to the gut on James followed by another big kick to the face sending James to the outside. Trish then attempts to take out James through the ropes, but when she dives through James moves and Trish hits the mat with force. James then grabs the WWE Women’s Title from the ring bell area, looks to use it, but then throws it away. James throws Trish back into the ring, misses a clothesline and Trish tackles her hitting a lou thesz press with some hard rights. Trish gets in some more hard rights on James followed by two big chops in the corner. When James sits up in the corner, Trish flips up and hits the Stratusphere. Trish hits a quick spinebuster on James, hooks the leg, but James kicks out after two.

James comes back applying a headlock on Trish. James signals she is going for the Stratusfaction. James runs towards the ropes, springboards off and connects with the Stratusfaction on Trish. James smiles, rolls over Trish, hooks the leg, but Trish kicks out after two. James has a frustrated look on her face. Trish gets back up, goes for the Stratusfaction, Trish springboards off the ropes, flips back, James attempts a kick, Trish ducks and then hits the Chick Kick on James. Trish covers James and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

After the match, Trish Stratus celebrates with the WWE Women’s Title and stares down Mickie James who is holding her head with the referee attending to her. Trish goes up the ramp and taunts at James with the WWE Women’s Title as James looks on.

– Backstage, Maria interviews a WWE Diva involved in the Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match…Maria. Maria starts interviewing herself when Gregory Helms walks up. Helms asks why they are wasting valuable time with her when he is having his first ever PPV match of 2006. Helms said Lawler won’t be out there to cheer on Maria’s puppies tonight. Helms leaves and walks by Shelton Benjamin who is with his Mama. She asks what he has eaten today and Benjamin said a protein bar. She tells Benjamin to eat more since he hasn’t been winning his matches.
– Backstage, we see Edge coming in to the Instant Access area. Edge tells Lita that he can’t deal with this right now and she agrees to cover for him.

Gregory Helms vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
The bell rings and both lock up. Gregory Helms backs Lawler into the corner. Lawler pushes Helms away and Helms comes back with a quick arm drag. Another lock up, Helms pushes Lawler into the corner and Helms gets in a few cheap shots. When Helms approaches Lawler, Lawler throws Helms into the corner and gets in a few rights of his own followed by a quick hip toss. Lawler takes out Helms with a high back body drop, covers, but Helms kicks out after two. Helms fights back with a few knees to the gut, but Lawler comes back with some lefts and rights. Lawler then taunts at Helms with the old Hurricane taunt and then sends Helms over the top rope to the outside. Helms comes back in the ring, both lock up and Lawler pushes Helms into the corner. Helms gives Lawler a thumb to the eye followed by nailing Lawler face first off the corner. Helms hits a quick snapmare on Lawler followed by a leg drop. Helms hooks the leg of Lawler, but only gets a two count. Helms picks up Lawler and hits a side slam, covers, but only gets a two count.

Helms chokes Lawler on the ground and the referee breaks it up. Helms picks up Lawler and hits a big suplex. Helms picks up Lawler and hits yet another suplex. Helms calls for a third suplex, picks up Lawler and connects with the third. Helms covers Lawler, but only gets a two count. Helms then works on the head of Lawler, applying pressure to the head with his forearm. Lawler then fights back with a quick hip toss. Helms comes back with a snapmare, covers, but only gets a two count. Helms drops his knee across the head of Lawler and then applies another neck submission. Helms picks up Lawler, drops him into a backbreaker and then scales up the top rope. Helms jumps, Lalwer puts up a boot, Helms stops himself from hitting Lawler’s boot and Helms kicks the gut of Lawler. Helms then clotheslines Lawler over the top rope and then sends him face first into the steel post. Helms then puts on a headset and joins Joey Styles and The Coach at commentary. Helms says he will not only beat Lawler, but do his other job better.

Helms throws Lawler back in the ring and hits a big missile dropkick on Lawler from the top. Helms covers, but yet again gets a two count. When Helms attempts a charge on Lawler, Lawler moves out of the way and puts down the strap. Lawler gets in a few left jabs followed by a big right. Lawler locks the head of Helms in his legs and applies some hard rights. Lawler calls out that it is time for the Piledriver. Lawler kicks Helms in the gut, goes for the Piledriver, but Helms counters into a back body drop. Helms goes up to the top rope, but Lawler crotches him on the top. Helms falls off and Lawler hits his fist drop from the top. Lawler covers Helms…1…2…3.

Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler

After the match, Jerry Lawler celebrates as Gregory Helms argues with the referee. Lawler leaves the ring and puts on his crown at the ringside area.

– Backstage, Lita is leaving the Instant Access area when Trish Stratus walks in. They both stare each other down and Lita leaves. Mickie James walks in and gets chummy with Trish. Trish asks Mickie if she realizes she just lost. Mickie does and then brings up how nice it was how their sweaty bodies touched in the match. Mickie then sits down and asks Trish if she wants to answer questions with her. Trish has a reluctant look on her face and sits down.
– Backstage, Shelton Benjamin’s Mama is looking at the WWE catering area. She remarks about how bad the food is. Viscera then comes in and notes how much “junk in the trunk” she has. She brings up just who she is. Viscera said that is cool and requests some “action” with her. She says he will see some action tonight, but it won’t be with her. She leaves as Viscera grabs some food.
– A video package airs highlighting the recent events between Triple H and the Big Show on RAW.

Big Show vs. Triple H
Before the bell officially rings, Triple H asks the referee to stop Big Show from attacking him before he can get in the ring. When Triple H goes to get in, Big Show approaches, Triple H backs off again, the referee tells Big Show to back up and Triple H finally gets in. The bell rings and here we go. Big Show attempts a right hand, Triple H ducks, gets in a right hand, but Big Show throws Triple H down with force. Triple H rolls out of the ring, walks up the steel steps and gets back in the ring. Triple H argues with the referee that Big Show’s cast is a weapon. The referee said it is legal when Big Show grabs him and hits a headbutt. Big Show nails Triple H face first off the corner and then hits a big chop to the chest on Triple H. Big Show chops Triple H over the chest again and Triple H falls forward grabbing his chest in pain. Big Show picks up Triple H and hits a quick scoop slam. Big Show drops an elbow across the chest of Triple H. Big Show drops a second elbow and backs off as Triple H rolls out of the ring to the outside. Big Show leaves the ring chasing down Triple H. Triple H gets back in the ring. When Big Show follows, Triple H cuts him off with a right hand. When Triple H goes to grab Big Show, Big Show gives Triple H a headbutt. Big Show comes back in the ring and then sends Triple H into the corner, sending Triple H over the top with force.

Big Show comes to the outside area and chops Triple H again over the chest. Big Show throws Triple H in the ring. When Big Show approaches the ropes, Triple H takes him out with a running knee to the face. Triple H comes out with Big Show and when Big Show swings for a right hand, Triple H ducks and Big Show nails his cast over the steel post of Big Show. Big Show screams out in pain when he hits the steel post. Triple H puts Big Show back in the ring and Triple H works on the wrist of Big Show a bit. Triple H uses his knee to drive force into the cast even more. Triple H grabs the arm of Big Show, rolls to the outside and then nails it against the other steel post with force. The cast is split open as Triple H comes back in the ring. Triple H pulls the broken cast off the hand of Big Show and then drives his knee into the “broken hand” of Big Show. Triple H does this a second time, but Big Show fights back with a headbutt on Triple H. Big Show then gets tossed over the top rope by Triple H and Big Show falls on his exposed hand. Triple H comes out and nails the hand of Big Show on the steel steps. Triple H comes in the ring and taunts at the crowd doing the Big Show taunt, but holds his arm noting Big Show’s injured hand laughing. Triple H then grabs the fingers on Big Show’s injured hand and separates the fingers applying pressure. Triple H then drops a knee over the hand of Big Show as well.

