Great American Bash

Jun 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 24th in Buffalo, NY

– The WWE promo hit. A video package follows this highlighting the “american dream” in WWE with shots of Batista capturing the World Heavyweight Title and moving to SmackDown. Shots of JBL follows this and the feud that has taken place between both on SmackDown. Footage of the feud between The Undertaker and Muhammad Hassan followed that. Clips of the feud between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio followed this.

– Graphics hit the screen introducing the Great American Bash. A huge and impressive display of pyro goes off in the tall entrance way. We are shown the crowd live in Buffalo, NY. We then go to ringside with Michael Cole & Tazz. Tazz welcomes those in the military viewing the show. The spanish announce team also welcome us to the show for our spanish speaking friends.

– MNM’s music hits to kick off the show.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
MNM (c’s) vs. Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich

The match starts with Joey Mercury and Heidenreich. Both lock up and Heidenreich takes him out with a shoulder block. Mercury rolls to the outside and Melina checks on him. Mercury gets back in, kicks Heidenreich in the gut, but Heidenreich lifts him in the air and slams him back down hard on the mat. Mercury rolls to the outside again and Melina and Nitro check on him. Heidenreich takes out Mercury when he gets back in. Mercury rolls to the outside and Animal throws him back in. Animal gets the tag and he hits a double shoulder block on Mercury with Heidenreich. Mercury fights back with a boot on Animal. Mercury tags in Nitro, Nitro & Mercury attempt a double suplex, but Animal counters it and hits a double suplex of his own on both Nitro & Mercury. Animal hits a high back body drop on Nitro and then tags in Heidenreich. Heidenreich lifts Nitro in the air by his throat, but Mercury runs him and trips up Heidenreich. Mercury gets the tag and he drags Heidenreich closer to the ropes. Mercury jumps down on Heidenreich’s leg. Mercury continues to work on Heidenreich’s knee until Heidenreich hits a big right hand on Mercury to break it up. Nitro gets the tag, runs in and drops an elbow on Heidenreich’s shoulder.

Mercury gets the tag and both Nitro and Mercury hit a double leg drop on Heidenreich. Mercury jumps up and comes down hard on Heidenreich’s knee again. Nitro gets the tag, with Cole pointing out the frequent tags by MNM. Nitro covers Heidenreich, but only gets a two count. Nitro misses a drop on Heidenreich’s knee, but Mercury tags himself back in and works on the knee of Heidenreich. Heidenreich kicks Nitro to the corner. Animal gets the hot tag. Animal takes out Nitro with a big jumping clothesline. Animal knocks Mercury off the ring apron and then hits a back suplex on Nitro. Mercury comes back in and Animal attempts to take him out in the corner when Nitro grabs one of the WWE Tag Team Titles and knocks him out. Mercury rolls him up, but only gets a two count. Animal hits a big powerslam on Mercury following this and then calls for Heidenreich to go up top. Animal puts Mercury on his shoulders, Heidenreich jumps off the top and connects with the Doomsday Device. Animal hooks the leg…1…2…3.

Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich

After the match, Animal and Heidenreich celebrate with the WWE Tag Team Titles in the corners. The crowd in Buffalo chants “L.O.D.” loudly. Animal then gets on the mic, looks up and says, “Hawk, this one was for you brother.” The classic music hits again as both Animal and Heidenreich leave the ring and head up the ramp celebrating their tag team title win.

– At ringside, Michael Cole passes it on to Josh Mathews who is in the back with Eddie Guerrero. Mathews brings up that Guerrero asked for this time. Guerrero said he called Rey this weekend and suggested something to him. He said Rey didn’t like it at all. Guerrero said he talked to him some more and he eventually saw it his way. Because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to keep his little “secret.” Guerrero said Mathews knows what he is talking about, manipulation, his new addiction. He said that new stipulation, that surprise, is his Rey’s son. Guerrero said the stipulation is that Rey’s son gets to watch the match at ringside tonight and see his dad lose finally to him. He said after that happens, Rey’s son gets to come in the ring and he will tell him the “secret” bedtime story that he needs to hear.