Triple H then wrenches back on the arm of Big Show containing his injured hand. Big Show fights back hitting a quick snapmare on Triple H. Big Show leaves the ring, but Triple H follows and nails the hand of Big Show off the steel post again. Back in the ring, Triple H applies more pressure on Big Show with a modified top wrist lock. Triple H separates the fingers of Big Show some more as Big Show screams out in pain. Big Show then fights back with a quick hip toss. Triple H goes up to the top, jumps, but Big Show nails him in the face with a forearm. Big Show hits a big headbutt on Triple H followed by a side slam. When Big Show executed the side slam, he landed on his right side and injured his hand a bit more. Big Show hits three big charges on Triple H in the corner followed by a shoulder block that takes Triple H down. Big Show then attempts a Chokeslam, but he can’t pick up Triple H due to his injured hand. Big Show then accidentally takes out the referee allowing Triple H to leave the ring and pull out a sledgehammer. Triple H comes in with the sledgehammer, but Big Show snaps it in half with his injured hand. Triple H can’t believe it. Big Show takes out Triple H with a quick kick to the face. Triple H then rolls out and grabs a steel chair. Triple H goes to use the steel chair, but Big Show kicks Triple H in the gut and then sends his body into the steel steps.

Big Show tries to lift up part of the steel steps, but can’t get a good grip with his injured hand. Triple H hits a blantant low blow on Big Show, causing Big Show to fall on the bottom of the steel steps. Triple H then picks up the steel chair and smacks it across the injured hand of Big Show. Big Show backs up grabbing his hand in pain. Triple H approaches Big Show with the steel chair, but Big Show charges with force at Triple H and takes him out with a Spear! Big Show throws Triple H back in the ring and comes back in himself favoring his injured hand. Big Show then calls for the Chokeslam with his left hand. When Big Show picks up Triple H, Triple H picks up part of the sledgehammer and nails Big Show in the head with it. Triple H throws it away, grabs Big Show and hits the Pedigree. Triple H covers Big Show…1…2…3.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Triple H heads up the ramp celebrating his win looking back at Big Show in the ring. Joey Styles & The Coach look back at some previous clips of the match and what lead up to the finish. Back live, Big Show leaves the ring and favors his injured hand as he heads up the ramp.

– Backstage, Chris Masters is warming up when Carlito comes up. Carlito notes how Masters is getting bigger and bigger every time he sees him. Carlito asks Masters what Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Kane and John Cena all have in common. Masters said they haven’t broken his Masterlock. Carlito said the real thing they have in common is that they have all been WWE Champion. He notes how they could team up tonight, take out Cena, HBK and Kane and have it stay down to them so some “new blood” can wear WWE Championship gold. Masters smiles, saying that is cool.
– A promo for the 19th annual Royal Rumble PPV airs.
– We go back live to the PPV and Joey Styles welcomes Jerry “The King” Lawler back to the announcers table. The Coach doesn’t shake Lawler’s hand saying he got lucky against Gregory Helms.
– Shelton Benjamin comes out to the ring along with his Mama. Benjamin tells Viscera that no one can talk to his “mama” like that. Shelton’s mama calls out Viscera to come out to the ring and fight her boy tonight. Viscera’s music hits and he comes out to the ring to start up the match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera
The bell rings as Shelton Benjamin’s mama yells at Viscera from the ringside area. Both Benjamin and Viscera lock up. Viscera hits a hip toss on Benjamin, but Benjamin lands on his feet. Viscera takes out Benjamin with a shoulder block. Benjamin applies pressure to the arm of Viscera, flips backward using the ropes, but Viscera kicks Benjamin off of him. Viscera hits a huge spinebuster on Benjamin with force. Benjamin rolls out of the ring as his mama comes nearby attending to him. She gets in the face of Viscera and Benjamin hides behind her. Benjamin then jumps up, taking out Viscera with a stiff right. Viscera fights back with a right of his own followed by a big chop to the chest. Both get back in the ring and Benjamin hits a big knee lift to the face on Viscera. Benjamin hits a dropkick to the knees of Viscera and then goes up to the top rope. Benjamin jumps off the top and takes out Viscera with a quick cross-body. Benjamin covers Viscera, but Viscera kicks out after two. Benjamin grabs the leg of Viscera and hits a few kicks.