Christian vs. Booker T
The match starts with Booker T chasing Christian around the ring. Christian jumps in and then quickly rolls out as Booker gets in. Christian does this again one more time and Booker follows as well. Christian stays on the outside of the ring and taunts at the fans. Booker then jumps out and finally takes out Christian. Booker throws him back in the ring, but Christian gets him off with a few right hands. Booker responds with an elbow to the jaw and a few chops. Booker sends Christian into the ropes and again Christian rolls out. Booker follows Christian up the ramp and takes him out with a chest chop. Booker chops Christian one more time and then throws him back in the ring. Booker hits a quick back suplex on Christian. Booker chops Christian in the corner and then follows that up with a few kicks to the gut. Booker ducks a clothesline attempt from Christian and then catapults him into the corner. Booker rolls up Christian, but only gets a two count. Christian pulls the referee in front of him to block Booker’s attack. Christian then launches Booker into the ring post shoulder first. Christian gets up on the turnbuckle and comes down with an inverted DDT. Christian hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Christian puts Booker on the bottom rope and he stands on his back to apply pressure.

Booker attempts a comeback with some right hands, but Christian stops it with a flying armbar. Christian covers, but only gets a two count. Christian locks on a sleeper and Booker eventually fights back with some elbows to the gut. Booker attempts to run at the ropes, but Christian pulls him down by his hair and Booker hits the mat with impact. Christian applies a headlock on Booker on the mat. Booker gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Booker fights back with three big chest chops. The crowd starts a loud “LETS GO CHRISTIAN” chant as Booker takes him out with a big side slam that gets some boo’s. Christian dodges a jumping side kick from Booker and Booker gets wrapped up on the top rope. Sharmell attends to Booker in the corner and Christian pulls her up on the ring apron. Sharmell slaps Christian. He backs up, stares at her, charges, but Booker grabs Christian and connects with the Book End! Booker covers…1…2…kick out. Both men are down and Booker is first up. Booker takes out Christian with two clotheslines. Booker hits a quick suplex on Christian, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Booker chops Christian and almost gets a twist roll up on Christian in the corner, but Christian breaks it up.

Booker then hits a big spinebuster on Christian. Booker starts to warm up for some offensive and the fans in Buffalo start to boo him. Booker takes out Christian with a big face first slam. Booker does the spinarooni. Booker attempts the Axe Kick, but Christian dodges it and attempts the Unprettier, but Booker gets out of that sending Christian to the corner. Booker punches Christian a few times in the corner, but Christian powerbombs Booker off the corner to the mat. Christian covers, but only gets a two count. Booker is on the outside and Christian grabs him. Booker drops Christian’s chin off the top rope. Booker then goes up to the top and connects with a missle drop kick on Christian. Booker covers, but Christian gets his foot on the bottom rope after two. Christian hits a thumb to the eye on Booker and then throws him to the outside. Christian grabs Booker, but Booker sends Christian into the ring post. Booker nails Christian’s face off the steel steps and then rolls back in and out to break the count. Booker then sends Christian shoulder first into the steel steps, rolls in to break the count, rolls out and then puts Christian back in the ring. Booker climbs back inside, gets up on the turnbuckle, jumps and connects with the Scissors Kick! Booker covers…1…2…3.

Winner: Booker T

After the match, Booker and Sharmell head up the ramp celebrating the win.

– Backstage, Steve Romero comes up to Melina. He said she must feel disappointed after MNM lost the tag team titles. Melina promises they will win the titles again. Romero brings up her Bra & Panties Match later tonight against Torrie Wilson. Melina calls her a worn out hasbeen and promises to strip her down to her bra and panties.
– A SummerSlam promo hits featuring WWE Divas washing a car. The show is 4 weeks away. Michael Cole & Tazz run down one confirmed match so far with Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels.

WWE United States Championship Match
Orlando Jordan (c) vs. Chris Benoit

Before the match, they show footage from earlier tonight on Sunday Night Heat when Benoit knocked out Jordan backstage. The referee displays the U.S. Title to Benoit and then rasies it in the air, calling for the bell. The match starts with Jordan backing Benoit to the corner. The referee breaks it up and both circle the ring. Both lock up and Benoit puts Jordan in the corner. Benoit gets in a few knees to Jordan’s gut. Benoit takes out Jordan with a big forearm. Benoit chops Jordan in the corner two times. Jordan gets in a cheap kick to Benoit’s knee and then gets in a few hard rights. Benoit fights back with some stiff chest chops. Jordan also gets in a few hard rights until Benoit hits a quick snap suplex. Benoit covers, but only gets a two count. Benoit nails Jordan face first off the corner, but Jordan fights back with some rights and working on Benoit’s shoulder against the ropes. Jordan continues to work on Benoit’s shoulder, while Cole & Tazz bring up that Jordan is doing this to prevent a possible Crossface attempt. Benoit takes out Jordan with a quick leg drag as Jordan came off the ropes. Jordan dodges a baseball slide from Benoit and throws Benoit into the post. We see a close up of the back of Benoit’s neck that shows a hole following his neck surgery.

Benoit jumps back in the ring and hits a big release german suplex on Jordan. Benoit applies another chop and a few more high knees. Benoit hits a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count. Jordan fights back hitting a few elbows to the back of Benoit’s neck. Jordan kicks Benoit in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Benoit fights back with a few chops until Jordan cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Jordan launches Benoit into the corner. Benoit bounces off and Jordan takes him out with a clothesline. Jordan hits a very stiff armbar pulling on Benoit’s arm. Jordan drops the leg on Benoit’s arm and then Jordan pulls back on the arm. Jordan keeps it applied as Benoit moves around. Benoit gets on his feet, hits a few elbows to Jordan’s face, goes off the ropes, dodges a clothesline, but Jordan takes him out with a big drop kick. Jordan spells the letters “OJ” in the air, but Benoit takes him down and hits some right hands. Jordan counters, rolling on Benoit and hitting some right hands of his own. Jordan gets in a kick to Benoit on the ground and then goes back to working on his arm.

Jordan then gets in a cradle on Benoit, but only gets a two count. Benoit attempts a Sharpshooter, but Jordan kicks out of it. Benoit hits four big chops on Jordan and Jordan fights back with some hard forearms to the back. Jordan again applies some more pressure on the shoulder of Benoit. Jordan then falls to the mat and applies it with even more pressure. Benoit fights out with some hard right hands. Jordan again kicks Benoit in the back of his neck and follows that up with a big swinging neckbreaker. Jordan covers Benoit, but only gets a two count. Jordan hits a snapmare on Benoit and he punches Benoit directly in the neck a few times. Jordan covers Benoit, but only gets a two count. Jordan sends Benoit into the ropes and he takes him down with a shoulder block. Jordan covers, but gets a two count once again. Jordan then pulls back on the arms of Benoit while driving his knee into his back. Jordan hits a quick scoop slam on Benoit and then goes up to the top turnbuckle. Benoit trips him up and then gets in a few chops. Benoit jumps up with Jordan and hits a big superplex. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. Benoit is up following Jordan. Benoit takes out Jordan with two flying forearms and a big back body drop. Benoit hits a big german suplex on Jordan. Benoit attempts a second, Jordan dodges it, but Benoit comes back around and hits the second. Benoit hits a third german suplex and releases on this one. Benoit signals the end is near. Benoit gets up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying headbutt. Benoit covers Jordan…1…2…kick out. Benoit chops Jordan. Benoit nails Jordan off the turnbuckle, but Jordan’s head bounces back and hits Benoit. Jordan then exposes the top turnbuckle. Benoit runs into it face first and Jordan covers Benoit for the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE United States Champion: Orlando Jordan

After the match, Jordan grabs the WWE United States Title and talks trash at a recovering Benoit in the corner. Jordan makes his way up the ramp putting the belt over his shoulder. Jordan then raises it high in the air as an angry Benoit looks on from the ring. The referee then helps Benoit to his feet as the crowd in Buffalo give him a standing ovation. Benoit leaves the ring as the fans continue to cheer loudly.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between The Undertaker and Muhammad Hassan on SmackDown in the last few weeks.