Benjamin puts the leg of Viscera on the bottom rope, jumps up and falls back down on the leg with force. Benjamin’s mama cheers him on, but Viscera kicks him out of the ring through the ropes. Benjamin comes back in the ring, but Viscera slaps him across the face. Benjamin hits a kicks, but Viscera takes out Benjamin with a huge samoan drop. Benjamin’s mama taunts at him to get up. She threatens to get out her belt. Back in the ring, Viscera takes down Benjamin with a few clotheslines and a big scoop slam. Viscera hits a big elbow drop over the chest of Benjamin with force, covers, but only gets a two count. Viscera then takes out Benjamin with a big spinning side slam as Benjamin’s mama continues to yell on from the ringside area. Viscera then humiliates Benjamin with a full body taunt. Viscera then goes for a big splash after bouncing off the ropes, but Benjamin moves out of the way. Benjamin jumps on the back of Viscera and hits a few forearms to the back of the head. Benjamin throws Viscera on the ropes and Benjamin’s mama knocks out Viscera with her purse. Benjamin then hits a spin kick on Viscera, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

After the match, Shelton Benjamin celebrates when his mama comes in the ring and taunts at Viscera on the ground. She kisses him on the cheek and celebrates as well.

– Backstage, Shawn Michaels is shown getting ready when Vince McMahon walks in. Michaels sits up when McMahon walks in. McMahon said he wanted to drop by and wish him luck tonight. He said he has a feeling he will need a lot of luck tonight since no one has entered the Elimination Chamber as the first entrant and become champion winning the match. Vince says “good luck kid” and goes to leave when Michaels stops him. He said that is funny because no one before him entered the Royal Rumble at #1 and won that, that no one went into a Ladder Match at WrestleMania and won that and that no one entered a Hell in a Cell before him. Vince laughs and said hell has a better of chance of freezing over before Michaels wins the Elimination Chamber tonight.
– A promo for WrestleMania 22 on April 2 airs. They used the song “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel to describe WrestleMania. Ah, yeah.

Bra & Panties Guantlet Match

Maria, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Ashley & Torrie Wilson
The first to get stripped down to their bra and patnies is eliminated and the next competitor will come out. The match starts with Maria and Candice. Candice takes down Maria with a few kicks and then does her “GoDaddy” taunt. Candice takes off the top of Maria exposing her bra. Maria then comes back and then rips off the top of Candice. Maria gets Candice draped over the top rope and she pulls off her shorts to reveal her panties.

Candice is eliminated.

Out next

Torrie Wilson is eliminated.

Out next is Victoria. She puts Maria up on the top rope, gets her on her shoulders, but Maria fights off and almost takes off Victoria’s shorts. Victoria picks up Maria and hits a quick scoop slam. Victoria steps on the chest of Maria and hits a quick standing moonsault. Victoria takes off the bottoms of Maria to expose her panties.

Maria is eliminated.

The music of Moolah & Mae Young then hits. Victoria can’t believe it as both make their way down the ramp into the ring. Mae Young then takes off her shirt and reveals her bra. Jerry Lawler said he can see people running to get refunds. Mae Young takes down her pants when Victoria tackles her. Moolah then holds back Mae Young as they both take off the top of Victoria.

Ashley then comes out to continue the match. When Ashley hits the ring, Victoria grabs her and gets her ready for the Widow’s Peak. Ashley then counters out of it and pulls down the shorts of Victoria to win the guantlet.

Winner: Ashley

After the match, Ashley takes off her top and skirt revealing her bra and panties. Ashley celebrates in the ring with the fans in Albany. Joey Styles said it might not have been a classic, but it will be in everyone’s DVD collection.

– Backstage, Shelton Benjamin is with his mama in the Instant Access area. Benjamin is still celebrating his victory over Viscera when his mama reveals she had a brick inside of her purse that she hit Viscera with.
– Back live, the Elimination Chamber starts to lower around the ring.
– A video package airs highlighting the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship tonight when John Cena defends against Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Carlito and Chris Masters.

WWE Championship – Elimination Chamber Match
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane vs. Carlito vs. Chris Masters