#1 Contendership Match for the World Heavyweight Title
The Undertaker vs. Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari

Before the match, Muhammad Hassan was carried to the ring on a chair by the masked “terrorist” looking men. Hassan gets on the mic and tells the crowd in Buffalo to shut up and give him some respect. He reminds that he stated if he didn’t defeat The Undertaker tonight, he would never show his face on SmackDown ever again. Hassan claims he will be back on SmackDown and will be “your” #1 contender. He said he will then go on to become the first ever Arab-American World Heavyweight Champion. Hassan brings up the attack on The Undertaker a few weeks ago. He said he knows all about sacrifice being an Arab-American, using Daivari and his lawyer as examples. Hassan said tonight he will be remembered as the great Muhammad Hassan. The gong hits as the lights go out. The Undertaker comes out to a strong ovation.

Hassan gives orders to Daivari to position the five masked men around the ring. The bell rings and here we go. Hassan dodges a clothesline attempt from Undertaker and runs to the otherside of the ring. Hassan does this again, dodging another clothesline attempt. Hassan gets in a few right hands on Undertaker in the corner. Taker grabs Hassan and launches him into the corner, adding in some right hands to boot. Taker kicks Hassan in the gut and hits a straight elbow to the temple. Taker hits a big boot on Hassan, covers, but only gets a two count. Taker drops an elbow on Hassan’s shoulder, backs up to the corner, scales the top rope and drives down on Hassan’s shoulder. Taker picks up Hassan and drives him down to the mat face first. Taker sets up Hassan in the corner and he gets in a hard right. Taker hits Hassan with another right, dropping Hassan to the mat. Taker chokes Hassan and the referee tries to break it up. Taker chases the referee out of the ring. Taker attempts a big boot, but Hassan dodges it and Taker gets wrapped up in the corner. Taker gets dumped to the outside and some of the masked men attack Taker. Hassan goes to the outside and nails Taker off the steel steps. Hassan rolls Taker back in the ring and he hits a hard right.

One of the masked men chokes Taker as Hassan gets in the referee’s face. Hassan hits a quick DDT on Taker, covers, but only gets a two count. Taker quickly sits up, but Hassan applies a headlock right away. Taker fights out of it, nails Hassan with a knee to the gut, Hassan goes off the ropes, kicks Taker in the face, but Taker fights right back with a hard right hand taking down Hassan. Taker then flips over the ropes to the outside, taking out one of the masked men. Another masked man grabs a wire and starts to choke out Taker. The masked man then rolls Taker back in the ring as Hassan approaches him. Hassan does his “arm praise” taunt and then applies the Camel Clutch on Taker. Taker somehow fights out of it, getting to his feet with Hassan on his shoulders. Taker hits the electric chair on Hassan to break the hold. Taker then splashes Hassan in the corner. A masked man hits the ring and Taker takes him out with a big boot. Taker puts Hassan on his shoulders and drops him down in the corner. Taker takes out another masked man with a big boot. Another comes in and Taker takes him out with a right hand. Taker covers Hassan, but only gets a two count. Another masked man gets taken out by Taker when he hits the ring. Hassan counters out of a Tombstone attempt, but Taker comes back with a chokeslam. Taker covers…1…2…3.

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: The Undertaker

After the match, the masked men hit the ring and start to attack The Undertaker. Taker rolls to the outside and sends one into the steel steps. Taker takes out the same one with a big boot and then takes a steel chair, putting it under the chin and dropping it on the announcers table. Taker chokeslams another masked man on the outside and sends another over the top of the spanish announce table. Taker then comes in the ring where Daivair is at. Hassan shoves Daivari into Taker. A masked man takes out Taker, but Taker comes back taking him out. Daivari attempts to choke out Taker on his back, but Taker flips him over the top rope. Taker gives the masked man a Tombstone Piledriver and then goes to the outside where Daivari is. Taker sends Daivari head first into the front of the announcers table, crashing through it. Hassan is shown crawling up the ramp attempting to leave. Taker then follows behind him. Hassan attempts a right hand, but Taker chokeslams him on the top of the steel ramp. Taker then removes one part of the steel panel on top of the stage. He does the same for another panel, exposing a large hole on the stage. Taker kicks Hassan in the gut, lifts him up and then gives him the Last Ride through the hole in the stage! Taker lifts one arm in the air and stares down at what he just did. We then see a camera shot of Hassan on top of a long pyro steel post on the concrete, convulsing on the floor.

– A promo hits promoting the 2005 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony that is available this month in the WWE Fanatic Series.
– Backstage, Steve Romero is with Torrie Wilson. He asks if she has any special moments for her match with Melina tonight. Torrie said she will show all the women that she can kick ass and show the men Melina in her bra and panties.
– Back live, EMT officials attend to Hassan under the stage. They show a few replays of The Undertaker’s Last Ride on Hassan through the stage. We are back live and blood is coming out of Hassan’s head.
– The Mexicools music hit and all three coming out riding John Deere lawn mowers. Psicosis hands a rake to spanish announce team before the match as well. When The Blue World Order came out, they rode down in blue tricycles.

The Blue World Order vs. The Mexicools
The match starts with Hollywood Nova and Juventud. Juvi trips up Nova quickly and then taunts at him in the corner. Nova taunts back at Juvi as well. Juvi gets in a few rights and kicks. Richards comes in and he double teams Psicosis with Nova. Blue Meanie hits the ring and he hits a double splash on Juvi and Super Crazy in the corner. The match continues with Juvi hitting a corkscrew kick on Nova off the top rope. Juvi hits a spinning kick on Nova as Psicosis gets the tag. Juvi tags himself back in and then applies a shoulder lock on Nova. Juvi puts in a few right hands, Nova pumps up his fist, but Juvi cuts it off and tags in Super Crazy. Crazy hits a big drop kick to Nova’s face off the ropes, covers, but only gets a two count. Juvi gets the tag and applies a modified abdominal stretch on Nova. Nova fights back with a big boot on Juvi. Steven Richards gets the tag and he gives Psicosis a big back body drop. Juvi misses a splash on Richards as Richards hits a side slam on Psicosis for a two count when Super Crazy broke it up. Richards is in the corner with Juvi, misses a jumping splash, Super Crazy hits a springboard moonsault and Psicosis follows it up with a leg drop. Psicosis covers…1…2…3.

Winners: The Mexicools

After the match, The Blue Meanie attends to Steven Richards. The Mexicools then get back on their lawn mowers and ride off celebrating the win over the Blue World Order.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio in the last few months with Mysterio getting numerous victories over Guerrero.
– Backstage, Rey Mysterio is shown praying. Mysterio blesses his son and his son does so as well to Rey. Rey’s son says he is scared and Rey hugs him. Rey tells his son that there is nothing to be scared of. He tells him that he loves him. Mysterio tells him it is time to go.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
As stated earlier tonight, Rey Mysterio’s son must accompany him to the ring and view the match at ringside. Rey came out with his son and spoke to him as he sat in a steel chair at the ringside area. Eddie stares down Rey’s son a few times as the bell rings. The bell rings and Mysterio misses a springboard splash off the ropes on Guerrero. Guerrero attempts a back suplex, Mysterio lands on his feet, rolls up Guerrero, but only gets a two count. Mysterio gets a backslide pin on Guerrero for another two count. Mysterio then hits a bulldog on Guerrero, covers, but only gets a two count. Mysterio then gets in a hard right on Guerrero followed by an elbow in the opposite corner. Mysterio gets up on the turnbuckle and hits 8 punches until Guerrero drops him in an atomic drop. Mysterio then trips up Guerrero on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio jumps up and hits a huricanranna on Guerrero off the top rope. Mysterio covers, but only gets a two count. Mysterio jumps up to the opposite corner, but Guerrero trips him up. Guerrero hits a forerm to Mysterio’s back, lifts him up in cruxifix, tries to come down, but Mysterio rolls out of it and hits the 619 on Guerrero!

Mysterio covers Guerrero…1…2…kick out. Guerrero goes to the outside and yells out loud that Mysterio almost beat him. Guerrero then grabs Rey’s son at ringside and threatens him. Guerrero then throws Mysterio back in the ring and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Guerrero drops Mysterio again on his back, covers, but gets a two count. Guerrero then starts to kick Mysterio on the lower back a few times after this. Rey’s son continues to look on concerned as Guerrero dumps Mysterio to the outside through the ropes. Guerrero leaves the ring again and starts to get near Rey’s son smiling. Guerrero puts Mysterio back in the ring and launches him in the corner. Guerrero then chokes Mysterio against the top rope. Guerrero covers Mysterio a few times and Mysterio kicks out after each hook of the leg. Guerrero then looks at Rey’s son again and smiles at him. Guerrero picks up a tired Mysterio, hits a few forearms to the back, sends him into the ropes, Mysterio jumps and hits a modified splash for a two count on Guerrero. Guerrero then gets Mysterio up on his back and pulls on his shoulders applying pressure. Mysterio attempts a roll up out of this, but Guerrero counters that and catapults Mysterio over the top rope to the outside.