Before the match, Kane, Chris Masters, Carlito and Kurt Angle were all locked into the four respective chambers. When John Cena came out, he got some pretty loud heat. Shawn Michaels was out last. We start with John Cena and Shawn Michaels. A fairly loud “CENA SUCKS” chant starts up. Both men lock up and HBK works on the left arm of Cena, driving his body into his shoulder a bit. HBK applies a headlock into another arm submission. Cena takes down HBK quickly. HBK gets in the face of Cena and then slaps him. Cena takes down HBK and then hits a high back body drop. HBK comes back dumping Cena through the ropes to the steel that surrounds the ring apron. HBK nails Cena face first off the corner and then hits a big chest chop. HBK hits another stiff chest chop. HBK hits a third stiff chop to the chest on Cena. Cena comes back with a kick to the face on HBK. Any offense Cena gets in on HBK gets booed loudly. HBK sends Cena into the corner and Cena bounces off with force. HBK does the same to Cena in the opposite corner. HBK covers Cena, but only gets a two count. HBK again goes to work on Cena with another chest chop. Cena counters an irish whip by HBK, sending HBK into the corner up on the top on his stomach. Cena kicks HBK a few times, HBK bouncing up each time. Cena clotheslines HBK over the top rope. Time expires and the next entrance is…Carlito.

Carlito goes after Cena right away, taking him out with some forearms and punches. Carlito hits a big summersault senton over the top rope taking out HBK who is laying on the steel surrounding the ring apron. Carlito comes back in the ring and takes out Cena with a face first plant. Carlito is getting huge cheers each time he takes out Cena. HBK goes up to the top and Carlito throws him off. Carlito hooks the leg on HBK, but only gets a two count. Carlito goes after Cena with a few punches followed by an elbow to the chest. Carlito hits a suplex on HBK, covers again, but only gets a two count. Carlito takes out both Cena and HBK with some punches. HBK gets in a small package on Carlito that ends in a two count. Cena takes out HBK a bit and still gets booed loudly. Cena nails Carlito off the corner face first, but Carlito comes back with a boot to the mid section and a big chop on Cena. Carlito hits HBK, chops him, hits Cena, bounces off the ropes, but both Cena and HBK hit a double-flapjack on Carlito. Cena covers Carlito, but only gets a two count. Both Cena and HBK agree to team up. Cena and HBK give Carlito a double-back drop. Time expires and the next entrant is…Kurt Angle. Angle hits the ring and takes out Cena, HBK and Carlito becoming a suplex machine with german suplexes everywhere as the fans cheer loudly in Albany.

Angle hits a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex on HBK over the top rope. HBK hits the steel with force. Angle then gives Carlito a german suplex over the top rope. Carlito almost lands head first on the steel. Angle takes out Cena with some stiff right hands and then goes to where HBK is laying on the steel near the ring apron. Angle takes out HBK with a catapult that sends HBK face first into the chain. HBK is now busted open as Angle goes back to work on Cena. Angle then sends HBK face first into the clear side of the chamber that Angle was in. Cena then goes after Angle and looks to make a comeback when Angle takes him out with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle grabs HBK and suplexes him back into the ring. Angle goes for the Angle Slam on Carlito, Carlito counters it, but Angle throws Carlito down and applies the Ankle Lock. Carlito screams out in pain as time starts to expire. Time expires and the next entrant is…Chris Masters. Masters hits the ring and he takes out Angle. Masters takes out Cena, HBK and Angle all together. Masters takes out Cena with a big powerslam and then HBK with a big military press slam. Masters sizes up Angle, looks to go for the Masterlock, but Angle slips out of it and applies the Ankle Lock on Masters. Cena then grabs Angle, puts him on his shoulders, but Angle rolls off and applies the Ankle Lock on Cena. Cena screams out in pain as Angle applies the Ankle Lock with even more force. HBK then takes out Angle with the Sweet Chin Music out of no where. HBK covers Angle…1…2…3.

Kurt Angle is eliminated.

Back in the ring, Carlito is going after HBK in the corner. Masters picks up Cena and hits a big scoop slam. Carlito gets on HBK and takes him out with some right hands. Masters works on Cena and launches him into the corner. Cena bounces off with force. Carlito takes HBK and throws him against the chains surrounding the chamber. HBK bounces off the ropes and Carlito smiles, hitting HBK against the chains with force. Cena gets in a comeback on Masters with a big clothesline, but Carlito goes after Cena to stop anything more. Masters then kicks Cena as Carlito goes back to HBK working on him with some boots. Time expires and the final entrant is…Kane. Kane hits the ring and takes out Masters and Carlito. Kane takes out Masters with a big boot and a side slam on Carlito. Kane hits a clothesline on Masters and a charge on Carlito. Kane throws Carlito over the top rope and Carlito hits the steel. Kane grabs Masters and hits a quick powerslam. Kane goes up to the top rope, Carlito grabs him, Kane punches him away, Masters comes up and elbows Kane in the face. Masters comes up with Kane and tries to suplex him off. Kane punches Masters off him, jumps and hits a big jumping clothesline. A bloody HBK stands up and Kane gives him a Chokeslam. Kane gives Cena a Chokeslam. Kane grabs Carlito, but Masters comes from behind and applies the Masterlock. Kane breaks it and hits Masters with an uppercut. Carlito then grabs Kane from behind and hits his big backbreaker. Kane sits up and takes out Masters and Carlito right away. When Kane puts Carlito on his shoulders, Masters pulls him off. Both Masters and Carlito hit a double-DDT on Kane. They both take out Kane and pin him together to get the pinfall.

Kane is eliminated.

Carlito and Masters both go back after HBK and Cena. In the ring, Masters gives Cena a huge vertical suplex. Carlito grabs HBK and wrenches his face across the chain surrounding the chamber. Masters then throws Cena over the top rope and Cena hits the steel with force. Both Masters and Carlito go after HBK. HBK dodges a double clothesline and takes out Carlito. HBK takes out both Masters and Carlito with atomic drops. HBK clotheslines Carlito over the top rope and does the same to Masters. A bloody HBK goes up to the top rope after taking out Cena. HBK connects with the flying elbow on Cena. HBK then warms up for some Sweet Chin Music. When Cena gets up, HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music on Cena. Carlito and Masters then attack HBK preventing him from pinning Cena. Carlito hits a corkscrew reverse DDT on HBK, covers and gets the pinfall.

Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

Masters covers Cena…1…2…Cena kicks out. Cena takes out both Masters and Carlito with a double clothesline. Cena takes the both out with more clotheslines and two quick turning powerbombs on Masters and Carlito. Cena hits the knuckle shuffle on Carlito, puts him on his shoulders, but Masters kicks Cena in the gut. Masters throws Cena over the top rope and Cena hits the steel with force. Masters then hits a big DDT on Cena on the steel surrounding the ring. Masters comes back in the ring and helps Carlito up. Both Masters and Carlito pick up Cena and send him face first into the chain surrounding the chamber. They throw Cena in the ring and both beat him down. Carlito and Masters give Cena a double-suplex who is now busted open at this point. They put Cena up on the top rope and hit a double-back suplex. A bloody Cena gets to his feet and Masters applies the Masterlock. Carlito then low blows Masters and rolls him up. Carlito gets the pinfall on Masters.

Chris Masters is eliminated.

Carlito smiles after what he just did when Cena quickly rolls up Carlito to get the 1…2…3.

Carlito is eliminated.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, Vince McMahon comes out and announces that this night is not over. The Elimination Chamber raises and Vince McMahon congratulates Cena on his win. He then announces that a certain individual is cashing in his money in the bank tonight to challenge John Cena for the WWE Title…Edge.

Edge comes out and we now have a WWE Championship Match.

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. Edge

The match starts with Edge going after Cena, tackling him and pinning Cena. Cena kicks out after two. Edge covers Cena again, but Cena kicks out once again. Edge then backs up and hits the Spear on Cena. Edge covers…1…2…Cena kicks out! Edge can’t believe it. Edge then backs up, Cena gets up, Edge charges and connects with the Spear on Cena! Edge covers Cena…1…2…3! We have a new WWE Champion.

Winner & NEW WWE Champion: Edge

After the match, Edge is handed the WWE Championship and celebrates! Edge holds the title up high in the air and then kisses Lita. Edge stands up on the Spanish Announce Table and holds the WWE Title high in the air to the fans in Albany. Lita then helps put the WWE Title around the waist of Edge. Edge holds his arms high in the air and then goes back into the ring as the referee raises his arm in the air along with Lita. They show a replay of how the Elimination Chamber Match concluded with Carlito pinning Masters and then Cena pinning Carlito. We then see how Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank clause and quickly faced Cena, pinning after two Spears to become the new WWE Champion. The PPV goes off the air with a bloody Cena staring down Edge in the ring who has the WWE Title around his waist and his arms high in the air…

Source: Adam Martin,

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