Guerrero kicks Mysterio a few times on the outside and then approaches Rey’s son again. Mysterio then takes out Guerrero with some hard rights and chases him into the ring. Mysterio takes out Guerrero with a drop kick to the knee and a big kick to the face. Mysterio covers Guerrero, but only gets a two count. Guerrero catches Mysterio up on his shoulder and Mysterio counters that into a spinning DDT. Mysterio covers Guerrero, but only gets a two count. Mysterio springboards off the top rope and kicks Guerrero on the back. Guerrero falls on the bottom rope and Mysterio connects with the 619. Mysterio attempts a springboard leg drop, but Guerrero moves out of the way. Guerrero then taunts at Mysterio. Guerrero hits one suplex, a second, attempts a third and connects. Guerrero then goes up to the top rope, Mysterio rolls out of range and Guerrero jumps down. Guerrero then gives Mysterio two more suplexes and then stares over at Rey’s son again. Guerrero picks up Mysterio for the third suplex, but this time comes down in a stiff brainbuster! Guerrero stares at Rey’s son, gets up on the top rope, jumps and connects with the Frog Splash. Guerrero smiles back at Rey’s son, covers Mysterio…1…Mysterio turns Guerrero over into a pinfall…1…2…3!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Rey Mysterio rolls out of the ring and his son jumps at him in celebrating. Mysterio and his son leave up the ramp celebrating the win as Eddie Guerrero can’t believe what just happened to him in the ring. A frustrated Guerrero hits his head on the turnbuckle pad a few times. They show a replay of how the finish took place. Guerrero then got in the face of a fan at ringside. He then headed back up the ramp to the back.

– Backstage, JBL is with Josh Mathews. JBL tells him to shut up and brings up Batista ruining his victory speech this past week on SmackDown. He said tonight he will leave Buffalo the new World Heavyweight Champion and said, “lord knows the Buffalo Bills couldn’t get the job done in four tries.” JBL said he would prove himself to George Washington and even George W. Bush that he is a wrestling god.

Bra & Panties Match
Special Guest Referee: Candice Michelle
Torrie Wilson vs. Melina

The match starts with Wilson and Melina locking up and Melina pushing Torrie to the corner. Melina takes down Torrie, but Torrie takes down Melina with a flying head scissors. Torrie applies an abdominal stretch on Melina and takes off her shirt, revealing her bra. Torrie rolls up Melina and tries to take off her pants, but Melina kicks her to the outside. Melina throws Torrie back in the ring and throws her on the mat face first. Melina then takes off Torrie’s shirt, revealing her bra. Melina then gets in a few elbows on Torrie on the ground. Melina chokes Torrie with his boot and then chokes her on the mat. Torrie kicked Melina and then hit a big clothesline. Torrie hit another clothesline followed by a drop kick. Torrie hits a suplex on Melina, rolls through, tries to take her pants off, but Melina flips her off. Torrie tries to grab Melina by the head, but Melina flips Torrie off the ropes. Melina then pulls Torrie’s pants off and gets the win.

Winner: Melina

After the match, Torrie rips off Melina’s pants to reveal her panties. Melina leaves up the ramp upset. Back in the ring, Torrie gets Candice to take off her top and shorts to reveal her bra and panties. Both Torrie and Candice leave up the ramp together to the back.

– A video package runs highlighting the events between World Heavyweight Champion Batista and JBL on SmackDown in the last few weeks.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista (c) vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Before the match, two police motorcycles escorted JBL’s limo out to the arena. Red, white and blue confetti fell in the entrance way area and he came out in his “Uncle Sam” attire. Both Batista and JBL stared each other down in the middle of the ring as the World Title was displayed above them. The bell rings and here we go. Both lock up and Batista backs JBL in the corner. Batista gets in an elbow on JBL when he JBL wraps his arms around him. JBL applies a headlock, Batista sends JBL into the ropes and takes out JBL with a shoulder block. JBL fights back with a forearm to the back, but Batista knocks him out and JBL rolls to the outside. JBL walks around the ring, gets back in, Batista follows and JBL cuts him off. Batista fights back with a big side slam on JBL, covers, but only gets a two count. Batista chokes out JBL in the corner with his boot. Batista then applies pressure on JBL’s neck with his forearm. JBL fights back with a big shoulder block from the corner on Batista. Batista fights back with a big back body drop on JBL followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Batista goes to the outside and nails JBL off the guard railing black padding. Batista puts JBL back inside the ring.

Batista attempts to suplex JBL over the top rope from the ring, but JBL counters and drops Batista chin first off the top rope. JBL comes to the outside, but Batista nails him back first into the side of the ring. Batista follows that up with some hard rights and puts JBL back in the ring. Batista gives JBL some more hard rights in the corner. JBL comes back with a rake to the eyes and launches Batista shoulder first into the ring post. JBL then comes back with a big boot to Batista that sends him to the outside. JBL follows to the outside and tackles Batista over the announcers table. Michael Cole & Tazz get moved out of the way because of the spot. JBL sends Batista face first onto the ring bell. JBL rolls back in the ring to break the count. JBL then jumps up onto the announcers table and takes out Batista with a sledgehammer. JBL rolls Batista back in the ring, covers him, but only gets a two count. JBL catapults Batista under the bottom rope into the two ropes. JBL then applies a submission on Batista on the bottom rope and then adds a few more punches and kicks to add insult to injury. Batista looks to mount a comeback, but JBL comes back with a sleeper hold. JBL continues to squeeze the sleeper hold tightly as Batista starts to look out of it.

Batista looks like out of it as JBL continues to apply the sleeper with more pressure. The referee lifts Batista’s arm once, twice, but he stops it at a third lift. Batista starts to stand back up on his feet. Batista gets in a few elbows and then breaks the sleeper hold with a big back suplex. Batista charges at JBL, but JBL grabs him and sends him to the outside. JBL nails Batista face first off the steel steps on the outside and then taunts at the crowd. JBL picks up Batista and nails his head off the steel steps yet again. JBL then nails Batista with a few hard right hands. JBL then throws Batista up against the steel post. Batista then clotheslines JBL over the ring barricade area and starts to nail him with some hard right hands. Batista throws JBL back in the ring and takes him out with a high elbow. Batista misses a splash on JBL in the corner, JBL runs into the referee by accident and Batista takes out JBL with a spinebuster. Orlando Jordan jumps up on the ring apron and Batista knocks him out. Batista then does the Ultimate Warrior rope taunt, grabs JBL and looks to get him ready for the Batista Bomb. Orlando Jordan comes in with a steel chair and nails Batista over the back with it. JBL hooks the leg, Jordan puts the referee back inside, the referee starts the count…1…2…kick out. JBL can’t believe Batista kicked out and argues with the referee. Batista then gets on his feet and JBL takes him out with a big Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers Batista, but the referee is still dazed. JBL taunts at the referee for being down. JBL then waits for Batista to get back up. Batista does, JBL attempts a Clothesline From Hell, Batista dodges it and hits a big spinebuster. Batista sends Jordan to the outside, Batista gets in a few knees, a splash and then a big powerslam on JBL. Jordan gets up on the ring apron again. Batista flips him into the ring and grabs the steel chair. Batista nails Jordan with the steel chair and does the same to JBL. The referee sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: John Bradshaw Layfield
Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

After the match, Batista continues to beat down Orlando Jordan and JBL with a steel chair. Batista heads up the ramp with the World Title. The ring announcer says the finish over the mic, announcing JBL as the winner via disqualification. Batista then decides to go back down to the ring. Batista grabs Jordan and gives him the Batista Bomb. Batista grabs JBL and gives him the Batista Bomb as well. The PPV goes off the air with Batista heading up the ramp and raising the World Heavyweight Title high in the air…

Source: Adam Martin,

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